Mojang shares a look back at Minecraft in 2018

Mojang is ending 2018 by taking a look at everything that happened in the world of Minecraft for the last 12 months. Check out a portion of the post below.

As someone who spent the last 364 days eating pies, napping and occasionally writing a sentence or two for this website boy do I need a holiday! But first, how about we take a quick look back at 2018 in Minecraft?

It was easily one of our busiest years yet. We made a splash this summer when we released The Update Aquatic on Bedrock, Java, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U and Xbox 360. You helped us help the oceans! Then you helped us help WWF!

We teamed up with Cartoon Network on an Adventure Time Minecraft episode (such a wonderful eleven minutes of animation that it’s now scientifically the best reason to own a pair of human eyes). Cross-play came to Nintendo Switch. And we even found some time to talk to some dolphins.

Full post here

Minecraft: Wii U Edition getting its final update within the next 24 hours

It's the end of an era, friends. Minecraft: Wii U Edition is getting its final update sometime inbetween today and tomorrow, adding in the Nightmare Before Christmas Mash-up Pack. Hopefully most Wii U players have moved over to the Switch version by now, so they can continue getting support for years to come.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Minecraft Earth 2018 - Everything that was announced

MINECON Earth may be over for this year, but the real fun is about to begin. We announced loads of great Minecraft shenanigans, with plenty of news to look forward to for the rest of 2018 and beyond!


Hnggh! Hrgggh! Hrghh! Oh, you don't speak Villager-ese? I'll just tell you about the new update in boring old English then.

Jens ‘Jeb’ Bergensten and Agnes Larsson took to the stage and talked about the next big update to Minecraft, one which brings loads of new villagers to the game! Village and Pillage will fill the villages of the Overworld with new friendly folk. You'll even find variations of their designs in different biomes! Allow me to introduce you to the future residents of the jungle biome:

Our most friendly update ever then? Er, not exactly. The nefarious Pillagers and their Beasts will be joining Minecraft to cause all kinds of havoc upon unsuspecting villages. That’s not nice! That’s not nice at all!

Pillagers will be armed with a new weapon, crossbows. Luckily, YOU’LL be able to craft and use crossbows too! They take longer to use than bows, but make up for it with superior power (and they’re even more helpful if you use enchantments on them like fast load or multishot or TOP SECRET ENCHANTMENT WE’RE NOT REVEALING HERE SORRY NOT SORRY) Better start getting ready to defend the villages from the Pillager attacks…

You’ll find a lot more variety in how villages look depending on what biome you’re visiting, too (along with some completely new villages). But enough about what we’re building - we want to see what YOU make with new building materials! That’s why we’re adding - just seven years after it was suggested at the very first Minecon - scaffolding! It’s made from bamboo, which will be great news for when one of the next mobs we announced wants a snack...


CUTENESS OVERLOAD INCOMING. Yep, and they'll be incoming very soon! We'll have more news about these adorable new Minecraft mobs in the next few weeks – keep an eye on Minecraft.net!

As for Village and Pillage, that update will be coming to Minecraft early next year.

As a part of MINECON Earth 2018, we announced upcoming plans to update three existing biomes in Minecraft: Taiga, Desert and Savanna, with the players deciding which biome to update first through a vote. And the winner was…

Congratulations, Taiga! You got the most votes during the livestream, so you'll be the next biome we update with new features and a new mob! Don't worry, Desert and Savanna fans – we'll still be updating those biomes in time.

We love involving our players in decisions like these so a massive thank you to everyone who voted!


A new piece of Marketplace content that’ll be free to all Minecraft players! Visit Inspiration Island, a floating theme park world filled with creative challenges. Whether you are new to Creative Mode or just need a little extra inspiration, a visit here sets you on the path to craft your own groundbreaking worlds. By the time you leave the island, you’ll be a true blue creator, armed with loads of skills to make awesome things!

Inspiration Island will be free, and will be released in the Minecraft Marketplace later this year.

Cartoon Network & Minecraft Partner for Sept. 29 MINECON Earth Livestreaming Event

ATLANTA – Sept. 27, 2018 – Following the highly successful creative collaboration and the release of the original Minecraft episode for Adventure Time earlier this year, Cartoon Network and Microsoft are expanding their content partnership with a livestream event of MINECON Earth, Minecraft’s worldwide celebration of all things Minecraft, on the Cartoon Network YouTube channel Saturday, Sept. 29, beginning with the pre-show at 11:30 am EDT/8:30 am PDT.

Packed with juicy Minecraft info, the livestream will include pre and post-show bits, as well as some community panels. As the exclusive TV broadcast partner for up-to-the-minute Minecraft news from MINECON Earth, the recap episode, MINECON Earth Remix on Cartoon Network, will then debut Monday, Oct. 8, 6:45 pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network linear and digital platforms. The episode will feature highlights from MINECON Earth and all-new content bringing together the best of both worlds for Minecraft and Cartoon Network fans alike.

Promising creativity, inclusion and participation for fans of all ages and of both brands, MINECON Earth Remix on Cartoon Network will feature iconic Cartoon Network worlds reimagined in Minecraft style. Animated vignettes of Cartoon Network characters from We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titans Go!, and Adventure Time will try and make their own costumes, leading to the contest winners reveal. Additional related content and activities will lead up to the special across Cartoon Network social media and the CN Sayin’ App. MINECON Earth Remix on Cartoon Network will air on Cartoon Network, VOD, the CN app and Cartoon Network's YouTube channel.

Minecraft Wii U Edition - Patch 39 now available

Patch 39 is now available for Minecraft on the Wii U. You can get the full patch notes below.

Added Pirates of the Caribbean Mash-Up Pack!
Fix for Sea Grass making the Stone Breaking sound when broken.
Fix for Ghasts low spawn rate in the Nether.
Fix for Conduit Power status effect not affecting the Player when standing in the rain.
Fix for being unable to place a Sea Pickle on Glass Blocks or Stained Glass Blocks.
Fix for throwing a Loyalty III Trident and leaving the level causing a complete loss of the user's weapon.
Fix for items not being able to be crafted using damaged Tools in Console Crafting.
Fix for Magma Block generating bubbles under itself when placed between Water and Air blocks.
Fix for placing a block below a Conduit so that it deactivates, then destroying the block to reactivate it, the Conduit will turn/rotate suddenly.
Fix for a Trident enchanted with Loyalty III constantly making circles around the place where the Player died.
Fix for Fully charged Bow doing the incorrect amount of damage (should do 9-10 damage).
Fix for Drowned dropping a Zombie Head when killed by a charged Creeper explosion.
Fix for players not taking damage from TNT Explosions in Battle Mini Game.
Fix for Iron Golems not defending themselves when walking to the nearest village.

Target gets new line of Minecraft merch, including multiple exclusive items

Do you live in America? Do you love Minecraft (hopefully, or you're on the wrong site)? Would you like over 75 new pieces of Minecraft merchandise to be available at Target stores across the U.S, along with 80 only-at-Target finds? Including exclusive MINECON Earth merchandise?

Well you're in luck! Because your incredibly-specific dream is about to come true – Target now offer tons of great new Minecraft merchandise, including apparel, toys and home decoration! In theory, you could be wearing Minecraft while playing Minecraft, inside your Minecraft-themed house. That sounds like the right amount of Minecraft!

We've included some screenshots of the new loot in this article, but why not click here and have a browse on the Target website?

Plus! As part of our celebrations for MINECON Earth 2018, we're holding a free in-store event at Target stores on September 22. It'll be happening at all 1800 Target stores across the US!

Here's what you can expect from the event:

Find mobs! Explore the store in a Minecraft scavenger hunt!
Exclusive early access to a new Minecraft minigame from Noxcrew – Grid Runners! Plus a new comic from Dark Horse, and loads more free giveaways!
Build your very own LEGO Creeper mini-figure (only at select stores. See Target.com/events for more details!)
The first 200 guests to select stores get to meet (and greet, should you be so inclined!) familiar faces like FavreMySabre (Atlantic Terminal Target), Shubble (Los Angeles Target), AntVenom (Houston North Central Target) and JeromeASF (Redmond Target).
All that new merch we mentioned earlier!

A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft

First thing I do whenever I play Minecraft is dig into the side of a mountain. Rock, mud, doesn't matter what it is. I just burrow in and all around. I tell myself I'm doing this just to make some temporary shelter, and then I'll move on to making something legitimate. That never happens though, and I just live out my Minecraft days as a hermit in a dark, lonely home. What the hell is wrong with me?!

Minecraft - Patch 38 available for Wii U, full patch notes

The Wii U may be just about gone, but it's not forgotten. Well, not forgotten by the Minecraft dev team, anyway! The game has just received a new patch, complete with a bunch of content. Check out the full patch notes below.

Added the Update Aquatic! The oceans of Minecraft are now teeming with new life!
Added 6 new Achievements!
Added Shipwrecks, Underwater Ruins, Coral Reefs, Icebergs, Underwater Caves/Ravines, and Buried Treasure to world generation.
Added new blocks: Coral, Dried Kelp, Sea Pickles, Sea Turtle Eggs, Stripped Logs, Blue Ice, Prismarine Stairs, and Prismarine Slabs.
Added new Kelp and Sea Grass underwater flora.
Added Trapdoors, Pressure Plates, and Buttons for every type of wood.
Added Bubble Columns that are created by underwater Magma or Soul Sand. Bubble Columns push players and mobs to the surface, or drag them under!
Added the Conduit, a block that provides underwater players with a powerful Status Effect.
Added Tridents, and their unique enchantments; Impaling, Channeling, Riptide, and Loyalty.
Added other new items: Dried Kelp, Fish Buckets, Turtle Shell Helmet, Heart of the Sea, Nautilus Shell, Scute, and Phantom Membrane.
Added new Potions and Arrows of the Turtle Master, and of Slow Falling.
Added Buried Treasure Explorer Maps that will lead you to great wealth hidden under the sands!
Added Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish, and 2700 types of Tropical Fish!
Added the Dolphin, a friendly mob that helps players out!
Added the Phantom, a mob that hunts down tired players.
Added the Sea Turtle, a mob that travels the world but always returns home.
Added the Drowned, a monster that attacks players that enter their underwater domain.
Added new Warm, Lukewarm, and Cold Ocean biomes to hold all this new stuff...
...And a new Tutorial world to show you how to use it!

Minecraft - "Solo: A Star Wars Story Pack" available now, Skin Pack 3 hits Wii U

Check out screens and art here

Some new skins available today for Minecraft. Something for the Star Wars fans out there, and believe it or not, more content for the Wii U version of the game! Very cool to see Microsoft continue support for that version of the game, even if it doesn't have the latest features.

Minecraft - Super Cute Texture Pack and Skin Pack 2 now available

Why is Minecraft.net's least-cute writer the one writing about the Super Cute Texture Pack? A question for another time, perhaps. Today, let's celebrate Minecraft getting it's cutest makeover ever!

Yes, our talented artists have 'cuted up' (scientific term) Minecraft to shockingly adorable new levels. Rosy-cheeked Creepers! Cakes with faces! Rainbows, smiles everywhere and joy pouring out of every pixel! Even the zombies look cuter than ever as they munch on your brains. D'awwwww!

Have a look through the gallery below to see just how cute Minecraft can be.

The Super Cute Texture pack is available now in the Minecraft Marketplace. It's got bouncing bunnies, ultra-adorable unicorns, brilliant bumblebees and, er, burgers? Yes, burgers! Even the squid will make you Squeee! This texture pack comes with 15 skins to make your game cuter than ever.

PLUS - Skin Pack 2 one of our classic Xbox skin packs is now available for Minecraft on Xbox One, Windows 10, VR, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. You can find that in the Marketplace today too – and it's free to download if you already own it on Xbox.

Both these packs will be rolling out today - keep checking the Minecraft Marketplace!

I'm off to look into cuteness surgery. Enjoy the packs!


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