Miitomo - content update for July 21st, 2017

‘Long limbs unite! Zoo Wonders [Giraffe]’ Miitomo Drop stage

- Giraffe T-Shirt
- Giraffe Hat
- Giraffe Costume (Top)
- Giraffe Costume (Bottom)
- Plain Sleeveless Shirt
- Sleeveless High-Neck Top
- Multicoloured Stripy Skirt

Miitomo - content update for July 18th, 2017

Fashion is a breeze! Fresh looks #2 now available in Miitomo Drop!

- polar bear print tee
- penguin pal
- snowy outfit hood
- snowy outfit

Miitomo - content update for July 16th, 2017

‘All Eyes On You! Swimwear Collection’

- Knitted Bikini Set (Bandana)
- Knitted Bikini Set (Top)
- Knitted Bikini Set (Bottoms)
- Float
- Celeb-Style Bikini Set (Top)
- Celeb-Style Bikini Set (Bottoms)
- Floral Bikini Set (Light Top)
- Floral Bikini Set (Skirt)
- Dots And Stripes Trunks
- Flower Print Trunks
- Swim Cap and Goggles
- Competition Swimsuit

Miitomo - content update for July 14th, 2017

‘Chill on the catwalk! Cool Fashion’ Miitomo Drop stage

- Soft Ice Cream Hat and Cone

Miitomo Shop

- Basic Sportswear set
- Classic Swimsuit

Miitomo - content update for July 8th, 2017

"Career Change! Dream Jobs" Miitomo Drop stages

- Firefighter Helmet
- Firefighter Uniform
- Fire Engine Costume
- Fire Hose
- Police Cap
- Police Uniform
- Motorcycle Police Helmet
- Motorcycle Police Officer Uniform
- Train Conductor Set (Hat)
- Train Conductor Set (Uniform)
- Conductor Purse
- Train Costume

Miitomo - issue with items not displaying properly now fixed

Did you have a problem with certain items in Miitomo not displaying correctly? Seems like quite a few people experienced it. Thankfully Nintendo has taken care of the issue now, as detailed in the following message.

“Thank you for using Miitomo.

Due to issues with data, some users may have experienced the following problem.

Description of problem:

- Some items are not displaying correctly.

The data has been restored. Users experiencing this issue can redownload the data using the following methods. If you have not experienced this problem, there is no need to redownload data.

(iOS users)

In iOS, select "Settings”, then “Miitomo”. Turn on the “Clear cache next launch” option and restart the Miitomo app.

(Android users)

In your Android settings, select “Apps”, then “Miitomo”. Select “Storage” then “Manage space” (or “Manage storage”). Select “Delete data” under Downloaded Data, then restart the app.

Note: As there’s a lot of data to be redownloaded, it’s recommended that this be done with a Wi-Fi connection available.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We hope you will continue to enjoy using Miitomo.“

Miitomo - content update for July 6th, 2017

The depths of beauty! Marine Fantasy #1 now available in Miitomo Drop!

- Tropical Fish
- Mermaid Princess wig
- Mermaid Princess top set
- Mermaid Princess tail set

New items have been added to the Shop!

- Peplum frill blouse
- lace shorts
- sunflower sandles

Miitomo - content update for June 29th, 2017

‘Deliciously Mouthwatering! Miitomo Burger’ Miitomo Drop stages

- Starfall Jester Hat and Outfit
- Sweet and Sour Apple Wig and Outfit
- Monotone Metronome Hat and Monochrome Metronome Suit

Note: These items will be distributed when Miitomo is launched after 30/6/2017 4:00 (six items planned).

- Big Hamburger Hat
- Big Hamburger Costume
- Drink Straw
- Drink Cup
- Chips Hat
- Chips Costume
- Fast Food Employee Visor
- Fast Food Employee Shirt
- French Fries Brooch
- Cheesy Pizza Bikini Set (Bottoms)
- Cheesy Pizza Bikini Set (Top)
- Cheesy Pizza Tee
- Hot Dog Trousers
- Kitten T-Shirt
- Hamster Cowl Hat
- Hamster Costume

Miitomo - content update for June 29th, 2017

[Miitomo Drop] The latest set of Daily Decorations is now available
[Log-in Bonus] From June 30th onward, the winning outfits from the Miitomo 1st Anniversary Outfit Design Contest will be distributed to all players.

Miitomo - content update for June 28th, 2017

‘Attack of the cuteness! Delightful Dinosaurs’ #2 Miitomo Drop stage a

- Dinosaur Sweatshirt
- Dinosaur Print Shorts
- Dinosaur Slippers (Pastel)
- Dinosaur Rucksack


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