ARMS - New character and stage to be included in Version 5.0, due out this year

ARMS Version 5.0 is due out before the year closes, and it's packing a one-two punch. There's a new stage on the way, but even more exciting, another new character is joining the roster. You can see a glimpse of both in the trailer above.

iQue now handles Chinese localization for Nintendo

Nintendo fans might recognize iQue as the name of an odd device that was basically a plug-and-play N64. It was the product of an official partnership between Nintendo and Chinese-American scientist Wei Yen. The product was released in China, and that's about it.

Nintendo has been working with the iQue team ever since then, but their roles have changed a bit. According to Nintendo's most recent financial data, we can see that iQue is actually involved in localization work for Nintendo. From their listing in ARMS' credits, we can glean that the team works on Simplified Chinese translations for select titles.

Official PR - New fighter Springtron joins ARMS

Attention, fighting fans! A new ARMS fighter is stepping out of the shadows and officially entering the ARMS Grand Prix. Give it up for…Springtron!

Springtron – "The mean machine"

A lean, mean fighting machine designed and built by ARMS Labs! His metal body is inspired by the popular fighter Spring Man, and he's packed with the latest advances in fighting technology. With the goal of improving ARMS Labs's image by flexing their scientific muscle, he's finally been allowed to step out of the shadows and officially enter the Grand Prix!

Springtron’s similarities to Spring Man extend even to his choice of ARMS, which are the Toaster, Boomerang and Tribolt! Oh, and his favourite stage is the surprisingly gimmick-free Sparring Ring. It’s the perfect venue for fighters – and machines – in training!

After downloading today’s free software update*, you’ll be able to choose Springtron as a playable fighter. Have fun getting to grips with this heavy metal slugger!

ARMS - Version 4.1 due out tomorrow

Looks like there's yet another tweak coming to ARMS. Version 4.1 is set to release tomorrow. It'll include the usual set of changes, but there also seems to be some other element teased for the update. Not quite sure what it is, but we'll find out tomorrow!

ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017 - Fukuoka tournament live-stream recording

ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017 Nagoya tournament - live-stream recording

Reminder - ARMS 'Party Crash' event set for Nov. 22nd to 24th, 2017

Haven't fired up ARMS in awhile? Perhaps the upcoming Party Crash event will get you back in on the action. It takes place on Nov. 22nd and runs to the 24th, so you don't have much time to practice!