Min Min gets added to the Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Everyone is here!' banner, plus alternate colors revealed

Right next to Pokemon Trainer!

Min Min has been revealed as the ARMS fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC and that means she's been added to the banner! Plus get a look at her alternate colors!

ARMS music tracks revealed for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Getting ARMS music in Smash is a dream come true!

Alongside the announcement of Min Min being our Challenger Pack 6 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the music tracks to be included with the DLC have also been revealed. 18 music tracks from ARMS will be coming to the game, with 2 brand new arrangements! Check out the full list of songs above.

Nintendo releases "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X ARMS" official artwork

Check out this beautiful promotional artwork Nintendo released to celebrate Min Min's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Springman and Biff can be seen peaking through the window, seeming quite disappointed that they were left out of the ramen eating party.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "Mr. Sakurai Presents a Fighter from ARMS" live-stream

Who could it be?

Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai on 6/22 at 7am PT for a roughly 35-minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at the upcoming DLC fighter from ARMS!

There will be no further new fighter reveals other than a fighter from ARMS in this livestream.

Spring Man takes home the win in the latest ARMS Party Crash

Springing into action

The latest ARMS Party Crash has wrapped up, and Spring Man is the victor. The 'Battle for Stardom' party crash saw Spring Man win 52% of the time over Ribbon Girl's 48%, so it was definitely a close battle. Now we have to wait until June 2020 to see if one of these characters will be the chosen one for the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster!

ARMS "Battle for Stardom" Party Crash event live today, and runs to April 4th, 2020

Party on!

Time for another ARMS Party Crash event! The "Battle for Stardom" event is now live, and it'll be sticking around until April 4th, 2020. This Party Crash pits Spring Man against Ribbon Girl to see who comes out on top. Fire up the game today and get involved!

My Nintendo once again offering ARMS wallpapers

Your second chance for these

ARMS is having a bit of a resurgence lately, as we now know that the next Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter is going to be from that series. Nintendo has also made ARMS available to play for free to Switch Online members for a limited time. Now My Nintendo members can get in on the ARMS action too.

My Nintendo has re-added two ARMS wallpapers that were originally available on the service in 2017, but disappeared some time after. No word on how long these two wallpapers are sticking around this time, so don't miss your second chance to grab them! Click here to download yours for 50 Platinum Points each.

Switch Online ARMS free trial offer now available in Japan as well, temporary price drop and Party Crash event detailed

Wave your ARMS in the air!

Here in the states and in Europe, Switch Online members can have access to ARMS in its entirety until April 6th, 2020. That same offer is now available in Japan as well, just with a slight date shift. The deal is now live, and will stick around until April 6th, 2020.

Along with the free trial, ARMS can now be purchased with a 30% discount, knocking the price from ¥6,578 to ¥4,604).

Lastly, Nintendo has announced that a new ARMS Party Crash event is heading to Japan on April 3rd, and will run until April 5th, 2020. This Party Crash will pit Spring Man against Ribbon Girl.

ARMS free trial available to Switch Online members starting March 26th, 2020

Grab a free trial!

Have you had a chance to go toe-to-toe with the colorful fighters in the ARMS™ game? Folks with a Nintendo Switch Online membership (or even the free trial version) can download and try the full game from 3/26 at 9:00 a.m. PT – 4/6 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Fighting superstars from around the world share one thing in common: extendable arms! Equip each fighter with super-powered ARMS to create a slew of unprecedented attacks. Then, use simple motions or button controls to dish out strategic beatdowns in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 battles*. Looking to punch up your gameplay? Take the battle online** to face other players in ranked matches.

By downloading the game, you’ll not only have access to the full roster of characters, but also be able to compete in the ARMS North American Online Open April 2020 tournament!

The event will start on Sat., April 4, at 10 a.m. PT. At the end of the tournament, the top eight players will earn 2,500 My Nintendo Gold Points!

If you decide to purchase the game during or after this offer, you’ll keep all save data, so you won’t have to worry about losing your progress.


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