Nintendo shows off ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017 championship belt

I don't usually curse in GoNintendo posts, but this ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017 championship belt is some hot shit! The competition kicks off on Sunday, October 22nd in Nagoya, with three more rounds in November. Each round will air live on YouTube, OPENREC.tv and niconico.

ARMS - Springtron footage

Springtron appears if you can make it to the end of the Grand Prix on Level 4 without losing a single round. You need to have the latest version of ARMS to access this content.

ARMS - Version 3.2 update now available

Version 3.2

Added new “Badge” feature.
- Receive neat badges as a reward for fulfilling certain conditions.
- Wear your favorite badge and show it off to your opponent.

Added new “Recent Replays” feature.
- Select from a list and view replays of past matches.
- Replay data is automatically deleted when necessary, starting with the oldest data.
- Also, future ARMS updates will cause all replay data from past versions to be deleted.

During replay playback, ZR will no longer switch between targets. The X button instead is used for all camera angle switching.
During replay playback, + - buttons no longer toggle HP gauge display, and instead now bring up the menu.
Fixed issue where, at certain timings, follow up attacks after wind attacks would not land.
Fixed issue where, after suffering an ice attack, players on a snake board could repeatedly jump and the snake board would continuously accelerate.
Fixed issue where, when battle rules are set to 1-punch KO, under certain conditions fighters would become unable to move.
We’ve identified an interloper who has been disrupting the Grand Prix, going after our fiercest competitors. If encountered, we advise you to dispatch them with prejudice.
Adjusted the abilities of certain fighters and ARMS as follows.

ARMS - Version 3.2 update hitting Japan on Oct. 18th

Nintendo has confirmed that the ARMS Version 3.2 update is going to hit Oct. 18th in Japan. No word on the releases in NA/EU, but it's usually a same-day affair. With the way timing works out, we could see the update hit stateside sometime tomorrow night!

ARMS - Twitter update for Oct. 14th, 2017

If you're a fan of Mechanica, you might be pretty happy with the most recent update on the ARMS Twitter account. Nintendo shared a brand-new mobile wallpaper featuring Mechanica. Just click the tweet above and grab the image!

ARMS - Twitter update for Oct. 4th, 2017

Looks like Byte and Barq are out doing their civic duty, giving a citizen some directions. Barq certainly seems to be interested in that non-robo puppy!

Adult film company creates VR experience featuring actress dressed as ARMS' Twintelle

Well here's one Nintendo isn't going to be happy about. Adult film company VRCosplayX specializes in making Virtual Reality adult films. It seems all their videos feature cosplay, showcasing characters from games/comics/movies and more. One of their latest videos features the actress above, cosplaying as Twintelle from ARMS.

No, I am not going to link to the video. Yes, the video is about as XXX as it gets. Let's see how long it takes for Nintendo to step in! Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!