ARMS producer talks development, updates, characters, testing, lore, eSports, sequel potential, and more

Earlier in the week, we told you about a Famitsu interview with ARMS producer, Kosuke Yabuki. Famitsu has now shared that interview online, and we've got a breakdown of the juicy tidbits, courtesy of a NintendoEverything translation.

- Nintendo had initially planned to update ARMS multiple times until it was updated to version 5.0.0 by the end of 2017
- the team decided on the update content based on internal ideas and player requests
- there were many small updates that came along that weren't originally planned
- the team originally planned to only add four fighters between version 2.0.0 and 5.0.0
- the Springtron idea came in the middle of that plan, so they added him in, which brought the total to five
- more small updates are planned to make the game easier to play
- the team aimed for a game balance where a lot of things could happen
- the team balanced ARMS based on analyzing various data from testing
- Spring Man is the first character created, and happens to be Yabuki's favorite
- the team didn't release fighters that require deep strategy at launch, and saved those characters for later
- the aim was to create a new versus game unlike anything before
- team members would play against each other and then make adjustments from the feedback multiple times
- the game starts slow to allow players to learn how things work
- the team aimed for the game to be playable equally with both normal and thumbs-up controller-holding methods
- there are still many deeper world setting aspects in ARMS that haven’t been revealed yet
- the current Spring Man is the third to hold the name
- Yabuki would like to reveal more of these unknown stories if there’s the chance
- the team thought of the ARMS tournament in the ARMS universe to be analogous to the World Cup of soccer
- Twintelle is very popular worldwide
- the picture where she is working out while doing her hair and weightlifting got a lot of positive attention
- Biff is the mascot of ARMS and acts as liaison between the real world and ARMS through tweets
- Nintendo is currently in the phase of looking at how eSports can exist in a Nintendo-like way
- they don’t have any plans to use eSports business-wise right now
- Yabuki says players are training hard like real sportsmen when ARMS tournaments are held
- it's still too early for sequel discussion since not even a year has passed since ARMS’ release
- the team would like to talk about this topic again when they’re in the right time and condition to provide a big surprise

ARMS - Party Crash: Max Brass Vs. Dr. Coyle set for March 23rd to 25th, 2018

The next Party Crash for ARMS has been revealed, and it involves Max Brass and Dr. Coyle. The event, called Best Frenemies, kicks off on March 23rd, and runs to March 25th, 2018. Best of luck to all who give it a shot!

Hamster nabs rights to the full Video System catalog

Hamster continues its classic arcade game world domination tour by confirming that they've scooped up the rights to the entire Video System catalog. This is how the company managed to bring Aero Fighters 3 to Switch, and now we know many other titles are on the way.

ARMS director hopes to continue the franchise one day

ARMS has sold over a million copies on Switch. That's pretty great for the debut of a new IP. Does this mean we should expect a sequel somewhere down the road? That's what Famitsu asked ARMS director Kosuke Yabuki, and as you can probably guess, he wouldn't confirm/deny a sequel. He did say that one day he hopes to continue the series. Well, at least now we know the desire is there!

This week's Famitsu features an interview with ARMS director, Kosuke Yabuki

Famitsu has shared a tiny preview of their latest issue, which confirms that Nintendo's Kosuke Yabuki stopped by to talk about ARMS. We have no idea what the interview discusses, but it's definitely ARMS-related! The full interview should be made available tomorrow.

Be an ARMS contender in the ARMS US and Canada online open


If you live in the US or Canada and would like to participate, please play Ranked Matches between March 8th and March 18th. The eight top players from this period will have the opportunity to move on to the online finals on March 31st (10AM PT). The finals will be streamed online for all to see at https://arms.nintendo.com/videos/, so train hard! All finalists will also receive a custom piece of art.

However, if you don’t own the ARMS game and would like to try it out, you should also mark your calendar for March 31th. A three-day Global Testpunch will start on this most stretchy of days – during this time, you’ll be able to try out the game for free!

Stay tuned for more details and good luck!

ARMS - Version 5.2 now live, full patch notes

Version 5.2

The Party Crash mode “Big Time ARMS” can now be selected in regular battle as well, so you can try something a little different. Feel free to use it as a handicap!
Prior to battle, when selecting ARMS, you can toggle this on and off with the Y button.
This feature can be used in Versus – Fight.
Can’t be used in online battles.

Added 15 new images to Gallery.
Fixed issue where fighters with super armor would not have their ARMS disabled by electric attacks during a rush attack.
Fixed issue where a noise would repeatedly play if communication was lost while Dr. Coyle had her extra ARMS out.
Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as follows.

ARMS - Version 5.2.0 due out tomorrow

Another update for ARMS is right around the corner. Nintendo has announced that the update is set for tomorrow, but didn't give specifics on what will be included. When the update goes live, we'll be sure to let you know, and also share patch notes.

ARMS - Party Crash: Shake the Rust Off the Rust - Mechanica vs. Byte & Barq footage

Party Crash is a limited-time Party Match event with special rules. By playing these matches you can increase your Lab Level, which then grants you in-game currency and special badges. You can also get bonus multipliers by using featured characters and weapons. May luck stretch its way to you during your fights!

ARMS - Mechanica takes on Byte & Barq in the next Party Crash (official PR)

The Scrapyard Scrapper will face off against the Clockwork Cops in the next Party Crash! Coming soon to the ARMS™ game.

Event Time: Friday, 3/2 [1:00 a.m. PT] – Monday, 3/5 [1:00 a.m. PT]
Featured Fighters: Mechanica vs Byte & Barq

Party Crash is a limited-time Party Match event with special rules. By playing these matches you can increase your Lab Level, which then grants you in-game currency and special badges. You can also get bonus multipliers by using featured characters and weapons. May luck stretch its way to you during your fights!

If you don't currently own ARMs you can learn more about the game at the official website.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the game to participate in Party Crash mode and to receive badges. You can update your game by highlighting the game icon from the Home Menu, pressing the + Button, and selecting Software Update. Internet connection required.

Nintendo Account required. Online services and features, including online gameplay, are free until the paid Nintendo Switch Online Service launches in September 2018.