Nintendo shares Pearl artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest

You knew she'd be chaotic

We're definitely getting down to the end of the roster on this final Splatoon 2 Splatfest. Today we get to see special art for Pearl, who is Team Chaos all the way. Pearl has no idea what's going to happen in this world, and thinks it's a bit of a crazy place, so why not fight for Team Chaos?

Nintendo shares Commander Tartar and C.Q. Cumber artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest

Two more for Team Order

Both Commander Tartar and C.Q. Cumber are siding with Team Order for the final Splatoon 2 Splatfest. The mysterious organization the duo report to say they're trying to restore order to the universe, but who knows if their ultimate goal will bring about order, or cause a whole new type of chaos.

Splatoon 2 Final Splatfest t-shirts will be available to purchase in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow

Fresh gear

Nintendo has announced Splatoon 2 Splatfest t-shirts for multiple regions, and now we know what's up in Australia and New Zealand. Fans will be able to grab a shirt for themselves starting tomorrow via Nintendo Australia's official website. Good luck to anyone trying to snatch a shirt, and make sure to get more details on where to purchase here.

Thanks to AutumnalBlake for the heads up!

Nintendo shares DJ Octavio & Li'l Judd artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest

The dynamic duo

The latest bit of Splatoon 2 Splatfest artwork features the duo of DJ Octavio & Li'l Judd, both of which are Team Chaos. Check out what the team had to say below.

One has tasted bitter defeat in battle. The other is literally a copycat. These two may be nothing alike, but their desire to step out of the shadows and into the light burns with all the chaos of a firestorm.

Thanks to AutumnalBlake for the heads up!

Nintendo shares Agent 8 artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest

8 for Order

Unlike Agent 4 before her, Agent 8 is fighting for Team Order in the upcoming Splatoon 2 Splatfest. She's certainly taking the battle seriously, and the serious streak within her leads her to believe that fighting for Team Order is the only way to go.

Next issue of Famitsu to include a major feature on Splatoon 2


Splatoon 2's final Splatfest is right around the corner, and Famitsu is giving the game a major send-off. Believe it or not, the next issue of Famitsu is going to have a 78-spread on the game, which will include developer interviews, illustrations from renowned manga artists, and an Off the Hook cover!

In Japan, Nintendo is taking Splatoon 2's final Splatfest into the real world

Things are getting REAL

You can already tell that Nitnendo is giving Splatoon 2's final Splatfest a much bigger push than any other, as they've been promoting it since E3 2019. The latest bit of promotion takes the Splatfest from the game side of things and out into the real world.

Over in Japan, a number of game retailers are now participating in the Splatfest. Customers can head to select retailers and cast their vote for Team Chaos or Team Order at special Splatoon 2 Splatfest stands. The stores are as follows.

Team Chaos: Joshin, Tsutaya, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera
Team Order: Eon, Edion, Geo, Toys ‘R’ Us, Bic Camera

Fans who purchase some Switch or Splatoon 2-related products also get to take home exclusive Splatoon 2 postcards. Check out more pics for the event here.

Nintendo shares Agent 4 artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest

Hello, Agent 4

The daily artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest gives us a look at Agent 4 today, who is siding with Team Chaos. Agent 4 tends to get swept up in the happenings all around her, and she embraces that. No wonder she's opting for Team Chaos!

Nintendo shares Iso Padre artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest

The latest artwork for the upcoming Splatoon 2 Splatfest features Iso Padre, who is siding with Team Choas. Padre believes that when when we start to see imperfections as beautiful, an indelible mark will be left on the world forever. Out of all the arguments made for each side so far, I kind of agree with Iso Padre the most!

Nintendo shares Salmonids artwork for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest

Of course they're team Chaos

It should be no surprise to see that the Salmonids are in support of Team Chaos here. I mean, their whole existence is based on Chaos, or at the very least, causing chaos for the Inklings.


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