Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup #6 announced

Time to squid up

Welcome to the Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup competition!

Be ready for ink battles!
The Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup welcomes Splatoon 2 teams and players of all levels! This is a community tournament on Toornament above all else, so level doesn’t matter.
Don’t hesitate to take part in the group stages, then in the Alpha and Bravo stages where all teams can continue to compete against each other!

What is Toornament?

Toornament is a platform dedicated to competitive gaming that hosts thousands of tournaments and competitions.
From the community tournaments to the pro events, Toornament provides a solution for organisers to run tournaments, and gives players a good experience while participating.

To participate in Splatoon 2 tournaments, you must have a team of 4 people.
Already have a team? Head directly the Splatoon 2 community Discord
Looking for teammates? You can find them either on the Splatoon 2 Discord or by filling out the dedicated form. Tournament administrators will help you find them.
Only a full team will be accepted in the tournament. Be sure to have your team before signing up.

Full details here

Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -Off The Hook Live- album announced

This is off the hook

Nintendo has announced a CD/Blu-ray release, entitled Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -Off The Hook Live-. This set will see release in Japan on July 24th, 2019, and includes the full live performance from Game Party Japan 2019, as well as additional music tracks not included in the previous two Splatoon 2 albums. The new songs are as follows.

- Entropical, by SashiMori
- Chopscrewey, by SashiMori
- Seasick, by Diss-Pair
- Kinetosis, by Diss-Pair
- Deluge Dirge, by ω-3
- special Splatoon x Splatoon 2 medley by DJ Octavio
- tracks from the live performance of the Squid Sisters at the Nico Nico Choukaigi 2016

For fans who want to go the extra mile, there's a Limited Edition Blu-Ray version that features the full, uncut recording of the Off The Hook Live at Game Party Japan 2019, which means all the MC portions are included. The Blu-ray also includes a recording of the concert that focuses specifically on Pearl and Marina's dance routines. Finally, the cover of the Limited Edition features some brand new illustrations, and a holographic spine case. Pricing for the album is as follows.

- Limited Edition (with Blu-Ray): 4 200 Yen + taxes
- Regular Edition (just the CD): 2 500 Yen + taxes

Anyone who preorders either version through ebten will get a special poster as a bonus item. Preorders open up May 24th, 2019.

Check out a full tracklist for the album below.


Opening~MC1( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Inkoming! ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook)
Chip Damage ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Entropical ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Nasty Majesty ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
MC2 ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Acid Hues( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Ultra Color Pulse( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Muck Warfare( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
MC3 ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Shark Bytes ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
Into the Light ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hook
MC4 ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hoo
Fly Octo Fly ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hoo
Ebb & Flow (Octo) ( 1st Off The Hook Live)/ Off The Hoo
Seasick/ Diss-Pair
Eazy Queazy/ Diss-Pair
Chopscrewey /SashiMori
Entropical /SashiMori
Deluge Dirge /ω-3
Opening〜MC1(Choukaigi 2016)/ Squid Sisters
City of Color(Choukaigi 2016)/ Squid Sisters
Ink Me Up(Choukaigi 2016)/ Squid Sisters
MC2(Choukaigi 2016)/ Squid Sister
Maritime Memory(Choukaigi 2016)/ Squid Sisters
Calamari Inkantation(Choukaigi 2016)/ Squid Sister
High-Color Memorial Mixtape/ DJ Octavio


Chip Damage
Nasty Majesty
Acid Hues
Ultra Color Pulse
Muck Warfare
Shark Bytes
Into the Light
Fly Octo Fly
Ebb & Flow (Octo)

Nintendo announces commentary teams for Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019, Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019, & Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019

Keeping the action going

Wondering who's going to voice the action at Nintendo's E3 2019 festivities? The official commentary teams for the Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019, Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019, and Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 have been revealed. Check out the rundown via the tweets above!

Team Teleportation wins with a shut-out in Splatoon 2's latest Splatfest

Total domination

Splatoon 2's latest Splatfest is now over, and it there was no contest. Team Teleportation won with a 3-0 victory against Team Time Travel. It's not too often we see a complete shut-out, but I guess Team Teleportation was really serious about taking this victory home!

Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars win Splatoon 2 NPB eSports Series

An upset victory!

The dust has settled and the ink has dried. The winners of the Splatoon 2 NPB eSports Series are the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars (Hyper Beam). The team managed to grab the victory against the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (GGBOYZ) 3-1. This victory was considered an upset, as GGBOYZ previously won the 3rd and 4th Splatoon Koshien Tournaments and are the 2018 Splatoon 2 World Champions.

Splatoon 2 "Time Travel Vs. Teleportation" Splatfest artwork

That's a tough one...

The latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest is set to kick off tonight at 9:00pm PT, and it asks players to choose between time travel and teleportation. I mean, I'd take either one, but I guess I'll have to make a choice!

Take a trip through time OR space in this weekend’s Splatfest!

Kid up or squid up!

Off the Hook is getting ready for another big performance, and all Inklings and Octolings are invited this weekend to a new Splatfest in the Splatoon™ 2 game!

The Splatfest will be:

5/17 (Fri) 9:00 p.m. PT – 5/18 (Sat) 9:00 p.m. PT

So, what is the theme this time? Well, my fellow researchers, funny you should mention time (never mind that I was the one who mentioned it). This Splatfest is all about saving time in two very different ways!

Which power would you rather have: time travel or teleportation?

Would you rather turn back the clock and redo past mistakes? Or would you rather zip around the globe in no time flat? This physics-defying* choice is yours and yours alone!

If you would like to participate in the Splatfest, please start up the game and choose a side. And if you want more info on the game, including info on how to buy the digital version, please visit https://splatoon.nintendo.com.

Good luck!

*Of course, if time travel or teleportation existed, I guess you wouldn’t really be defying physics…but using it. Ack, my mind hurts just thinking about this!

Smash Bros. Ultimate outsells Splatoon 2 at Japanese retail

A Smashing success

Smash Bros. Ultimate has taken down Splatoon 2 in Japan. Total sales for Smash Bros. Ultimate's retail release sit at 3,066,906, while Splatoon 2 is at 3,058,082. Splatoon 2 reigned supreme for quite some time, but the Smash Bros. juggernaut was just too much for the kids and squids to fight off.

Pa League beats Se League in Japan's latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest

Supreme victory

Japan's latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest has come to a close, and Pa League is the victory. They took down Se League 2-1, losing the Votes (55.39% – 44.61%) portion, but winning Normal (1.31% – 48.69%) and Pro (51.64% – 48.36%) rules.

The Art of Splatoon 2 cover art revealed

Well, will you look at Splat

The Art of Splatoon 2 Hardcover was announced for North America and Europe a few weeks back. We have to wait until Oct. 15th, 2019 for the book to release, but today we can check out the official localized cover. Hopefully we get some preview pages of the English version soon as well.