Nintendo considered a 'drastic costume change' for Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Maybe next time...

Luigi's appearance in Super Mario Odyssey, for the most part, is standard Luigi. He spices things up a bit with some balloons and a bow tie, but it's nothing radically different. In the Art of Super Mario Odyssey art book, character art lead Sho Murata explains that there were some plans to give Luigi quite the makeover for his Odyssey cameo, but they decided against it. Read the entire snippet from the book below.

“Luigi hosts the Balloon World minigame. We wanted players to feel welcome in this minigame, so we gave him a cheerful and casual attitude, like a performer passing out balloons on the street. We wanted to make it seem like he came directly from the Mushroom Kingdom, so in contrast to the sticker-laden Odyssey, his satchel sports only stickers from the Mushroom Kingdom. One of the stickers is actually out of circulation…

We considered a drastic costume change for Luigi at first, but we ultimately went with a simple look, since it would work well against the background of this game’s world. I wonder… including the Luigi green, did you notice his balloons are the same colors as Super Famicom controller buttons? To the many fans who were looking to his appearance in the game, know that the designer in charge put a lot of effort into Luigi’s development.”

Nintendo explains the insane amount of work that went into Mario's design for Super Mario Odyssey

Mario has never looked better

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey art book is chock-full of amazing content. From unused content to concept art, there's so much to check out. That includes comments from Nintendo's dev team as well. In one particular snippet, we get to hear from art director Rikuto Yoshida and character art lead Sho Murata, who discuss the intense work that went into Mario's overall design. That work included some tweaks to Mario's face as well. Read the full snippet from Yoshida and Murata below.

RY: “When considering Mario’s design for this game, we decided very early on to give the physical materials a more realistic look than before. In order to welcome players with the aforementioned sense of surprise, we made individual strands of Mario’s mustache and hair visible. We also designed the denim of his clothes to show a fine weave.

The game’s setting and artwork influenced one another, and we were stunned by the impact of this new Mario coming to life before our eyes. Despite significant alterations, we made sure when finishing the design to maintain the visual aspects that people all over the world associate with Mario.”

SM: “We constructed our Mario with the most detailed texture quality yet, befitting the latest 3D Mario game. What would his gloves be made of? Does denim really exist in this color? How are his shoes put together? What about the texture of his hair? There were so many new issues we had to tackle when attempting this updated design. While making sure not to deviate from Mario’s existing image overall, we made his face a bit more “cool” than in previous games to make it seem right when set in motion. You may not be able to tell at a glance, but a lot of attention was put into his eyes. They were made to resemble real eyes with a tangible sense of depth. His expressions are much more vivid, more impressive than before.”

Super Mario Odyssey 'wedding' amiibo seeing a restock in Japan

amiibo a go-go

Just like here in the states, the Super Mario Odyssey 'wedding' amiibo are getting a stock replenishment in Japan. All three amiibo in the line are set to launch on Nov. 22nd, 2019, and it appears they'll be sold individually, rather than in the 3-pack that came out when these amiibo originally launched.

Check out a video tour of the "Art of Super Mario Odyssey" art book

Art attack!

Take a look at The Art of Super Mario Odyssey book in this video tour! Explore a ton of concept art, behind the scenes development details, and a look at cut content, plus tons more--including an unused Peachette Mario costume and a captured Peach?!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Adventure Guidebook bundle, Super Mario Odyssey Travel Guidebook bundle, and Super Mario Party Joy-Con Set seeing re-release in Japan

The bundles are back

Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo will be restocking the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Adventure Guidebook bundle, Super Mario Odyssey Travel Guidebook bundle, and Super Mario Party Joy-Con Set in Japan. These bundles are unchanged from their original releases, and all are due out Nov. 22nd, 2019.

Check out more pics from The Art of Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Art

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is now available in North America for $49.99. If you're still on the fence about a purchase, perhaps a few more pics can help you make a decision. Check out another gallery of photos for this art book right here.

Super Mario Odyssey 'wedding' amiibo look set for a reprint

Dearly beloved amiibo

If Best Buy's listings are to be believed, it appears that the series of Super Mario Odyssey 'wedding' amiibo are going to get a reprint next month. The retailer currently has listings for the Mario, Peach, and Bowser wedding amiibo up for preorder, all of which are slated for a Nov. 22nd, 2019 release. Hopefully Nintendo makes an official announcement soon.

Professional photographer spends 6 months taking pictures in Super Mario Odyssey

Pose for the fans!

Super Mario Odyssey has a pretty robust camera mode that lets you snap all sorts of pics on your journey. That was of major interest to professional photographer Dan Cordero. He has spent the last 6 months running around the game, using his keen eye for photography to put together a photo album of his adventure. Check out the results here!

Super Mario Odyssey sells 2 million physical copies in Japan alone

Congrats to Mario and Cappy!

Nintendo has yet another reason to celebrate the Switch's success. As of this week's Famitsu data, we can see that Super Mario Odyssey managed to sell 2 million units in Japan alone, and that's just the physical copies! That makes Super Mario Odyssey the 4th game to hit the 2 million mark in Japan, following Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2.

Modders aim to remake Super Mario 64 within Super Mario Odyssey

Yo, dawg...I put some Mario in your Mario

Super Mario Odyssey had a few nods to Super Mario 64, but fans aren't happy with just a couple tributes. They want to see a full-fledged remake, which is why a team of modders is trying to make that happen. The video above shows off their efforts so far, which gives us a look at Super Mario 64 remade within Super Mario Odyssey. It's looking pretty promising so far, but there's still a ton of work to be done.


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