Latest Famitsu features a full-page Super Mario advert

This ad is super!

The latest issue of the Japanese publication Famitsu features an advert highlighting 3 of the major Super Mario games available on Nintendo Switch. While none of the artwork is new, it's interesting to see Nintendo continue to push these already high-selling games.

Walmart offering Switch Pro Controller 'Super Mario Odyssey' download code bundle for $100

What an interesting bundle!

Now here's one of the more unique bundles out there. Walmart has a special bundle of the Switch Pro Controller and Super Mario Odyssey in download code form for $100. As you can see, this is a specially-made package, and not just the two items thrown together in a makeshift bundle. Check out the full details and grab your order here!

Boundary Break takes an out-of-bounds look at Super Mario Odyssey

Where'd you go, Mario?

Boundary Break is back with a new episode, and this time the focus is on Super Mario Odyssey. Let's see some places Mario and the camera were never meant to go!

In-development Super Mario Odyssey mod lets you play the game in first person

Play in a whole new way

In-Development Mod: Super Mario Odyssey in First Person from r/NintendoSwitch

While I might not want to play Super Mario Odyssey in first person, it's definitely neat to see what it would look like. A fan mod in development for the game is aiming to let you explore the entire adventure from a first person perspective, which would definitely make for a unique experience. It's a bit like combining the worlds of Super Mario Odyssey and Mirror's Edge!

Modder recreates Super Mario Odyssey in Super Mario 64

The most impressive mod yet?

Modder Kaze Emanuar is back once again with a Super Mario 64 mod, and it might be his most impressive yet. While he hasn't managed to squeeze the entirety of Super Mario Odyssey into Super Mario 64, he's certainly gotten a decent chunk of the experience! Multiple locations and enemies you'll recognize, and 80 moons to collect throughout the experience. From the trailer alone, you can tell this is a ridiculously detailed mod that a ton of hard work went into.

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey see retail release in China next week

A big day for China!

The physical Switch game library in China is finally going to expand next week with two big games. Tencent has confirmed that both Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are on the way. Both titles will be available on April 15th, 2020, but it's important to note that they've been available on the eShop since March 16th, 2020.

Nintendo shares Super Mario Odyssey backgrounds for use with virtual meetings

Let's do Luncheon Kingdom

Millions of people are working from home right now by using virtual meeting software to connect with their fellow employees. Some of those services allow you to spice up your face cam with virtual wallpapers for backgrounds, and numerous game companies have been sharing high-res images for people to use. Nintendo has gotten in on the action with a series of stills from Super Mario Odyssey,w which you can check out above. Certainly beats staring at a blank wall!

Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dated for release in China

Two big games heading to China soon

Both Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are officially making their way to the Switch in China. Tencent has revealed that both games are going to launch on March 16th, 2020. Customers will have the option to get the game via the Switch eShop or a download card.

Both games have preorder bonuses as well. Super Mario Odyssey customers will get a passport cover, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe preorders come with a sticker sheet. You can check out pictures for each preorder bonus below.

GoNintendo Thought: Would you rather another Super Mario Odyssey or Super Mario Galaxy?

This is a Thought I've been wanting to write for awhile now, but I've been a bit worried about putting it together and sharing. I don't want to ruffle any features, but hopefully it'll lead to good discussion!


I think we can all agree that Mario has had the most impressive run in video games as far as quality is concerned. Mainline Mario games are always top notch. There have been so many entries, and there really isn't a bad one in the bunch. There might be absolutely fantastic entries and really great ones, but it would be tough to find people who believe certain installments to be bad, or flat out terrible.

Keeping up that quality over all these years hasn't been easy, that's for sure. Nintendo is always breaking down not only what makes Mario fun, but what new mechanics they can introduce without having a game not feel like a Mario title anymore. It's an insanely delicate balancing act, but somehow the Big N keeps managing to pull it off. The team behind these games knows what makes Mario tick, and they have a passion for the series like none other.

Now even though there are tons of stellar entries in the Mario franchise, people certainly have their favorites. There will be Mario games people can put above a pedestal above all others, and some games that people will easily place a bit lower down on their list. Again, that doesn't mean the games are bad by any means. They just have a few elements that push them up or down an overall list.

For a lot of players, there are two entries in the Mario franchise that really showcase what Nintendo can do when they're at the top of their Mario game. Those would be Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey. Both games managed to maintain the classic Mario feel while putting their own spin on tried-and-true mechanics, and also breaking new ground for the series. Each entry has been a phenomenal success in terms of critical praise and consumer support, so there's no denying Odyssey and Galaxy are definitely among the best of the best.

That brings us to a very important question. If you were only going to get a sequel to one of these games, or you could have your pick of which game would get a sequel first, which would you choose?

I'll share my answer, but I need to clarify something first. I really do adore Super Mario Odyssey. I find it to be one of the best Mario games out there. Everything from visuals to level building is really impressive, and the sense of scale for the adventure is pretty fantastic. It also includes an insane level of charm across every area, character, and interaction. Super Mario Odyssey made Mario feel more alive than ever before, at least in my opinion.

With that said, the question isn't all that hard for me. While I love Super Mario Odyssey, I was/am completely blown away by Super Mario Galaxy. If I were asked what my favorite Mario games were, my top two would be Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and their places could be interchangeable. For me, those games marked an unbelievably high point for the Mario series, and brought in a revolution like none other.

There's just something so magical about the Galaxy games. Exploring hugely detailed, open-ended environments in Odyssey was wonderful, but I just don't think it compares to flipping and flying around planets in Galaxy. The feeling of soaring through the air, collecting Star Bits, and playing with gravity were all extremely new elements for a Mario game. Plus, the way they were used in combination was supremely addictive. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 were just pure, unadulterated fun for me.

I also happen to think that the music in both Galaxy 1 and 2 is quite a good deal beyond the score for Super Mario Odyssey. There are a handful of great tunes in Odyssey, but overall, I was a bit let down by some of the tracks. The good ones are REALLY good, but the ones that didn't do anything for me came across as a bit ho-hum and uninspired. Not bad, but not memorable or engaging.

The soundtracks for Galaxy legitimately brought me to tears in some parts. They felt so new for a Mario series, and so extremely epic. They heightened the experience of flying through space and walking upside-down on platforms, planets, and perches. I still regularly listen to the soundtracks for both of those games, but I only listen to a handful of tunes from Super Mario Odyssey, and not nearly as often as Galaxy.

While I do think Odyssey is a great game, my pick goes with Galaxy without question. I would love a Galaxy 3, which I know isn't quite fair, as there's only been one Odyssey so far. I certainly wouldn't be upset if another Odyssey were announced, but I'd be over the moon hearing Galaxy 3 was on the way.

Which series gets your nod for a sequel? Which one do you want to see makes its way back on Switch, and why?

Nintendo UK store selling six new and exclusive Super Mario Odyssey art prints

They belong in a museum!

Looking for some new art to showcase your love of Mario? The Nintendo UK store has exactly what you're looking for, as they've just added in six new Super Mario Odyssey art prints. You can snag the pieces you want individually right here.


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