Super Bomberman R receives permanent Switch eShop price drop in Japan

Konami have permanently reduced the price of Super Bomberman R on the Switch eShop in Japan. The game was originally priced at ¥5,378, but is now available for ¥2,980 ($26).

Super Bomberman R 'Smile Price Collection' due out Nov. 29th, 2018

Konami is going to put out a budget re-release version of Super Bomberman R in Japan before the month closes out. The Super Bomberman R 'Smile Prices Collection' version will cost 2,760 Yen, and launches on Nov. 29th, 2018.

Super Bomberman R - Alucard footage

I don't know what convinced Konami that Alucard needed to be in Super Bomberman R, but you're not going to hear any complaints from me. They just seem to be throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. I can only imagine the characters they're going to add in the future.

Super Bomberman R - Version 2.2 now available (5 new characters and more)

The Version 2.2 update for Super Bomberman R is now available, and it brings a bunch of tweaks and content with it. Check out the full patch notes below.

A new battle rule "Civilians" has been added to the Grand Prix mode.

Three Castlevania stages have been added where the new "Civilians" rule can be enjoyed.

New characters are available in the shop.
-Alucard Bomber
-Mimi Bomber
-Nyami Bomber
-Upa Bomber
-Caesar Bomber

New accessories have been added.
-pop'n music


The special abilities of the following characters have been adjusted.
-Bill Bomber: Firing speed of special ability is downgraded from 0.11 secs to 0.18 secs per tile.
-Max: Added the special ability 'Plasma Bomb'. All abilities in 'Grand Prix' are also adjusted.
-The Five Dastardly Bombers: Special ability bombs, has the effect of accelerating/decelerating explosion countdowns depending on skulls, illnesses, etc.

Added 'Random' stage selection

Item locations in all Grand Prix stages have been adjusted

Various other small bugs have been fixed.

Konami and Sumthing Else Music Works announce Super Bomberman R vinyl soundtrack, preorders open

New York (September 18, 2018) - Sumthing Else Music Works, the premier record label dedicated to releasing video game soundtracks, and Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., leading video game developer and publisher, today announced the vinyl soundtrack release for KONAMI's action-maze game SUPER BOMBERMAN R available for pre-order at https://shop.sumthing.com. BOMBERMAN's bright, catchy themes can finally be enjoyed on vinyl, presented in a beautifully crafted, full-color gatefold.

Composer Seima Iwahashi of Elements Garden brings us the latest soundtrack in the beloved BOMBERMAN franchise. The album also includes the 'HERO' theme song featuring lyrics by RUCCA. The SUPER BOMBERMAN R original soundtrack will be available from Sumthing's new direct-to-consumer merchandise store on November 23rd.

The BOMBERMAN series has been delighting fans with its stunning multiplayer action since 1983. In SUPER BOMBERMAN R, up to two players can work cooperatively in 'Story' mode to clear stages in order to save the galaxy. Players guide a wide variety of BOMBERMAN characters around maze-like areas using timed bombs to open walkways and take out opponents. Multiply the fun and play with up to eight players in 'Battle' mode, or jump into the competitive Grand Prix mode. Grand Prix is a team-versus-team mode that pits two teams of up to three players as they battle it out within different arena stages using characters with special abilities.

SUPER BOMBERMAN R is available now on Nintendo Switch™ , PlayStation®4 , Xbox One and on PC via Steam.

Track Listing:

1. Ending Theme Song [HERO]
2. Title Screen
3. Main Menu
4. World Map
5. Get Ready
6. Planet Technopolis
7. Planet Timbertree
8. Planet Brainwave
9. Planet Lalaland
10. Planet Scrapheap
11. Clear
12. Failed
13. World Clear Result

1. Five Dastardly Bombers
2. The Boss Robots
3. Elegant Dream
4. Great Gattaida
5. Ultimate Buggler
6. Go
7. Battle - Excite
8. Battle - Happy
9. Battle - Comical
10. Victory
11. Result
12. Draw
13. UP
14. Down
15. Ending Theme Song [HERO] (English version)

For more information on SUPER BOMBERMAN R, visit the official website at https://www.konami.com/games/bomberman/r/us/en/.

Super Bomberman R getting special sale price in Japan for Golden Week

Golden Week is a big time for video game sales in Japan, and Konami is getting in on the action with a special limited-time price drop for Super Bomberman R. The title, which is usually 5,378 Yen, will be dropped to 3,480 Yen until May 6th, 2018.

Konami financial report shows continued success for Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R may have launched on Switch 10 months ago, but it's apparently still bringing in the cash for Konami. According to the company's Q3 results, Super Bomberman R has "continued to enjoy stable performance" and "perform well." If they keep the improvements and DLC coming, I'm sure even more people will hop on board.

Super Bomberman R original soundtrack now available in Japan

Super Bomberman R Original Soundtrack
- 3,564 Yen
- includes 2 discs
- 69 tracks in total
- composed by Element Gardens
- includes a Download Code for a special character: Tako Bomber (first-print copies only).

Disc 1

World Map
Get Ready
Magmag Star
Morimori Star
Kirakira Star
Lalalala Star
Poipoi Star
World Clear Result
Kyouaku Bomber 5 Ninshu
Boss Robot
Elegant Dream
Ultimate Burgler
Battle Start
Battle Mode・Wakuwaku
Battle Mode・Happy
Battle Mode・Comical
Battle Win
Battle Result
Battle Draw
Rank Up
Rank Down
Kakusareta Sainou
Chounan no Nayami
Okoru to Kowaizo
Yuki no Furu Hoshi
Kareinaru Kashouryoku
8 Kouōdai Shutsudou!
Shouri e no Michi
Youkina 8 Kyoudai
Attoutekina Power
Hirogaru Fuan
Fushigina Sekai
Kyouteki no Raishuu
Iyana Yokan
Semari Kuru Kyoufu
Kyoudai Ai
Hoshi ni Heiwa o
Omoide no Basho
Dai Bousou
Taosubeki Teki
Shihai to Yokuatsu
Ending Theme Song 『HERO』

Disc 2

Bomber Hoshi
COIN~Kuuchuu-sen-R Arrange (from Gradius)
Dai 2 Stage -R Arrange (from Castlevania)
Vampire Killer -R Arrange (from Castlevania)
Black Night -R Arrange (from Castlevania)
Grand Prix Title
Grand Prix Menu
Grand Prix Before Battle
Grand Prix Provision Battle
Grand Prix Start
Battle Mode・Central
Battle Mode・Arena
Battle Mode・Basic
Battle Mode・Simple
Battle Mode・Half-End
Grand Prix Result
Ending Theme Song 『HERO』English Version
Ending Theme Song 『HERO』Instrumental
Ending Theme Song 『HERO』- R remix –
Ending Theme Song 『HERO』- R remix – English version

Super Bomberman R - BigBang GrandPrix Trailer

Grab your friends for this hyper fun 3v3 competitive game mode! Free content update for Super Bomberman R bring a new level of Bomberman spirit to the game.


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