Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - V1.4.0 update launches April 27th, new details

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Poppi Buster

A Rare Blade that can only be obtained by users who purchased the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass.

The Blade is designed by Masatsugu Saito.

While Poppi is an artificial Blade exclusively for Tora, Poppi Buster is an artificial Blade designed for use by characters other than Tora.

Poppi Buster is obtained via a quest, not through Blade resonance.

What is with the yellow-haired Poppi that rides on its hand? And what is that antenna-looking thing on top of its head? While there may be many things on your mind, please be sure to check them out for yourself by doing the Poppi Buster’s dedicated quest.

T-elos Re:

T-elos Re: is a Rare Blade created with the cooperation of Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the gift character mentioned in a previous production note rewarded to players who clear the game once.

T-elos Re: appeared as a rival character to KOS-MOS in the Xenosaga series.

The Blade is designed by CHOCO.

Actually, CHOCO, who knew that Kunihiko Tanaka “always kept respect for CHOCO in mind” when designing KOS-MOS Re:, designed this T-elos Re: with both the respect and gratitude “that Tanaka gave to me.”

T-elos Re: is a little cuter than when she appeared in the main story of Xenosaga, but according to CHOCO, the point you should focus on is in the visor.

The character modeler kept CHOCO’s thoughts and point of focus in mind, and modeled the character with complete devotion.

T-elos Re: is a Blade that can be obtained by anyone who has cleared the game. In your clear save data, if a star mark can be seen next to your money count in the menu screen, it means that you are good to meet T-elos Re: through Blade resonance.

Although it will be a lottery from Core Crystals, the resonance rate has been set to be considerably higher, so anyone can resonate with T-elos Re: instantly.

Other Updates

Other updates in version 1.4.0 include:

On and after your second playthrough, Traveling Bards will be able to exchange EXP for Poppi Parts.
New sorting option added to the menu.

Non-Version 1.4.0 Stuff

Starting in May, we plan to add new quests, as well as even more new Rare Blades, challenge battles, an “Extreme” difficulty mode, and more for users who purchased the Expansion Pass.

One particular Rare Blade was designed by a new illustrator and is played by a new voice actor, and will be an Expansion Pass complete original (actually, we just recorded the voice actor’s lines today). Please look forward to it!

Video interview with Skye Bennett, Voice of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Pyra and Mythra

I think being a voice actor would be so much fun. In another life, I might have tried to do something like that. I guess it's not too late, but I'm at the point now where I have to pay the bills! Damn dream-squashing bills, always getting in the way!

Thanks to Lightchao42 for the heads up!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 dev blog - Production Notes #10: Original Soundtrack

The latest Production Notes blog post for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is from Yasunori Mitsuda, the main composer on the game.

- Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Original Soundtrack album will release on May 23rd in Japan
- the soundtrack will have 4 formats:

USB Deluxe Edition
Deluxe Edition
Regular Edition
Digital edition (iTunes, more): mp3 and high quality format (FLAC or equivalent)

- includes no less than 105 tracks, for about 5 hours and 30 minutes of music
- Deluxe Editions include some bonus tracks, including 5 piano arrangements by Ivan Linn, and 16 jingles
- the Deluxe Editions also come with a 120 page booklet
- the USB Deluxe Edition exists because of the large number of tracks, and the team needed to find a smart way to store data
- the regular Deluxe Edition contains all the music on discs instead of using the USB option
- USB Edition: 48khz / 24bit
- CD Edition: 44.1khz / 16bit
- Digital Edition: 96khz / 24bit (high quality version)
- full breakdown of each edition:

Type A: Luxury USB Music Complete Edition (2 000 units only)

Price: 18 000 Yen + taxes
Format: USB
Music contents: all 126 tracks (including the 105 tracks from the “main” album, 16 jingles, 5 piano arrangements)
Core Crystal USB (serial numbered, engraved on it). Size: W48mm / H92mm / D7mm. Size (cap): W30mm / H20mm / D7mm. This collector’s item was created in close collaboration with Monolith Soft
special box
booklet (120 pages)
piano score
message card

Type B: Luxury CD Music Complete Edition

Price: 7 800 Yen
Format: CD
Music contents: all 126 tracks (including the 105 tracks from the “main” album, 16 jingles, 5 piano arrangements)
special box
booklet (120 pages)
piano score
message card

Type C: Regular Edition

Price: 4 500 Yen + taxes
Format: CD
Music contents: all 105 tracks from the “main” album
booklet (12 pages)

Type D: Digital Edition

Price: 200 Yen (individual tracks) / 4 500 Yen (full album)
Digital stores: iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon, mora, RecoChoku, animelo mix
Digital stores (high-quality version): mora, e-onkyo music, RecoChoku, music.jp
Pre-order links:

Good Smile's Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mythra figure - more pics

Good Smile's Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mythra figure was looking fantastic before, and in the latest batch of pics, we can see it's looking better than ever. Preorders for the figurine go live tomorrow. If you want to get another look at this figurine, check out more photos here and here.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Version 1.3.1 official patch notes

Issues Fixed

Fixed an issue where common blades resonated to drivers other than Rex were being deleted if the player started a New Game Plus with them assigned to Rex.
We apologize, but even if you update your data, you will be unable to restore your common blades.
Fixed an issue during New Game Plus where the player was unable to acquire a common blade’s affinity gift even after fulfilling the conditions.
Fixed an issue where rare blades that were released were unable to rise above trust level S if they resonated with a character again.
Downloading the update data will set the trust level at S.
In the case that the actual trust level is higher than S, then upon doing something to raise the trust level, it will quickly increase to its actual level.
We have addressed the following problems where effects intended to be applied to blades on standby were only effective when they were deployed in battle.
Core Chips: Some status up types such as “HP MAX Boost”, “Increases the enemy gold drop rate”,”Increases the enemy item drop rate”
Aux Cores:”Hunter’s’ Chemistry”, and “Shoulder to Shoulder”
Poppy’s Skill RAM: Some status up types such as “HP MAX Boost”, “Gold Rush”, “Treasure Sensor”, “Hunter’s Chemistry”, and “Shoulder to Shoulder”.
Common Blade Skills: “Accelerated Growth”, ”Weaponsmaster”, ”Gold Rush”, and “Treasure Sensor”.
Fixed an issue where Patroka’s Evasion Effect Art wasn’t triggering correctly.
Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t advance in the Gormott quest “Whereabouts Unknown”.
Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t advance in the Uraya quest “Marvelous Mercenaries”.
Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t advance in the Mor Ardain quest “We Meet Again”.
Fixed an issue where the minimap and compass wouldn’t display, and fast travel with the X-button would become unavailable.
Fixed an issue where Mythra’s 10% Ether modifier wasn’t being reflected in Rex’s Ether attribute display.
This problem concerned the display of the modifier; it was being applied.
Addressed a problem with crafting field skills such as “Pyra’s Cooking” where you couldn’t continually make things.
Fixed an issue where titles of locations were not displaying when discovering landmarks, locations, and secret areas/viewpoints.
Fixed an issue where blades would cycle backwards for Rex when using blade change if Mythra was engaged.

Changes and New Features

An NPC, “Momoni,” has been added to chapter one of New Game Plus, to restore your money one time.
He will help you when you are unable to buy an Abyss Vest or unable to send funds due to lack of money on-hand.
Adjusted the difficulty of some of the boss battles in Chapter Ten of New Game Plus (so that they reflect Rex’s level).
Now displays the currently held and maximum number of accessories, Aux Cores、and Poppy parts in menus and shops.
Added a function to download the second Expansion Pass quest.
Added a notification page to the menu that contains information about the Expansion Pass.
If the Expansion Pass is removed or deleted from your console, “Continue” can no longer be selected to resume Expansion Pass save data.
You will be able to select Continue again once you download the Expansion Pass.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Version 1.3.1 out today, DLC Pack 2, 3, and 4 details (new Rare Blades, Battle Challenge Mode info)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Ver. 1.3.1

- fixes disappearing Common Blades
- fixes Affinity Rewards not being awarded
- fixes affinity being unable to go beyond Rank S

DLC Pack 2D: New Quests For The Main Game 2

- Nopon of Good Tastes (Talk to Bipopo near Galad Residential Zone in Gormott. Available after adding Poppi.)
- Cleared of All Charges (Talk to Strath in Fonsett, Leftheria. Requires Perun, Godfrey and Perceval.)
- Beneath the Aurora (Talk to Len at Rigitte Harbor in Leftheria. Available from Chapter 6.)
- Upgrades and Tinkering (Examine the table in Tora’s house. Requires Tora. Available from Chapter 8.)
- Most Awful News?! (Stay at the inn in Tantal. Requires Finch’s Birdbrain Lv.3 and Zeke. Available from Chapter 10.)

DLC Pack 3: New Rare Blades

- Release date: early May
- Requires Ver. 1.4.0 or more recent
- Contents: several new Rare Blades in installments

DLC Pack 4: Challenge Battle Mode

- aimed at players looking for a really intense challenge
- includes “difficult new battles”
- make some “new friends” along the way
- due out this Summer

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Version 1.3.1 due out tomorrow

Version 1.3.1

- This is fine (Quest available in Chapter 2)
- Blue Sky White Sun (Quest available in Chapter 5, requires Perceval, Godfrey, and Perun)
- Starfall Night (Quest available in Chapter 6)
- Cloud Sea Compass Remodeling (Quest available in Chapter 8)
- Emergency?! (Quest available in Chapter 10, requires Finch)
- fixes disappearing Common Blades and other bugs

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Version 1.3.1 due out in late March, fixes bugs from Version 1.3.0

Monolith Soft has shared some news on another patch coming to Xenoblade Chronicles X. It seems that Version 1.3.0 introduced some bugs with the New Game+ feature, and Version 1.3.1 will take care of those problems. Below is a list of issues found in Version 1.3.0 that will be fixed in Version 1.3.1.

- fixes issues involving New Game+
- Common Blades that originally resonated with any other party member than Rex will disappear when starting New Game+ if Rex has them engaged
- in some cases, you may not receive Affinity Rewards, even if you’ve met the right conditions
- if you release a Rare Blade and resonate with it again, with any Driver, then affinity will no longer go beyond Rank S for that Blade

The Version 1.3.1 will also do some other cleanup and bug fixes, but no specifics were given on those. When an official date is shared for this update, we'll be sure to let you know.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Deluxe Editions soundtracks sell out in Japan

Looks like the Japanese Switch audience was very eager to get their hands on the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2 soundtrack releases. Amazon had two exclusive deluxe versions; one with a USB, and another with a CD. Even with the USB option costs 18,000 Yen, both versions completely sold out. In the span of two days, the entire stock on both versions was depleted.