Son of a Glitch - Sonic Forces

In this episode we check out the crazy glitches in the latest Sonic outing, Sonic Forces. Hey, at least the glitches are fun...right?!

Did You Know Gaming - Sonic Forces

In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some Sonic Forces facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history! Sonic Forces was developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for PC gaming platforms, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and actually borrows some elements from Sonic Mania. The game's story sees Sonic joining a resistance force to stop Doctor Eggman, and allows the player to create a custom character with the game's character creation tool. Through our analysis of the game, its gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of the Sonic Forces and have its history explained.

SEGA says Sonic Forces "performed strongly"

While we don't have specific figures on the sales of Sonic Forces, it does seem that SEGA is happy with the game's reception at retail. In their latest financial results report, SEGA states that Sonic Forces has "performed strongly" in the sales department. Hopefully SEGA gives more concrete details on sales soon.

Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

SEGA explains their decision to make Sonic Forces' Super Sonic DLC free forever

Remember when SEGA originally planned to make people pay for the Super Sonic DLC in Sonic Forces? The content would be for about a month, then it would cost $2 for anyone who didn't grab it during the free period. Thankfully SEGA came to their senses and ditched this idea, making the DLC free forever. Why the change of heart? Aaron Webber from SEGA’s PR and social media team explained...

“At the end of December, we announced that Super Sonic DLC was going to be arriving in Sonic Forces, and I don’t know if this has ever been officially stated yet, so I actually also wanted to mention this for the record, but Super Sonic was never initially planned to be in Sonic Forces. If you guys have played the game, the Chaos Emeralds aren’t really featured as a primary part of the story, and so Super Sonic wasn’t a thing. Along the development process, they said, ‘well let’s make maybe some DLC for Super Sonic.’

Now, to say that the Super Sonic DLC caused a bit of an uproar I think is pretty fair, and a lot of people going, ‘Hey, you know, this was always free in past games, why isn’t it free here?’ I think maybe some people may have thought too we already built it in the game, and had taken it out like a greedy publisher or something like that… even though that wasn’t the case, we had a lot people that worked really hard behind the scenes over the last month, and thankfully we had the support of pretty much everyone at SEGA, which was awesome, and everyone worked really hard, and it’s kind of like trying to hit a moving target when you’ve already said, ‘here’s the plan, let’s go’, but as of yesterday (January 24), the Super Sonic DLC is free for all platforms. It’s going to be free forever. It’s big news, and really good news I think. We wanted to make sure that the fans don’t hurt at all, so we kind of made the right move on this one, especially because a lot of you guys have seen this stuff in the past and gone, ‘Super Sonic kind of should be a key part of the games, it should be kind of a core part of it.’ So hopefully people are happy with that news, and thanks again to everyone at SEGA. Thank you, could not have done it without everyone’s help there.”

Sonic Forces - Academy Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of the Sonic X Tempest freerunning event, where gaming YouTubers and parkour experts joined the uprising against Dr Eggman and going through some physical challenges.

Sonic Forces - Super Sonic DLC footage

Looks like the DLC is the real deal. It should be releasing in North America tomorrow. It seems the DLC might be live in some parts of Europe!

Sonic Forces - Yet more evidence of Super Sonic DLC, potentially releasing tomorrow

Looks like someone over at Playstation Network Australia made a page live a little bit sooner than it should been. This is the second time we've seen info on Super Sonic DLC for Sonic Forces, but this is the first official blurb from SEGA. According to the page, the content will be available tomorrow!


Speed through the levels faster than Sonic... as Super Sonic! Get the SUPER SONIC DLC for SONIC FORCES now to transform into Super Sonic across 20+ Modern and Classic Sonic. Collect the right amount of rings and Super Sonic will spring into action, giving you the ability to sprint across stages at break-neck speeds.

Please Note: You cannot participate in the rankings with Super Sonic.

SONIC FORCES is the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game that lets you create a custom character with powerful gadgets, speed through rolling ruined landscapes as Modern Sonic, and catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic.

Thanks to Sebth1 for the heads up!

SEGA promoting Sonic Forces with real-life Sonic parkour video series

SEGA is teaming up three YouTube gaming personalities with three parkour pros to have them tackle a Sonic-themed parkour event in real life. You can see the teaser video above, with the full series set to launch soon.

Sonic Forces - Vocal Traxx on the Edge and Original Sountrack now available on iTunes and Google Play

Sonic Forces Vocal Traxx on the Edge (iTunes and Google Play)

Fist Bump (Douglas Robb from Hoobastank) – 4:30
Infinite (Tyler Smyth & Andy Bane from Dangerkids) – 4:35
Fighting Onward – Space Port (feat. Jon Underdown) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:54
Nowhere to Run – Prison Hall (feat. Madeleine Wood) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:19
Justice – Park Avenue (feat. Claudia Vazquez & B-BANDJ) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:16
Moonlit Battlefield – Aqua Road (feat. nana hatori) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:29
Virtual Enemies – Capital City (feat. Jon Underdown) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:44
Set in Motion – Guardian Rock (feat. Claudia Vazquez) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:30
Fading World – Imperial Tower (feat. Madeleine Wood & B-BANDJ) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 5:15
The Light of Hope (feat. Amy Hannam) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 5:33

Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack a Hero Will Rise (iTunes and Google Play)

Fist Bump (Douglas Robb from Hoobastank) – 4:29
Theme of the Resistance (Title Screen Ver.) (London Symphony Orchestra) – 1:47
Cutscene – Quickening of Evil (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:44
Lost Valley (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:37
Cutscene – A Hero Falls (London Symphony Orchestra) – 1:39
Theme of the Resistance (London Symphony Orchestra) – 2:04
This Is Our World – A New Hero (London Symphony Orchestra) – 2:23
Fighting Onward – Space Port (feat. Jon Underdown) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:55
Action on the Rails (SEGA / Kenichi Tokoi) – 0:32
Cutscene – It’s Good to See a Sonic (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 1:05
Ghost Town (SEGA / Naofumi Hataya) – 2:57
Unstoppable (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 0:37
Cutscene – Frightful Reflection (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:41
Nowhere to Run – Prison Hall (feat. Madeleine Wood) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:22
Cutscene – Zavok Appears (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:34
Battle with Death Queen (Battle with Zavok – Remix) (SEGA / Kenichi Tokoi) – 3:54
Egg Gate (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:56
Danger in the Sky (SEGA / Kenichi Tokoi) – 0:35
Arsenal Pyramid (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:43
Arsenal Pyramid – Interior (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:36
Double Boost! (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 0:41
Luminous Forest (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:14
Coiled to Strike (SEGA / Kenichi Tokoi) – 0:35
Taking It Back (London Symphony Orchestra) – 1:19
This Is Our World – Phase 1 (London Symphony Orchestra) – 2:23
This Is Who You Are (London Symphony Orchestra) – 4:15
Up to the Challenge (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:04
Mission Failed (London Symphony Orchestra) – 0:15
Fist Bump (Instrumental Ver.) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:57
Fist Bump (Piano Ver.) (SEGA / Koji Igarashi) – 5:44
Infinite (Tyler Smyth & Andy Bane from Dangerkids) – 4:34
Cutscene – You May Call Me “Infinite” (London Symphony Orchestra) – 2:48
Battle with Infinite – First Bout (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:30
Faded Hills – Green Hill (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:47
Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II (SEGA / Naofumi Hataya) – 3:21
Cutscene – The Phantom Ruby / Evil Deed (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 1:52
Justice – Park Avenue (feat. Claudia Vazquez & B-BANDJ) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:17
Casino Forest (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:41
Moonlight Battlefield – Aqua Road (feat. nana hatori) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:27
Sunset Heights (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:26
Cutscene – The Fake (SEGA / Jun Senoue) – 0:21
Virtual Enemies – Capital City (feat. Jon Underdown) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:43
Cutscene – This Is Your Moment! (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:53
Battle with Infinite – Second Bout (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:02
Cutscene – Divine Intervention (London Symphony Orchestra) – 0:52
Chemical Flow – Chemical Plant (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:43
Fist Bump (FM Ver.) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:52
Red Gate Bridge (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:57
Mark II Locks On (SEGA / Kenichi Tokoi) – 0:31
Battle with Metal Sonic (US Ver. Remix) (SEGA / Kenichi Tokoi) – 3:23
Double Boost! (Short Ver.) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 0:16
This Is Our World – Phase 2 (London Symphony Orchestra) – 2:43
Episode Shadow (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:26
Enemy Territory (Westopolis Remix) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:05
Eggman’s Facility (Rhythm and Balance Remix) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:49
Virtual Reality (Supporting Me Remix) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:38
Cutscene – Infinite’s Beginning (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 2:05
Fist Bump (SXSW Ver.) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:53
This Is Our World (London Symphony Orchestra) – 4:02
Set in Motion – Guardian Rock (feat. Claudia Vazquez) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 3:28
Death Crab Pursuit (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:21
Network Terminal (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:48
Network Terminal – Interior (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:48
Death Prison – Death Egg (SEGA / Naofumi Hataya) – 3:15
Cutscene – Scrambled Death Egg (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 1:05
Metropolitan Highway (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 2:56
Cutscene – Null Space (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 1:04
Null Space (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani, Yutaka Minobe) – 1:57
Fist Bump – Escape from Null Space (Douglas Robb from Hoobastank) – 1:26
Cutscene – Nothing Can Contain Us! (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:43
Cutscene – Sun of Despair (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 2:22
Fading World – Imperial Tower (feat. Madeleine Wood & B-BANDJ) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 5:07
Cutscene – Valor and Wonder (London Symphony Orchestra) – 1:04
Mortar Canyon (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:59
Cutscene – Infinite Showdown (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:26
Battle with Infinite – Showdown (SEGA / Yutaka Minobe) – 3:15
Cutscene – Infinite’s End (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:48
Iron Fortress (SEGA / Naofumi Hataya) – 3:19
Last Judgment (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:28
Final Judgment – Reactor (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 1:48
Cutscene – Mega Death Egg Robot (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 1:27
Battle with Mega Death Egg Robot (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 4:50
Cutscene – The Resistance Prevails (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:40
Cutscene – Parting Ways (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 0:36
The Light of Hope (feat. Amy Hannam) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 5:34
Cutscene – New Journeys (SEGA / Takahito Eguchi) – 1:56
The Light of Hope (Title Screen Ver.) (SEGA / Tomoya Ohtani) – 5:33

Sonic Forces - Time Attack Tournament Final Battle event footage

Just incase you were wondering, yes...this event was held in a Hooters in Japan. What a time to be alive and be a Sonic fan.


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