Koei Tecmo says their collaborations with Nintendo have been important, and "increased their reputation"

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In recent years, Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have teamed up to work on spin-offs for some of Nintendo's biggest brands. The two companies worked together on Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors, which both turned out to be successful endeavors. In an interview with Gamesindustry, Koei Tecmo CEO Hisashi Koinuma explains just how valuable those collaborations were.

Perhaps the most remarkable of the subsequent collaborations were those with Nintendo, which entrusted Koei Tecmo first with the Zelda IP for Hyrule Warriors, and then with the Fire Emblem IP for Fire Emblem Warriors. "Being trusted with these big brands has been important," says Koinuma. "I think we now have a special reputation for working well with other companies... These collaborations have increased our reputation and image, and have given us a chance to establish ourselves as a company that can be trusted with big franchises."

Fire Emblem Warriors devs explain why Darios wasn't a playable character

Nintendo Dream magazine has been interviewing the Fire Emblem Warriors dev team for a few issues now, and they've just wrapped up their interview series concerning the latest round of DLC for the game. Hiroya Usuda and Yosuke Hayshi discuss a number of things about various DLC, including character designs and costume inclusions. In one snippet, we also get to learn why Darios made an appearance, but wasn't playable.

ND: Why did you not make Darios a playable character?

Usuda: When we were writing the game’s main story, we were planning for Darios to be rescued via DLC… Originally, we considered removing a character from the main game to add Darios.

Hayashi: While we were trying to add all the characters we needed, we couldn’t find an opportunity to add Darios.

Usuda: It’s not so simple to make a playable character even if they already exist as a NPC in the main game. There’s a lot more dialogue and animations that we need to create.

Hayashi: We also need to create Bond Conversations as well.

Usuda: At some point in time, we were thinking of having, say, a free History Map where Darios could be saved. When the Chaos Dragon was revived, Darios fell into a void in space-time, but we intentionally made it unclear if he actually died. We left Darios’s fate open-ended, so that his storyline could potentially continue. While we had a story for him being saved, we had to omit him to make other characters.

ND: Perhaps a rescued Darios could be a main character in the next game?

All: (Laughs)

The full interview, translated by the gang at SerenesForest, contains a lot more information how the game's characters and other DLC came together. Check it out here (thanks AveynKnight!)

The third DLC Pack for Fire Emblem Warriors is now available (official PR)

New playable characters, History Maps, costumes, and more have come to the Fire Emblem Warriors game! Here’s what’s in the Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Pack:

3 new characters


New History Maps

“Scion of Legend” (feat. Owain)
“Emmeryn” (feat. Tharja)
“Caravan Dancer” (feat. Olivia)

New costumes

Chrom: Exalt
Lissa: Sage
Cordelia: Dark Flier

New armor break models


New weapons

Robin: Thoron
Lissa: Lissa's Axe
Frederick: Frederick's Axe
Cordelia: Cordelia's Lance
Owain: Missiletainn
Tharja: Tharja's Hex
Olivia: Olivia's Blade

The Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Pack can be purchased at https://fireemblemwarriors.nintendo.com/dlc/ . If you already purchased the Season Pass, this DLC Pack is available to you at no additional cost.

Note: new costumes, character-exclusive weapons, and weapon attributes must be unlocked as rewards from playing through the new History Maps.

Full version of game required to use DLC.

Fire Emblem Warriors - A look at the three new History Mode maps

Here's a look at the three new History Mode maps that are part of the upcoming Fire Emblem Awakening DLC pack for Fire Emblem Heroes. The three characters included with this DLC are Owain, Tharja and Olivia. The corresponding History Mode maps are based on the chapters they're recruited in in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Nintendo Treehouse Log update - Fire Emblem Warriors –Awakening DLC Pack

Hi, everyone! March marks the release of the third and final DLC pack for the Fire Emblem Warriors game, featuring Fire Emblem Awakening characters. Owain, Tharja, and Olivia join the fray, bringing even more play styles, skills, and strategic possibilities to the battlefield on March 28th, 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

First up in our roster is Owain. Or, as he’d put it, “Owain, the hero of an epoch, one truly without equal, steward as he is of the exalted blood of heroes.”

He wields the legendary Mystletai–…er, Missiletainn, which is a character-exclusive weapon you can unlock by playing through his History Map, “Scion of Legend.” (Which, incidentally, bears the same name as Owain’s recruitment paralogue in Fire Emblem Awakening. During that battle, an NPC gifts him the blade, which he mistakes for the divine blade Mystletainn that Eldigan wielded in Fire Embem: Genealogy of the Holy War, much to the poor NPC’s befuddlement.) On his new History Map, take his skill “Resonating Power” for a spin. It boosts damage dealt based on how close the unit’s Strength and Magic stats are, and… Wait a minute…

Full update and more screens here

Fire Emblem Warriors - First look at Tharja

It might not be the best or cleanest look, but it's indeed our first look at Tharja in Fire Emblem Warriors. The picture comes from the Fire Emblem Cipher Festival event that was recently held in Japan. Word from the event is that Tharja is a Robin clone, and she's recruited in a new history map based on Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Fire Emblem Warriors - three more mobile wallpapers

I am so picky with my mobile wallpapers. I need something that makes sense with all the icons I have. I don't want anything where the bulk of the art is covered up by the apps I have. I know...I have a problem.

Fire Emblem Warriors - Minerva trailer (EU)

Charge into battle as Minerva, one of three characters in the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC Pack, out now for Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo Treehouse Log - Fire Emblem Warriors – Fates DLC Pack

Hi everyone! This is Roxanne from the Nintendo Treehouse. Is everyone enjoying Fire Emblem Warriors so far? Whenever I feel stressed out from work (using “stressed out” loosely here) I love firing up Warriors and sweeping thousands of enemies to relieve stress. The good news is that there is a wealth of upcoming content that brings even more action to Warriors, and the first downloadable content pack launched on December 21st, so you can get right into the action! We’ll be covering future DLC packs as they are released, but as for the first one, it adds in Oboro, Azura and Niles as playable characters, three new History Maps, a new item Bond Charm, new costumes, new weapon attributes, and Armor Shred models for all Fates characters.

With Oboro and Azura joining the ranks, you will be able to diversify your sortie lance users, as you no longer have to rely on Pegasus Knights. These unmounted units will not have a critical weakness to bows, like Pegasus Knights do, so they may be a good go-to depending on the make up of enemy troops.

Full blog here

Fire Emblem Warriors - Oboro trailer

Charge into battle as Oboro, one of three characters in the Fire Emblem Fates DLC Pack, out now for Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!


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