Fire Emblem Warriors - DLC Pack #1 reconfirmed for Dec. 21st, 2017 release

Fire Emblem Warriors - DLC Pack #1 Available Dec. 21, 2017


Get three new characters from the Fire Emblem Fates game.

- Niles (weapon - bow)
- NILES (weapon - lance)
- Thief (weapon - lance)

Take advantage of new skills and character abilities such as Azura's Song, which replenishes the Warrior and Awakening gauges of nearby allies.

A new History Mode map for each new character: Grief (featuring Azura), Land of Gods (featuring Oboro), and Cold Reception (featuring Niles).

Unlock support conversations between the newly-added characters and other playable warriors.

Get the Dark Songstress costume for Azura right away, and play History Mode maps to unlock Camilla’s Maid costume, Corrin’s Hoshido Noble (F) and Nohr Noble (M) costumes, and Takumi’s Butler costume. Armor Break appearances will also be added for all playable Fire Emblem Fates characters.

Equip the Bond Charm in lieu of a Vulnerary or Staff to strengthen character bonds more quickly.

A special weapon for each new character. There’s also a new weapon attribute available called “Divine Favor.”

Fire Emblem Warriors - More info/screens/art for Paid DLC Pack #1, Version 1.3.0 details

Pack #1 – Fire Emblem Fates

Release date: December 21st 2017
Price: 1 400 Yen / $8.99 / 8.99€ / £8.09 (included in Season Pass)
Requires: Ver. 1.3.0 or more recent


- New characters: Azura, Niles, Oboro (with their own sets of bond conversations)
- New History Mode scenarios: 3
- New costumes: 5 (Corrin (Female), Corrin (Male), Takumi, Camilla, Azura)
- New “destroyed clothes” for the following characters: Corrin (Male), Corrin (Female), Azura, Xander, Camilla, Leo, Elise, Niles, Ryouma, Hinoka, Takumi, Sakura, Oboro
- New weapons: 3 (Blessed Lance, Oboro’s Spear, Nile’s Bow)
- Additional weapon characteristics: 8 (Mantle, Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Lancebreaker, Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, Dragonstonebreaker, Talonbreaker)
- New item: Bond Amulet

Pack #1 details

Azura (class: Songstress): using the power of her songs, she can fill up the Musou and Awakening gauges of nearby allies.

Oboro (class: Spear Fighter): using her Counter skill, she can create a shockwave by defending against an enemy’s strong attack. This makes the stun gauge appear above the enemy unit.

Niles (class: Thief): his skill, Lethality, increases the probability of Critical Hits dealing more damage than usual.
As mentioned previously, those new characters also get their own set of bond conversations!

History Mode maps

- Mourning Beast
- The Country Where God Sits
- Ice Village

Additional costumes

- Corrin (Female): White Blood
- Corrin (Male): Dark Blood
- Takumi: Butler
- Camilla: Maid
- Azura: Dark Diva

Characters getting “destroyed clothes”

- Corrin (Male)
- Corrin (Female)
- Azura
- Xander
- Camilla
- Leo
- Elise
- Niles
- Ryouma
- Hinoka
- Takumi
- Sakura
- Oboro

Three additional weapons

- Azura: Blessed Lance
- Oboro: Oboro’s Spear
- Niles: Nile’s Bow

Additional weapon characteristics:

- Mantle: increase the attack power of character exclusive weapons
- Swordbreaker: increases damage against enemies using Swords
- Axebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Axes
- Lancebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Lances
- Bowbreaker: increases damage against enemies using Bows
- Tomebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Tomes
- Dragonstonebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Dragonstones
- Talonbreaker: increase damage against enemies using Talons.

Ver. 1.3.0

Release date: December 21st 2017 (worldwide)
Platforms: Nintendo Switch / New Nintendo 3DS
File size: ??? blocks or ???MB (New Nintendo 3DS)

List of changes:

- Additional weapon ranks
- Added an additional weapon rank above “Brave”: Hero.
- Hero’s Sword
- Hero’s Axe
- Hero’s Spear
- Hero’s Bow
- Hero’s Tome
- Hero’s Dragonstone
- Leval cap raised
- The level cap has been raised from 100 to 110
- Additional Weapon Characteristics
- Attack Absorption: for every 100 enemies you defeat, your attack power is increased.
- This Weapon Characteristic appears as random drop after downloading and installing the Software update

Additional Blessings

- Defense Blessing
- Magic Defense Blessing
- Absorption Blessing
- Killing Blessing


- adds support for the first paid DLC Pack
- makes it possible for players to order Heroes to restore Forts HP from the strategy screen
- lowered the K.O requirements for S Rank in History Mode, in the New Nintendo 3DS version
- various bug fixes

Fire Emblem Warriors - Paid DLC Pack #1 details (Azura, Niles, Oboro being added)

Pack #1 – Fire Emblem Fates

- Release date: December 21st 2017
- Price: 1 400 Yen / $8.99 / 8.99€ / £8.09


- New characters: Azura, Niles, Oboro
- New History Mode scenarios: 3
- New costumes: 5

Fire Emblem Warriors - Version 1.2.0 now available

Fire Emblem Warriors - Version 1.2.0

List of changes:

- New History Mode map: “Targeted Elimination”
- New weapon characteristic: “Destroy Armour”
- New “Destroyed clothes” for Lianna and Rowan
- New costumes for Lianna and Rowan: Gold Princess and Gold Prince.
- adds new blessings
- adds the ability to sell weapons in bulk
- various bug fixes

Fire Emblem Warriors software update coming Nov. 16th in North America

Fire Emblem Warriors offers a twist on the acclaimed Fire Emblem series by uniting fan-favorite characters from Fire Emblem history to participate in over-the-top battles focused on real-time, tactical action rather than turn-based strategy. In addition to the paid DLC that starts to roll out in December, a free software update is coming to the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS* versions of the Fire Emblem Warriors game on Nov. 16.

After downloading the free software update, the following will be added to the game:

A new history map featuring main characters Rowan and Lianna
A new costume for Rowan and Lianna
Armor Strike, a new weapon attribute associated with destroying armor and causing a Broken Armor state
New Blessings to aid you in battle
The ability for the player to sell multiple weapons at once

Nintendo is committed to bringing new content to Fire Emblem Warriors, and this software update is a fun (and free!) first step. Starting in December, the first of three paid DLC packs will launch for the game, with the second and third packs launching in February and March, respectively.

A Season Pass, which includes all three DLC packs as they become available, can be purchased for $19.99. By purchasing the Season Pass for either the Nintendo Switch or New Nintendo 3DS version, you will also receive a bridal costume for Lucina. (The bridal costume can only be received by purchasing the Season Pass.) Each DLC pack adds three new playable characters, three new history maps, additional costumes, additional support conversations and additional weapons, and can also be purchased individually for $8.99 each.

For more information about Fire Emblem Warriors, visit http://fireemblemwarriors.nintendo.com/.

Fire Emblem Warriors - Version 1.2 update hitting Nov. 16th (full breakdown)

Check out more screens here

Version 1.2

History Map: “Hero Contest”

Adds the new History Map “Hero Contest,” where Rowan and Lianna battle against various heroes in an arena setting.

Weapon Attribute: “Armor Piercer Blow”

Adds the new weapon attribute “Armor Piercer Blow.” The enemy hit by a weapon with this attribute will enter an “armor break” state that lowers their defense and resistance. However, if you are hit by the enemy with a strong attack, you will enter the armor break state.


When Rowan and Lianna enter the armor break state, their character models will change as to destroy the equipment they are wearing.

New Costumes

The “Gold Prince” costume has been added for Rowan, and the “Gold Princess” costume has been added for Lianne.


Support for the free downloadable content “English Voice Pack” (available via the Nintendo eShop).
New blessings have been added to the temple.
Bulk sale of weapons added.
Bug fixes.

Fire Emblem Warriors is here! Celebrate with a mission and new rewards

The Fire Emblem™ Warriors game is now avaialble for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS family of systems!

My Nintendo™ members can get ready by earning 100 Platinum Points by finding the hidden Gleamstones on the official game website.

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Fire Emblem Warriors - tutorial footage

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