NBA 2K series nearing 90 million sold

Earlier today, we learned that NBA 2K19 had exceeded expectations on the Switch. Good to know that version is doing its part to bump up series sales overall. Take-Two has revealed that since the NBA 2K series has launched, it managed to move “nearly” 90 million units worldwide. The last update we had on this figure was back in Aug. 2018, when the series had moved 80 million units worldwide.

2K tweaks NBA 2K's MyTeam mode to comply with Belgian loot box law

Turns out some specific loot box practices actually go against the law in certain parts of the world. That's the case for Belgian players, forcing 2K to alter how some of NBA 2K18/19 works. 2K has released a statement on the matter.

The Belgium Gaming Commission (BGC) has stated that games which include certain ‘loot box’ style mechanics violate gambling laws in Belgium. While we disagree with this position, we are working to comply with the BGC’s current interpretation of these laws. As a result, we have made some local changes to the MyTeam mode. These changes are necessary in order for us to accommodate the BGC’s interpretation of the Belgian Gaming Act. Specifically, we will be turning off the ability to purchase packs with premium (non-earned) currency/VC.Gamers are still able to acquire packs with MyTeam points. We will be continuing conversations with the BGC in order to explain our view on how NBA 2K and MyTeam pack purchases already comply with local laws. If you agree, we recommend that you contact your local government representative to communicate your opinion. We will keep the community posted on any developments. We apologize for any inconvenience.

NBA 2K18 - Patch 7 now available on Switch (16GB)

While it took a couple of weeks, Patch 7 is now available for NBA 2K18 on Switch. The patch takes up 16GB of space, so it's quite a beefy one, but that is in-line with the patch on other platforms. If you need a refresher on what Patch 7 does, you can get the rundown here.

Take-Two CEO addresses fan complaints about virtual currency in NBA 2K18, all while sales rise

Have you been keeping up with the customer sentiment around NBA 2K18? There's been a big wave of criticism from fans about how the game approaches virtual currency. It seems Take-Two is diving ever deeper into the side of virtual currency, and fans aren't happy. The thing is, the online sentiment doesn't match the in-game spend. While review averages from fans are being bombed with extremely low scores due to virtual currency, actual in-game sales are up 57% year-over-year. In other words, players are complaining online and ponying up in-game. Here's what Take-Two CEO and chairman Strauss Zelnick had to say on the matter.

"We want to delight our consumers, and we are trying to create a perfect balance between what the game has to offer and how consumers feel about it. That's our primary goal. Our primary goal is not monetization and engagement. Our primary goal is delight. So we take any feedback incredibly seriously.

At the end of the day, entertainment is not a must-have item. It's a wanna-have item. And so people's behavior reflected in engagement, unit sales, and ultimately spending, is probably the best barometer of how the title's being received. That said, we are very concerned about delighting consumers and we're very concerned about any feedback we get and are listening carefully.

There is wood to chop because I think we can do more, and we can do more without interfering with our strategy of being the most creative and our ethical approach, which is delighting consumers. We're not going to grab the last nickel.

You can't give stuff away for free in perpetuity; there's no business model in that, but we're not trying to optimise the monetisation of everything we do to the nth degree. If you do that, the consumer knows. They might not even known that they know, but they feel it.

Think about it anecdotally - when you paid a little too much for something, even if it was something really good, it really irks you. Paying too much for something bad is even worse. Paying too much for something really good, even if you can afford it, just leaves you with a bad feeling. We don't want our consumers to ever feel that way."

Take-Two being sued over NBA 2K18's real-life tattoos

Take-Two is finding themselves in an interesting legal battle over NBA 2K18. Solid Oak Sketches is suing Take-Two Interactive, alleging copyright infringement for unauthorized use of Solid Oak’s tattoos. Solid Oak's tattoos appear on various NBA all-stars, including LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and DeAndre Jordan. The original tattoo artists have signed copyright licensing agreements with Solid Oak, which grant intellectual property rights under copyright law to Solid Oak as if they were the original artists. The question here is, can copyrights be secured for the tattoos themselves? If so, then Take-Two will have to pay up.

NBA 2K18 - Patch #4 coming to Switch soon, full patch notes


- The Classic Edition uniforms for the Bucks, Hornets, Lakers, and Suns have been added to the game. Look for these to be released in the next roster update!
- Five new shoes have been added to the game: BBB ZO2: Prime, Jordan CP3.X AE, Jordan Super.Fly 2017, Nike Foamposite One, and Kobe A.D. NXT. Look for these to be released in the next roster update!
- Improvements to the CAP/Lab user interface.
- New CAP facial hair: 18 new beards, 2 new mustaches, and introducing 8 facial stubble styles that can be mixed & matched with our various hair styles.
- Girth now changes when adjusting weight in roster Create-A-Player.
- Added eyebrows and eye colors to the roster Create-A-Player.
- Detroit Pistons court floor updated has been updated to their new Platinum Equity floor.
- Orlando Magic court floor has been updated.
- Player names are no longer cutoff in the uniform editor when creating a uniform.
- (Switch) Game no longer suspends when pressing the home button while in a Play With Friends locker room. This will prevent the accidental disconnects reported to us.
- (PC) Coaches Clipboard timeout prompt will no longer appear off-screen on 21:9 monitors.
- (PC) Mouse support has been added to the MyCOURT Customization menu.

- The number of left ankle injuries should now be greatly reduced during user-played games.
- Added more variety to the types of injuries that can occur in-game.
- Attempting icon passing while posting up will no longer disengage you from post.
- More responsive triple threat moves when crowded by a defender.
- Fixed a dribbling issue that would cause escape crosses and hesitations to sometimes face sideways.
- Made catching passes in the corner more reliable.
- Made some improvements to the screen system to improve reliability and user control.
- Edited several off-ball ride/deny animations to improve user control and visual fidelity.
- Fixed an issue with putback layups that would sometimes cause them to hit the front rim or bottom of the backboard.
- Fixed a bug that would cause defenders to pop to a stand while lying on the ground after a hard foul.
- Various improvements to the Teammate Grading system.
- Fixed issues where defenders were set to GAP, ignoring user and ACE settings.
- Fixed a hang that could occur when the ball boy picked up the ball while it’s in play.
- “After Foul” animations updated to prevent hands from clipping into the head of another player.
- When the offensive team wins a jump ball, the shot clock should now be reset.
- Addressed a case where defensive settings inside the Coaches Clipboard were not sticking after being changed.
- Fixed an issue where a player on the losing team would sometimes celebrate with the winning team when his team lost the game.

- On-Court shoes are now free for the given shoe company your MyPLAYER has a contract with.
- Updated MyCOURT murals for: Thunder, Bulls, Pelicans, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Rockets.
- Support for subtitles has been added for the on-court interviews following a played NBA game.
- The user’s VC balance will now correctly display the current VC total in the post-game recap following a played NBA game where the received teammate grade was D+ or lower.
- XB1 Silver and PS4 Non-Plus users can now play MyCOURT drills with AI players they invite over.
- The in-game framerate will no longer hiccup when the ‘My Matchup’ overlay is on the screen.
- Fixed a hang that could occur when the coach caught the ball during a live practice.
- The shot meter will now display when taking shots outside of the court while playing HORSE in your MyCOURT.
- Logos for the events on the event calendar app on the 2K phone should now always appear alongside the correct event.
- The Karl Anthony-Towns pre-game scene will no longer repeat every time you play him.
- Fixed a hang that would occur when selecting the “I’m always in rhythm” answer upon David Aldridge asking you how you were able to find your rhythm during the current game.
Neighborhood / Playground

- New Player Edition NBA Nike Jerseys (and more!) in the NBA Store: Wade, Carmelo, I. Thomas, D. Rose, K. Thompson, D. Green, A. Wiggins, B. Ingram.
- The displayed VC balance should now correctly match what was earned after a played Playground game (the earned VC was there all along, but the balance was not always getting refreshed).
- A number of performance and stability improvements for the Ruffles event.
- Controllers Settings should now apply to Playground games.
- Gamertags will no longer cover the turbo meter in Playground games.
- Fixed a stutter that would occur when people are playing on the courts and someone levels up.
- The correct score will now be attributed to the correct team during in-progress Playground games when queued up on a Got Next spot.
- Shots will no longer queue up when playing the mini-basketball game in the 2K Zone, making it easier to develop a smooth rhythm.
- The Who To Guard indicator has been re-designed to make it easier for you to quickly identify the offensive player you should be guarding in Playground games.
- Player signature walks that incorporated a basketball will now correctly draw the ball when performed in the Playground area of the neighborhood.
- (XB1) Fixed an issue where the game became unstable when a team attempted to use custom Pro-Am Away uniforms.
- (PC) The shot release text will now provide accurate feedback when using a keyboard to shoot ball in the mini-basketball game located in the 2K Zone.

- Resolved Pro-Am Accessory issues that prohibited them from showing up correctly in the closet.
- Users will no longer earn progress toward their badges and cap breakers while the AI plays for them after fouling out in Pro-Am games.
- Fixed a case where users were not getting paid their full VC amount after Pro-Am games.
- When a team quits out of a Pro-Am game, the remaining team will no longer obtain the badge progress and progress of the team that quit out.
- The team overall will now calculate correctly on the loading screen of a Pro-Am game when there is at least one CPU player on the team.
- Fixed the issue where arena changes would fail to be applied the first time ‘Save Changes and Exit’ was selected when attempting to make changes to your Pro-Am Team Arena.

- Users can now use strategy cards in Super Max games in MyTEAM.
- Strategy cards are now stackable, in quantities of 20.
- Non-NBA balls will now properly appear in your home court when set in the Edit Franchise menu.
- Users will no longer be automatically taken to the Edit Lineups menu after upgrading a player’s badge.
- Users that excessively foul in online multiplayer MyTEAM games will now get kicked and given a loss.
- The “Replace Player” option has moved from the Edit Player menu to the Edit Lineup menu for usability improvements.

- To satisfy a popular community request, the NBA logo has been removed from the created uniform template in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
- The CPU will no longer override user-made decisions during the Qualifying Offers offseason time period.
- CPU teams will now be more conscientious of when they should renounce the rights to their players during the offseason.
- Fixed a hang that would occur for some users when they were signing a two-way player for the remainder of the season.
- Fixed a soft hang during the draft in MyGM/MyLEAGUE when the user attempted to negotiate a trade.
- Addressed a fantasy draft issue where certain players were being incorrectly omitted from the selected player pool.
- Fixed a case where we were incorrectly determining that a user was trying to maintain the rights to too many Draft & Stash players (it would force you to release a player you should have been able to sign).
- Addressed a case where a Draft & Stash player would appear on a G-League roster prior to his signing an NBA contract.
- Identified and corrected an issue that would lead to the inability to load your MyGM file. For those previously affected by this, your save will now properly load.
- Baskets will now count for the correct amount of points when the league approves the rule change that grants automatic points to be granted on shooting fouls (in lieu of free throws).
- Attendance will no longer show as 0% for playoff games in the financial information menu of MyGM.
Many other small bug fixes and adjustments were also made, game-wide.
NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves.

NBA 2K18 players experiencing corrupted save issues

Over the weekend, we've seen multiple Reddit threads pop up about players having issues with corrupted saves on NBA 2K18 for Switch. It doesn't seem like there's one particular area causing the problem, which is certainly bit worrying. Most of the complaints are coming from playing in airplane mode, which is causing corruption messages to pop up. 2K is yet to comment on the situation, but hopefully a fix is in the pipeline.


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