Shakedown: Hawaii's "Shake-up" update now live

Shaking things up

Shakedown: Hawaii has gotten a major update on Switch, and it's coming soon to 3DS. This patch, dubbed the "Shake-up" update, is fully detailed in the dev blog below.

The latest Shakedown: Hawaii update, titled "The Shake-Up Update", is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. The Nintendo 3DS update's also just around the corner, and should be through Nintendo certification shortly.

This brand new update is a major one, adding a whole new difficulty mode, new types of shakedowns, a quick menu for upgrades, and much more. It also brings a long list of little tweaks and refinements that've gradually made their way into the game since the previous console update.

The newly added "Normal" difficulty setting is a top to bottom rebalancing of the game. The original experience remains available as the "Easy" difficulty setting (and will remain the setting for your previous save games). Since the original game was specifically designed to be on the easier end, it made more sense to label it this way, rather than calling the new mode "Hard". The new normal mode is designed to offer more challenge, but not to the degree of being experts-only.

Among the many other changes, the added difficulty mode boasts new and more challenging enemy types across its story missions, sidequests, and shakedowns. New bulletproof and even fireproof enemies will appear as the game progresses, necessitating the use of more varied attacks. When they arrive, ordinary weapons will no longer do, and you'll need to dodge, jump stomp, melee, or throw things to defeat them. Trying to take them out with a vehicle won't always do the trick anymore either, as many will blast you out and force you to continue your battle on foot. There are also fewer health drops, which encourages a more strategic approach and steers you towards more exploration. You'll need to start to pay more attention to where pick ups, shops, and vending machines are so you can replenish your health.

I'm incredibly happy with how the new difficulty setting's turned out, especially as someone who's played through the game more times than I can count. It breathes a whole new life into the experience and I definitely think it makes a second playthrough worthwhile.

The empire building metagame has been extensively rebalanced under the new difficulty setting. Properties are more widely affected by inflation, multipliers give a more balanced boost, and shakedowns give higher rewards to encourage a broader approach. The overall changes make acquiring the island feel much more rewarding, and give further room for varied strategies to calculate an optimal speedrun. The order in which you unlock and acquire properties, which types you collect first, which ones you apply multipliers to, and when you complete specific missions -- it will all drastically affect how quickly (and cheaply) you can dominate the city.

New shakedowns have been added to add to replace some of the repeated scenarios. Many of the original scenarios have also been updated with additional layers of gameplay, combat or challenge when played through the new difficulty mode.

As for the Arcade Challenges, some have been tweaked and tuned, but they all remain a singular difficulty (unaffected by the difficulty setting). This ensures all leaderboard entries are on an even playing field.

Shakedown: Hawaii Wii U launch trailer

Shaking down the Wii U

Build a "legitimate" corporation by completing open world missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, and "rezoning" land. The entire island is up for grabs, or at least, could be... with the right business model.

Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to the Wii U later this month. You can check out a recap of the Wii U release at VBlank's official site.

Shakedown: Hawaii for Wii U arrives August 20th, 2020

Who said the Wii U's dead?

Shakedown: Hawaii for Wii U (and PS3!) arrives August 20th, 2020.

The Wii U and PS3 versions include all of the currently released content and feature updates, including the Mogul Update, the Full Tank Update, and the many other little tweaks, improvements and optimizations that went into the game post-launch.

They support both SD and HD, 4:3 and 16:9. You can play the Wii U version with the GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote, Wii Classic Controller, or Wii Classic Controller Pro. It can be played entirely on the GamePad (with touch!), or on the TV from the comfort of your couch.

Two versions will be available: A standard edition (only $24.99), and a special edition ($29.99).

The special edition includes everything the standard edition does, plus a digital soundtrack and protective case with alternate cover art. Each is limited to 3,000 copies.

Both will go on sale Thursday, August 20th at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 6pm UK time.

The physical editions will be available directly from vblank.com. It will also be available digitally from the North American Wii U eShop.

This is our last Wii U disc release and it will be impossible to print more copies. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Shakedown: Hawaii getting physical Wii release on July 9th, Wii U in August

The Wii ain't dead yet!

Yes, this article was written in 2020. No, you're not dreaming.

Vblank Entertainment has announced that their 16-bit open world action-adventure game "Shakedown: Hawaii" will be coming to the Wii and Wii U platforms to allow for a 4:3 experience on your old CRT television. Both ports will include all of the updates, content, and optimizations that have been previously released for modern consoles.

The Wii version is limited to only 3000 copies with an MSRP of $29.99 and July 9th release date. Due to the Wii not being region-free (Shakedown: Hawaii will only work on European consoles), the developers decided the next best thing would be to launch the game for Wii U (planned for release in August).

Check out an overview of the new/old ports below, as well as the reasoning for the game coming to the dated platforms.

The Wii and Wii U versions include all of the currently released content and feature updates, including the Mogul Update, the Full Tank Update, and the many other little tweaks, improvements and optimizations that went into the game post-launch.

Both versions will also allow you to experience the game in the most retro way possible… in 4:3 on your old CRT televisions… and in my opinion, it looks glorious!

The Wii version supports both 50 hertz and 60 hertz, and both NTSC and PAL output. It supports the Wii Remote (with shake!), Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro, and GameCube Controller. I took special care to ensure it parallels the experience of the more powerful platforms, and further optimized it to fit entirely into the Wii system memory. This means that you won’t experience any disc load times during gameplay. Once the game boots, you’re in!

The Wii U version supports both SD and HD, 4:3 and 16:9. You can play it with the Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote, Wii Classic Controller, or Wii Classic Controller Pro. It can be played entirely on the GamePad (with touch!), or on the TV from the comfort of your couch.

Like most of my ports, Shakedown: Hawaii on Wii began one Friday night on a whim of curiosity. Perhaps a jolt of Wii nostalgia rushed through me that evening, but I suddenly wondered… how long would it actually take to port? How would it feel to play with a Wii Remote? How would it look in 4:3? Would it hit 60 frames per second right off the bat, or need optimization? I had many questions, but as soon as I held that Wii Remote and started playing, I knew I wanted to take it to the finish line.

Now, for some ports, that’s where it begins and ends. I’m no stranger to porting games to discontinued platforms, even when I know they won’t see the light of day. It’s just something I enjoy. The older the platform, the more fun it is! The cleverer I need to be! The more ways I’ll need to figure out how to optimize things! However, for fun or not, if there’s even a small chance that a port can be released, I’ll do all the legwork I can to try and make that happen.

While it still feels like yesterday, it’s been nearly 14 years since the Wii launched. Although we’ve still seen some Wii releases over the past few years, seeing one more wasn’t a given. Indeed, despite my best efforts, it just wasn’t in cards anymore, at least, not for North America. However, as luck would have it, the doors hadn’t quite closed yet with Nintendo of Europe, so it was still able see a release! Words truly can’t express how appreciative I am, and I can’t thank them enough for all the heavy lifting they did on their end to make it a reality. It’s meant the world to me, and these Wii discs specifically hold an immense place in my heart.

As incredibly as it all worked out, unfortunately, Wii discs aren’t region-free, and I didn’t want North American players to be left out. Although I continued talks with Nintendo of America, floating around a Plan B, Plan C… Plan Z, sadly, every idea hit a wall. The clock was ticking, and after exhausting all other options, I decided to pivot to the next best thing: the Wii U. After all, the Wii U still supported Wii Remotes, Wii Classic Controllers, and even 4:3! So, I rushed against time to port Shakedown: Hawaii to Wii U as well, and get it through certification before that door could close too!

I want to thank everyone at Nintendo for all the support, and everyone there who helped make these possible. To the lotcheck teams, thank you, thank you!

So, here we are and it’s almost July! You might’ve seen the Wii teases on Twitter and Instagram late last year, then scratched your head as to why the radio silence. In the past, I often announced things too early, resulting in years of waiting and “when it’s done” release dates. These days, I prefer to take a different approach and have all the ducks in a row before making announcements. Ideally, to wait until a release date (or month) is locked in. Of course, in this case it looked like it was! Both the Wii and Wii U games had gone gold and everything was on track. I excitedly began posting teasers… the Wii Remote pixel art, the 4:3 footage… all to lead up to this big announcement. But, then COVID-19 happened, and the world went to a standstill. I decided to wait until everything began to reopen and new release dates could be set in stone before posting any more teasers. Of course, I never would’ve imagined that would’ve taken this long, but better late than never!

Shakedown: Hawaii gets a Wii U ESRB rating

It's a Wii U shakedown!

In recent weeks, it seems like a number of developers are out to make a name for themselves as the creator who released the last game for Wii U. We thought it was going to be the person behind Regina & Mac, but now it looks like Vblank is going to earn that record. A Wii U ESRB rating for Shakedown: Hawaii has just popped up, which means the game should be hitting Wii U in the near future!

Shakedown: Hawaii Switch Physical Edition Available Sept 25th, 2019, Official Soundtrack Now Available

Time for a shakedown

The Nintendo Switch physical edition of Shakedown: Hawaii is finally wrapped!

It will be available as both a Collector's Edition and Standard Edition, directly from vblank.com. They're all manufactured, on hand, and ready to ship!

The Collector's Edition is limited to 4,000 copies and comes in a special collector's box. It includes an exclusive mini figure of The CEO character with a removable stand, a color manual, and of course... a cartridge! It's region free and supports all Nintendo Switch systems, worldwide.

They go on sale Wednesday, September 25th at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 6pm UK time.

The Standard Edition is $29.99 USD. The Collector's Edition is $44.99 USD.

The official soundtrack of Shakedown: Hawaii is also now available. It packs 48 tracks for only $7!

Shakedown: Hawaii launches on 3DS Sept 19th in NA/Sept. 26th in EU, physical Switch release on the way

Time for a shakedown

Shakedown Hawaii's 3DS release is almost upon us! VBlank has confirmed launch news today, and also announced a Switch physical release! Check out the full blurb below.

SHAKEDOWN: HAWAII arrives on the Nintendo 3DS eShop Thursday, September 19th in North America (September 26th in Europe). The Nintendo 3DS version includes every update, and supports all Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS systems. It'll be launching at $14.99 / €14,99 / £13.49. A Nintendo Switch physical version is also on the way, so stay tuned!

Shakedown: Hawaii's "Full Tank" Update Out Now, 3DS Release Still Coming

Gas up, baby!

Shakedown: Hawaii just got another big update. This patch is called the 'Full Tank' update, and it's chock full of content. Check out the complete rundown of what's in this update below, as well as a status update on the 3DS version of the game.

The second big Shakedown: Hawaii update is OUT NOW on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS Vita.


Adds new vehicles including tanks
Adds more enforcement types including agents
Adds a zoomed-out camera option
Adds new shakedown mission scenarios
Adds heat system to shakedowns
Adds off-island travel from the airport
Adds vehicle purchasing
Adds transferring funds to other characters
Game console in living room is now playable
Improves property selection on map screen
Misc. bug fixes

Shakedown: Hawaii for Nintendo 3DS is also wrapped and currently in certification. A release date will be finalized once it's approved. It will include all of these updates!


Tanks are finally in the world of Shakedown: Hawaii... and bulletproof military SUVs!

The tanks crush anything in their path, and come loaded with built-in rockets and unlimited ammo! Want to equip them with something else? No problem! They can also fire your character's other weapons... from the pistol to the hair dryer, to the flamethrower!

You can rotate the turret with the Right Stick / C Stick, and fire by pressing either the shoot button, or by clicking the stick (R3). PC keyboard players can choose to use either the Arrow Keys or WASD under the options menu.

To get your hands on a tank or bulletproof SUV, take your shenanigans to a level 6 and survive long enough to hop into one, then park it inside a garage to save it for later. Alternatively, after purchasing the prison, a tank will appear parked out back on the left side of the building.


The "cops and robbers" sandbox experience has also been beefed up. Once you reach level 5, agents will now spawn, wielding a wide arsenal of artillery. If you can survive them, once you reach level 6 you'll need to face off against the military in their bulletproof SUVs and tanks!


By popular request, a third camera option has been added which allows you to zoom the camera waaaaaay out and see much more of the screen, showcasing the pixel art on a whole new level.


A couple more shakedown scenarios have been added to increase the variety of these optional micro-missions, including a hair dryer chase!

Additionally, to improve the experience and pacing, a new shakedown heat system has been added. If you shakedown too many businesses over a short period of time, the authorities will be on high alert. In order to continue shaking down more shops, you'll need to change your disguise, go back to completing story missions, or wait until the heat has cooled.


After purchasing the airport, you'll now be able to travel back to off-island locations such as the farms and jungle areas. Some of these locations hold secrets areas and items, so keep an eye out.


Vehicles can now be purchased from the car dealership located in the middle of the map (under your VR startup).

TIP! Easily earn cash to purchase vehicles by selling unwanted ones to the auto export located on the far left of the map.


It's time you give Scooter and Al a raise! From the Salary Management menu, you can now transfer pocket cash to other characters as well as your company. If you accidentally paid yourself too much and need to acquire some more businesses, just transfer it back using this handy menu.


Well, you've requested it! So, yes, if you do want to play more... erm... Space Bullet Marine... the "game console" is now playable in your living room!


The map screen now displays alert icons on properties in need of expenditure approvals, and features and improved snap on hover when selecting properties for purchase.

Shakedown Hawaii getting an update in July 2019, will include tanks

Tanks for the memories

Shakedown Hawaii has a content update coming in July. That update will include numerous features, once of which will be tanks! That should make an already crazy gameplay setup that much more hectic! We'll keep tabs on what else the update will include, and we'll make sure to share the details with you.

EDGE - Issue #334 review scores

Just two review scores from this month's EDGE that apply to Nintendo platforms, but at least by EDGE standards, the review scores aren't so bad!

- Team Sonic Racing - 6
- Shakedown Hawaii - 7


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