Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Sept. 22nd, 2020

[Crafting] More Event Items are now available via Reissue Crafting: Truffle Treasures (available until September 28th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Sept. 18th, 2020

[Cookies] Fortune Cookies and related sets of Stamp Trade rewards are now back: Wolfgang’s cog cookie and Apollo’s cinema cookie (available until October 5th)
[Crafting] The following sets of Items are now available via Reissue Crafting: Animal Apparel Collection, Steampunk Collection, Honeycomb Home, and City Slickin’ (available until October 5th)
[Crafting] The Steampunk Wall & Floor Collection is now available via Reissue Crafting (available until October 5th)

Have an awesome autumn at your campsite with the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Club Journal

A journal for your journeys

Happy September, campers! Have you heard about Pocket Camp Club? This optional paid monthly subscription service can help you enjoy your campsite even more in the Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp game. One of the benefits is the monthly Pocket Camp Club Journal, which includes articles about your favorite animal friends and a first look at new items.

This month, the Pocket Camp Club Journal highlights the start of autumn. Discover the latest design ideas, find out which characters are celebrating their birthday this month, get a glimpse of the digital members-only special wallpaper to use as a background on your smartphone or tablet, and get inspired by other campers’ campsite layouts!

Here are a few things you’ll see in September’s newsletter:

Cyrus’s Sketchbook: Find out what’s inspiring Cyrus this month!

Pocket Camp Club Poll: Autumn has arrived—and with it comes a new poll! You can choose your answer and we’ll share the results on the official Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Twitter account.

Pocket Camp Club Gallery: Find your inspiration with a showcase of some of the layouts posted by camp managers to their Twitter channel using the Twitter hashtag #ACPCGallery.

There are two optional Pocket Camp Club plans available for purchase: The Happy Helper Plan and The Furniture & Fashion Plan. You can join one or both! With either Pocket Camp Club plan, you may enjoy shorter crafting times for furniture, amenities, and other items.

With the Happy Helper Plan, you can choose any animal you've met at your campsite to be your camp caretaker. While you're away from your campsite, your camp caretaker will help out by fulfilling animal requests! This plan is great for anyone who wants a cute buddy to help them out. You’ll also receive 60 Leaf Tickets per month. You can try this plan for free for the first month (30 days for Android devices) by selecting Free Trial from the in-app Menu. After the free trial, the Happy Helper plans costs $2.99 USD per month unless you cancel your subscription. If you cancel 24 hours or more before the end of the free trial period, the automatic renewal will be canceled and you will not be charged.

With the Furniture & Fashion Plan, you can choose and select five fortune cookies each month out of all the cookies on sale thus far (there are some exclusions). Another perk of this plan is extra storage. You can store up to 5,000 different items in your various warehouses! It even gives you the ability to register five campsite or cabin layouts and an additional 10 outfits for easy access to quickly change later. The Furniture and Fashion plan costs $7.99 USD per month.

For more information on the Pocket Camp Club, you can visit the official site.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Sept. 16th, 2020

[Cookies] A new Fortune Cookie and related set of Stamp Trade rewards are now live: Carrie’s apple cookie. (available until December 15th)

[Memories] A new Scrapbook Memory is now available: Carrie’s Family Recipe (no end date)

[Events] The latest Twitter Photo Challenge is now live (available until September 23rd)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp "Carrie's Apple Cookie" video

Hope you like apples!

The next round of content for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming tonight, and it'll be around until Dec. 14th, 2020. Check out the rundown of apple-themed items in the video above!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp won't be playable on iOS 14 due to a bug, fix in the works


Apple has surprise-announced that iOS 14 is going to be available tomorrow for their range of devices. The announcement caught a number of people off guard, and that includes the gang at Nintendo.

Nintendo has put out a notice letting people know that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp simply won't work on iOS 14. Nintendo is working on a fix that they say will be out later this month. No word on how long it'll take to get that patch out the door, but Nintendo suggests not updating your Apple device to iOS 14 if you want to keep playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

As soon as the compatibility patch is released, we'll be sure to let you know.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Sept. 15th, 2020

[Crafting] The Classic Wall & Floor Collection is now available via Crafting (available until October 19th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Sept. 11th, 2020

[Crafting] The Autumn Art Collection is now available via Crafting (available until September 28th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Sept. 10th, 2020

[Goals] The latest set of Goals is now live: Awesome Autumn Goals (available until September 13th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Sept. 9th, 2020

[Update] The game has been updated. Here’s the list of changes: Fall creatures are now appearing in recreation spots, the Special Furniture icon design has been been adjusted, and some other display elements have been adjusted (no end date)

[Crafting] A new special piece of furniture is now available via Crafting: Celeste’s café corner (available until November 8th)


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