Smash Bros. Ultimate news - French advert, special message from Sakurai, Nintendo Labo Piano tribute, and EU unboxing

Smash Bros. Ultimate video advert in France

- spotted at a train station in Paris, France

Smash Bros. Ultimate theme played using the Nintendo Labo Piano Toy-Con

Sakurai shares a special message on Twitter

- Sakurai shared the following message with his fans on Twitter

Oh wow, Smash Ultimate is going on sale tomorrow. I think it will be great if a lot of people can enjoy the game …I’ve been playing Smash Ultimate every day.

Smash Bros. Ultimate EU unboxing

Aliens, watermelons and…toilet paper games? Check out the winners of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest

This summer, the search for the greatest Nintendo Labo creations and customisations began with the launch of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest.

Individual contests were held in Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, each one challenging budding inventors and creative spirits to see what whacky, wonderful things they could come up with using Nintendo Labo. There were some nifty prizes up for grabs too – including a custom-painted Nintendo Switch system!

Without further ado, let’s look at the crafty creations and customisations that won in each region. Please note that the categories and judging criteria varied per region.

Check out the winners here

Talent show contestant passes off Nintendo Labo as his own creation

Looks like Nintendo's lack of an official presence in China has hurt them in a rather interesting way. A man on a Chinese talent show decided to present Nintendo Labo as his own creation, and used the devices during an on-stage performance. He performed a few songs with the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Piano, and wowed everyone in attendance.

Apparently none of the hosts or the team working on the show knew that these Toy-Con were actually created by Nintendo, but fans of the show itself hopped online almost instantly to call this man out as a liar.

Nintendo Labo UK video - Vehicle Kit Multiplayer Challenge

Jamie and Tom play Slot Cars and Battle Arena on the Nintendo Labo with the Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit!

Buy any two Nintendo Labo kits from Nintendo's online store for $100

Looking to pick up two of the three Nintendo Labo kits? Nintendo's online store is offering any combination of two kits for $100, which a pretty decent amount saved compared to buying two individually.. Perhaps this is the deal you were looking for to get in on the Nintendo Labo action!

Scoop your kits up here (thanks Robotface!)

Nintendo Labo UK Video - Vehicle Kit – Toy-Con Submarine

Splooooooosh! Go on a deep sea adventure with the Toy-Con Submarine. Twist and turn the wheels to steer your sub through the water and use the anchor to get your hands on sunken treasures!

Nintendo updates key art for Nintendo Labo in Japan

Nintendo has updated Nintendo Labo's key art for Japanese retailers. The new art now showcases what's actually inside the box, as in, what Toy-Con you can create. The previous key art featured just the game boxes, which seemed to confuse some children/adults as to what's actually inside the box. This new key art should do a better job at explaining what can be created with each kit.

Nintendo Labo UK: Vehicle Kit – Go explore with Adventure mode!

Explore an open world by land, air and sea in Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit's Adventure mode. Up to two players can take on a range of bizzare missions scattered throughout each zone!

Various Nintendo Labo prototype pics discovered

Want a look at the Nintendo Labo lineup when it was in a prototype phase? A whole bunch of images have been discovered that showcase various prototypes for not only Labo Toy-Con, but also in-game imagery. Turns out there was a whole instructional character that ended up getting cut! Check out all the images here.

Nintendo Labo UK - Mini Bike Champion Louis Dutton Vs Nintendo Labo

Minibike British and World Champion Louis Dutton takes on Nimmz on a real motorcross bike and the Toy-Con Motorbike!