McFarlane Toys showcases two new Fortnite releases

The figurine line expands

Toy Fair 2020 had a ton of figurines and statues to check out, and McFarlane Toys had their own massive batch to show off. Included in the mix were some upcoming Fortnite figurines, and we've got details on two of them.

Above you can catch a glimpse of the 7" Shopping Cart Bundle Pack. The bundle includes a Warpaint figure, and a Fireworks Team Leader figure, both of which can slot into a metal shopping cart. There's even a collapsible child seat on the cart! The Warpaint and Fireworks Team Leader come with an Auto Shotgun and a Legendary Assault Rifle.

McFarlane is also working on a Frostwing Glider Pack that is compatible with all the 7" figures. This is the only Glider toy that McFarlane has in the works.

Deadpool sneaks his way into Fortnite, teases a future event

Wading through secrets

Fortnite Season 2: Chapter 2 launched today, and it's jam-packed with new content. You'd think Epic had enough on their hands just creating content for today's launch, but they're already teasing something else, and it's another tie-in with Marvel.

If you visit the Battle Pass area of the main Fortnite Battle Royale menu, you'll spot Deadpool's logo next to a vent fan. Click on that logo, and you'll be taken to the area above, which appears to be a hideout for Deadpool. Take things further by clicking on the computer icon, and you'll get a list of Deadpool Challenges. These can only be attempted if you have the new Fortnite Battle Pass.

There's also a note from Deadpool himself in the game, and it teases something more to come. Apparently there will be a special crossover event down the road, but specifics aren't shared. We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled and see what other tidbits sneak out from Epic or Marvel.

Fortnite and FIFA take home wins at the Game Shakers Awards 2020

Shaking things up

The Game Shakers Awards, now in its 3rd edition, is an integral part of the Esports BAR Cannes event, the global business arena for esports, at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. The awards celebrate the work of individuals and organisations, both endemic and non-endemic to the world of esports, for their outstanding contribution to the global mainstream success of the sector.

This year’s event, hosted by Trevor “Quickshot” Henry, (shoutcaster for League of Legends at Riot Games), was attended by international guests and delegates who were addressed by NaDeSHot (CEO, 100 Thieves) via a heartfelt video message to express his happiness at winning the prestigious Shaker of the Year Award. Stars of the esports world, including Laure Vale (host of League of Legends Worlds 2019, international esports journalist and consultant at BeIn Esports) and Yuli (LEC referee and Twitch streamer) presented the awards, with the ceremony streamed live on Twitch, Ginx Esports TV, Jovem Pan and BBL, and in replay on ES1.

The Game Shakers Awards 2020 Winners:

Shaker of the Year: Nadeshot, CEO, 100 Thieves

Media Shaker: Fortnite

Brand Shaker: Louis Vuitton / Riot Games

Sport Shaker: FIFA

Community Shaker: Astralis Group

At the ceremony, Awards Ambassador, NBA star, Tony Parker, highlighted the importance of education in esports and congratulated the award winners, saying, “I want to congratulate all the winners on their incredible achievements. It’s been a privilege to be named as Awards Ambassador as the work of the Game Shakers is so aligned with my own passion for education in esports. We have to aspire to be the best in our field and that’s what education can provide.” Parker was honoured at the event, including the founding of his Tony Parker Adquat Academy, with a Shaking Up Initiative special recognition award for his work in promoting education in esports.

Esports BAR Director, Arnaud Verlhac, said, “Esports is a strand of entertainment that has exploded and continues to boom, so it’s an exciting time for the industry and these awards. Individuals and organisations like those winning the Game Shakers Awards are doing fantastic work in bringing the sector into the mainstream. We look forward to growing The Game Shakers again next year.”

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 "Top Secret" now live, launch details shared

Spy vs. Spy

Fornite Chapter 2: Season 2 is now upon us, which means there's a ton of new information to go over. Check out all the brand-new details below!

Play Spy Games

The island has been taken over by covert operatives -Ghost and Shadow- and its fate is in your hands. Will you join the fight?

Discover Top Secret Locations

Discover exotic new locations through the island! Go off-the-grid and discover new POI hideouts on the map.

Join Limited Time Operations

Infiltrate enemy bases, neutralize the henchmen guards and face off against their leader to snag unique and powerful weapons.

Surprise the Enemy

Break into hideouts with secret passages, take out auto turrets and security cameras, and use gadgets like Decoy Grenades, Proximity Mines, and disguise to sabotage rival agents.

Your Choices, Your Battle Pass

Earn 100 rewards including all-new customization choices like missions that unlock an optional Ghost or Shadow outfit variant, plus new bonus features unique to Battle Pass outfits, plus 1,500 V-Bucks back!

Battle Pass

Suit Up

Choose your agent from the top ranks of the agency. Each Battle Pass agent brings their own unique signature style to get the mission done. Surf the skies as Tntina, gain the golden touch as Midas, and get top secret clearance to a special surprise agent in the Battle Pass. Meow!

Show Your True Colors

Complete weekly challenges from each of your Battle Pass characters. Choose between Ghost or Shadow missions to unlock that character's bonus style. Choose wisely: your choice is permanent! The final mission locks your bonus style to Ghost or Shadow!

1,500 Bonus V-Bucks

You can pick up the Battle Pass for only 950 V-Bucks, and earn up to 1,500 Bonus V-Bucks by playing. That's enough to buy the next season's Battle Pass plus more from the item shop!

Level Up Your Look

The agency's most dedicated agents will be...handsomely rewarded.

What's New In Creative

Yacht and Shark Galleries and Shark Island

Join the yacht club and add some luxury to your island or make your own secret hideout on the new Shark Island with the Yacht and Shark Galleries.

New Hub Islands

Two new Hub islands to allow for more options for creating your dream Hub.


Added 3 New Islands:
The Shark - A sandy island with a secret base.
Flat Grid Hub - A flat grid island used to design featured hubs.
Floating Island Hub - A floating island used to design featured hubs.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where a tree was sticking halfway through the ground, on Horseshoe Island.
Fixed an issue where the lava, on Caldera Island, was not displaying correctly.
Fixed an issue where editing Player Built Structures would increase the thermometer memory taken up by those items.
Fixed an issue where Sun and Moon lighting would not respect island Fog settings on Mobile devices.


Added team rotation support for 2-asymmetric-team games.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where players would get blocked from walking over terrain pieces on player built islands.
Fixed an issue where Shockwave Grenades would destroy particles.
Fixed an issue where devices would not appear properly when players would scrub through Creative Replays
Fixed an issue where players would not return to the hub when the island owner leaves the server.


Added the Creepin’ Cardboard Consumable.
The consumable allows players to place up to 5 cardboard boxes, to hide in during gameplay.
Recharges over time.

Bug Fixes

Fixed players being unable to be shot after canceling the disguise of a small prop.
Fixed the prop gun manager option “Prevent Cancelling Disguise” so when enabled the user cannot unequip the prop gun to cancel the disguise.
Fixed the prop gun so you can now unequip it while in disguise as a prop and locked.
Chug Splashes no longer get stuck when thrown into the water.


​​​​Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where items multi-selected using the Quick Bar would turn all items of that type yellow.


Added 1 New Prefab
The Yacht
Added 9 New Galleries
The Yacht Gallery
The Yacht Prop Gallery
The Shark Wall Gallery
The Shark Floor & Stair Gallery
The Shark Rock Gallery Large
The Shark Rock Gallery
The Shark Prop Gallery
The Shark Cliff Gallery
Grass & Dirt Floor Gallery C
Added purple water to the Elemental Cube Gallery.
Added bus seats, ramp, air conditioning unit and doors to Variant Car Gallery A.
Added enterable RV trailers to Variant Car Gallery B.
Added more street signs to Street Gallery A.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where several purple props, from the Art Deco Prop Gallery, had changed to blue.
Fixed an issue with the balcony handrail collision from the Lighthouse Gallery.
Fixed an issue where multiple props, from the Mega Mall Prop Gallery and NeoTilted Prop Gallery, would no longer glow during the day.
Fixed an issue where no resource materials could be harvested from the security cameras, in the Art Deco Prop Gallery.
Fixed an issue where the Art Deco Pillar Topper and Art Deco Pillar Corner would give brick instead of metal resource materials.
Gold can no longer be harvested from the Art Deco paintings.
Fixed an issue where the Dark Tilted smoke stacks could not be seen from far away.
Fixed an issue where the basketball hoop, from the Indestructible Gallery, could be destroyed.
Fixed an issue where the Village Roof Gallery and Dirt Floor Gallery B preview volumes were not large enough.
Fixed an issue where the Military Lights Gallery, Village Building Gallery A and Village Building Gallery B icon image was not up to date.
Fixed an issue, from the Art Deco Prop Gallery, where some assets were giving the wrong resource material.
The E.G.O. Hangar Prefab will not extend over the preview boundary line.
Fixed an issue where the Art Deco Pillar Toppers had been incorrectly resized.
Fixed an issue where the Art Deco Hawk Sculpture was not set flush against the Art Deco Bank Prefab pillars.
The back doors from the Haunted Manor Prefab now show the correct texture.
Fixed an issue with a description inconsistency for the Village Building Color Gallery A.
Fixed an issue with the snow material placed on rocks from the Nature Snow Gallery.
Decals from the Decal Gallery can now be customized again.


Added the Creepin’ Cardboard Device
The device allows players to place more than 5 cardboard boxes, to hide in different areas of maps.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Trackers not completing properly for players sharing quest progress with the person who was responsible for completing the final step of the quest.
Fixed the Elimination Manager not functioning for players who joined a minigame in progress.
Fixed Movement Modulator device taking damage rather than the building piece it’s attached to.
Fixed an issue where Teleporters would by occasionally be placed too close to the floor to activate when first deployed.
Fixed an issue where Particles could not be customized.
Fixed an issue where Volume effects would not be applied if the player spawned within the volume at the start of the game.
Fixed an issue where emoting within a mutator volume would not transmit on a set channel if the volume had no other effect.
Fixed an issue where the 'When Control Change Transmit On' option on the Capture Area had an incorrect tooltip.
Cannon Spawner now appears under the Vehicle filter in the device list.
Fixed an issue where Sentries equipped with the LMG or Pistol (Flashlight) option would instead spawn with an Assault Rifle and be invincible.
Fixed an issue where the RNG device would resize incorrectly if copy and pasted.
Fixed an issue where the RNG zone preview would not resize to the width of the volume.
Fixed a typo in the name and description of the ‘Color Change Time’ option on Customizable Lights.
Fixed an issue on the Score Manager wouldn’t update its hologram color correctly when changing the score type.
Fixed the following issues with Badge Style HUD Icons on Creative Devices
When set to the 'Only When Damaged' style, they will now correctly appear.
When set to hide at a distance, they will now correctly hide.
When set to any Badge style, they will now appear immediately (rather than have to change settings again or start a minigame).
When set to require LOS, they will now correctly hide when moving out of Line of Sight.
The damage readout will now correctly show when the description text is not set.
Fixed an issue with the HUD Message device that was restricting character limits to 80 characters. HUD Message device will now properly allow 150 character limits
Fixed an issue where triggers and music notes would not properly trigger while inside the volume of a sequencer device
Fixed an issue where Sentries would fire at players on the “Friendly Team” if they spawn within range of them
Fixed an issue where the Trick Tile would destroy structures directly underneath them when triggered
Fixed an issue where Triggers would be triggered earlier than expected by the sequencer device
Fixed an issue where Driftboards would be unable to jump
Fixed an issue where the “Times Can Trigger” and “Transmit Every X Triggers” settings would not increment correctly when using a Sequencer device
Fixed an issue where the “Quadcrasher” would be unable to move forward or backwards on Switch
Fixed an issue where the “Radio” device could still be heard by other players on an island, after being deleted by someone


Added Damage Dealt and Damage Taken options to the available scoreboard stats.
Improved messaging for players joining and leaving islands to help players better track where people are playing.
Added an in world Health Bar Indicator to Creative that will show over the head of the player being targeted. It can be configured through the Team Settings & Inventory Device.
New experimental feature: when creating new islands, you can browse through all the devices you have placed and see what channels are in-use.
Creators can now tag their islands with descriptors. The descriptors will have limited use for now, but will have a more significant role as we continue to develop the feature.

Bug Fixes

Fixed scoreboard showing all teams placing 5th or lower as having placed 1st.
Fixed a typo in the Dark Tilted Prop Gallery description.
Fixed scoreboard UI showing information about the previous game you played in if you moved between a Free-For-All game and a Team game.

Real-world teases are cropping up for Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 2

Season 2 kicks off Thursday

Epic is once again reaching out into the real world to tease what's to come for Fortnite. This time around we have teases for Chapter 2's second season, which is set to start in just a few days.

Fans around the world have spotted glitchy video ads playing on video screens, billboards and banners with gold handprints, and phone numbers that play messages mentioning agents, oil rigs, recruitment, and even cat sound effects.

Fans are currently trying to figure out what it all means, but there's heavy speculation that gold could soon be added to the game as a new, stronger material for in-game use. With Season 2 starting up this Thursday, we'll all have the answer to many questions soon enough.

Fortnite adds 'Rick Roll' emote, lets your character dance like Rick Astley to 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

Some memes never die

An emote based on the dance from Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' music video has been added to Fortnite. In an official collaboration between the artist and Epic Games, you can now "Rick Roll" players within Fortnite itself. Purchasing the "Never Gonna" emote for 500 V-bucks ($5 USD) will allow you to dance the groovy dance of Astley to a short snippet of the actual song in-game! In proper internet fashion, the announcement was made using a clickbait YouTube video on the official Fortnite channel.

Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards 2020 reveals their 'Favorite Video Game' nominees

Slime to vote

Nickelodeon is gearing up for their 2020 Kids' Choice Awards by opening voting for all sorts of categories, and included once again are video games. The nominees for favorite game this time around include Fortnite, Mario Kart Tour, Minecraft, and Smash Bros. Ultimate. In other words, no matter who wins, it'll be a game that involves Nintendo in some way! You can cast your vote for the awards right here.

Fortnite 'Harley Quinn' trailer

What would Mr. J say?!

Harley Quinn, Gotham City’s iconic Maiden of Mayhem, arrives in Fortnite starting February 6 at 7:00 PM ET.

The Item Shop features the Harley Quinn Bundle, which includes the Harley Quinn Outfit and Harley Hitter and Punchline Pickaxes. If you’re up for hijinx, Harley arrives with new Challenges that will transform her from Lil Monster XoXo Harley to Always Fantabulous Harley.

To unlock Always Fantabulous Harley, you’ll need to complete three Challenges:

Place top 30 in Solo, Duos, or Squads, then top 20, then top 10.
Hit weak points.
Deal damage using Pickaxes.
Harley Quinn will be in the Item Shop until February 17.

Remember...mind over mayhem!

Psychologist treats Fortnite addiction in teens with Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I'm not feeling so sweaty anymore

Michaël Stora is one interesting Psychologist. He considers himself to be a "psygamer" rather than just a traditional Psychologist, as he's well versed in the world of games. That knowledge certainly helps when he constantly has parents contacting him with complaints of their teens being addicted to Fortnite.

What does Mr. Stora do when he receives requests to help move teens away from Fortnite and back towards reality? He gives them some time with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Mr. Stora believes that time spent playing Breath of the Wild offers up a bit of a therapeutic experience through gameplay. It helps teens reconnect with the real world by moving them from the competitive, intense gaming mindset to a more contemplative one.

We're not professionals, so we can't talk about the truth of game addiction or using games for metal therapy. That said, it seems like Mr. Stora is having quite a bit of success with it, so congrats to him!

Fortnite updated to Version 11.50, "Love and War" event announced, Harley Quinn 'Birds of Prey' crossover skin coming soon

Fortnite has been updated to version 11.50, featuring gameplay changes, bug fixes, and the new "Love and War' event. A Harley Quinn outfit will also be available for purchase from the item shop soon, as Fortnite is promoting the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. Check out the full patch notes for the update below.

Love and War has begun!
- Play the new, community-made Search and Destroy LTM.
- Includes new Challenges that can be completed for special rewards.
- For all the details, read our Love and War post here.

In non-competitive playlists, the Launch Pad has been unvaulted.

Implemented Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system, mentioned previously here.
- At launch, our goal is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like what you would expect. We’ll be closely monitoring your feedback from the in-game Feedback tool for any issues you may be experiencing.
- To report issues via the in-game Feedback tool, select Feedback in the main menu and choose Bug. We encourage you to put “Physics” in the subject line and include a concise message in the body that accurately describes the issue(s) you’re experiencing.

Bug fixes:

- Resolved an issue involving some players’ completion of the “Search chests in a single match” Chaos Rising Challenge not being saved.
- The “Earn Gold Scavenger Medals” Rippley vs. Sludge Overtime Challenge now tracks progress properly.
- The Sidegrading feature is no longer present in competitive playlists. Its presence in these playlists was unintentional, as noted in our v11.40 post.
- Resolved an issue involving new players on consoles having difficulty matchmaking after first linking their Epic account.
- Addressed reports of iOS players activating their device’s swipe-up feature when trying to press inventory buttons.


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