Check out the full Fortnite x BTS concert

Two megapowers collide

Did you miss the Fortnite x BTS concert last night? No worries, as you can see the entire thing in the video above. If it inspires you, hop on the Fortnite shop and grab yourself some limited-time BTS emotes and more!

Multiple hints tease Blade showing up in Fortnite

The Daywalker approaches...

Marvel and Epic are not-so-subtly teasing another Marvel character for arrival in Fortnite. Both companies took to Twitter to tease some sort of Blade content in the game, which you can see below.

That tease goes along with a tidbit in the game's source code that mentions a Blade bundle, as well as patch notes that have select red letters that spell out Daywalker. There's no doubt Blade content is coming...now we just have to hang tight for its arrival.

Team up to take over the map in Fortnite's Marvel Takeover LTM


Whether for good or for evil, take over the Island as the Nexus War escalates!

v14.20 brings the new Marvel Takeover LTM. As Galactus continues his foreboding descent, use your powers to defeat other players in a team vs. team battle for control of the Island.

Fortnite Marvel Takeover Ltm

While the Nexus War rages on, so does the Island’s Storm. In Marvel Takeover, stay in the moving Storm Shield as you and your team take control of the outposts in its path. The Storm is more dangerous than normal, so stick close to your team and fight together!

Earn points for both capturing outposts and keeping hold of them. During your Island domination, you’ll start with a random primary superpower and see comets in the sky dropping powers of all types.

Unleash your powers to seize the outposts in the Storm Shield’s path!

Fortnite's latest patch datamined, new Marvel content, Battle Bus changes, and more discovered

Check it out, bub

The latest Fortnite patch is now live, and dataminers were quick to dig in and see what they could find. This time around, they came up with a bunch of different goodies that should be added to the game in the near future. Here's what was unearthed so far.

- Wolverine is getting a Logan variant skin
- the Battle Bus is getting an upgrade, and will include new sounds
- new Team Rumble variants
- new challenges for the game's 3rd Birthday Event
- new skins and cosmetics

Light it up like Dynamite when BTS arrives in Fortnite Party Royale

K-Pop invades Fortnite!

BTS is ready to light up Party Royale’s Main Stage for all partygoers. On Friday, September 25 at 8 PM EDT (Saturday, September 26 at 9 AM KST), jump into Party Royale for the world premiere of BTS’ explosive single “Dynamite” Music Video Choreography Version!


Dance along to the music with two new Emotes choreographed by BTS. And use these Emotes beyond the show to bring some BTS style anywhere. These new moves will be available in the Item Shop starting September 23 at 8 PM EDT (September 24 at 9 AM KST).

Breaking out your BTS moves is easy. If you own these Fortnite Emotes, just head to the Locker tab in-game to make sure they’re equipped. Once they’re equipped, use them in Party Royale or elsewhere!


Whether you can’t make it to the premiere or just want more BTS, join us for the rebroadcast on Saturday, September 26 at 8 AM EDT (9 PM KST) — happening again at the Main Stage!


Is this your first Party Royale event? If you need help joining the party, check out our guide for getting to the Main Stage in Party Royale. We recommend arriving early to the event.

And don’t let the mic drop just yet: after the premiere or rebroadcast, stick around at the Main Stage to listen to a run of BTS’ Dynamite Tropical Remix!


You don’t have to wait until this weekend to partake in the festivities. Starting Tuesday, September 22 at 10 AM EDT (11 PM KST), jump into Fortnite Creative for a re-creation of the world of the original “Dynamite” music video — created by community members YU7A, TreyJTH, and SundayCW! Run around as if you were in the music video and complete challenges and minigames. Get the details on how to jump in at the re-creation’s Fortnite Creative webpage.

Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider added to Fortnite

Star Wars joins the Marvel season

The current season in Fortnite might be Marvel-related, but content from another Disney-owned franchise has made its way into the game as well. Epic has revealed that the Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider has been added to the in-game shop. If this looks like something you'd like to drop into the map with, make sure you snag it soon. These sort of offers never stick around long.

The Nexus War heats up with Fortnite's Stark Industries Update (Version 14.10 update notes)

Tony Stark's life work drops in

Inventor Tony Stark applies his genius for high-tech solutions to problems as Iron Man, the armored Avenger. Welcome to Stark Industries.

In v14.10, the Stark Industries Update, the famous facility emerges from the Rift between worlds onto the Island — along with more super powers, a hazardous new weapon, and a special mode to show your might.


Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Tony Stark’s confidence is only matched by his technology and business savvy.

The center of much super activity, the high-tech Stark Industries is now on the map. Explore this esteemed complex to gather loot and maybe even meet a Hero (or Villain)…


The Stark Industries Update assembles even more powers to add to your arsenal. Summon a blow to your targeted location with Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, fire energy blasts and boost into the sky with Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets, and more.


Drawing nearer to the Island, Galactus now has his own enemy Drones roaming the battlefield. These Gatherer Drones are designed for collecting loot, but they’re also loot themselves: upon defeat, they’ll deactivate and turn into their weapon form. Deactivated Gatherers are highly unstable, so they’ll explode if you don’t pick them up quickly!


The Nexus War intensifies in the Stark Industries Update, introducing a new mode to showcase your abilities. Join other players in the upcoming Marvel Knockout, a spin on Operation: Knockout that sees your team utilize super powers to be the best team on the tournament bracket.

Limited Edition Fortnite Switch bundle announced for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

Thank the bus drive for this one

Nintendo and Epic are teaming up for another Fortnite Switch bundle, but this one is above and beyond what we've seen before.

This new Switch bundle includes a special Switch that's emblazoned with Fortnite iconography on the Switch itself, the Switch dock, and even the Joy-Con. The bundle also includes Fortnite pre-installed on the Switch, as well as a Wildcat Bundle download code, which includes the Wildcat Outfit and two additional styles, a Sleek Strike Back Bling and two additional styles, and 2,000 V-Bucks

This special bundle will launch in Europe on Oct. 30th, 2020, and then in Australia and New Zealand on Nov. 6th, 2020. Check out a gallery for the bundle below.

Fortnite competitive updates for Chapter 2: Season 4 detailed, targets 'Clout Farmers'

Today I learned what Clout Farming is

Epic has shared a new breakdown of what they're doing on the competitive side of Fortnite. There are a number of tournaments in the works, all aimed at seeing who's the best of the best. Along with that, Epic is clamping down on both cheaters and those who claim to cheat. Check out the full details below.

Hey Fortnite competitors!

With last week’s arrival of Season 4, we wanted to share what you can expect on the competitive front this season — including the new Hype leaderboard, upcoming tournaments, rule clarifications, enforcement policies, and more.


In case you missed it, we’ve built a global Hype leaderboard that updates in real time.

Keep an eye out for your favorite Fortnite players and rising stars.


We’re making adjustments to our tournament offerings this season to keep things fresh. We’re also working to better incorporate third-party tournaments (like Dreamhack) to avoid overlapping with other major tournaments.

Below is the current schedule for the first weeks of Chapter 2 - Season 4 competitive play.

Fortnite Tournament Lineup So Far

Season 4 Hype Cup - September 6
September Dreamhack Online Open (NA-West) - September 12 - September 13
Hype Nite - September 13
Paradox’s Platform Solo Cash Cups: Every Monday from September 14 - September 21
Castor’s Contender Trios Cash Cups: Every Tuesday from September 15 - September 22
Chopper’s Champion Trios Cash Cups: Every Tuesday from September 15 - September 22
Wild Wednesdays: Every Wednesday from September 16 - September 23
Hype Nite: Every Sunday from September 20 - September 27
September Dreamhack Online Open (NA-East) - September 17 - September 18
September Dreamhack Online Open (Europe) - September 19 - September 20
FNCS Warmup: September 25 - September 27

Wild Wednesdays will be prized LTM tournaments, changing up each week! We’re also planning on slotting more pop-up tournaments and third party events not listed here that will complement these offerings.


The Fortnite Champion Series returns, is your Trio ready? We continue to iterate on the format, drawing on some of the learnings that came from last season’s experimental format. This season, the final round of each Weekly Qualifier will feature the same 33-team group playing over two days, and for the Grand Finals we’re introducing a new Wildcard Match for determining the last qualifying team from the Group Stage!

We’ll be keeping an eye on in-game performance and the impact of various new gameplay elements. We’ll make sure to confirm which will be present in Competitive playlists before the FNCS season begins. Our enhanced viewer site at watch.fortnite.com also continues to evolve as we continue with our official broadcast, supported by Twitch Drops for viewers on that platform.

FNCS Dates

FNCS Week 1: October 9 - October 11
FNCS Week 2: October 16 - October 18
FNCS Week 3: October 23 - October 25
FNCS Finals: October 29 - November 1

We’ll have more to share for FNCS, including complete details and official rules, at a later date.


As we mentioned last week in our competitive integrity update, we’d like to highlight a few rules and offer clarity for Chapter 2 - Season 4 along with a few updates.



Consistently working together with the same opponent. This includes fighting together or working together against a 3rd player or 3rd team who encroaches on a shared location or shared drop spot.
With this clarification now in place, we’re now taking a greater stand to action if conclusive evidence is found linking opponents to common goals together.
Staged engagements among colluding teams to deceive event admins. As an example: Manipulating storm surge factors intentionally by trading damage with no intent of elimination.
Pickaxe swinging (or other actions) used as a form of signaling to opponents.
Sharing loot or leaving items with or for opponents for their gain.
Intentionally feeding eliminations to another team.


Consistently dropping in the same location each match.
Announcing a drop spot on social media.
If you believe you're good enough to stake your claim publicly on a spot, be prepared to defend it. Players contesting your claim is part of the game, and should be encouraged.
Choosing to not engage in combat at certain times.
Coaching using the in-game replay tools.
Outright competitive bans will be made when the collusion evidence is conclusive, without any official warnings. Warnings will be issued in situations when players are very close to the line of collusion, and we will administer these in cases that could swing either way. Continued actions after official warnings could then result in competitive bans.

Reminder: Players actioned for 30 days or longer during last season will not be eligible for this season’s FNCS. We are continuing this policy for Season 4; any players removed from competitions for 30 days or longer will be ineligible to participate in next season's pinnacle event.


Like last season, smurfing is still disallowed in most prized competitions. We’re splitting the current definition of smurfing into two parts:

Traditional Smurfing: Playing on an alternate account that has a lower Arena Rank than your main account in order to illegally participate in tournaments or events that are only eligible for lower Arena Ranks. This type of smurfing will not be allowed in any official tournaments that are only open to those in lower Arena ranks.
Illegal Restarts: Playing on an alternate account AND a main account in the same tournament window. This type of smurfing will not be allowed in any official tournaments, unless otherwise indicated.


3rd party aim assist software is never allowed. Players detected using this will be removed from Fortnite competitions and issued competitive bans.


This season, we will now be taking action against anyone who falsely promotes themselves as a banned or cheating player. This false information gets in the way of real investigations that action true bad actors. It also goes against the spirit of the game and Fortnite competition, which has no place within the competitive Fortnite community.


This season, we’re also modifying an older rule involving Technical Issues. Due to the nature and scale of online competition, we previously had a hard rule of not restarting or making matches null due to server crashes. While this will still be the case for the majority of online competitions, we are improving this rule to include any matches or tournaments that specifically use scheduled matchmaking (like FNCS Finals, or any sessions with only 100 players or less). This will give the Epic Competitive team more flexibility to make the best decision based on the factors at hand for any unfortunate scenarios (like a complete server crash) in single lobby events.


Remember, prized tournaments will start two weeks after the season launches to let the meta settle. Until then, hop in Arena to explore the new changes and climb the Hype Leaderboard. Stay tuned for updates on @FNCompetitive on Twitter, and good luck this Season!

Dominic Fike kicks off the Fortnite Party Royale concert series spotlight

The party's just getting started

From our brand-new, state of the art studio in Los Angeles, CA, we’re spinning up a new live concert series in Party Royale. Get ready for Spotlight!


For the debut of the Spotlight concert series, star singer, rapper, and songwriter Dominic Fike is ready to bring down the house with hits from his acclaimed LP debut, ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong.” Fike’s performance will be broadcast live in-game from the Party Royale Spotlight sound stage in Los Angeles, on Saturday, September 12.

Here’s a full look at showtimes:

Dominic Fike Premiere - Saturday, September 12 @ 5PM ET
Encore 1 - Saturday, September 12 @11PM ET
Encore 2 - Sunday, September 13 @ 1PM ET


Follow the steps below to get into Party Royale and watch a show at the Main Stage.

From the Lobby screen, press the “Change” box located in the bottom-right corner.
Modes will appear on-screen. Select the “Party Royale” mode tile then press “Accept."
After pressing “Accept," you’ll return to the Lobby screen. Just press “Play” to start!
Head to the Main Stage and wait for the event to start. Use the map button while in Party Royale to see where you are and the location of the Main Stage.


Get ready to shine at the Main Stage with the debut of the all-new Outfit, Shimmer. Or break out of your shell and flock to the dance with Tender Defender’s return to the Item Shop. It’s the perfect look for when Dominic performs his megahit, “Chicken Tenders”.

Fortnite Shimmer And Tender Defender Outfits


The Spotlight concert series is just getting started! Be on the lookout for announcements on the next artists performing live, and go ahead and mark your calendars for September 19 and September 26.


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