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When the moon tore apart, the sky bled red with light, ushering in an apocalyptic new age…and to survive, you must fight. As a mercenary, defend Earth through high-speed combat against corrupted robots in a series of missions from the cockpit of your Arsenal, a fully customizable mech. Equip your Arsenal with a vast array of parts and weapons, obtain more from downed enemy Arsenals, and swap them on the fly to suit your strategy in the face of ever-rising threats.

Daemon X Machina's release in Southeast Asia has interesting cover art

A unique situation

The cover for Daemon X Machina in Southeast Asia is a bit strange. Usually the covers in Southeast Asia have the Japanese rating on them, but Daemon X Machina has the ESRB logo. This is a mix of the Japanese cover art for the game, and the English rating. This most likely happened due to Marvelous being the publisher in both regions.

Standard copies of Daemon X Machina in Russia include the 'Soundtrack Selection' CD

A sound decision

Standard editions of Daemon X Machina here in the states do not include any bonus content. Over in Russia, the standard edition of the game is bundled in with the Soundtrack Selection CD you see above. Obviously this doesn't fit inside a regular Switch box, so retailers have a special cardboard box to go along with the standard version.

Daemon X Machina facing retail shortage in Japan

Well that's a good sign

Those in Japan heading to brick and mortar stores to pick up a copy of Daemon X Machina might be in for a rude awakening. The game appears to be sold out at multiple retailers. If it's not sold out, stock is dangerously low already. For example, the game is already sold out at 80% of Bic Camera locations, with the other 20% either low, or hanging in there. When it comes to Yodobashi Camera, every single location has run out of copies.

Daemon X Machina updated to Version 1.0.2

Gyro controls fixed up

We mentioned the other day that Daemon X Machina was going to have a day-one patch, and that patch is now live. It brings the game up to Version 1.0.2, and as previously detailed, the patch fixes an issue that caused the Gyro camera controls to be inverted when camera controls were already set to inverse.

Suit up, Reclaimers! DAEMON X MACHINA is now available

We are go for launch

It was the greatest disaster in recorded history… The moon tore apart, turning the sky into a kaleidoscope of red light that illuminated all who watched from below.

Now it’s time for you to survive this apocalyptic new age as a Reclaimer by piloting powerful mechs called Arsenals in the DAEMON X MACHINA, game, now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.

In this new action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda (Armored Core) and mech designer Shoji Kawamori, you must defend the planet through high-speed mech combat against corrupt robots. Your avatar and Arsenal are fully customizable, with a wide variety of options, making the action feel even more personal.

You can also squad up with up to three other players locally* or online** to destroy titanic bosses in Co-op mode.

If you want to practice piloting your Arsenal before you fly head first into battle, try downloading the DAEMON X MACHINA Prologue demo, available as a free download in Nintendo eShop. The demo allows you to play the opening section of the game, with any progress you make during the demo carried over to the full game, once purchased.

DAEMON X MACHINA is now available to purchase at a suggested retail price of $59.99, along with some free and paid DLC items***, which offer even more options to customize your Arsenal with new decals, weapons and clothes.

Additional paid downloadable content, including new missions and dozens of emotes, decals and other customization items, will be added to the game in the coming months.

For more information about DAEMON X MACHINA, visit https://daemonxmachina.nintendo.com/.

Another piece of countdown art shared for Daemon X Machina

Just hours to go!

Daemon X Machina goes live on the Switch tonight! While we count down the final hours, check out the new artwork above. This is likely the last bit of special art leading up to the game's launch, but if there's artwork released celebrating the game's release, we'll make sure to share that with you.

Two pieces of Daemon X Machina launch art shared

The art of mechs

Daemon X Machina launches mere hours from now, and Marvelous is celebrating the release with a pair of art pieces. It seems there might be one more piece of art on the way to celebrate the game's actual launch. If that does pop up, we'll be sure to share it with you.

Daemon X Machina - video reviews and gameplay round-up

In this brand-new action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda (Armored Core) and mech designer Shoji Kawamori (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross), your environment is your ally. Collect and use Femto Energy on the field to boost your stats and create powerful mirages; or wield objects like cars and street signs as melee weapons and projectiles. For even more power, upgrade your physical combat abilities and learn new skills through body modification. It’ll also come in handy when you eject from your Arsenal and fight on foot using special weapons and abilities.

Daemon X Machina's day-one patch detailed

Flipping out

We found out recently that Daemon X Machina was getting a day-one update, but we didn't have any info on what it did. While we still don't know the full scope of the patch, we do have one tidbit on it. This update to Version 1.0.1 will fix an issue that causes the gyro camera controls to invert when camera controls are set to inverted. In other words, it gives you the opposite look controls you'd actually want. Definitely an important fix to get out on day one!


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