Daemon X Machina jumps from Switch to Steam

Meching its way to PC

Nintendo was a publisher for the mech action game Daemon X Machina on Switch, but the development was handled by Marvelous. It's important to point that out, as the game is will no longer be a Switch exclusive starting Feb. 13th, 2020, as it's seeing release on Steam.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Daemon X Machina is going to get a second lease on life on the PC through steam. We're not quite sure how big of an audience the game found on Switch, but it doesn't seem like it had a huge amount of success. We'll see if the second time's a charm for this game soon enough.

Daemon X Machina updated to Version 1.3.1

Bug fixes all around

Daemon X Machina has gotten an update to Version 1.3.1. Check out the patch notes on this update below.

・Fixed the bug where starting Investigation Missions would occasionally get stuck at Loading screen.
・Fixed the bug where sortieing while equipping Ame-no-Ohabari would end up not actually equipping it.
・Fixed the bug where using Slot Expansion attachment wouldn’t reduce money in possession.
・Fixed the bug where the Dreadnought would disappear from its destruction scene.
・Fixed the bug where there would be no elemental damage effects when receiving attack with a shield.
・Fixed other bugs.

Check out more preview pages for the Daemon X Machina art book

Mech mayhem

The Daemon X Machina art book is seeing release in Japan on Feb. 15th, 2020. The book contains 256 pages of art and info from the dev team, and is priced at 4,200 yen. If you're looking to get a better peek at the content inside, you can check out a new round of preview pages here.

Daemon X Machina art book bumped to Feb. 15th, 2020

Meching its way to February

The Daemon X Machina art book was originally set to launch at the end of this month in Japan, but publisher Nintendo Dream has revealed that the book is now being pushed back to Feb. 15th, 2020. Everything else about the book remains the same, so it'll still include the same 256 pages of art and info.

Nintendo Dream also gave a sneak peek at some chapter names from the book. The first four chapters are as follows.

- World
- Arsenal
- Outer
- Arms of Immortal

Daemon X Machina theme now available for the LINE app

Daemon decorations

Are you a big fan of Daemon X Machina and the LINE messaging app? If so, today's your lucky day! An official Daemon X Machina theme has been released for LINE, which gives the entire app a Daemon X Machina makeover. This theme is priced at $3, and you can get more details here.

Daemon X Machina art book releasing in Japan

The art of war

While Daemon X Machina's gameplay may have left a few players feeling disappointed, the game's visuals were almost universally praised. If you want to get an even better look at the gorgeous visuals of the game, as well as the art that helped bring the game to life, the perfect product is on the way.

Nintendo Dream magazine has announced work on a Daemon X Machina art book, which is going to see release in Japan on Jan. 31st, 2020. This officially-licensed art book includes illustrations and concept art spread across 256 pages. Sadly, there's no word on a localized release at this time.

Daemon X Machina Version 1.3.0 update now live in Japan, new digital stickers available via the LINE app

A wave of new content up for grabs

A one-two punch of Daemon X Machina news for you today, with the first tidbit being the game's update in Japan to Version 1.3.0. Check out the (Google translated) patch notes for that update below.

- A new cooperative play order "Exploration Order" has been added
- A new human body remodeling skill "Sky Lifter" has been added
- The parameters of some equipment have been adjusted
- Fixed a bug that restarted players could not move when restarting in multiplayer
- Fixed a bug in Multiplayer where players would start from outside the area at the start of a match
- Fixed a bug where accessing the play log of a disconnected guest at the timing when the disconnection of the guest was notified at the base of the multiplayer would render it inoperable
- Fixed a bug that boost speed increased when switching to wing shift in a specific procedure
- Fixed a bug where Zelcroa would perform ground motions in the air
- Fixed a bug that could not attack the weakness of the back during Zelcroa's femto absorption attack
- Made it possible to sell Arondaite and Dyne Slave
- Fixed other bugs

Along with that, a new series of digital stickers for Daemon X Machina has been added to the LINE social messaging app. The sticker set can be purchased for $1, and is available worldwide.

Daemon X Machina 'Setting Document Collection' announced for Japan

Another one for the coffee table

Ambit, the team behind Nintendo Dream, have announced a Daemon X Machina "Setting Document Collection" for release in Japan sometime in 2020. The release will include art, designs, and more from the game. No word on a release outside of Japan at this time.

More details shared on Daemon X Machina's Dec. 23rd, 2019 update

Even more reason to jump back in

Earlier today, we made mention of an update coming to Daemon X Machina on Dec. 23rd, 2019 which will fix up some issues with the Witcher 3 DLC. Turns out there's more to the update than that, as this update will also include co-op dungeon exploration and a human body fly modification skill.

Daemon X Machina getting an update on Dec. 23rd pertaining to the Witcher 3 DLC

Geralt's causing trouble

Marvelous has announced that Daemon X Machina is getting an update on Dec. 23rd, 2019, and this update is specifically geared to the Witcher 3 DLC. Some users didn't end up getting Geralt's costume as they should have, and this update will fix that. The update will also fix an issue with Geralt's facial scar not showing.


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