Smash Bros. Ultimate - Piranha Plant, King K. Rool & Ice Climbers amiibo unboxing

Three new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo have hit store shelves, including the first DLC fight: Piranha Plant! Get a close look at the three amiibo in our unboxing provided by Daan Koopman!

Sakurai explains Smash Bros. Ultimate's Japanese name, the decision to bring back every fighter, and ease of development

The most recent issue of Nintendo Dream magazine had a sizable interview with Smash Bros. Ultimate creator, Masahiro Sakurai. Check out all the tidbits from that interview below.

- the game is called Super Smash Bros. Special in Japan to convey that the game is a special game
- Sakurai says “ultimate” is a word easily read in Japan
- the name Super Smash Bros. Deluxe was considered, but decided against
- Sakurai wanted to use “Special” as it's often heard on television, so people are familiar with it
- the decision to include every single Smash Bros. fighter in history was made at the very beginning of development
- it was important for that idea to be part of the proposal, as huge projects like this require a lot of money and a lot of people
- Sakurai summed up development of Ultimate by sharing the phrase, “no need to explain at the very beginning”
- when Smash Wii U/3DS development started, Sakurai had to explain everything to members on the development team
- he even had to prepare documents for them to convey his vision and plans
- Sakurai didn't have to do this with Ultimate, as much of the team worked on Smash Wii U/3DS
- Sakurai says this was a huge relief for him

Smash Bros. Ultimate will not include custom Palutena's Guidance records for DLC fighters

If you were looking forward to hearing what Palutena had to say about the upcoming DLC fighters in Smash Bros. Ultimate, I've got some bad news. In his most recent Famitsu feature, Masahiro Sakurai confirms that there will not be any new Palutena's Guidance features recorded for DLC characters. We don't have an explanation as to why, but we'll give you those details if they become available.

Smash Bros. Ultimate - 'Power, Wisdom, and Courage' Spirit Board event now live

Your latest Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event is now live. The 'Power, Wisdom, and Courage' event runs from today until Feb. 17th at 10 PM EST. Make sure you get out there and do some Legend of Zelda Spirit-hunting while you can!

February issue of 'Extra Issue Video Game' Magazine comes jam-packed with Nintendo goodies

The February 2019 issue of 'Extra Issue Video Game Magazine Special Let’s Begin Nintendo Switch 2019,' and it's chock-full of Nintendo goodies. Here's a list of the extra items you can find tucked inside.

- 100 page Splatoon 2 Perfect Weapon Dictionary booklet
- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Guide
- Switch Game Collection DVD

Ken, Daisy, and Young Link amiibo due out April 12th, 2019

You have a few more weeks before you'll have to somehow find even more room on your amiibo shelf. Nintendo has confirmed that Ken, Daisy, and Young Link amiibo are all set to launch on April 12th, 2019. That's certainly an interesting mix of amiibo to release on the same day!

The Denjin Getcha team played Smash Bros. Ultimate to celebrate their 300th episode

Believe it or not, there have been 300 episodes of Denjin Getcha! To celebrate the momentous occasion, the gang decided to battle it out in Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Ice Climbers, Piranha Plant, and King K. Rool amiibo - Unboxing

Time to get a real close look at the latest amiibo! How are Ice Climbers, Piranha Plant, and King K. Rool looking up close and personal?

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Smash Bros. Ultimate - 'Power, Wisdom, and Courage' Spirit Board event announced

Boy, these Spirit Board events are being cranked out at a record-pace lately! The next one, entitled 'Power, Wisdom, and Courage,' is set to take place this Friday, and runs for three days. As you might have guessed, this is going to be a Legend of Zelda-themed event.

React Channel - Professional Smash Bros Player Takes on Gamers (React)

Professional Smash Bros Player Ken Hoang destroys FBE gamers in a few rounds of Smash Bros Ultimate!