The Iispo! Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament set to air on TV in Japan

The upcoming Iispo! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament will air on Fuji TV ONE on SKY PerfecTV! in Japan on Dec. 22nd, 2019. The tournament will feature Zackray, Abadango, HIKARU, Kombu, Lunamado, Kome, Raito, and Nietono. Hopefully some of the action finds its way online afterwards for all to see.

Official Smash Bros. GameCube controller seeing restock on the Nintendo UK store in Jan. 2020

Hop on your preorder now!

It's taken a ridiculously long time, but the Smash Bros. GameCube controller is finally going to see stock replenishment on the Nintendo UK store. The online store has been updated with a note saying that stock is set to launch in Jan. 2020, and you can preorder a controller now for £24.99. Plop down your preorder here!

Leffen takes first place at DreamHack Winter 2019, the 2nd event on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit

Another hard-hitting tournament

While it may be cold outside, the competition is hotting up on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit, with DreamHack Winter 2019 in Sweden providing another weekend of top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate action! 158 competitors threw their hats into the ring, but only one player could be crowned DreamHack Winter 2019 champion! Let’s see how things played out:

Proving his prowess with both Pokémon Trainer and newcomer Terry Bogard, Sweden's very own Leffen came out on top, besting the Netherlands' Mr. R and his multitude of characters in a gruelling Grand Finals set. If you want to catch up on all the excitement from DreamHack Winter 2019, you can watch the Top 8 matches here.

Will Leffen's Pokémon Trainer make further appearances on the Circuit? Who else will emerge to shake up the rankings? Check out the next event of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Circuit at Valhalla III in Denmark, running from January 9th to 13th, to find out!

If you’re raring to make your tournament debut, or are looking to continue competing at events like DreamHack Winter 2019, head on over the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Portal for all the latest about tournaments going on across Europe.

Smash Bros. Ultimate "1st Anniversary" Spirit Board event announced

A year already!?

The next Spirit Board event for Smash Bros. Ultimate is kicking off Dec. 6th, 2019, and it's a special 1-year anniversary event. The event runs for three days, and will include the chance to earn triple the amount of experience and SP. There will also be a 50% damage item available.

The Cat Mario Show - Ep. 153

Time for a new episode!

Episode 153 of the Cat Mario show is now online. The episode covers Terry in Smash Bros. Ultimate, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Terry Bogard' print ad pops up in the latest issue of Famitsu

Terry front-and-center

Nintendo continues to release Famitsu print ads for Smash Bros. Ultimate, with the latest focusing on the DLC character, Terry Bogard. Smash Bros. Ultimate is already the best-selling fighting game of all-time, but there's always room to scrounge up a few more units sold!

Smash Bros. Ultimate "Resident Evil" Spirit Board event kicks off Nov. 29th, 2019

Nothing says Thanksgiving like Resident Evil

Starting on Nov. 29th, 2019 and running for 5 days, Smash Bros. Ultimate will be hosting a Resident Evil-themed Spirit Board event. You'll be able to encounter the 4 Resident Evil spirits seen above!

Sonic and Mewtwo amiibo getting a reprint in Japan

Another chance to grab these two

It appears that the Sonic and Mewtwo amiibo are getting a reprint in Japan. Both of these amiibo are up for grabs on Amazon Japan, with orders being filled on Dec. 12th, 2019. No word on a similar situation in other locations, but we'll keep an eye out for details.

Taisho Pharmaceutical wins the Famitsu Smash Bros. Ultimate Corporate Tournament

Sony gets knocked out early

Famitsu's Smash Bros. Ultimate Corporate Tournament has come and gone, and the winners are Taisho Pharmaceutical. The next issue of Famitsu will feature an advertisement for Taisho Pharmaceutical, as well as an article on the tournament.

For those wondering, Sony Interactive Entertainment defeated Japan Patent Office in the first round, but were knocked out in the semi-finals by Zoff.

Masahiro Sakurai stops by Famitsu's Smash Bros. Ultimate corporate tournament after working on a new character

The man doesn't know how to rest

We all know that Masahiro Sakurai is a very busy man. He's constantly moving and shaking, and that hard work continues with the next round of DLC characters for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Still, Sakurai didn't let that work stop him from checking out Famitsu's Smash Bros. Ultimate corporate tournament.

Sakurai popped in at the event to check things out, and even spoke a bit. Turns out Sakurai was working on Smash DLC earlier that very day! Check out his comment below.

“Today I also made things in the company, such as a fighter whom hasn’t been known by everybody yet. And I came here after the work has ended.”


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