Smash Bros. Ultimate mod adds in Tony the Tiger


Well I have to admit, I never saw this coming. Peter Griffin being added to Smash Bros. Ultimate was strange enough, but now he's joined by Tony the Tiger?! I guess someone saw Incineroar and just knew that Tony the Tiger would make for a fantastic replacement.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 - United Kingdom and Ireland Finals

6 hours of tournament action

The Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament action continues with the European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 United Kingdom and Ireland Finals. You can catch up on the entire event via the video above, which is an archive of every match that took place today. As you might expect, things get pretty intense!

Fortnite and Smash Bros. Ultimate - Switch 'My Way' commercial (French)

That's an interesting pairing for a commercial. We've seen plenty of Smash Bros. Ultimate segments in recent commercials, but it's been awhile since Fortnite got some screen time. I guess Nintendo feels there's still some marketing power behind the title!

People have already made some insane stages with Smash Bros. Ultimate's stage builder

Ridiculously creative

Fans will never cease to amaze me with what they build using in-game creation tools. Smash Bros. Ultimate just saw a stage builder added two days ago, and fans have already come up with some insanely funny, weird, and amazing creations. Check out a few more below!

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Smash Bros. Ultimate UK & Ireland Championship Finals kick off April 20th, 2019

It's going to be intense

Watch live video from NintendoUK on www.twitch.tv

Want to see who's crowned the victor at Nintendo's UK & Ireland Smash Bros. Ultimate Championship? Tune in to the live-stream above tomorrow, and get ready to see who's going to take home the win, and then represent their country in the European finals on May 4th, 2019!

Joker fan shows off his new tattoo in honor of the character joining Smash Bros. Ultimate

What a gorgeous tat

Reddit user Chillichonka is quite a fan of Joker from Persona 5, which meant he was ecstatic to see the character join Smash Bros. Ultimate. That addition to the roster sealed the deal, and now Chillichonka is sporting a pretty fantastic full-arm tattoo of Joker. Now that's some serious dedication!

Russian winners of the Smash Bros. Ultimate Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 qualifiers unable to attend finals due to visa issue, team blames Nintendo Russia

Nintendo Russia causing trouble again?

Back on March 30th, 2019, Nintendo Russia ran a Smash Bros. Ultimate championship to find the winning team that would head to the upcoming European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019 Finals. The winning team ended up being 'Ye Olde Guard,' and they believed they'd be heading to the finals in early May. Unfortunately that will not be the case, as an issue with travel visas has come up.

Nintendo Russia shared a statement saying that the process of obtaining visas was taking longer than usual, and due to various circumstances with getting approval, there wouldn't be enough time to get credentials squared away. Ye Olde Guard will not be appearing at the finals, but Nintendo Russia is preparing consolation prizes for them.

This message from Nintendo Russia was almost instantly disputed by Tinkino, a member of Ye Old Guard. In an interview with GameMag, Tinkino put the blame solely on Nintendo Russia for dragging their feet.

“We aren’t going nowhere - Nintendo [of] Russia are incompetent people, that have failed with visa application. They have taken the application on themselves, and, as a result, they have decided to hand it in at the very last moment. Before that, we have been sending them all necessary documents and visa form. As a result, it’s not possible now to get in the embassy, and the nearest registration in the visa center is on April, 26, that don’t suite in terms.

So, we didn’t get anything for winning in Championship. Thanks for attention. Honestly, it would be better to loose in finale and get a SSB controller and Piranha Amiibo for the second place than all this negative because of people’s irresponsibility.”

While this is a situation of he said, she said, there have been multiple reports in the past of Nintendo Russia's incompetence. We saw some of that recently with the whole Level Up Days live-stream fiasco. It's not hard to believe that Nintendo Russia is the one who caused the trouble this time around as well.

Nintendo wipes out inappropriate Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder creations

Erection redirection

As we mentioned yesterday, Nintendo fans were quick to jump in on Smash Bros. Ultimate's stage builder feature and let their imaginations run wild. Unfortunately that meant a lot of filth and inappropriate content, which hit online mere minutes after the update made it to consumers. Thankfully Nintendo seems to have gotten a grip on the situation, having already yanked almost all of the offending stages. Hopefully that doesn't include the beautiful Captain Falcon above!

IGN Video - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Joker Challenger Pack DLC Review

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Joker Challenger Pack DLC reviewed by Brendan Graeber on Nintendo Switch.

Fans recreate Smash Bros. 64's stages in Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder

The power of nostalgia

You can finally play every Smash 64 level in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...well kinda! It didn't take fans long at all to recreate the two missing stages; Sector Z and Planet Zebes and some even went and replicated stages that have never been accessible for multiplayer! Join us as we highlight some of our favourite remakes and be sure to go check them out for yourself & give the creators a follow!