Over 90 animators come together to create a WarioWare Gold tribute


What happens when over 90 animators come together to pay tribute to WarioWare Gold? You get a 12-minute animation that is chock-full of weirdness, over-the-top antics, and much more! Check out the animation above, which features all kinds of unique styles throughout.

WarioWare Gold - Young Cricket and Master Mantis Character Trailer (English)

It’s business as usual as Master Mantis trains his dutiful student Young Cricket in the mastery of martial arts! Discover their Sports-themed Touch League microgames in WarioWare Gold!

WarioWare Gold - Kat and Ana trailer (English)

Twins Kat and Ana have arrived at Diamond City Castle to get their ninja learner’s permits! Discover their Touch League microgames in WarioWare Gold! Stay tuned for more character videos…

WarioWare Gold - 5-Volt, 9-Volt & 18-Volt Character Trailer (English)

It’s time to rock out with 5-Volt, 9-Volt and 18-Volt! Discover their Nintendo-themed microgames across Mash, Touch and Twist Leagues in WarioWare Gold! Stay tuned for more character videos…

WarioWare Gold - Volt family trailer

The whole Volt gang has dropped in for the latest WarioWare Gold Japanese trailer. Appearances from 9-Volt, 13-Volt, 18-Volt, and 5-Volt!

WarioWare Gold - Dr. Crygor and and Penny trailer

The latest Japanese trailer for WarioWare Gold focuses in on both Dr. Crygor and Penny. The English version should be available sometime tomorrow. Until then, we think you'll be able to figure out what's up in the Japanese version!

WarioWare Gold - Ashley and Red trailer (English)

Halloween is near, and that can mean only one thing…Ashley & Red are here! Discover her fantasy-themed set of Twist League microgames in WarioWare Gold! Stay tuned for more character videos…

Nintendo details the insane amount of work that went into WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold...a quick cash-grab for Nintendo on the 3DS, right? Just group a bunch of WarioWare microgames into one package and call it a day. That's not the case at all, according to Nintendo's Goro Abe. A considerable amount of work went into compiling the content for this package.

“We basically redrew the art for all the microgames and reprogrammed them from scratch. A lot of the games that look unchanged at first glance actually have a lot of changes upon comparison. There are over 1,100 in total if you include everything from Smooth Moves, D.I.Y., and Game & Wario. I surveyed the staff to determine which games from these titles we should polish. Then, I ranked all of the microgames according to elements like which ones are appreciated by the staff through the survey, which ones have rules that are easy to understand, and which ones don’t feel old when played now.”

WarioWare Gold - Jimmy T. trailer (English)

It's the funky and groovy dude everyone wants a picture with, Jimmy T! Discover his sports-themed set of Mash League microgames in WarioWare Gold! Stay tuned for more character videos…

WarioWare Gold - Jimmy T. Japanese promo video

The infamous schemer, Wario, is back! Play his brand-new microgame collection, where you’ll have seconds to complete 300 different microgames. Better think fast to succeed! You’ll use the touchscreen, tilt the system, push buttons, and rock the mic as you laugh through fully voiced stories featuring new and classic characters!


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