GRIS appears to have been ripped off by a self-care app (UPDATE)

Not a very caring move

GRIS is an absolutely gorgeous game and a moving experience all wrapped in one. Apparently it moved one company to theft, as you can see in the comparison video above.

The Fabulous app on mobile, which is a self-care app, seems to have drawn an absolute ton of inspiration from GRIS. This looks to go beyond being an homage, and drifts over into the area of flat-out copycat. What do you think of the comparison between the two? Would you consider this theft, or flattery?


UPDATE: The team behind the Fabulous app has shared a statement with Gamasutra on the matter.

“Fabulous has a mission to help people lead healthier lives, and we started this 5 years ago. From the very beginning, and as we are gamers ourselves, we were inspired by games like Journey, Monument Valley, and books like the Little Prince or The Alchemist, to create our universe.

We have a team of 2 artists and freelancers, and that video was created a few months ago. We're still investigating this as all of this has been sudden, but any wrongdoing from our side is not intentional. It might be that one of our artists or freelancers got inspired by a game that they liked.”

Special Reserve Games and iam8bit announce exclusive GRIS physical editions and vinyl soundtrack

The perfect combo

Los Angeles, CA -- June 24, 2019 -- Special Reserve Games and iam8bit today announced the Nintendo Switch physical editions and limited edition vinyl soundtrack for GRIS, the critically-acclaimed platform-adventure game by Spanish independent developer Nomada Studio published by Devolver Digital. Pre-orders will open for the various exclusive GRIS Nintendo Switch physical editions on SpecialReserveGames.com and for the GRIS limited edition vinyl soundtrack on iam8bit.com on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 10 a.m. PDT.

GRIS Physical Edition (Nintendo Switch):


GRIS Limited Edition Vinyl Soundtrack: https://store.iam8bit.com/products/gris-2xlp-vinyl-soundtrack

Special Reserve Games will be releasing several exclusive physical editions for GRIS including a standalone Nintendo Switch game ($34.99); a standalone GRIS Art Book ($59.99); an art book bundle with the game ($79.99); as well as the GRIS Signature Edition ($249.99) that includes the game, art book, iam8bit's limited Deluxe Edition vinyl soundtrack, and an exclusive signed painting by GRIS Creative Director Conrad Roset.

The GRIS vinyl soundtrack will be released by iam8bit and features the music by Berlinist--a Barcelona band and producer--spanning across two LPs. The Deluxe Edition ($49.99), limited to 500 copies, is housed in a stunning 48-inch quad-fold jacket. The Open Edition ($34.99) is housed in a gatefold jacket. Both editions feature album art by Conrad Roset.

GRIS was nominated for "Best Debut" at the 2019 Game Developer Choice Awards. The music from GRIS was nominated for "Excellence in Music Score" at the 2019 SXSW Gaming Awards and was nominated for "Best Music" at the 15th British Academy Video Game Awards.

Gris 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack on the way

A beautiful game gets a beautiful soundtrack release

Deluxe 2xLP in Stunning 48” Jacket (Limited to 500)
Open Edition 2xLP in Gatefold Jacket
Album Art By Conrad Roset
Music by Berlinist
Includes Digital Download

Ships Q4 2019

To describe Gris as simply a game is to tell only a fraction of the story. This stunning debut from Barcelona’s Nomada Studio is a transcendent experience - an artistic odyssey through a world of color - impossibly imaginative landscapes and jaw-dropping architecture. It’s a cathartic hero’s journey, not simply punctuated by sound, but driven by a haunting score that fully transports the listener to a watercolor infused paradise. In intimate collaboration with Nomada, we’ve created two versions of the vinyl - a super limited edition in a deluxe, quad-fold jacket and an open edition gatefold version that similarly, exudes fantastic beauty. This is a treasure for any vinyl collector to behold.

Grab your preorder here

Nintendo Labo and Gris take home wins at the 2019 Games for Change awards

Congrats, winners!

We shared the nominees for the 2019 Games for Change awards back at the end of May, and now the winners have been chosen. We're very happy to say that both Nintendo Labo and Gris took home wins. Check out the full list of winners below!

Game of the Year Award - Nintendo Labo
Most Innovative Game - Tendar
Best Gameplay - Gris
Most Significant Impact - Unicef Kid Power
Best Learning Game - Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour
Best Student Game - Prism
Best XR For Change Experience - Homestay
People's Choice Award Winner - Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour
Industry Leadership Award - Ubisoft
Vanguard Award - Lindsay Grace

GRIS' physical release officially confirmed, preorders open June 25th, 2019

A must-have

We've known for awhile now that GRIS was getting a retail release on Switch, but today's the day when Nomada Studio has finally confirmed the news. As we suspected, the release is coming from Special Reserve Games, and preorders are set to open on June 25th, 2019.

GRIS developer says a physical release isn't planned, but that could change

I don't understand...

Just last week, we put up a post about Special Reserve Games handling a retail release for Gris. They showcased the game in their lineup of upcoming retail releases. As a matter of fact, their website still shows that same image. This leaves us all a bit confused. Wondering why that is? According to Nomada Studio co-founder Roger Mendoza, a retail release isn't planned right now.

“There isn’t a really a physical edition planned, but we aren’t discarding the possibility either.”

I guess we need comment from Special Reserve Games to see why they have the title listed on their site! Hopefully we can get a comment and clear this situation up.

4 different Switch titles take home wins at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards

Indies and Nintendo themselves score awards

The 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards have come to a close, and 4 different titles on the Switch have come away with wins for the night. Check out the list of Nintendo-related winners below.

Best Audio: Celeste (Matt Makes Games and Power Up Audio)
Best Visual Art: Gris (Nomada Studio)
Best Design: Into the Breach (Subset Games)
Innovation Award: Nintendo Labo (Nintendo)

Gris getting a retail release through Special Reserve Games

You know you want to double-dip

Gris is both familiar and unlike anything else I've ever played. It's insanely gorgeous, thought-provoking, and an experience you likely won't forget. If you haven't scooped this one up yet, you'll soon have the perfect excuse to do so. Special Reserve Games is going to be putting out a retail release for the title. We don't have details on date/pricing yet, but we'll bring you that info as soon as it's available.

GRIS Receives Free Update to Celebrate 300k Milestone, Now on Sale

A gratis update for GRIS

Barcelona – Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital have released GRIS Undone, a free update to the gorgeous narrative platformer featuring unused concept art and music tracks, as a celebration of the game reaching 300,000 units sold. GRIS is currently 15 percent off on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, Humble and GOG [grisgame.com].

The GRIS Undone update adds an elegant browser for fans to listen to a collection of music tracks by Berlinist that were not featured in the game’s final release as well as unused designs and concept art from Creative Director Conrad Roset. Included in the collection is an alternate version of the game’s main musical theme and early designs for GRIS’ now iconic dress.

Follow @nomadastudiobcn and visit nomada.studio for more news and information on the game.

Gris devs discuss the importance of making the game's mechanics approachable

Gris is definitely a one-of-a-kind game when it comes to story and look, but gameplay is firmly routed in some industry traditions.
In an interview with GamesIndustry, Nomada Studio's Roger Mendoza discusses the approach they took to bring the whole experience together.

"When we saw Conrad's art we were of course drawn into it. It's eye candy, but we didn't just want to make a walking simulator. We wanted to have mechanics. We wanted a story behind it. We think it's a game that can catch the attention of many people, maybe people outside of video games. Our idea was to do something accessible, where if there's a puzzle you can probably finish it at the second or third try. When the puzzle is more complicated, we give the player options."

Full interview here


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