Hollow Knight seeing retail release in Japan

Two options to pick from

Fangamer has announced that they're bringing Hollow Knight to retail in Japan on Dec. 12th, 2019. Consumers will have two different options to choose from.

- Regular (4 000 Yen + taxes)
- Collector’s Edition (8 800 Yen + taxes, only available via the official Fangamer website)

Hollow Knight 'Troupe Master Grimm' plush and pin released

Two new pieces of merch!

Hollow Knight fans now have two more official pieces of merch to check out, thanks to FanGamer. The company has released both a Troupe Master Grimm pin, and plush doll.

Check out the pin here, and the plush here

This fan-made crocheted Hollow Knight doll is absolutely perfect

A work of art

Hollow Knight continues to receive amazing fan-art years after release, and the above crocheted doll is one of the best I've ever seen. The attention to detail is spot-on, and the craftsmanship is gorgeous! There's no doubt in my mind that this could be sold as an official bit of merchandise, and no one would ever complain.

Hollow Knight standard and Collector's editions hitting Japan

A Hollow victory

Fangamer Japan have announced plans to publish the physical version of Hollow Knight in Japan, and it's set to launch on Dec. 12th, 2019. Fangamer will release both the standard and Collector’s Editions. The standard edition is priced at ¥4,000, and includes the game, case, manual, and map. The Collector’s Edition is priced at ¥8,800, and includes all the goodies in the standard edition, plus a special box, brooch, comic, art cards, cloth, and a papercraft set.

Fangamer now stocking Hollow Knight: Collector's Edition with updated game cards

A Hollow victory

You might remember that Fangamer had a bit of an issue with their first round of Hollow Knight game cards, as they didn't include all of the DLC. That issue has since been remedied, and the version in stock right now has all the content on the game card. If you've been holding out on grabbing your copy, now's the time to jump in!

Fan spends 29 hours creating a stained glass tribute to Hollow Knight

Now that's some fan art!

There are plenty of hand-drawn tributes to video games out there, but not much in the way of stained glass. You need just a bit more technical savvy to get something like this done! Reddit user Natertot506 put 29 hours of work into his creation, which is a stained glass tribute to Hollow Knight. Hopefully he releases more details on how this piece came together!

Hollow Knight: Silksong dev blog update talks various gameplay aspects, release date still not set

Cherry's on top

The latest dev blog update from Team Cherry on Hollow Knight: Silksong gives us a detailed breakdown of various gameplay aspects, as well as a word on when to expect the game. I'm sure most people are interested in that info, but sadly, the team isn't ready to reveal an official date yet.

Thanks to everyone for asking and we’re sorry that we still don’t have anything conclusive to say. For Silksong we’re running on Cherry-time over here, that means both ‘When it’s ready,’ and ‘When it matches the quality and scale of Hollow Knight.’ Just know, we will talk about a release date when we’re 100% certain we can hit it. The last thing we want to do is make promises, only to see things slide. For now, we’ll continue stuffing all sorts of strange critters and surprises into Silksong. We can’t wait for you all to play it.

Like we said, the dev blog is still chock-full of details on the game itself. Have a look at the full update here.

Amazon Mexico adds listing for Hollow Knight: Silksong

A Hollow victory?

Could Hollow Knight: Silksong have a retail release in the works? We don't have any official word just yet, but Amazon Mexico seems to think one's on the way, as they've put up a listing for the game. We can't be 100% sure that the listing is accurate, as it could be some sort of mix-up with the retail release of the original Hollow Knight. We'll reach out to Team Cherry for comment.

GameSpot Video - Hollow Knight: Silksong gameplay

Excited for the Hollow Knight sequel? Check out this off-screen Nintendo Switch gameplay video of the upcoming game Hollow Knight: Silksong, seen at E3 2019.


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