New Queen's Cup event announced for Pokemon Duel

It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!

A new Queen's Cup event has kicked off in Pokémon Duel. This cup pits you against other players to earn a high score, and doing so will net you various rewards. The Queen's Cup runs until June 24th, 2019 at 07:59 UTC, and will get you a Mega Gyarados if you have enough points.

Pokemon Duel updated to Version 7.0.11

A standard update

Pokemon Duel has been updated to Version 7.0.11. The App Store simply mentions 'bug fixes' as the patch notes for this update, but we have a few other details to share.

- figure updates
- log-in bonus to get an Aerodactyl figure
- UX figures are Mega Heracross, Mega Pinsir, Tornadus Therian Forme
- EX figures are Heracross, Gyarados, Pinsir, Tornadus Incarnate Forme
- R figures are Volcarona
- UC figures are Larvesta, Carnivine

Pokemon Duel getting updated to Version 7.0.11 on June 12th, 2019

Pokemon tweaks incoming

Pokemon Duel's next update has been announced, and it's due out June 12th, 2019. This will bring the game up to Version 7.0.11. Check out some notes on this update below.

- Increases damage of Superpower from 113 to 163
- Increases damage of Ice Punch from 53 to 113

Mega Beedrill
- Increases damage of Pin Mission from 40 to 70

- Increases damage of Boomburst from 110 to 150

- Increases damage of Flying Blow from 100 to 130

- Increases damage of Night Slash from 40 to 70

- Increases damage of Vice Grip from 50 to 110

- Increases damage of Horn Attack from 60 to 120

Registration for Pokemon Duel's latest Team Match event now live

Looking to get in on the latest Team Match for Pokemon Duel? Registration is now live, so you better hop in! Check out more details on this event below.

- registration runs from June 5th to June 7th
- Team Match runs from June 7th to June 10th
- Teams: Aerodactyl, Tyrantrum, Aurorus
- the registration reward is a Booster Enhancer x1 (x3 if you choose auto-select)
- rewards include Carmonite x50 (1st place team), Carmonite x20 (2nd place team), and are available until June 12th

Pokemon News - GO Fest Dortmund 2019 registration open, Duel update, International Championships registration open

What's up with the world of Pokemon for Monday?

Pokémon GO FEST Dortmund 2019

- registration for tickets now open
- available via the Pokémon GO Events tab in the main menu of the game
- when you register, you get put into a drawing for a chance to purchase tickets
- if successful, you will receive an email and have 48 hours to purchase tickets

Pokémon Duel update

- update is now available and fixes a variety of bug fixes
- log-in bonus to get an Aerodactyl figure
- the UX figures are Mega Abomasnow, Mega Aerodactyl, Glaceon
- the EX figures are Aerodactyl, Tyrantrum, Aurorus
- the R figures are Abomasnow, Aerodactyl
- the UC figures are Snover, Tyrunt, Amaura

Pokémon International Championships

- registration for the upcoming International Championships in Colombus Ohio, USA is now open
- event runs from June 21st through 23rd at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, with badge pickup being on June 20th
- Masters Competitors: $60
- Juniors & Seniors Competitors: $40
- Spectators: $10
- all competitors who register will receive a badge, lanyard, player pin, deck box, set of card sleeves, playmat, and hat

Pokemon Duel getting updated to Version 7.0.10 on May 13th, 2019

Figurine changes incoming

A new update is coming to Pokemon Duel on May 13th, 2019, bumping the game up to Version 7.0.10. While we don't have full patch notes, we have info on some figures that will be updated.


- Adds Reckless Charge ability
- Removes Rock Wrecker's limitations


- Increases damage of Stomp from 60 to 100


- Increases damage of Stomp from 40 to 70


- Increases damage of Outrage from 150 to 180

Mega Tyranitar

- Increases damage of Mountain Topple from 140 to 160
- Increases damage of Rockstorm from 130 to 150
- Increases damage of Crunch from 60 to 80


- Increases damage of Earthquake from 110 to 130
- Increases damage of Dragon Tail from 90 to 110
- Increases damage of Bite from 50 to 70


- Increases damage of Hammer from 180 to 300


- Increases damage of Hammer Arm from 150 to 160
- Increases damage of Multiblast from 110 to 120


- Increases damage of Hammer Arm from 150 to 160
- Increases damage of Multiblast from 110 to 120
- Increases damage of Ice Beam from 80 to 90


- Increases damage of Hammer Arm from 150 to 160
- Increases damage of Multiblast from 110 to 120

Mega Glalie

- Increases damage of Blizzard from 130 to 150


- Increases damage of Freeze-Dry from 100 to 120 with increased with
- Increases damage of Ice Shard from 60 to 80
- Decreased with of Miss

Alolan Ninetales

- Increases damage of Extrasensory from 130 to 150
- Increases damage of Freeze-Dry from 100 to 120

Alolan Vulpix

- Increases damage of Ice Beam from 40 to 60


- Increases damage of Hyper Beam from 120 to 150


- Removes Bite
- Adds moveHarden


- Increases damage of Primal Strike from 60 to 100

Zorua & Zoroark

- Alters Ilusion ability to only allow Pokémon to switch with Pokémon that have the same or lower MP than them


- Removes Battle Armor Ability
- Adds ability Diffuse Poison


DNA Splicers

- Your turn no longer ends when your Kyurem fuses with your Reshiram or Zekrom


- Added capability to work with White Kyurem and Black Kyurem

Long Barrel

- Alters it so you can target players who are within 1 step away, not just further away ones

Pokemon Duel team match registration open

Duel day

Registration for a new Team Match event in Pokémon Duel has kicked off. This Duel Match requires you to choose a team of either Dragonite, Garchomp or Salamence. Once you make your choice, you play as normal online, and your wins count towards your team. Pre-Registration runs until May 3rd, while the Team Match event runs from May 3rd through to May 6th, 2019. The reward redemption is available until May 9th, 2019.

Pokemon Duel's Steel Gym Cup now live

Steel yourself

The special Steel Gym Cup has gone live in Pokémon Duel. This Gym Cup increases the movement of Steel-type figures and increases the White & Gold Attacks of Fire-type Pokémon by 20. You can get the special Shiny Ho-Oh figure by participating, and you have until April 29th, 2019 to do so.

Pokemon Duel updated to version 7.0.9

Dueling updates

Pokemon Duel has received an update, bringing the game up to Versino 7.0.9. The official patch notes say that the update includes bug fixes, but we know there's more to it than that.

You can get a special gift from now until May 13th, 2019. All you have to do is log in, and you'll get new figures based on Honedge & Doublade. You'll can also get a Silver Dawn Wings Necrozma Figure in special boosters obtained in-game.

On top of that, new figures have been released as well. The EX Figures are Aegislash Shield Forme and Aegislash Blade Forme. The R Figure is Doublade, and the UC Figures is Honedge.

Pokemon Duel promo video - Get [UX] Arceus and more in the Spring campaign

A Spring surprise!

Celebrate spring with a bounty of log-in bonuses in Pokémon Duel! From now until May 8, you'll get weekly rewards and a chance to pull powerful new figures—including [UX] Arceus! Its Multitype Ability allows it to copy the type of another Pokémon on the field.


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