Undertale Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set revealed, now available to pre-order

5 records for $70

This massive 5-LP box set is the perfect way to hear the complete UNDERTALE soundtrack all over again, from "1. Once Upon A Time" all the way to... "109. Dog Dating."

109 tracks, curated by Toby Fox and newly remastered for vinyl
Filled with beautiful new illustrations by Kaori Takizawa
Liner notes by Toby Fox, Alex Rosetti, Kaori Takizawa, and Go Ichinose (Game Freak)
Includes a bonus holographic sticker
Each copy includes an instant digital download of the complete soundtrack in MP3, WAV, or FLAC.

You can preorder a copy of this Undertale box set through Fangamer right now. The box is priced at $70, and you can see a complete tracklist here.

Watch the Undertale 5th anniversary concert in its entirety

What a fantastic soundtrack

The Undertale 5th anniversary concert aired just a few hours ago. If you missed out on watching live, no worries. The entire concert is available as an archive on the official Undertale YouTube channel. You can stream the concert above, which starts at the 47:50 mark.

Toby Fox's full update on Deltarune's progress and thank-you to Undertale fans shared

Working harder than ever

Since last week, we've been sharing snippets of Toby Fox's interview from Famitsu. The interview focused on Undertale's 5th anniversary, and the development progress of Deltarune: Chapter 2. Now we have the entire translation of that feature, and it's chock full of details on just how the Deltarune work is coming along. Check out the translation below.

Hi everyone.

If you’re reading this, you must have been sticking around for about five years. I want to express my gratitude for everyone that has supported and encouraged me over this time. Thank you.

I’ve said it many many times before, but I didn’t expect the simple game I made to receive so much attention. Because of that, many interesting things have happened, and now I can even spend my time making another game.

It seems both of us received a lot of happiness from this occurrence. If it’s okay, I would like to keep striving to do things that make both of us happy. Let me know what you think about that.


I will make another. I am making a game called “DELTARUNE.” It is the second game in the UNDERTALE series. The game will be released in many “Chapters,” the first of which I released two years ago on Halloween. Since that time, I’ve been working hard to figure out the rest of the game. However, it’s a game that’s much harder to make than UNDERTALE.

Graphics are more complicated and several times more involved
Systems are more complicated
Exposes the weak points of my creative and artistic ability
Plot is much harder to tie together (more characters, more important locations)
Significantly more content than UT in 1 playthrough (especially cutscenes)

I have only made one game ever. Unlike UNDERTALE, this is the type of game that would normally have many designers working on each aspect of the game. A story writer, a composer, an audio director, a map designer, a battle designer, a minigame designer, and an overall director. Instead, all of those roles end up handled by me.

The good news is that a few months ago, I completed a significant milestone regarding the game’s design. I completed readable outlines for every chapter in the game, including first-pass dialogue for almost all the cutscenes, examples of the music, etc. Although certain details are still hazy, the flow of the game and all major events and battles that take place are now clear.

In summary, I largely spent the past two years writing, composing, designing, and drawing. However, that’s not the whole story.

We had actually attempted to develop the game since the time too. Development started around March 2019 and a 99% work was spent on investigating engines alternate to GameMaker, which I used for Chapter 1. Without getting into the details, I decided a few months ago to go back to GameMaker after all. It still felt like the best fit for the project. So using Chapter 1 as a base, we’ve started creating Chapter 2 since May 2020.

A lot of progress has been made since that time. I believe we can complete this chapter, content-wise, before the end of the year (not accounting for translation, bugtesting, and porting). I feel very confident. And the strange thing is, even though we ended up using the original engine, I don’t regret the lost time, either. Not only was I still busy designing the game, but during that long period, I was able to think of many ideas that make the game’s story and characters better.

I’m glad that I’m making the DELTARUNE that I have now and that we are making healthy progress.

DELTARUNE status update

Since there’s a lot to read, I’ll try to put the status of the game in numbered estimates

CHAPTER 2 (04.15.20 – 08.13.20)


Main Design 100% (dialogue, etc.)

Initial Setup: 100% (stuff involved setting up people to make the game, adding debug tools, documentation, etc.)

PHASE 2: IMPLEMENTATION (05.01.20 ~ 08.13.20)

Art: 90%

Cutscenes: 80% (90% are started, needs 2nd pass)

Bullet Patterns: 70% (enemies are mostly completed, bosses are about 40% done, needs 2nd pass)

Non-Bullet Battle Elements: 30% (Some ACTs are done and enemies are fightable, but interactive ACTs need to be completed and polished and the bosses aren’t programmed outside of bullet patterns)

Audio: 80%

Maps: ??% most are started or placeholder, most need 2nd pass. NPC interactions are completed in all spots where written.

Other: 65%


Balancing: 0%

Bugfixing: 0%

Translation: 0%

Porting: 0%



Story and General Game Progression (First-pass) 100%

Cutscene Dialogue (First-pass, lacking cutscene instructions) 95%

Map Design (textual) 70% (varies per chapter, earlier chapters totally completed)

Map Design (drawn) 0% (this takes a lot of wrist energy so I don’t do it until we start programming)

Enemy Design (conceptual) 90% (all bosses are known)

Enemy Design (bullets/visual) 80% (varies per chapter, earlier chapters totally completed)

Music (Concept) 95%

Music (Completed) 50%

Visual Design:

BG concept (First-pass) 75%

Important Character, Bosses (First-pass) 100%


Sprite Art 20%?

Other Content Creation 0%


Release Readiness 0%

Team and disability

You may have noticed from my phrasing, but yes, there is a team helping me create the game. Other than me, there are about three active team members working day-to-day, with a few other people pitching in from time to time. Their roles of the main members are overall content implementation and organization, bullet pattern implementation (part-time), and art (Temmie). Other than designing, I still have the role of system programmer.

I’m extremely grateful to have a team helping me carry out my design especially because of my disabilities, which have also made development more difficult.

Although I have long suffered from wrist and hand pain, about five months ago my wrist was the worst it’s ever been. I could not play the piano, use the mouse, and barely could use the keyboard. I navigated everything through voice to text. Through weightlifting, exercise, and various equipment I have been able to somewhat increase the stamina of my wrist to an extent. Various solutions have included trackball mice for each hand, using voice to text whenever possible, using a foot pedal to click the mouse, etc.

Now I can use the mouse and keyboard for a certain amount each day provided I take frequent breaks. I wish I could work without stopping. Once the world situation improves I would really like to take physical therapy again and/or investigate surgery to repair my wrist.

Future plans

Once we finish Chapter 2, I would like to use it as the base to create future chapters from. After gaining experience from this chapter, I think making future chapters will be easier.

Part of me wonders if we could make the game faster if we increased the size of the team and did something insane like create multiple chapters in parallel. However, another part of me understands that, adding more people doesn’t guarantee that the game will be created faster if it’s not done properly. I’m already just barely avoiding becoming a bottleneck on development even with a team of this size, due to my physical limitations.

To that end, I am interested in making a list of people that could potentially help me make the game*. I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to ask anyone to help, but I think if I could find just 1 person that works well with me, it’s worth asking.

Chapter 2 is proceeding at a good pace, so if we do take anyone on, it will probably only be for Chapter 3 onward. So please understand that anything you send in may not have an immediate result.

Undertale 5th anniversary concert airs today at 9:15 PM ET

Are you determined to watch?

Undertale has a lot of amazing aspects to it, and soundtrack is definitely included in that rundown. To celebrate the game's 5th anniversary, a special virtual concert for the game is going to be held. The action kicks off at 9:15 PM ET, and it's free to watch. Grab a great pair of headphones and tune in later tonight!

Sakurai includes a nod to Undertale's 5th anniversary in his latest Smash Bros. Ultimate pic of the day

The Undertale of two games

Undertale released on this date 5 years ago, and it's still just as popular all this time later. Undertale became an absolute phenomenon that swept the industry, and the effects are still being felt to this day.

The 5th anniversary of Undertale is being celebrated all over the world, with numerous fans, developers, and publishers paying tribute. That includes none other than Masahiro Sakurai, who included a tribute to Undertale in his latest Smash Bros. Ultimate pic of the day.

Toby Fox, creator of Undertale, has said that Earthbound was a huge influence on his work. Clearly Sakurai knows that tidbit as well, as he made sure to include Ness an Onett in the pic!

Undertale 5th anniversary concert and t-shirt revealed

Filled with determination

Toby Fox, creator of Undertale, is celebrating the game's 5th anniversary in style. A special concert is going to be held on September 15th, 2020 at 10 PM EST, which will feature tunes from Undertale as played by MUSIC Engine. This concert will be streamed, which you can watch on the official Undertale YouTube channel or website.

Along with that, Toby Fox has also designed a t-shirt. It will include artwork from Fox on the front, and all proceeds from sales go to charity. More details on this shirt will be shared on the official Undertale website on Sept. 15th, 2020.

UNDERTALE Progressive Rock Opera Fallen Hero Now Available

A new way to experience the soundtrack

Materia Collective is thrilled to release Fallen Hero by arranger and performer Ro Panuganti. Fallen Hero celebrates the five-year anniversary of the indie hit UNDERTALE and tells its story through a 24-track progressive metal concept album, featuring intense guitar-driven arrangements, heart-tugging orchestrations, and eclectic instrumentations. Drawing from 1970s progressive rock and modern progressive/technical metal styles, Fallen Hero re-arranges UNDERTALE's most recognizable themes, battle music, and iconic character scores to tell the charming story of the underground. Over 20 guest artists including FamilyJules (Cadence of Hyrule), String Player Gamer, and Doug Perry contribute.Fallen Hero is available today:

Fallen Hero on All Storefronts

"Rock operas, especially instrumental ones, are definitely rarities to me in the videogame soundtrack and cover world," comments arranger and performer Ro Panuganti. "Fallen Hero can stand out in this domain for telling a motif-heavy story with transitions and sound designs, even when those particular features are quite conventional in concept albums. As a metal album, Fallen Hero distinguishes itself with a huge array of instruments and styles while still keeping a hard-hitting rock and metal production. Sitars, violins, saxophones, clarinets, and more are present whether in the midst of a heavy metal section or their own dedicated space. Sound design bridges the UNDERTALEworld and the musical one, referencing key moments in the game as breaks between all the guitar riffs."

About Ro Panuganti

Ro Panuganti is an active musician, primarily creating progressive rock/metal music. His skills range from electric guitar to bass, vocal, piano, and a slew of traditional Indian instruments. Influences range from 1980s guitar soloists, classic rock and progressive metal groups, as well as varieties of musicals and soundtracks. Ro has been creating rock and metal versions of videogame, television, movie, etc. themes since 2011 have performed in a variety of settings including MAGFest (Music and Gaming Fesitval) and other conventions. His music has been featured on Nickelodeon, Smosh, small indie games including Bacon Man: An Adventure, and albums have performed in the Top 20 Bandcamp Albums in their respective genres. Ro continues to create a variety of videogame metal arrangements and original works, and manage various music-creating communities.

Upcoming issue of Famitsu to include a 16-page feature on Undertale, Toby Fox sharing 'a little something' on Sept. 15th, 2020

Filled with excitement

Believe it or not, we're coming up on the 5th anniversary of Undertale. 5 long years since the game took the industry by storm and created millions of fans in the process. 5 years seems like a great time to celebrate the title, and Famitsu magazine happens to think so as well.

The next issue of Famitsu, due out on Sept. 10th, 2020, is going to include a 16-page feature on Undertale. That includes some artwork from Undertale creator Toby Fox, as well as a special postcard.

Along with that, Fox is teasing something for fans as well. According to a Tweet from Toby, we can expect something to drop on Sept. 15th, 2020.

UNDERTALE’s 5th anniversary is in 2 weeks! There’s going to be a special article about it in next week’s Famitsu. No crazy announcements are planned for the day, but we’ve prepared a little something to show fans on 9/15

Check out Toby Fox's message from Indie Live Expo 2020

It's worth the watch!

A message to all Indie Creators from Toby Fox!

Fangamer gets some new Undertale merch

Determined to sell more merch

Fangamer already has an extensive line of Undertale merch, but they've just expanded the lineup today with two new items. Fans can now snag a Mad Mew Mew t-shirt, along with an Asgore poster. If either of these items look good to you, you can snag an order right here.


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