Dragalia Lost - Content update for November 23rd 2020, Chapter 16 interlude added

Dragalia Lost - Version 2.2.0 coming November 25th, new difficulty level known as "Volk's Wrath: Legend" to be added

Dragalia Lost - The New Year's Tidings: A Clawful Caper summon showcase has started, features 5★ adventurer Mitsuhide and 5★ dragon Daikokuten

Dragalia Lost - Gala Dragalia Remix (November 2020)

Here we go again, gang. The latest Dragalia Lost news is here, and you can check out the trailer above to see what's on the way.

Dragalia Lost - content update for Nov. 11th, 2020

[Event Quests] Master Difficulty has been added to Tartarus’s Wrath (no end date)

Dragalia Lost - Northern Negotiators Event begins, Defensive Event bonus also available

Dragalia Lost - content update for Nov. 6th, 2020

[Events] The following Events are now live: Void battles triple drops event (available until November 9th)

[Summoning] The latest Platinum Showcase is now live. It features the following Adventurers: Ilia, Summer Mikoto. (available until November 13th)

[Log-in Bonus] To celebrate the announcement of the Princess Connect! Re: Dive – A Voracious Visitor event, all players can now claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Wyrmite x1200 (available until December 13th)

Nintendo announces new Dragalia Lost events in celebration of the game's 2nd anniversary, Princess Connect event announced

In celebration of the 2nd anniversary for Dragalia Lost, Nintendo has announced that they shall be collaborating with Cygames. Cygames is responsible for developing another mobile game, Princess Connect! Re:Dive, and content from that game will soon begin to appear in Dragalia Lost. The event will also include a new theme song.

Dragalia Lost - content update for Nov. 4th, 2020

[Events] The following Events are now live: Light-attuned adventurer upgrade events, Shadow-attuned adventurer upgrade events, The Imperial Onslaught (flame) double drops event, Double drops and half-stamina event for certain main campaign quests (available until November 13th)

[Summoning] The latest Summon Showcase is now live: The Phantom’s Ransom. It features the following: Opera Karina (Adventurer), Giovanni (Dragon). (available until November 13th)

[Other] The Mana Spiral has been added to the following Adventurers: Laranoa, Renee (no end date)

Dragalia Lost "Summon Showcase: The Phantom's Ransom" trailer

Time once again to take a look at what's coming up for Dragalia Lost. Check out the trailer above to see the next round of content in the works.


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