Customers are finding some random things in their Switch game purchases

What's in the box?

When you head to a big-name game retailer, you expect to get the item you purchase. For example, when you buy Pokemon Sword and Shield, you're thinking you'll open up the box and find the game card inside. For Reddit user Au_rai, things were a bit different. He opened up his copy of Pokemon Shield to find...two copies of the game! As far as being surprised by what's in a game box, this is definitely very high on the positive end of things!

Unfortunately for Redditor SHADOWSTRIKE1, his situation was a bit different. He bought a copy of Super Mario Party from Walmart, and found weird bits of foam inside the box. Unfortunately, it looks like people are still pulling the trick of buying a game, returning it without the game inside, and making off with the game free of charge.

Moving into the holiday season, you're probably going to be picking up multiple games for yourself or others. Make sure to grab a gift receipt to avoid any issues like the Super Mario Party one above! If the game is for you, pop the box open at the store before you leave!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Adventure Guidebook bundle, Super Mario Odyssey Travel Guidebook bundle, and Super Mario Party Joy-Con Set seeing re-release in Japan

The bundles are back

Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo will be restocking the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Adventure Guidebook bundle, Super Mario Odyssey Travel Guidebook bundle, and Super Mario Party Joy-Con Set in Japan. These bundles are unchanged from their original releases, and all are due out Nov. 22nd, 2019.

Super Mario Party's source code contains references to DLC, as well as an unused board (UPDATE)

A look at what could have been

UPDATE - The dataminers behind this discovery have admitted to a mistake. It turns out they were looking at source code for Super Mario Party and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at the same time, and got the code between the two games mixed up. The DLC mentions are for Mario + Rabbids, but the unused board does indeed come from Super Mario Party. You can find the original story below.


Many thought DLC for Super Mario Party was a lock, but nothing has been announced since the game's launch. It seems like the chance of DLC now is slimmer than ever, but dataminers have found evidence that points to DLC being in Nintendo's plans at some point during development.

The game's code makes mention of both ‘SeasonPass’ and ‘DLC1,’ which are hard to read as anything other than post-launch content plans. Why these never came to fruition is unknown, but it turns out Nintendo had some other plans that were scrapped as well.

Among the source code was data for an unused city themed board. This could have been a test board at some point, or a planned board that never made it past the initial concept stage.

Nintendo releases "Switch My Way" commercials featuring Luigi's Mansion 3, Super Mario Party & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

What way will you Switch?

Nintendo is continuing their 'Switch My Way' campaign with some new commercials, but these feature the Switch Lite. Other than that, it's business as usual, as the commercials highlight some longtail-sellers, as well as up-and-coming titles.

Super Mario Party hits 1 million physical units sold in Japan

Time to party!

Super Mario Party has hit a milestone in Japan. The title has managed to move 1 million physical copies since launch, which is quite the feat! We don't have the data on how many digital units were sold, but you can be sure it bumps that million figure up by a considerable amount.

Jamie Lee Curtis and her son join Game Grumps for a special Super Mario Party episode

How did this even happen?!

I don't think I'll ever write a more random title than that, but it's absolutely appropriate! The latest episode of Game Grumps sees Jamie Lee Curtis and her son Tom join the grumps for some Super Mario Party action. If you want to see who comes out the victor, you'll just have to watch!

Super Mario Party & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 'Switch My Way' commercial

Mario and Mario, your way

Play the games you love, however you like. Super Mario Party & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Party updated to Version 1.0.1

Party time, excellent!

As far as we can tell, Super Mario Party has gotten its first update. This brings the game up to Version 1.0.1. You can find the official patch notes below.

- Fixed an issue with Online Mariothon in which ranking data was not displaying properly.

Renewed advertising push for Super Mario Party in Japan has fans wondering if DLC is on the way

Pushy Penguins 2.0?

A lot of people have wondered why Super Mario Party didn't get any DLC. Be it new game boards, modes, or mini-games, the entry seems ripe for DLC efforts. That's why it's surprising to see that Nintendo hasn't even made mention of DLC plans for the game. While we wait for anything from Nintendo on that front, some fans in Japan are thinking content is in the works.

Multiple Japanese Switch fans have noticed a big increase in Super Mario Party marketing lately. Not only does that include online adverts across social media and more, it also includes new efforts in-store. Some retailers are even putting together new sections/displays for Super Mario Party.

We know Nintendo likes their longtail sellers, but these marketing efforts seem like they have more of a purpose behind them. I guess we'll just have to cross our fingers and hang tight!

Pokemon: Let's GO and Super Mario Party - Latest French commercials

Nintendo continues their evergreen push with new commercials for both Pokemon: Let's GO and Super Mario Party in France. With the units these games continue to move months after launch, I can't blame Nintendo for keeping the commercials coming!


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