Season 2 revealed for Trials Rising

Ranked multiplayer, medieval racing, and more

Trials Rising Season 2: Medieval Motor Mayhem is underway, introducing a new season of ranked multiplayer, new customization items, a brand-new Shopping Cart fun bike, and a first-ever Track Pack.


Season 2 brings a new season of ranked multiplayer and a new seasonal reward. Climb your way through the divisions to earn different parts of the Golden Ronin outfit to be awarded at the end of the season.


If you have ever wondered what a medieval shopping cart would look like, Season 2 has got you covered with its debut of a new ride: the Shopping Cart. This unique bike presents new challenges as you can only control the cart, and your rider has to stay in the cart while you make your way through select courses. Accompanying the Shopping Cart is a new Track Pack to explore the Faire with five all-new, medieval-themed tracks.


Alongside the new multiplayer rewards comes a wealth of new customization items, which will arrive regularly throughout the season. There will be two new rider outfits, the Ronin and the Knight, as well as two new bike skins. In addition to these outfits and skins, there will be four new knight- or samurai-themed headlights, ten new themed helmet accessories, and ten new themed stickers. Once you have decked out your rider and bike to your heart’s content, you will be able to showcase them in new ways, thanks to the addition of five new loading poses, five new victory animations, and two new lose animations.


Season 2 will bring a special limited-time Summer Event in July. This will include a new Summer Swimsuit outfit available in the store or through the Summer Event Gear Crates, a summer-themed headlight, and eight helmet accessories. Be sure to collect all the ice cream cones hidden across various tracks to claim an exclusive helmet only available through this Ubisoft Club challenge!


Keep your eye on the official Ubisoft Twitch channel during E3 and other big events to unlock the special Sentai helmet!

The Cat Mario Show: Ep. 138 (Japan)

Meow streaming

The latest episode of the Cat Mario Show is now available. This episode takes a look at Nintendo Labo's VR Kit, BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!, and Trials Rising.

Trials Rising's Sixty-Six expansion is now available

Execute order 66

SAN FRANCISCO — April 16, 2019 — Today, Ubisoft launched Trials® Rising Sixty-Six, the first expansion for the newest iteration of the gripping motorcycle platform series. Trials Rising Sixty-Six will release on April 16 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, Nintendo SwitchTM and Windows PC.

Arriving just a few weeks after Season 1 kicked off, Trials Rising Sixty-Six will allow players to ride along the most legendary road in the United States: Route 66. Whether it is riding across the Grand Canyon or through the Windy City, Sixty-Six provides the perfect backdrop for players to improve their backflip skills and race to the finish line.

After completing League 3 in the base game, players will have the opportunity to experience all that Sixty-Six has to offer, including twenty-four new tracks with two Stadium Finals and two Skill Games. Protect your rider from hard-hitting obstacles with the American Football Outfit, which features a football helmet, jersey, football pants and cleats. Also included are new Contracts and new hidden golden squirrel collectibles, designed especially for the occasion. Collect them all to receive more fame.

Sixty-Six is available as standalone purchase for $8 or as part of the Expansion Pass for $20. The Expansion Pass includes Trials Rising Sixty-Six – Expansion I, Trials Rising Crash & Sunburn – Expansion II, the Stuntman Rider Pack and the Samurai Item Pack.

In addition to Sixty-Six, Private Multiplayer mode is now available at no additional cost to Trials Rising players on PlayStation, Xbox and Windows PC platforms, where players can put their friends to the test on the same track.

For the latest news on Trials Rising and other Ubisoft games, please visit news.ubisoft.com

Trials Rising bumped up to Version 1.03

Bugs falling

Trials Rising has gotten an update, bringing it up to Version 1.03. Check out the full patch notes for the update below.


[ALL PLATFORMS] Multiplayer Matchmaking Improvements
[ALL PLATFORMS] Stability fixes and improvements to Party Mode (local multiplayer)


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused inventory items to duplicate
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that prevented Ubisoft Club rewards from appearing in a player’s inventory
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused infinite loading for some items in a player’s inventory
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fix for Season One stickers not appearing in Garage
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue with the Squirrel helmet disappearing from players’ inventory
[ALL PLATFORMS] Inventory stability updates


[ALL PLATFORMS] Updated Track Central so that players will be returned to the search/feed and last track viewed after exiting a track
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that could select impossible ghosts to race against on custom tracks
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused the wrong track type to be displayed in track info on Track Central
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that removed custom tracks from favourites when exiting Track Central
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed “My Best” entry in custom skill games on Track Central that displayed time when the primary score was set as something else


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused track save files to disappear from the Track Editor after over-writing saves
[ALL PLATFORMS] Track time will now appear in the Track Editor after completing a test run
[ALL PLATFORMS] Added advanced object properties to effects in the Track Editor
[ALL PLATFORMS] Various tool fixes and updates
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused the rider to instantly crash if a driveline is placed close to the world limits in the Track Editor
[SWITCH] Fixed some incorrect button inputs displayed in the Track Editor


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused decals placed on tires to appear on the wrong side of the tire
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a visual bug in the front forks of Rhino & Tandem bikes
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed some clipping issues with various rider gear items & poses
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed some customization bugs on the Wide Surface Body Kit


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that could cause a crash after removing tracks from the party mode playlist
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixes and improvements to prepare for the 66 Expansion
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixes and improvements to prepare for Easter Event
[ALL PLATFORMS] Various stability updates & fixes
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a crash that occurred when crossing the finish line on the Hill Climb skill game
[SWITCH][PS4] Fixed an issue that could cause a crash while launching the game


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed various localization & text errors
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed missing visualizations on some University of Trials tracks
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that prevented new challengers from appearing on the world map when the challengers filter is active
[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that displayed the “Season Finished!” pop-up when returning to the main menu in offline mode

EDGE #331 - review scores

Trials by fire

Not really much to speak of as far as Nintendo-related reviews in this month's issue of EDGE. Still, the one Switch-related title they reviewed got a pretty great score, especially by EDGE standards.

Trials Rising - 8

Trials Rising - Season One kicks off today

Win the coveted 'Golden Cowboy' outfit

Start your engines, Riders, the first Trials Rising season has now begun. Join the race today! The race for prestige, glory, and an exclusive rider outfit is on. By competing in online multiplayer races and climbing through the ranks, you can claim a five-piece Golden Cowboy Outfit as your exclusive reward.

Trials Rising - Accolades trailer

Rise above

In celebration of Trials Rising Launch we teamed up with some of the top gaming personalities to see how the in-game experience compares to riding in real life. Join Mini Ladd, Daithi de Nogla, CaptainSparklez, CaRtOoNz, Thinknoodles, and eMBeaR on this Trials Rising adventure.

Digital Foundry - Trials Rising: Switch vs PS4/Xbox One Graphics Comparison

Runs decently, looks very different

A push too far? Switch is cut back quite aggressively for Trials Rising, but the physics-based driving is still as compelling as ever – even at 30fps. For posterity, Tom runs over the details of just what you're missing next to the full-fat PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Breaking down Trials Rising's debut sales in the UK

Trials Rising hit the Switch last week through both retail and the eShop. When it comes to retail sales in the UK, the game took the 10th place spot overall when combining all platforms. The specific breakdown for the game saw 39% going to PS4, 33% on Xbox One, and 28% going to Switch.

Trials Rising - Japanese promo video

Explore over-the-top action and physics-bending motorcycle racing in the latest entry in the Trials franchise. With over 125 new tracks, Trials® Rising is easy to pick up and play, challenging to master, and offers the best multiplayer racing experience ever.