Trials Rising "Welcome back to the Gigatrack" trailer

The longest Trials track yet!

Trials Rising is getting a free content update on July 16th, 2020, which will give players access to the Gigatrack. This track is the largest track ever created for a Trials game, and will be a true test of your skills and endurance. Think you can make it to the end?

Trials Rising "Journey of Trials" now available

New trials await

The 6th Season of Trials Rising begins June 26, and with it comes the all-new Tevatron Bike, new customization items, and a new Summer event! Catch all this and more in Season 6 - Journey of Trials.

You can enjoy Season 6: Journey of Trials starting today, and it's sticking around all the way until Sept. 8th, 2020.

Trials Rising gets its 12th post-launch content update

Ubisoft has released the 12th post-launch content update for Trials Rising. Check out the full details below.

Track Central

Several navigation improvements including:
User is returned to the proper search/feed page after viewing “track details”
User is returned to the proper search/feed page after viewing “track details” and then viewing “Creator profile”
User is returned to the proper search/feed page after playing tracks from the “More from Creator” search
“Play against” is now available regardless if a track has been downloaded.

Private Multiplayer

Changed the limit of “Favorites” displayed in private multiplayer from 30 to 120.
Fixed an issue where the game incorrectly adds user-created tracks when scrolling down from the last row of feeds/search results in Private Multiplayer
UI fix to a workaround that allowed users to add duplicate tracks causing a crash.
On Xbox, the Wheelie mode and Burning Bike bar are no longer doubled on screen.

Other Fixes

Only owned Track Packs will display a preview UI in the world map when playing offline, addressing an issue that caused unowned Track Packs to show a price of “Free” when viewed offline.
BlazeJP decal background transparency has been fixed.
Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using “Rider Path” in the Track Editor.
Fixed an issue causing connectivity issues to the Ubisoft Club on Nintendo Switch.
In public multiplayer, you can now see the name of the rider you are spectating.
The “Display” decal category in the Track Editor has been split into 3 categories to address navigation issues, Display, Display+ & Display ++
Improvements to profanity filters in the Track Editor to avoid most false positives

Trials Rising: Journey of Trials "Season 6" trailer

The 6th Season of Trials Rising begins June 26, and with it comes the all-new Tevatron Bike, new customization items, and a new Summer event! Catch all this and more in Season 6 - Journey of Trials.

Trials Rising 'May 2020' update now available

Trials Rising has gotten its May 2020 update. Check out full patch notes for this update below.

Leaderboard Clean Up

The Trials Rising Live team has been working to clean-up some incorrect times on the leaderboards. Over the last few weeks some clean-up has been happing on the leaderboards and more is on the horizon after TU11 is released:

Recalculated global score for all players in the top 200
Recalculated global score for various other profiles identified as having inconsistencies
Removing scores achieved using an exploit on the Out of Control skill game
Removing scores achieved due to a bug on the Texas Turmoil Stadium Finals
Removing scores achieved using an exploit on the track Tilting at Windmills

Patch Notes


[PC] Fixed a network issue that caused 1-2 second pauses during gameplay due to calls being made to the server


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a physics exploit on the track Tilting at Windmills

Track Central

[ALL PLATFORMS] Increase cache time for active feed (improves loading times when reentering Track Central after playing a track)


[ALL PLATFORMS] Changed behavior of the current song UI to not reappear when restarting the track

[ALL PLATFORMS] Current song UI will be hidden during gameplay when the music volume is turned to zero

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed Gear Crate preview to display all items organized by rarity

[ALL PLATFORMS] Changed Next Medal UI on Track Central Ninja tracks to display faults instead of time

[STADIA] Fixed a bug that displayed “#0” after Stadia profile names on the leaderboard


[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed mismatching IDs for various textures in the Track Editor’s Decal tool

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that caused the “Easy to Learn, Hard to Master” sticker to have a black background instead of transparent

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that changed the appearance of Terrain Materials texture #182

Controller/Input Devices

[STADIA] Fixed a bug that caused input setting to not be retained when rebooting the game

[STADIA] Fixed an issue that caused input to repeat when playing on Chromecast

[STADIA] Fixed UI to display controller inputs for the most recently used input device

Track Editor

[STADIA] Fixed inconsistent Test Track behavior when creating a Supercross mode track

[SWITCH] Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze if the physics radius is set above 200m

Gear Store

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed incorrect redirect after reporting an item


[ALL PLATFORMS] Adjusted rider posture when riding the Crawler


[ALL PLATFORMS] – After the May 28 patch Track Pack Icons on the world map will incorrectly display their price as “Free” when viewed in offline mode. The Track Pack cannot be purchased offline and after reconnecting, the correct Acorn price will update and display before confirming a purchase. This bug is expected to be fixed in our next patch.

Trials Rising Apr. 2020 patch now live

Make sure to update your game

Version 1.0.11 of Trials Rising has gone live for all platforms including Nintendo Switch. Introducing Bike Leaderboards, the ability to disable ghosts, and plenty of other fixes and improvements, check out the full patch notes from Ubisoft below.


Are you an apex Alpaca rider? Maybe you dominate on the Donkey. With the release of this patch, bike curious players will be able to compete across Trials Rising’s world of tracks on any available bike and save their time to bike-specific leaderboards. Bike leaderboards will be available on in-game Trials Tracks, Stadium Finals & Ninja Tracks for any bike that is available to ride. Bike leaderboards are accessed from track leaderboards under the BIKE tab. Bike leaderboards will only start to record entries after the patch is released, times made on different bikes prior to the patch will not appear on bike leaderboards.


The thrill of competition is a big part of Trials Rising but sometimes you might just want to have some alone time on the track. With the new Disable Ghost option found in the Game Options menu, you can remove most ghosts from the single-player experience of Trials Rising. No ghosts on tracks, in loading screens or the results screens. There are a few exceptions: ghosts will still appear when playing Challengers, completing Contracts that require beating a ghost and in Stadium Finals.


Sometimes you’re just not feeling it and want to move on to the next. If we’re talking about tracks in private multiplayer or songs on the soundtrack we’ve got two new options for you. In Private Multiplayer matches the host can skip the current track with the restart button and move on to the next track in the playlist.

At nearly any point in the game, it’s also now possible to skip the current song playing. This can be done with a push of a button or through the pause menu. This feature also includes a new UI element that displays the name of the current song in the upper right corner of the screen. This element appears briefly when a new song starts and when first loading a new track.


The collection of bike & rider gear available in Gear Crates is getting a lot larger. Up until now, Gear Crates have included around 25-30 customization items. The new gigafied Gear Crates have 167 different items to potentially pull from when opened.



[ALL PLATFORMS]The order of bikes in the bike selection menu adjusted to move Helium & Donkey directly after the Mantis


[ALL PLATFORMS] New stickers, including some created by and for Trials Elite players are available in Track Editor & Sticker Store

Track Editor

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused icons to flicker when viewing the “Display” category in the decal tool

Track Central

[ALL PLATFORMS] Optimizations to track thumbnail loading

In-Game Stores

[ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a connection error that occurred when trying to buy or sell certain customization items

Trials Rising "Microtracks Classic Track Pack" detailed

Take a trip down memory lane

Things are starting to heat up in the Arena of Menace! Prepare your fingers and thumbs for a new unique challenge coming to the world of Trials Rising. On Thursday, March 26, take a trip down memory lane with the Microtracks Classic Track Pack and revisit a time when Trials tracks were very short and very hard.

This track pack is all about straightforward speedrunning and trying again and again. A throwback to the original Trials browser games from 20 years past, this track pack includes 12 arena-based microtracks including 4 Medium, 4 Hard & 4 Extreme tracks. Located on the World Map in North Africa, each track will take around 10-15 seconds for the seasoned player. Checkpoints? The Arena of Menace don’t need no checkpoints! These short tests of Trials skill must be passed without faults, start to finish. If you strive for perfection you’ll have to put in the practice on these delightfully technical tracks.

Get ready to jump on your bike and get to grinding, Rider! Starting March 26th, we’ll see you on the Microtrack leaderboards.

Trials Rising: Season 5 "Arena of Menace" heading to Japan

Tis the season!

Trials Rising's fifth season, Arena of Menace, is heading to Switch in NA/EU on March 12th, 2020, but our friends in Japan will have to wait a bit longer. The update has been announced for March 26th, 2020, and it will include the same content as other regions. Check out a recap of what to expect from this season here.

Trials Rising: Arena of Menace "Season 5" Trailer

A menace to society

Arena of Menace is underway, introducing the fifth season of ranked multiplayer, new customization items, a novelty King Crab fun bike and the brand new Microtracks Classic track pack.

Trials Rising's "Arena of Menace" Season 5 event detailed

Menace to society

Trials Rising is going to kick off its Arena of Menace event on March 12th, 2020, and as you might expect, it's chock-full of new content. Get the full rundown of this event below.

Our Expedition has been fun, but it’s time to get back to work. This season you’ll step into the arena and get ready to hone your skills in pure and true Trials fashion – trying again! Beginning on March 12, Season 5 – Arena of Menace will kick off and over the following weeks will see the release of new outfits, bike skins, poses, animations, stickers, helmet accessories, a brand-new fun bike, and the Microtracks Classic Track Pack.


It just wouldn’t be a new season without some fresh rewards to help show off your multiplayer dominance. Work your way through the ranks and earn the all-new Golden Body Cast Outfit. You’ll look like the King of the Tracks in this Tut inspired outfit. Hail to the king!


A new season of Trials means new ways to keep your rider looking fresh. Arena of Menace will allow you to acknowledge the struggle of trying again with the Body Cast Outfit. You may be blown away by all of our exciting, explosive content, but our Specialist outfit will keep your rider just as safe as the bomb squad armor it’s inspired by.

Mix these outfits with some of the new poses, animations, stickers, and helmet accessories to bring a new level of customization to your rider. Don’t forget to modernize your Alpaca with the Super Elektro Skin or add a little danger to your Mantis with the Turbo Fury Skin!

New Content:

3 New outfits -- Golden Body Cast Outfit (Ranked Multiplayer Reward), Body Cast Outfit, The Specialist Outfit
2 New bike skins – Super Elektro Bike Skin and the Turbo Fury Bike Skin
10 Helmet Accessories
8 Animations
5 Poses
10 Stickers


Arena of Menace doesn’t just bring with it a host of new items to make your rider and bike look like new, but it also brings with it a brand-new fun bike to freshen up your experience as well. With considerably higher reverse speed than any bike in Trials Rising, the King Crab also presents fresh possibilities for builders looking to explore new obstacle types in the track editor. Whether you’re looking to ride low, climb high, or race in reverse, the King Crab Fun Bike will get you where you need to go.


This track pack is all about straightforward speedrunning and trying again and again. A throwback to the original Trials browser games from 20 years past, this track pack includes 12 arena based microtracks. These short technical tracks will require practice and patience to conquer. You’ll also have to do each microtrack all in one go, there are no checkpoints in the Arena of Menace. The Microtracks Classic Track Pack will release on March 26. Stay tuned for more!


April 2nd will mark the return of the Trials Rising’s original seasonal event, the Easter Event. During the event collect 10 hidden collectables to earn the exclusive Chicken helmet. The Easter Bunny outfit will be back and available in the Bundle Store. Leveling up during the event will reward event Gear Crates that can contain some additional Easter themed customization items. If you missed the Easter Event or any of these items the first time around you’ve got another opportunity this season.

Thanks for continuing to Ride with us. Until next time, we’ll see you on the leaderboards!


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