Ubisoft Details Year Four of Brawlhalla Esports with List of Offline Events

SAN FRANCISCO — February 25, 2019 — Today, Ubisoft announced all the offline events for Year Four of Brawlhalla Esports, including more than $500,000 in prize money in 2019.

While many official tournaments for Brawlhalla take place online, a large portion of them will take place at in-person tournaments that feature multiple competitive games alongside Brawlhalla. All of these tournaments will include brackets for 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, with an even split in prize pool for each, and registration for any Brawlhalla bracket is free.

Here is the full list of offline Brawlhalla tournaments for this year:

Final Round 2019 | Atlanta, GA | March 15-17 | $20,000 Prize
DreamHack Dallas | Dallas, TX | May 31-June 2 | $20,000 Prize
DreamHack Summer | Jönköping, Sweden | June 15-17 | $20,000 Prize
CEO 2019 (Mid-season Championship) | June 28-30 | $50,000 Prize
Low Tier City 7 | Arlington, TX | July 12-14 | $20,000 Prize
Shine 2019 | Worcester, MA | August 23-25 | $20,000 Prize
DreamHack Montreal | Montreal, Quebec | September 6-8 | $20,000 Prize
DreamHack Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands | October 18-20 | $20,000 Prize
DreamHack Atlanta (World Championship) | Atlanta, GA | November 15-17 | $100,000 Prize

Each Brawlhalla tournament can be viewed live on the official Brawlhalla Twitch channel, twitch.tv/brawlhalla, or at any time after on youtube.com/brawlhalla.

To register for any of these events and more, please visit: smash.gg/Brawlhalla

Developed by Blue Mammoth, Brawlhalla is an epic free-to-play platform fighting game that brings players to the fight for glory in the halls of Valhalla. Choosing from over 40 unique characters, players can jump into single-player and co-op modes as well as online and local competitions. Brawlhalla is now available on PC and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system with more than 15 million players, as well as the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch™ system.

For more information on Brawlhalla, please visit: http://www.brawlhalla.com

For the latest news on Brawlhalla and all of Ubisoft’s games, visit Ubisoft News: https://news.ubisoft.com/

Brawlhalla - Version 3.37 now available

Happy Valhallentine’s Day! It’s that time of year again, where we all take a moment to think of the ones we love most! Sure, there might be some accidental knockouts in 2v2, but in the end, we remember this well said poem from last year’s celebration –

Landmines are red
Bombs are blue
I think you’re a knockout
Let’s play 2v2

See the list below for all the Valhallentine treats:


Secret Admirer Zariel – “Would you be my Valentine?”
Lovelaced Ada – “This sweet romance will leave you hurting.”
Heartbreaker Barraza – “Giving love a bad name.”
Suitor Lucien – “If looks could kill (and they do).”
Heart of Hathor Mirage – “No better way to be welcomed to the afterlife.”
Demon Bride Hattori – “They say marriage changes you. Bonus: Horrific visage with Hattori’s expressions.”
Eternal Love Brynn – “Fall in love with her forever, and ever, and ever.”
Classy Roland – “A rose in his teeth, eleven more in his chest hair.”
Date Night Nai – “She even likes the same bands you do.”

Full patch notes here

Brawlhalla Celebrates 20 Million Players With Fact-Filled Infographic

Full infographic here

Brawlhalla, the free-to-play fighter developed by Ubisoft studio Blue Mammoth Games, has been a battleground for more than 20 million players since its 2015 launch. How many fights have unfolded in that span of time? How much cash has been awarded at Brawlhalla tournaments? And which Legends are picked most frequently? These questions and more are answered in the following infographic, which reveals some impressive stats.

Brawlhalla - Version 3.36 now available (full patch notes)

Speaking to the stars and using glimpses of the future, Fait battles for good with her Scythe and Orb!

Also, for a limited time, we’ve added a new Avatar and Weapon Skin for Orb to celebrate the 2019 Winter Championship! We’re also rolling out the first phase of language options on PC. Additionally, we’ve changed the Brawl of the Week to Switchcraft 2v2, added some new Test Features, made a few bug fixes, and updated the free-to-play Legend Rotation.

To catch the latest Brawlhalla news and content, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram!

Fait – “The Star Speaker”
Weapons: Orb, Scythe
Stats: 7 Strength, 4 Dexterity, 4 Defense, 7 Speed
“As her power grew, she learned to deduce a human’s fate from the smallest visions.”

Fait enters with 3 new Skins:

Cosmic Fait – “The weight of the world rests comfortably in her hands.”
Dark Arts Fait – “You’ve met with a terrible Fait, haven’t you?”
Feline Fait – “Best seat in the house. Bonus: Butterscotch poses with Fait’s actions!”
Also, Butterscotch wears the shades in the “Deal With It” Taunt.

Check out the full patch notes here

Brawlhalla - Version 3.35 trailer and patch notes

Loki has been capturing Legends before they reach Valhalla and locking them in a timeless vault. Shin Sekai Koji, the newest Epic Skin, alongside Mythic Hero Val and Prizefighter Cross combat their way through Terminus to escape from Loki’s Grasp (a new KO effect)!

We’re also featuring a new Brawl of the Week – Ghosts in the Terminus, added some game improvements like Matchmaking Adjustments and Improved Framerates, Bug Fixes, and updated the free-to-play Legend Rotation. Lastly, as the snow on the stages begin to melt and the Brawlhalliday items are packed away until next year, we say goodbye to the daily +250 Gold Brawlhalliday login bonus.

Full patch notes here

Brawlhalla - Version 3.34 now available (full patch notes)

Brawlhalla has gotten a major update leading into the holidays. Check out the full patch notes on Version 3.34 below!

Happy Brawlhallidays! Naughty or nice, we’re celebrating the season with festive new treats, like new Skins for Wu Shang and Artemis, a new Podium, a new Weapon Skin and lots more for those who want to get into the Brawlhalliday spirit. Dusk is also debuting for the first time on the free-to-play Legend Rotation and has his price reduced! We’ve sped up the loading times for all console versions of the game. Skyforged and Goldforged Orb also make their way into Mallhalla and can be purchased with hard-earned Glory. There’s also a balance pass, bonus login Gold for the Brawlhallidays event, game improvements, bug fixes, and so much more! Enjoy the patch and have a happy Brawlhallidays!

Brawlhallidays Event

It’s the most wonderful time in Valhalla! Celebrate the Brawlhalliday cheer with new Skins for Wu Shang and Artemis, a new Podium, and a new winter-themed Weapon Skin for Katars.

See the list below for all the Brawlhalliday treats:


Santa Wu Shang – “He’s making a list and KO-ing you twice!”
Future Spirit Artemis – “The ghost of knockouts yet to come.”
Nutcracker Val – “Exterminator. No job too big, or small, or seven-headed. Open holidays and nighttime.”
Nutcracker Bödvar – “Neither mouse nor king can stand against true bravery.”
Snowman Kor – “Don’t put rocks in snowballs. Someone could get hurt.”
Krampus Cross – “He’s got this in the bag.”
Holly Jolly Ember – “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Stock.”
Wreck the Halls Teros – “Who’s the most famous now?”
Secret Santa Thatch – “Yo ho ho ho!”

Winner Wonderland’18 Podium
“All aboard on the Valhalla Express!”
Weapon Skin

Winter Daggers – “Watch out for frostbite!”
A Weapon Skin for Katars!

Winter Holiday Colors
These colors are sure to be a KO with their red, green, and white colors.
Available for every Legend!
KO Effect

Frostbite – “Hope you brought a coat.”

Bomby the Snowman Avatar
An animated Avatar!
“And he waved goodbye
Saying don’t you cry
Stand a safe distance away.”
Mjolnir Snowflake Avatar
“Only Thor can catch this on his tongue.”
Purchasable with your hard-earned Gold!
Brawlhallidays will also feature snow on Maps, a UI Takeover and +250 Gold per login!


Let it snow! Find Brawlhalliday items by following the snowflakes in Mallhalla!
Introducing new Skins for Wu Shang and Artemis
Exclusive Skins for Val, Bödvar, Kor, Cross, Ember, Teros, and Thatch.
New Podium: Winner Wonderland’18
New winter-themed Weapon Skin for Katars
Frostbite KO Effect
Brawlhalliday Avatars
Winter Holiday Colors
Dusk’s price has been reduced to 5400 gold!
Skyforged and Goldforged Orb can now be purchased with hard-earned Glory.
Check out the new Sales items!

Brawl of the Week – Stay Frosty!

Celebrate the holidays and get your Snowbrawl on at 150% damage! Face off against 3 other Legends in this 3 minute FFA. Score 1 point for hitting someone with a snowball, 3 points for getting a KO, and lose 1 point for being KO’d. Most points at the end wins!

Unlimited Stocks
150% Damage
3 minutes
Console Loading Improvements

We made some changes to the way the console version of the game loads files and it should dramatically decrease startup times. While this won’t affect anything during gameplay, it should make it easier to hop into a brawl session whenever you want!

Gameplay Improvements

Improved game launch times on all consoles.
The animation of blowing a horn to summon a Sidekick is no longer interrupted by movement.
Tournament mode bots now do the slow clap emote on the tournament bracket screen instead of the crying emote.
Added to Test Features

Directional Gravity Cancel:
Directional Dodges can be Gravity Canceled into a grounded attack within the first 5 frames.
The attack is based on the direction of the dodge: A downward dodge will only cancel into a Down Light or Down Signature.
Spot Dodge and Chase Dodge behavior is unchanged.
Bugs Fixes

Fixed texture resolution issues for the login bonus screen on consoles.
Fixed a bug where the Hub could not be reached with a keyboard or controller while the Pause menu is open while spectating.
Fixed bug that caused Apocalypse Mirage to not animate when holding a spear.
Fixed a bug on Orb DownAir that could cause you to get the air version when mantling a ledge.
Fixed a bug on Steam, Xbone, and PS4 where the right stick would move instead of taunt if the “Improved Joysticks” option was unchecked.
Steam PC-only: Fixed a bug where having -multikeyboard enabled could cause the game to crash during start-up in extremely rare cases.
Fixed rare crash when getting mission descriptions.
Fixed problems that could occur when resuming the game after Xbox One was asleep.
Fixed a bug where the turn animation would not play while Fastfalling.
Fixed bug on Nintendo Switch where the background was not showing up correctly on the Wheel test map.


Throwing weapons, particularly from dashes and dash-jumps, could build damage too quickly over the course of a match. We have decreased the damage dealt by thrown weapons to bring them in line with their range and utility.

Weapon Throw: Decreased Damage dealt by thrown Weapons by 20%. (Gadgets remain at their previous values).

The Axe’s ground kit could often be difficult to strike stacked opponents, so we have shifted some power from the aerial kit to afford greater ease in use and coverage on the Neutral Light.

Axe Neutral Light: Increased coverage near the user.
Axe Down Air: Decreased Forced from 60 Fixed/35 Variable to 58 Fixed/34 Variable.

We have increased the reward and ease of use on the Bow’s horizontal attacks, as it had fallen behind the edgeguard and stage control potential of other weapons with similar range.

Bow Side Air: Increased Stun from 21 to 25; Slightly increased threat coverage near the user.
Bow Side Light: Decreased Time to Hit from 11 to 10.

The Blasters’ Recovery has proven to slightly outpace other strong knockout options in the game, so we have shifted some of that force into its low-powered, horizontal knockout potential. We have also increased the time to hit for the Down Light, given the increased versatility of its follow-up options.

Blasters Recovery: Decreased Force from 52 Fixed/49 Variable to 52 Fixed/47 Variable.
Blasters Down Light: Decreased Damage from 16 to 14; Increased Time to Hit from 8 to 9.
Blasters Side Air: Increased Force from 49 Fixed/40 Variable to 49 Fixed/42 Variable.

The Cannon’s on-stage game finds increased viability with safer use of its Down Light combo starter and greater knockout potential on its Neutral Air combo ender and anti-air.

Cannon Down Light: Decreased Recover Time on miss from 2 Fixed/13 Variable to 0 Fixed/13 Variable.
Cannon Neutral Air: Angle of knockback is now significantly more vertical.
Cannon Down Air: Increased Damage from 15 to 16.

The Gauntlets have had some of the speed and damage of their downward directed attacks reined in, while enhancing some of the more useful on-stage options. The Side Light has slightly increased priority to better combat close-ranged opponents, while the Neutral Air has slightly increased damage for more rewarding combos when bouncing opponents off the ground.

Gauntlets Down Air: Decreased Damage from 17 to 15.
Gauntlets Down Light: Decreased Damage from 14 to 13.
Gauntlets Side Light: Slightly increased horizontal threat coverage at the beginning of the attack.
Gauntlets Ground Pound: Increased Time to Hit from 14 to 17.
Gauntlets Neutral Air: Increased Damage from 12 to 13.

The Hammer has received increased threat coverage on its primary vertical attack to further lean into its large and heavy playstyle. The Neutral Light now has a more horizontal knockback angle, granting greater stage control when landing this attack.

Hammer Neutral Air: Increased bottom coverage at the beginning of the swing; Decreased deadzone at the center of the swing.
Hammer Neutral Light: Angle of knockback is now significantly more horizontal.

We have increased the reliability of Katars’ main approach tools to compensate for their low range. The Down Air has increased Stun for tighter string capability, while the Side Light now does more damage even when connecting with the end of the attack.

Katar Down Air: Increased Stun of the ground version from 11 to 12; Increased Stun of the air version from 13 to 14.
Katar Side Light: Increased Damage from 11 to 13 and focused the majority of damage into the final hit; Increased maximum speed bonus from movement; Decreased Force from 33 Fixed/18 Variable to 35 Fixed/10 Variable.

The Lance Down Light now fits its role better as a setup tool, as it leaves the opponent much closer after use. The stun has been decreased to keep the relative advantage the same, as it no longer requires dash or dodge startup time to get within striking distance.

Lance Down Light: Decreased Stun from 23 to 21; Setup location is now closer to the user; Slightly increased maximum vertical threat coverage.

The Orb receives its first round of adjustments, with decreased cooldown across its kit, Down Light receiving decreased force for more consistent strings at wider health ranges, and a new combo starter due to Side Light’s increased stun. The Down Air has also received reductions in time to hit and recover time for more fluid use, less gravity during its attack for safer use off-stage, and greater force and stun for increased reward to better match its complexity.

Reduced Orb’s hitbox size when thrown to better match the weapon’s size; Increased Damage and Force when thrown to more closely align with other similarly sized weapons.
Orb Down Light: Decreased Recover time on miss from 2 Fixed/20 Variable to 1 Fixed/18 Variable; Decreased Cooldown on miss from 16 to 10. Changed Force from 55 Fixed/30 Variable to 60 Fixed/15 Variable; Increased maximum speed bonus from movement; Knockback angle is now slightly more vertical.
Orb Side Light: Decreased Cooldown on miss from 17 to 10; Decreased Cooldown on hit from 10 to 9. Increased Stun from 14 to 15
Orb Neutral Light: Decreased Cooldown on miss from 17 to 14; Decreased Cooldown on hit from 12 to 10.
Orb Neutral Air: Decreased Cooldown on miss from 17 to 12; Decreased Cooldown on hit from 12 to 9.
Orb Side Air: Decreased Cooldown on miss from 17 to 12; Decreased Cooldown on hit from 12 to 9. Increased Force from 55 Fixed/38 Variable to 55 Fixed/40 Variable.
Orb Down Air: Decreased Cooldown on miss from 17 to 14; Decreased Cooldown on hit from 11 to 9; Decreased Recover time on ground bounce from 0 Fixed/20 Variable to 0 Fixed/18 Variable; Decreased Recover time on the handspring ground bounce version from 2 Fixed/18 Variable to 0 Fixed/18 Variable; Decreased Recover time on wall bounce from 1 Fixed/20 Variable to 0 Fixed/18 Variable; Increased Force of the ground and wall bounce versions from 50 Fixed/32 Variable to 50 Fixed/34 Variable. Decreased Time to Hit from 18 to 16; Decreased Recover time of the aerial ender from 23 Variable to 20 Variable; Increased Stun of the ground and wall versions from 22 to 26; Increased Stun of the aerial version from 25 to 26; Increased aerial mobility during later Recover Time; Decreased effect of gravity during the attack.
Orb Recovery: Increased Force from 75 Fixed/40 Variable to 75 Fixed/44 Variable
Orb Ground Pound: Changed Force from 44 Fixed/50 Variable to 52 Fixed/45 Variable.

As an overly strong weapon off-stage, the Scythe Ground Pound now has a weaker, more vertical angle of knockback to allow for more attempts at recovering against a Scythe user. We have also shifted some damage from its other powerful edgeguard tool, the Down Air, into its primary anti-air, the Neutral Light.

Scythe Ground Pound: Decreased Force from 60 Fixed/33 Variable to 60 Fixed/31 Variable; Angle of knockback is now more vertical; Increased Minimum Charge Time from 11 to 13; Slightly decreased threat coverage at the top of the attack; Increased Recover time from 2 Fixed/17 Variable to 3 Fixed/17 Variable.
Scythe Down Air: Decreased Damage from 15 to 14.
Scythe Neutral Light: Increased damage from 12 to 13.

We have shifted some power from the Spear’s rate of damage in combos that begin with the Down Light in favor of increased stun on the Recovery. This gives the Spear greater utility at the lower health ranges on its only true vertical aerial attack to help offset its lack of priority.

Spear Down Light: Decreased Damage from 15 to 13.
Spear Side Air: Decreased coverage at the top and rear of the attack.
Spear Recovery: Increased Stun from 21 to 25.

Given the Sword’s versatility in both vertical and horizontal directed attacks, we have decreased the force of the Side Air to bring its horizontal knockout power in line with similar options on the other medium-range weapons.

Sword Side Air: Decreased Force from 67 Fixed/35 Variable to 60 Fixed/33 Variable; Angle of knockback is now slightly more horizontal.

We have reduced the Unarmed Down Air’s threat coverage to enable armed players to better contest this attack off stage.

Unarmed Down Air: Decreased threat coverage of attack at the foot.

This round of balance brings more adjustments to Signatures that have either been under or over-performing, with several being altered to better match the stats of the Legend, such as the increased minimum charge time on Zariel’s Side Bow, and the decreased recover time on Cassidy’s Down Hammer. Dusk also has his first round of updates, with greater damage and force on his Down Orb. We have also increased the stun on Yumiko’s fire signatures, for increased combo potential on these unique setup tools.

Mordex Down Gauntlets: Decreased Force from 60 Fixed/58 Variable to 60 Fixed/52 Variable; Increased Minimum Charge time from 12 to 14.
Cross Neutral Blasters: Decreased Force from 75 Fixed/52 Variable to 65 Fixed/50 Variable.
Cross Neutral Gauntlets: Increased Damage from 20 to 23.
Kor Neutral Gauntlets: Increased Time to Hit from 15 to 17; No longer hits grounded opponents.
Zariel Side Bow: Increased Minimum Charge time from 9 to 11.
Zariel Side Gauntlets: Increased Damage from 21 to 22.
Yumiko Down Hammer: Increased Stun of final hit from 8 to 13; Angle of final knockback is now more vertical.
Yumiko Down Bow: Increased Stun from 20 to 23.
Kaya Side Spear: Increased threat coverage of the initial stab.
Kaya Neutral Spear: Increased grounded threat coverage at the forward base of the mammoth.
Lin Fei Side Katar: Increased Force from 74 Fixed/50 Variable to 74 Fixed/54 Variable.
Cassidy Down Hammer: Decreased Recover time from 25 to 21.
Jiro Down Scythe: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 6 to 5; Increased threat coverage of the initial swing.
Jiro Down Sword: Increased Force from 50 Fixed/46 Variable to 50 Fixed/50 Variable; Increased Damage from 18 to 22.
Dusk Down Orb: Increased Force from 55 Fixed/35 Variable to 55 Fixed/44 Variable; Increased Damage from 21 to 24 and focused the damage more into the final hit.

Legend Rotation

Dusk debuts on the new Legend rotation for the first time! This week also includes: Kaya, Isaiah, Scarlet, Artemis, Ragnir, Val, and Cross.

Dusk – Wielding his Spear and a powerful Orb, carved from stone and magic, Dusk seeks to spread chaos throughout Valhalla.
Kaya – Using her bow, spear and spirit animals, she is ready to try her luck in the Grand Tournament!
Isaiah – Major Isaiah Marshall, OEL’s special forces commander is at your service. He utilizes Cannon and Blasters with the help of his drone, equipped with a cloaking device and rockets at its disposal!
Scarlet – A former female boxing champion of England and head of the Royal Airship Navy, this Legend uses her ingenuity and steam power to build her own Rocket Lance and Grappling Hammer to take into battle.
Artemis – Transversing the universe in search of her rival Orion, Artemis has ripped open a wormhole into Valhalla, armed with a Rocket Lance and Scythe; she is ready to fight!
Ragnir – This apex predator, whose home is in the Fangwild, now ventures outward using his Katars and Axe to take on the rest of the Legends in Valhalla!
Val – An android assassin with terrifying strength and quicker-than-light cognition, Val is a force to be reckoned with when utilizing her Sword and Gauntlets.
Cross – For years he has owned New York City, but can he do the same in Valhalla? This charismatic mobster steps into Valhalla with Blasters and Gauntlets.

Brawlhalla - Version 3.33 now available (full patch notes)

Brawlhalla has been bumped up to Version 3.33, and it includes all sorts of new content and tweaks. Check out the full patch notes below.

From deep within the Fangwild, introducing Dusk, the Renegade Sorcerer! Wielding a new Weapon made from stone and magic, Dusk utilizes his magic Orb and Spear on a conquest to overthrow both Aelfheim and Asgard. We also have Rayman debuting for the first time on the Legend Rotation and have his price reduced to 5400 Gold! Additionally, we’ve made some improvements for consoles, updated controller options, bug fixes, and more!

New Legend – Dusk

Dusk – “The Renegade Sorcerer”
Weapons: Orb, Spear
Orb is a new Weapon made from stone and magic!
Stats: 6 Strength, 7 Dexterity, 4 Defense, 5 Speed
Dusk enters with 3 new Skins:

Raven Shaman Dusk – “The mystic arts shouldn’t be toyed with.”
Thornwood Dusk – “Seeks to eclipse the Fangwild in a canopy of thorns.”
Imperial Lord Dusk – “Punishment will be swift.”

New Weapon – Orb

The Orb is a new Weapon brought into Valhalla by Dusk!
He molded it from stone and magic, crafting it during his imprisonment.
The Orb introduces a new mechanic to Brawlhalla. By using the Down Air, the Orb can bounce off of hard surfaces, like walls or platforms.
Dusk is the first Legend wielding Orb, but not the last! More Legends using the Orb will be released in the future.


Rayman’s price has been reduced.
Rayman is now priced at 5400g!
Skysail and Synthwave Chest now available with exclusive Skins!
Check out the new sales items!

Brawl of the Week – KO Mania!

Square off against your opponent in this hard hitting KO fest. Chew through your foe’s 5 Stocks with damage cranked up to an insane 300%! Send your challenger into orbit before they know what hit them. First to 5 KOs wins!

5 Stocks!
300% Damage!

Game Improvements

Improved memory clean up on consoles by making it multi-threaded, allowing it to complete its task faster. Forced memory clean up to occur when loading a match and reduced its frequency, so it is unlikely to occur during a typical match. This allows for smoother gameplay framerates on consoles (less likely to drop multiple frames).
Nintendo Switch: Added a separate Handheld Camera Mode system setting that is used in place of the normal Camera Mode when the Switch is undocked. By default, Handheld Camera is set to the new Close camera setting.
Added a Close camera setting, intended for handheld play but available on all platforms.
Choosing random Defeat Taunt will now randomly choose between all owned Taunts instead of defaulting to only Facepalm.
Improved UI render performance of player names during gameplay.
Improved UI legibility for the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.
Adjusted the art of Rocket Lance during side light active frames to better visually match the threat of the move.

New controller option: Improved Joysticks

This will be on by default for all players on all platforms.
If you’re on Steam, PS4, or XBox One, this is the joystick interpretation you’re used to.
If you’re on Switch, this will be different. To revert back to the way the sticks used to work, uncheck the “Improved Joysticks” box.
If the box is unchecked, the joystick interpretation will be straightforward with each of the 4 directions functioning completely independently from each other. If your stick is at least halfway in a direction, that direction will be considered held.
If the box is left checked, the joystick interpretation will try to be smarter about how it determines your stick direction. First, it will take the stick’s position relative to your thumb into account since what most people input as “up” on the stick is slightly affected by where the stick is relative to the base of their thumb.


Fixed UI bug causing the arrows above players to not reflect team color when playing on console.
Fixed UI bug causing bot names to not correctly update when changing Legends during the Strikeout game mode.
Mammoth Megafan Sidekick from the BCX 2018 Pack now has the correct in-game display name.
Fixed minor graphical issues with Rayman’s head in character select.
Fixed bug causing the Kung Foot game mode icon to not correctly appear during character select.
In Kung Foot, fixed some rare visual bugs where the ball’s spinning would change direction or accelerate without reason.
PC: Fixed a bug where pressing Enter while spectating would open the pause menu instead of opening chat.
PC: Fixed a bug where pressing Enter to change the sort method on the Meet the Legends screen wouldn’t work if you’re in a clan, because it would get caught by the Chat Box.
Fixed a replay bug where the marker on the replay timeline wouldn’t update correctly in game modes that force teams to be on.
Fixed a rare bug that could cause the pause menu to display over the scoreboard and lock up the game as a result.

Legend Rotation

This week Rayman makes his first debut on the Rotation list! The new Legend rotation also includes: Asuri, Cassidy, Koji, Scarlet, Jiro, Xull, and Queen Nai.

Rayman – The Champion of the Glade of Dreams, wielding his Gauntlets and Axe, has found his way into Valhalla on a mission to save his home.
Asuri – This Night Stalker has claimed the Tournament as her territory and sets upon challengers to her domain using Katars and Sword!
Cassidy – The Marshal of the Old West is ready to instill justice into Valhalla with both Hammer and Blasters!
Koji – Armed with his ancestral katana, Koji slices his way through the battlefield with Sword and Bow!
Scarlet – A former female boxing champion of England and head of the Royal Airship Navy, this Legend uses her ingenuity and steam power to build her own Rocket Lance and Grappling Hammer to take into battle.
Jiro – Trained as a child by a powerful and secret shinobi family, Jiro comes into the arena with not only Scythe and Sword but shadow clones as well!
Xull – With legendary physical strength, this Axe and Cannon wielding Orc Warlord is ready to challenge everyone and everything in Valhalla!
Queen Nai – With each victory nourishing the gods of her people, Queen Nai has come wielding Katars, Spear, and her powerful sorcery.

Brawlhalla - more Switch gameplay

Come fight for glory in Brawlhalla® – an epic free-to-play platform fighting game. Join casual free-for-alls and ranked matches, or make a custom room with your friends. Millions of players, frequent updates, and more than 40 unique characters. Join the eternal battle arena, where the greatest warriors in history brawl to prove who's the best!

Brawlhalla - another round of gameplay

Come fight for glory in Brawlhalla® – an epic free-to-play platform fighting game. Join casual free-for-alls and ranked matches, or make a custom room with your friends. Millions of players, frequent updates, and more than 40 unique characters. Join the eternal battle arena, where the greatest warriors in history brawl to prove who's the best!

Thanks to Atebit for the heads up!

Brawlhalla - Patch Notes 3.32 video feature

From the Dream Forest to the Great Hall, we are excited to announce Rayman, Champion of the Glade of Dreams, as a new Legend! He finds himself in Valhalla, set on a quest to discover how to truly save his home. He uses Gauntlets and Axe to take down giant dragon bosses and any opponents participating in the Grand Tournament, in order to win the ultimate prize. Globox and Barbara also join the action as Epic Crossover Skins! On his arrival, Rayman taught the denizens of Valhalla how to play Kung Foot; join the fun in the BotW. Make sure to check out the fantastic Rayman-themed items in Mallhalla as well. We’re also running a Rayman event to top it all off! Yahoo!


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