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It’s been a minute, but we’re back with another tip top video collecting the finest community tips from Ninjala, Season 4. Special thanks to all the Ninjas who contributed and submitted tips for this installment! We’re always on the lookout for more thoughtful tips. Even if your video didn’t make the final edit this time, we’ll keep collecting your contributions as long as you’re sharing all that secret sauce. Be sure to check out the links to the original creator videos below and share the props with your fellow community members.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu returns to Ninjala for another collaborative event

Bubblegum, bubblegum, on the Switch, how many collabs do you wish?

TOKYO, Japan – January 29, 2021 – GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) announced today the return of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to the bubblegum brawler, Ninjala, as part of a new collaborative event! As part of the collaboration, GOE is featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s first song of 2021, “Gum Gum Girl.”

Check out the music video for the song here!

The collab runs now through February 17 and features the new song as an in-game BGM as well as a special “Gum Gum Girl” T-shirt. Both are available for purchase in the Specialty Shop.

Additionally, all “Ninja Re Bang Bang Steve Aoki Remix” collab items return for a limited time, including:
- The “Ninja Re Bang Bang Steve Aoki Remix” BGM
- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s ninja outfit from her original music video
- “Ninja Re Bang Bang” themed dance emote
- And a “Ninja Re Bang Bang” IPPON Decoration as a Battle Reward

Ninjala recently celebrated a new milestone of 6 million downloads and outlined a roadmap of upcoming content leading up to the game’s one-year anniversary. Season 4 features a new Featured Battle, Loot Battle Matsuri, and an upcoming collaboration with free-to-play hack-and-slash action game LET IT DIE.

Ninjala reaches over 6 million downloads

GungHo has announced that Ninjala has now officially reached over 6 million downloads. To commemorate this occasion, the development team has released a celebratory image (embedded above), and 100 Jala will be available to all players who play the game (valid until March 25th, 2021).

Ninjala Switch pouch and Switch Lite cover releasing in Japan

Share your Ninjala enthusiasm!

Fans of Ninjala will soon be able to pick up some new merch to help keep their Switches safe. Max Games is releasing some Ninjala-themed accessories, with a themed Switch pouch and Switch Lite cover on the way. Both of these items are launching on Jan. 22nd, 2021, with the pouch priced at ¥2,618 and the cover costing ¥2,178.

Ninjala gets a pair of new Japanese commercials

Take a peek!

GungHo has released another pair of Japanese commercials to spread the word on Ninjala. You can check out both spots for the game above.

Ninjala reveals 1-Year Anniversary Roadmap and Upcoming Collaborations

Celebrating with style

Just last night, a new dev vlog was released for Ninjala that detailed some upcoming content. Today, Gung-Ho has put out a new press release that shares even more details about the future of the game. For a look at collabs, changes, and more coming in both Season 5 and 6, check out the breakdown below.

GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) released Dev Diary #12 for Ninjala, revealing collaborations with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and LET IT DIE, coming to Season 4. GOE also unveiled the game’s 1-Year Anniversary Roadmap and announced a new Featured Battle, “S-Blast Battle Test Play!”

Upcoming Collaborations

After the much-loved Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Ninja Re Bang Bang Steve Aoki Remix” collab, Ninjala’s popstar collab returns with new in-game music and a commemorative T-shirt! Items from the first collaboration will be available from the in-game shop.

Uncle Death rides into Ninjala as a part of the game’s first LET IT DIE collaboration. Your favorite skeletal skateboarder brings a whole lot of goodies like headgear, Ninja-Gum for the Matsuri Board, and an IPPON decoration. All players who play during the collaboration will receive a LET IT DIE sticker as a log-in bonus.

Featured Battle

S-Blast Battle Test Play! is a limited-time Featured Battle that replaces S-Bursts with a new mechanic, “S-Blasts.” S-Blasts are similar to S-Bursts, but instead of parrying when attacked, they will push attackers away to interrupt the pace of the fight. The basic rules are the same as the Battle Royale - grab the most points, you win! Battle rewards for this Featured Battle include the new “Xenon Headphones” headgear, as well as Assist Codes and Ninja-Gum. This new Featured Battle will also be a Test Play, so players can share any feedback they have via social media to influence future combat systems.

One last thing: The “Loot Battle Matsuri” event is also coming later in Season 4.

1-Year Anniversary Roadmap

After Season 4, Ninjala will celebrate its 1st anniversary in June 2021. GOE revealed the game’s roadmap leading up to the celebration, including what players can expect in Seasons 5 and 6.

· Season 5

o New Gum Weapon
o New Shinobi Cards
o New Featured Battle
o New collaboration
o An online tournament mode
o A tutorial mode where players can learn the rules of Ninjala and earn rewards

· Season 6

o New Gum Weapon
o New stage
o New Shinobi Cards
o New collaboration
o New Featured Battle
o A commemorative anniversary event

Additional features that fans have asked for, like “Clans,” “Multiplayer Lobbies with Avatars,” and much more will be added moving forward. Stay tuned for more details!

Ninjala Developer Diary #12 dives into Season 4, reveals new collabs, and teases Season 5

Ninjala keeps on keeping on

Another developer diary for Ninjala has been released, and it dishes out all sorts of details on what's just around the corner, as well as updates for the future. First details on new collab with Suda51's Let It Die are also shared. You can check out all that and more in the video above, or read a quick recap below.

Our delightful dev diary hosts Morishita-san and Kaneda-san are back with the first details on what you can expect from Ninjala in 2021!

Season 4 has just gotten underway, so if you were hoping for news about this season’s collaborations, we’ve got you covered. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is coming back in a big way, and we’ve got a special GungHo collab skating your way soon, too!

But Season 4 collaboration updates aren’t all that our hosts have to discuss. No, we’ve gone and put out a roadmap of what you can look forward to over the next few seasons, too!

Season 5 will introduce new weapons, new collabs, a new Featured Battle, and we’re going to be adding in a more in-depth tutorial system, too. The good times keep rolling in Season 6, where we’ll celebrate Ninjala’s one-year anniversary with some special things, along with a new stage, new weapon, and a new collab.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention the S-Blast Battle Test Play! Featured Battle will be added this month, but you’ll have to watch to get all the details on what that means.

New details shared on Ninjala's fourth season

Ready for a trip to London?

GungHo has already shared some info on Ninjala's fourth season, but today they're following up with another round of specifics. Read the official press release below, which covers locations, new weapons, and more.

New stage, Fort Riverdale, is a London-themed ‘nighttime’ stage, the first of its kind. It features a giant clocktower, a gum factory, and a background filled with beautiful city skylines. The stage has more elevation differences than previous maps and features two new gimmicks: the Warp Gate and the Giant Gum Gacha.

Warp Gate allows players to travel between similarly colored Warp Gates around the stage. Think of it like the Underground, except actually fast.

Giant Gum Gacha is triggered by pressing a switch, spitting out a piece of gum with a variety of effects. It could increase players S-Energy, but watch out! Some gum may even cause damage.

Two new Katana type weapons, Scrap Saber and Chewing V, cut ahead of the competition.

New Ninjutsu Shinobi Disco creates a dance field that forces all who enter to bust a move. Other actions will be tough to pull out when boogying to the beat.

New Special Froggy Block summons a box-wall either in front of players as a normal attack or near a targeted opponent as a wide attack.

Two new Shinobi Cards are ready for play, including Energy Hoarder, which increases the amount of S-Energy recovered when collecting it on the map; and Quick Respawn, which allows players to respawn in place with low health up to three times.

Other improvements incoming include decreased time between finding and starting a match, favorites now able to be saved separately, and Spectators being able to host a room.

GOE will also be releasing the next dev diary on January 13, which will be revealing more new content for Season 4.

See full patch notes for Version 4.0 here

Ninjala Anime Episode #5: "You're the Star!"

Star power

The next episode of the Ninjala anime is now available to watch. Episode 5 "You're the Star!" can be found above, with an official synopsis below.

Emma is a street dancer with an eye on making it into the spotlight. She also happens to be a vigilante crime fighter dishing out justice under the cover of darkness. Emma’s life is about to take a dramatic turn, thanks to Lauren Warren, a talent scout who’s looking for more than just the right moves.

WHO does Lauren Warren really work for?
WHAT can Emma do to calm her nerves on the biggest day of her life?
WHY does Emma fight so hard for those who need justice?

You’ll have to watch “You’re the Star!” to find out!

Ninjala to make changes to the 'Favorites' system in the near future

GungHo has announced that they'll be tweaking Ninjala's Favorites system in the near future. You can get a full breakdown of the changes, along with update times below.

This notice is about impending changes related to Communication (sticker / emotes) registered as "Favorite". As of Season 4, we will be making some changes to the "Favorite" system. As part of those changes, "Communications" will be removed from the "Favorite" section.

■Implementation time

Jan. 07, 2021 (PST)
07 Jan. 2021, (GMT)
07 Jan. 2021 (AEST)

■Change Details


Favorites will be split into two sections: "Battle Equipment" and "Avatar Equipment".
Upon implementation, kits belonging to a registered set will be sorted into "Battle Equipment" and "Avatar Equipment", while "Communications" will be left out.


As of Season 4 the Communication Menu will be expanded, for a brand new total of 5 pages.

■ Notes

Communications equipped as "Current Kit" will not be removed upon the beginning of Season 4.
Therefore, should you want to keep a particular communication as part of a set, we kindly ask that you save it as “Current Kit" before Season 3 ends.


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