Gungho releases new Ninjala teaser trailer

It's been quite some time since we've heard anything about Ninjala. Good to see that the project is continuing on. Gungho confirmed so with their latest teaser trailer, which is basically a remix of content we've already seen.

Ninjala - TGS 2018 stage presentation and gameplay footage

GungHo put on a pretty big presentation for Ninjala at this year's TGS. You can check out their full stage show at TGS in the video above, which also includes some gameplay footage. The action starts at the 9:30 mark.

Ninjala - new gameplay footage from TGS 2018

Ninjala was announced prior to E3 2018, but we really didn't get to see too much of it. Looks like that's changing with TGS 2018, as there's already a new batch of gameplay footage to check out. I wonder if this game is going to find an audience, though. I'm afraid most will dismiss it as a Splatoon clone at first glance.

Ninjala TGS 2018 booth giving out various goodies

The Ninjala booth at TGS 2018 is going to offer up all sorts of fun things. For just playing the demo, you can get an inflatable bat. If you take on the challenge match and win, you can grab a special t-shirt. Finally there's a yo-yo you can take home if you engage with Ninjala via social media. You have to take a booth pic and tag it #ninjala, and then share on Instagram or Twitter to qualify for the yo-yo.

GungHo Online Entertainment reveals TGS 2018 lineup

■ Lineup

Ninjala (Switch) – Details to be announced at a later date.
Yo-kai Watch World (iOS, Android) – Details to be announced at a later date.
■ Stage

GungHo Online Entertainment will host various stage events at its booth centered on its titles. On September 22, the consolation match of the Puzzle & Dragons Champions Cup at Tokyo Game Show 2018, the pinnacle of Puzzle & Dragons tournaments, will be held on the booth stage. Then, starting at 13:30 JST on the “e-Sports X” mega stage, four pros joined by the one winner of the consolation match will compete in the finals tournament for 10 million yen in total prize money.

Further details to be announced at a later date.