There's still hope for Song of Memories on Switch

Well this is an interesting turn of events! After having his tweets shared with the world, developer Yasuo Omote has offered up some good news on Song of Hope. It seems that the game could actually still see release on Switch. Omote says the Switch version isn't officially cancelled, but the road to release is a tough one. It seems the dev team will need some help with the port, but that brings up issues with development resources and cost. Omote says talks are currently taking place to see if these issues can be ironed out.

Song of Memories dev offers up further explanation as to why the Switch version was cancelled

With how well the Switch is doing, we hear about devs bringing their games to the platform nearly every single day. That's why it was so surprising to learn that Song of Memories, originally announced for Switch months back, ended up being cancelled. We never got an explanation for that cancellation until just now. Check out what developer Yasuo Omote had to say about the whole situation.

- the team had a lot of trouble with licensing during development on the Switch version
- Omote believes they could take it on themselves, but they don’t have the resources for it right now
- development costs and the associated burdens would be too much
- there's an issue of whether or not E-mote will function properly on Switch
- the game has 12 E-mote objects displaying on one screen on the PlayStation 4
- the situation is out of PQube’s hands

Song of Memories cancelled on Switch due to 'development complications'

Song of Memories went from confirmed to Switch, to delayed on all platforms, to cancelled on Switch. Apparently the team was having trouble getting the game to work the way they wanted to on Switch.

While the PlayStation 4 version and the special Encore Edition are confirmed, we regrettably had to cancel the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Unfortunately, Song of Memories can’t be brought to a functioning level of quality our fans demand on the Switch due to development complications.

I honestly don't know a thing about this, so this could be wildly off base, but isn't it a bit strange that they couldn't get a visual novel properly running on Switch?

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Song of Memories delay explained, content remains the same, but select text changed

Song of Memories was originally set to launch in 2018, but PQube announced a delay at the last minute. Now we know what the delay was all about. Turns out some changes were needed in order to placate rating boards. It appears the game will remain the same content-wise, but select text decisions will be altered/removed.

Song of Memories delayed into 2019

Song of Memories is not longer going to release in 2018. Publisher PQube has taken to Twitter to announce the delay, and share some information on what happened.

We are very sorry to announce that Song of Memories will be delayed to 2019. While we had hoped to bring you the game this year, we have seen unexpected development issues that are not related in any way to the platform holders. We are doing our best to bring you the game as early as possible and we will communicate a release date in the new year.

When a more-specific release date for Song of Memories is shared, we'll be sure to bring it to you.

Song of Memories refused classification in Australia

Song of Memories is set to hit the Switch later this year, but not in Australia. The Aussie classification board has refused to rate the game, which means it will not be sold in that region. While we don't have the official word, it seems the game's sexual content lead to the refusal of classification.

Thanks to Jabel47591 for the heads up!


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