Yacht Club bringing Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove to PAX 2019, also teases 'something completely different' (UPDATE)

Count me in, whatever it is!

All it takes is one pixelated image from Yacht Club to get me excited, and that's what they've done with their latest email. The company sent out word on their PAX 2019 plans, and while they'll be showing off Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, it seems the devs have been working on something completely new as well. Check out their full email below.

2019 is shaping up to be a landmark year for the Shovel Knight franchise as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will be fully complete. The promises from our 2013 Kickstarter are finally being fulfilled! Playable demos of the latest titles in the series – due out later this year – will be on display at PAX:

Shovel Knight: King of Cards
Shovel Knight Showdown

But... wait... from the shadows… there’s something completely different in store:

You’ll definitely want to catch a glimpse and get a hands-on of this all-new addition to the Yacht Club Games Publisher catalog!

UPDATE - While it's just speculation right now, some people believe this could be an announcement of Yacht Club handling publishing duties on the upcoming Cyber Shadow.

Shovel Knight's King of Cards, Showdown, and Treasure Trove physical edition all delayed, could be for 'several months'

Yacht Club has shared some rather unforutnate news for Shovel Knight fans. Long story short, all upcoming content has been delayed. There's no new release date, and the content could take several months to release. Check out Yacht Club's blog post below.

One Last Delay

We have only a bit more work left to do on completing King of Cards and Showdown. The two, brand new, complete games coming to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It remains our focus to bring these to the highest level of quality just as we have with previous Shovel Knight games. It’s also our priority to have these games on the disc/card for the upcoming physical version. We need a little more time to make this happen, and so we are pushing the release back one last time. We’re still aiming to release everything at once, so this this delay applies to everything: physical editions, digital update, and Treasure Trove amiibo 3-pack.

How far back?

We estimate several months– at most! This is not a major delay so much as more space to bring everything together for a polished and complete finale. As always, these last steps require coordination with many teams beyond our own.

We realize the delay is disappointing. To communicate better with everyone moving forward, we will not be announcing a new date until we know one for sure, from all partners involved. All builds shipped out, updates ready to launch, for everybody and everyone. We will announce it for good once it is 100% all across the board!

Are the amiibo delayed too?

Yes. We’re eager for the newest knights join everyone’s collection! However, the update which brings support for these new amiibo are connected to the release of the King of Cards. As described above, we need more time before it is ready for release and so we’ll announce when we know for sure. You can also pre-order to get them right when they’re available from Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

There are different dates in different online stores. Are they real?

These dates are placeholders. Stores require and request certain information ahead of time, and we do our best to provide our most accurate guesses at that time! Updating these dates are also not something we can do instantaneously (or seemingly at all sometimes!). We will announce the final release date here on our website once we know for sure. You can also pre-order to get it right when it’s available from Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop.

Coming Soon…!

Since this is not a major delay, we’ll soon be providing more updates, big and small for both Showdown and King of Cards. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and this very site! Characters, gifs, and trailers (!?!) await!

Full blog here

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment OST now available on iTunes and Spotify

Looking for a new way to enjoy the Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment OST? Well you now have two more options! Yacht Club has announced that the OST can be enjoyed through both iTunes and Spotify. Hit up the links above to have a listen.

Play-Asia listing says a Shovel Knight gold amiibo is on the way

According to a Play-Asia listing, a gold version of the Shovel Knight amiibo is on the way. They don't have a release date for the amiibo, but they do have a placeholder listing for the release. I have the standard blue Shovel Knight amiibo, but I think I'll have to double-dip for this one!

Thanks to NintendoSoup for the heads up!

Preorder Your Shovel Knight: Player 2 Resin Statue from First4Figures

Pre-orders for Shovel Knight - Shovel Knight: Player 2 Resin Statue EXCLUSIVE EDITION is only available until January 4th 2019.

Exclusive edition
The package includes the following:-

Shovel Knight - Shovel Knight: Player 2 RESIN statue
Highly detailed base inspired from The Plains, also known as the Plains of Passage straight from the first stage in the game.
Additional head sculpt - Fish Head, resembling the character '????'
Authentication Card

Product Size:
Statue including base
Height - 15.5 inches (39cm)
Width - 12 inches (30cm)
Depth - 10 inches (25cm)
Weight: 4.39KG

Standard edition
The package includes the following:-
Shovel Knight - Shovel Knight: Player 2 RESIN statue
Highly detailed base inspired from The Plains, also known as the Plains of Passage straight from the first stage in the game.
Authentication Card

Product Size:
Statue including base
Height - 15.5 inches (39cm)
Width - 12 inches (30cm)
Depth - 10 inches (25cm)
Weight: 4.39KG

First 4 Figures Shovel Knight statue - official trialer

First 4 Figures always does fantastic work, but this Shovel Knight statue has been speaking to me on another level. I really love the way it looks. I just don't know if I can bring myself to pony up the cash for it!

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment soundtrack comes to CD and vinyl!

We are excited to announce the next release in our collaboration with our friends at Yacht Club Games. GS-008 Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment The Definitive Soundtrack brings all 25 exciting tracks from the game's second expansion pack to both CD and vinyl for the first time. In addition to their debut on physical formats, we are also proud to bring the soundtrack to iTunes and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music for the first time!

Esteemed Japanese illustrator Hitoshi Ariga (Mega Man, Pokémon) lends his talents once again to design a brand new cover for the soundtrack as seen above, with coloring done by Ayano Koshiro (Streets of Rage). Both the 1-CD and 1-LP gatefold packages will contain the complete tracklist crafted by the talented Jake Kaufman, while the vinyl release will also include a download code containing the complete digital soundtrack. The CD will release by early January, while the vinyl is scheduled to release in January 2019.

The vinyl edition will come in two variants:

Limited Edition Gold and Silver Vinyl
Standard Edition Red and Black Vinyl

Pre-orders for both variants begin on the following dates, depending on your region:

Europe/Australia/Middle East: November 27, 2018 at BigWax (€38.40 incl. VAT) - NOW AVAILABLE
North America: December 4, 2018 at 10:00AM PST at Fangamer ($36)

Please note that Europe and North America will have separate allocations for the limited edition variant. Customers should order from the store corresponding to their own region.

Brave Wave is also planning to release GS-0XX Shovel Knight: King of Cards The Definitive Soundtrack in Summer 2019 for CD, vinyl, iTunes and streaming services. Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming exciting releases following the launch of Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.

Brave Wave is also currently working on on five other Generation Series soundtracks from game properties new to the lineup and is excited to announce them in the near future! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below, as well as follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to receive all of our latest updates!

Flyhigh Works shares Japanese trailers for Cytus Alpha, Transiruby, Picontier, and Shovel Knight: King of Cards

If you were paying attention to our TGS 2018 coverage, you would have seen the trailers above. For whatever reason, Flyhigh Works has added these trailers to their official YouTube channel just now. You can catch up on all of them if you missed their original reveal.

Yacht Club details the process of creating Shovel Knight's Tinker Knight

Tinker Knight is def one of the most unique bosses in Shovel Knight. Ever wonder what went into creating the whole experience? In today's snippet from the Shovel Knight book from Boss Fight Books, we get the juicy details!

Tinker Knight is at once the most diminutive and gargantuan associate of the Order of No Quarter, and along with the Enchantress, one of the two most cinematic.

Yacht Club Games co-founder and programmer David D'Angelo gave Kickstarter backers another inside look at Tinker Knight, mechanical master of Clockwork Tower. "I actually programmed that boss live on Twitch," he said. A streaming service engineered for games, Twitch lets players broadcast themselves playing their favorite titles or watching others play, chatting with viewers as they go along. In planning Shovel Knight's Kickstarter, the team hit on a way to subvert Twitch: Invite backers to watch them design parts of their game, even accepting suggestions.

Full feature here

Yacht Club details the process of creating Shovel Knight's Specter Knight, Plague Knight, and Propeller Knight

Following up from yesterday's post, more details about the creation of bosses in Shovel Knight have been shared. Today, we get a look at the creation of Specter Knight, Plague Knight, and Propeller Knight. Hit up the link below to check out the full feature.

A grim reaper-type character who haunts the Lich Yard, Specter Knight oozes dread. Before they battle, Specter Knight taunts his shovel-wielding foe by insinuating that Shield Knight is beyond saving, and reveals that the Enchantress raised him from beyond the grave. This nugget paints him as a possible anti-hero. Players are left to wonder if he is truly evil, or forced to carry out his mistress's bidding (a quandary answered in 2017's Plague of Shadows expansion pack).

"He wasn't tied to the ground," explained co-founder and lead artist Nick “Woz” Wozniak, "so I could do more with how his legs were positioned, and make him more wraith- and reaper-themed."

Feature here