Yacht Club explains how they developed Shovel Knight: King of Cards' health mechanic

Have a heart

Did you know that King Knight is the only character in the Shovel Knight games that takes a full point of damage when he's hit? All the other starring characters lose half a heart when they bump into an enemy. Why the change for this expansion? Yacht Club explained in a new dev blog.

With King Knight’s adventure, we wanted to differentiate the level design from the meaty levels of Shovel, Plague, and Specter. We instead focused the game on shorter, quick-to-complete courses more akin to ones you might encounter in a Mario game.

One difficulty was that the core idea of Shovel Knight’s health system has always been built with a large stage in mind. Shovel Knight essentially has 20 hits, which works great when you’re adventuring through 30 screens of level, but Since King of Cards’ stages are much shorter, we decided it would be best to reduce the player’s overall health amount…by half! With only a few hit points for every stage, players must approach the game knowing full well that every notch of damage taken and every bit of health picked up really matters.

Full blog here

Nintendo's "The Download" for December 2019 - Dauntless, Shovel Knight: King of Cards & More

My backlog of Switch games just keeps growing...

Check out some highlighted games that came out during the month of December 2019 on Nintendo eShop, featuring:

Dauntless: http://bit.ly/370gHCb
EarthNight: http://bit.ly/2ZkKB1L
STAR OCEAN First Departure R: http://bit.ly/2ZceVLy
Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection: http://bit.ly/2SfqZdE
Shovel Knight: King of Cards: http://bit.ly/36NX7cu
Shovel Knight Showdown: http://bit.ly/2MfXvIJ
The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition: http://bit.ly/2tFPVkr
Cardpocalypse: http://bit.ly/34EMhE5
Alien: Isolation: http://bit.ly/2Z8yS62

Yacht Club shares another round of codes for Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Showdown

Spice up your gameplay

Yacht Club has been sharing all sorts of codes and cheats for the Shovel Knight series, and today they've shared some codes for both King of Cards and Showdown. Check out the code lineup below.

- K&REVROLL - speedy new move
- K&SHCRM - True blue palette, your spin will look quite dashing.
- K&SHGAA - Yellow palette, like a Memmec with two tails.
- K&SHTFTA - & Knuckles

Flyhigh Works details their physical releases of Celeste and Shovel Knight in Japan

Some extra goodies in each package

Flyhigh Works previously announced that they'd be handling releases for both Celeste and Shovel Knight in Japan, and now we have some more details. The Celeste package will include the game, alongside a set of illustrated photos and post cards. The Shovel Knight set includes the game, a Gold Shovel Knight amiibo, and the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Triple Set amiibo.

Flyhigh Works handling physical releases for Celeste, Human Resource Machine Deluxe, and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove in Japan

Flyhigh gets physical

Flyhigh Works has announced a triple threat of Switch physical releases for Japan. Check out details on each release below.


- April 23rd, 2020
- ¥3,960

Human Resource Machine Deluxe

- March 12th, 2020
- ¥6,600
- includes Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans
- also features a Guidebook and 2CD Original Soundtrack

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

- April 2nd, 2020
- ¥3,960

Yacht Club releases another set of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove cheat codes

Use these codes to dig yourself out of trouble

Yacht Club has said numerous times that Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is full of all sorts of cheat codes. Slowly but surely, they're releasing codes that haven't been published anywhere else. Check out the latest codes they've shared below.

X&BRDSW - Swaps background stage music between original Shovel of Hope and Specter of Torment versions.
A&JMPBO - Color palette changes each time you jump!
SK&ULT! - Fast, invincible, and powerful!
K&TORNA - Begin the game with Gyro Boots Heirloom and have unlimited spin time! Let it rip!
X&MSYE - The screen will have a disorienting... almost wisp-like effect! What foul magic could cause this?

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Gold amiibo + 3-Pack unboxing

We unbox all the new Yacht Club Games Shovel Knight Treasure Trove amiibo, including Gold Shovel Knightt, and the 3 pack's Specter, Plague, & King Knight

Yacht Club details the amount of work that went into Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Not as easy as you'd think

Yacht Club was, at one point, working on both the Specter Knight and King King DLC expansions for Shovel Knight at the same time. This worked for a little bit, but eventually became impossible due to how different the expansions would play. In an interview with Kotaku, Yacht Club's Sean Velasco talks about just how much work was involved with creating the King of Cards expansion.

“As Specter Knight progressed, we realized his unique mobility set was just too specific. Tonally, Specter Knight and King Knight were gonna be so different, it just didn’t make sense anymore. We went back to the drawing board and said, ‘Okay, well, if we’re going to do all this extra stuff for King Knight, what are we talking about doing?’ And so we ended up making all new levels. There’s a whole new world map system. … The scope of that got crazy.”

Shovel Knight: King of Cards update now live on 3DS in North America

Dig in, 3DS owners!

3DS owners in North America had to wait a bit longer than expected to get their hands on the Shovel Knight: King of Cards update, but we're happy to say that the wait is over. We can confirm that the update is now live on 3DS, giving owners access to the brand-new King of Cards adventure. Fire up your 3DS and enjoy!

GameSpot Video - Shovel Knight: King of Cards gameplay

King of Cards is the final expansion for Shovel Knight, featuring the regal King Knight. The king can glide through the air, slam into walls, and spin upward to reach high ledges. Watch us slam and spin through the first level right here.


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