Into the Breach update now available

Into the Breach has been updated. We don't know the version number, but we do have details on what the patch includes. Check out that info below.

- adds 9 languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese)
- adds full touch UI

Check out the Nintendo-related acceptance speeches from 2019 BAFTA Games Awards

What did the winners have to say?

As we shared the other day, Nintendo themselves, as well as some games that are Nintendo-related, took home wins at the 2019 BAFTA Games Awards. If you're interested, you can find all the acceptance speeches for the winners below, as well as some behind-the-scenes interviews.

Into the Breach's devs nearly gave up on the game, scrapped 60% of their plans

Into the garbage

Into the Breach has been a massive success for Subset Games. Following up FTL was no easy feat, but somehow the team managed to make another hugely addictive, extremely enjoyable experience. That's why it's such a surprise to hear that they almost scrapped the game entirely.

Matthew Davis and Justin Ma, two of the devs from Subset Games, explained the situation in an interview with Kotaku.

Justin : It was literally years of just banging our head against the wall, trying to get something to work and be fun. I hope our next project won’t be that, because it’s a little hard after maybe three or four times throwing out six months of work to still feel like, “There’s something good here.” I’m the more optimistic one of the pair of us, and—

Matthew: You nearly always think, “There’s something here.” And I’m like, “No, it’s terrible.” And we’re back to scratching it all out.

Justin: I think if we’d had to do that one more time, I would’ve been close to giving up.

Matthew: We were very close to giving up on the game.

Justin: If we’re hyper-simplifying, we figured out combat that seemed like there was something interesting. And then we spent forever trying to make a meta-game around that. Is it XCOM? Is it other types of tactic games?

...So maybe 60 percent of the game, we just dropped it all and say, “Okay, it’s just a bunch of missions in a row. Screw it.” We know that the actual combat, which is the entirety of the game as it has released, that was 30 percent of what we were hoping.

4 different Switch titles take home wins at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards

Indies and Nintendo themselves score awards

The 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards have come to a close, and 4 different titles on the Switch have come away with wins for the night. Check out the list of Nintendo-related winners below.

Best Audio: Celeste (Matt Makes Games and Power Up Audio)
Best Visual Art: Gris (Nomada Studio)
Best Design: Into the Breach (Subset Games)
Innovation Award: Nintendo Labo (Nintendo)

GDC 2019 to feature 'Into the Breach' Design Postmortem

Into the Breach was a surprise launch on Switch in 2018, and it was quite the success. Looking to learn more about how the game came to be? GDC 2019 is hosting a panel on just that!

'Into the Breach' took Subset Games four long years to develop after finishing FTL. This talk will detail that process from the early design drafts to the final balancing decisions. Diving into years of cut content and iteration, this talk will show how Subset Games approaches difficult design challenges. How do you decide which feature to cut? How do you successfully "steal" design elements from other games while remaining original? How do you decide on the correct difficulty? How much RNG should you use?

Other than "behind the scenes" information about the development of 'Into the Breach', this talk will provide practical design suggestions based on the way that Subset Games approaches design.

Intended Audience
The talk is intended for anyone interested in how smaller scale projects get created, and will have practical suggestions for designers on projects of any size.

GameSpot's Best Games of 2018 - Into The Breach

Into The Breach is a masterpiece of concise game design, a turn-based tactical gem whose sharp focus makes every moment feel pivotal.

Into the Breach - New speedrun world record set for 'Custom Squad, Any% with two island, easy qualifier'

Into the Breach is a game that is ready to kick your butt at every turn, which is why players labor over each and every move they make. That usually leads to some pretty hefty playtimes, but that's not the case for speedrunner Darn. He manages to pull in a world-record time of 11:57 for the “Custom Squad, ANY” with “two island, easy” qualifier.

Subset Games looking into initial loading issue with Into the Breach on Switch

The first time you fire-up Into the Breach on Switch, you might be hit with a rather lengthy load. It doesn't seem like a big issue though. You can just wait the load out, or restart your Switch and all should be fine. Still, Subset Games is looking into the issue for a fix.

Into the Breach - gameplay footage

The remnants of human civilization are threatened by gigantic creatures breeding beneath the earth. You must control powerful mechs from the future to hold off this alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game from the makers of FTL.

Thanks to Atebit for the heads up!


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