Wizard of Legend getting a content update soon

A legendary update

Wizard of Legend will be getting a content update in the near future to celebrate the game's second anniversary. You can get a full rundown of what the update will include below.

New Features

New NPC added at home that will allow you to save up to 3 custom loadouts
Run history added at home which records the best runs for the Chaos Trials, Boss Rush, and Endless Mode (walk up to and face new shelf on right hallway)
Party Chests added which spawn at a low chance and include predefined sets of relics and arcana
Added relic and arcana vendors before the final boss along with a short run up encounter
Following relics received headgear visuals: Chaos Visor, Shark Mask, Elven Ears, Jade’s Tiara, Berserk’s Helm, Gilded Helm, Graduation Cap
14 new standard arcana, including 4 new standard chaos arcana
12 new cursed relics
2 new combine relics


Enemies in the Chaos PvP Arena now level up with time
Disabled the ability to evade while hurt
Lowered Cyclops laser duration when player is hit
Summoner enemies now have a longer cooldown on their minion revive ability
Added an area of effect indicator to the Thunder Zoner enemies

Quality of Life

Boss Rush mode now also unlocks Chaos Arcana
Loadout NPC added to Versus mode
All stores now offer 1 more item in the line up. Health Potions in the relic store moved to the side to accommodate for the change
Savile now takes less HP when upgrading your outfit during runs
Chaos Arcana have a chance of appearing in the arcana store starting from loop 3 and above
Various price adjustments

Relic Adjustments

Bewitching Glue now lowers player’s movespeed and increases their stun duration when hurt
Ebon Wolf’s Cloak now lowers your damage for anything other than fire and lightning arcana instead of increasing your damage received.
Megalodon Tooth now adds a chance to not expend your signature charge when used
Shark Mask now causes signature arcana to take longer to charge but always results in a critical hit
Armor of Resolve now grants a bit more armor when activated
Whimsical Explodium’s chance to activate increased greatly and the radius of effect slightly lowered
Special Snowflake’s chance to activate increased greatly
Elven Ear’s chance to resist status effects increased
Greased Boots now enhances your dash arcana and lowers its cooldown
Bach’s Escape Key changed to resist death. Each subsequent chance is reduced on successful attempts
Hardcover Textbook increases HP of summoned minions instead of adding an extra minion
Soccer Cleats adds slightly more damage to movement arcana
Jumper Cables now significantly reduces more cooldowns on movement arcana
Yuna’s Storybook now significantly increases the duration of minion summon time
Adorable Mimic now counts itself in calculations

Arcana Adjustments

Gust volley shot speed increased
Severing Slash now works properly with Flak Gauntlets
Earth Stomp Agent now has less delay during their jump
Ion Spike’s enhanced version now spawns a trio of extra orbs
Vortex Dash now places a trap where you land that pushes enemies to where your dash originated

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where minimap could disappear in certain situations
Fixed issue in co-op where one player could affect the other player’s equipment or outfit menu
Fixed edge case with Abhorrent Deck that occurred when no arcana had been unlocked

Wizard of Legend's Official Jazzy Lullabies Album Now Available

Music to sleep to

Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to present Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend. This ninth album in the Billboard-charting Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies series has been created alongside composer Dale North to bring GENTLE LOVE's unique brand of jazzy lullabies for sleep, relaxation, and studying to this fast-paced action roguelike. The album features 11 tracks from Wizard of Legend alongisde an original track titled "Reconcilation" inspired by the world of Wizard of Legend. GENTLE LOVE is comprised of Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta series composer Norihiko Hibino on saxophone and Etrian Odyssey performer AYAKI on piano. Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend is now available:

Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend on All Storefronts

"I've been working with Dale North for many years, and it made sense for us to pay tribute to his amazing breakout soundtrack to Wizard of Legend," comments album producer Jayson Napolitano. "We're so thrilled to celebrate both the two-year anniversary of Wizard of Legend's release last week on May 15 and the six-year anniversary of the Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies series today on May 18. We hope you enjoy this very special release to commemorate both anniversaries."

Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend features all the music from the game with the full track list as follows:

01. Wizard of Legend
02. Lanova's Treasures
03. Prepare for Chaos
04. Freiya's Cage
05. Atlas's Terrace
06. Zeal's Forge
07. Shuu's Spire
08. Arcane Refuge
09. Duel
10. Duel of Legend
11. Magical Merrymaking
12. Reconciliation (Original)

Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies has enjoyed eight other album releases including two compilation volumes, four more dedicated to Secret of Mana, UNDERTALE, Celeste, and Shovel Knight, respectively, a compilation of battle themes turned into lullabies, and a charity EP in honor of late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

Wizard of Legend Piano Collections and Complete Soundtrack Now Available

Double the soundtrack fun

Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to present WIZARD OF LEGEND (The Complete Soundtrack) and Piano Collections WIZARD OF LEGEND. Celebrating yesterday's release of the Thundering Keep DLC, The Complete Soundtrack composed by Dale North includes all the music fans have come to know and love in addition to the previously unreleased Sky Palace DLC trailer music and the electrifying Thundering Keep stage theme and trailer. Both WIZARD OF LEGEND (The Compelte Soundtrack) and Piano Collections WIZARD OF LEGEND are available today on Bandcamp with other storefronts to follow in the coming days:

"While I had a good feeling early on, I didn't really know that the music I was writing would be for a smash hit videogame!" reflects composer Dale North. "So it has been a pleasure to be able to continue to contribute music to WIZARD OF LEGEND over the past year since the initial launch and now I'm just as thrilled to be able to share them in a complete album. Just as the new dungeons and bosses have expanded the game's world, I hope these new pieces add more depth and enjoyment to players and listeners alike."

Piano Collections WIZARD OF LEGEND features 11 all-new piano performances by AYAKI (Etrian Odyssey, PersonaQ, Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies), bringing his unique jazz-infused arrangements to the fast-paced action of WIZARD OF LEGEND. Also included is an original theme by AYAKI titled "Realizing One's Potential," which is inspired by a wizard's journey to prove themselves in the Chaos Trials.

"AYAKI's arrangements and performances of the WIZARD OF LEGEND soundtrack feel like a deep dive into the spirt of what I was going for when I originally composed it," explains North. "These powerful, interpretive pieces have a way of transporting you and I feel like anyone that has spent any time in the dungeons will feel that. It's rare to feel so heard and understood as a music maker anyway, but when it's coming from such a talented and accomplished musician it makes this so much more special."

Wizard of Legend "Thundering Keep" update now live on Switch

The storm is here!

Wizard of Legend has gotten a new update on Switch today. The 'Thundering Keep' update is now live, and you can check out the full patch notes below.

----------- Quick Overview -----------
New Lightning boss, stage, and enemies
Over 20 new arcana
Over 30 new relics
New signatures, outfits, and more!

----------- Change Log -----------


24 new arcana
6 new basic arcana
6 new dash arcana
12 new standard arcana
12 new signatures
Minor adjustments to existing arcana (see below)


39 new relics
Minor adjustments to existing relics (see below)

Quality of Life

Outfit info now displayed in the equipment menu along with their stats
Boss Rush cost changed from 25 to 10 gems
Banker now takes your token and gives you a flat 20 gems in addition to the gold exchange
Defense stat removed and replaced with appropriate stats such as armor or hp as it was causing too much confusion
Versus Mode's Arena of Fury (Fire) now makes players do double damage instead of enhancing all spawned arcana

Bug Fixes

Fixed an error where Freiya might bug out when her lances are destroyed before being thrown

Minor Arcana Adjustments

Heroic Leap changed to always activate regardless of if an enemy was grabbed and cancel delay reduced
Flame Strike changed to a charged basic skill that changes properties when fully charged
All wards and seekers arcana are now classified as summon arcana
Mentis Imperium changed to shoot an arrow that buffs affected enemy and mind controls them until they are defeated
Frozen Bait now freezes enemies in the area when it lands
Frost Feint now has an extra charge with lowered damage
Phantom Brigade signature gain reduced and cooldown increased
Ignition Dash cooldown reduced
Voltaic Needle no longer throws you off ledges into pits
Raging Inferno cooldown reduced
Minion arcana spawn count normalized to 2 and starting hp normalized
Shattering Strike stun amount increased
All buff skills standardized, cooldowns now start at end of skill but all cooldowns reduced to compensate
Wave Front Dash, Frost Wing cooldown slightly increased
Heroic Blaze signature damage slightly lowered
Bouncing Bubble initial charge changed from 5 to 4
Rock-solid Tomahawk stun amount increased

Minor Relic Adjustments

Chaos Visor moved to Offense and now also added projectile crit chance
Chaos Scanner moved to Offense and now also slightly increases damage
Evening Gloves changed to auto combo when holding the button down and gives extra signature charge when using basic attacks
Raspberry Cookie Box effect increased from 30% to 50%
Halved the damage down effects of Ebon Wolf’s Cloak
Pop-up Primer no longer has a negative max HP penalty on summoned minions
Mystic Monopole changed to decrease knockback instead of increase knockback
Berserker’s Axe damage increase changed from 20% to 15%
Singing Bowl crit effect no longer activates when you use a basic
Hyperbolic Train signature gain changed from 30% to 25%
Thesis on Defense now increases armor instead of defense
Chaotic Pendulum’s enemy CD reduction changed from 75% to 25%
Jumper Cables effect changed to reduced cooldown on all movement arcana
Elven Ears effect changed to lower the chance of being afflicted by all status effects
Dice of the Nemesis changed to add a flat 300 damage to what you would have done instead of forcing 300 crit to accomodate for high damage builds
Cassim’s Airy Cloak cooldown reduced and active duration lowered
Sano's Headband moved to Defense
Demi's Teapot moved to Misc

Wizard of Legend's "Sky Palace" Update (v1.1) now available

Things are looking up

Who doesn't like a bit of free content? Wizard of Legend has been updated to Version 1.1, which includes the Sky Palace content, and a bunch of other tweaks. Check out the full patch notes below.

This is a free update that is now live on all platforms (PC/Mac/Linux, Switch, PS4, and Xbox)
We tried our best to document all the changes, but this is a fairly large update and we may have missed a few things! If you run into any issues, please drop us a line via email, Twitter, or Discord!

----------- Quick Overview -----------

New Sky Palace stage
Wind Sovereign Shuu joins the Magic Council
Over 20 new arcana and 20 new signatures
Endless Mode
Over 35 new relics
3 new outfits
New enemies
And more!

----------- Change Log -----------

Description of arcana and relics in shops are now displayed in a pop up when you walk up to them
Training dummies now display total damage done when they reset to original position
Added UI notice to show when relics are lost


5 new basic arcana
5 new dash arcana
12 new standard arcana
22 new signatures
Lowered cost of signatures in Lanova Plaza to 50
Minor adjustments to existing arcana (see below)


28 new relics
9 new run modifier cursed relics
Minor adjustments to existing relics (see below)


3 new outfits


Wind Sovereign Shuu added to the Magic Council
Elemental variations of lancers
Zoner enemies
Macho Ghoul
Crush Colossus mini boss
Laser Cyclops
Blob Barrager
Roller Blob
Air elemental versions of rogue, mage, knight, archer, and lancer


Super Archer now does extra strafe attacks based on difficulty level


New NPC in the Chaos Trials that helps gather gems
Nox now sells special cursed relics in Lanova Plaza (must clear Chaos Trials once)
Mysterious Timekeeper NPC that enables endless mode (must clear Chaos Trials once)


Sky Palace stage
All stores and NPCs in the Chaos Trials now spawn a portal to the start of the stage until the mini boss room is discovered
90+ new room variations
Minor new variations to stage props


2 new arenas

Minor Arcana Adjustments

Absolute Finale cooldown reduced
Searing Rush cooldown reduced
Spike Track cooldown reduced
Ion Spike cooldown reduced
Frost Feint cooldown reduced
Voltaic Needle attack box adjusted to make it easier to hit
Exploding Fireball's signature version now burns on the final explosion
Mentis Imperium damage increased, cooldown lowered, and knockback increased
Toxic Bolas damage increased, poison level increased, root duration increased
Earthquake Axe now executes faster and causes less knockback
Embracing Vines now spawns a second row even when not empowered. Cooldown increased and root duration lowered

Minor Relic Adjustments

Friendship Bracelet now works even when only 1 player equips it (but with lowered effectiveness). It now also prevents PvP events after boss fights
Broken Plague Flask effects doubled and moved to Nox's store in Lanova Plaza
Large Red Button lowered health penalty and moved to Nox's store in Lanova Plaza
Abhorrent Cologne effects increased and moved to Nox's store in Lanova Plaza

Wizard of Legend - 'Sky Palace' DLC revealed, due out this Winter

If you were looking for more content in Wizard of Legend, all you have to do is wait a little bit. The dev team has revealed an upcoming round of DLC called "Sky Palace.” It's due out sometime this Winter, and features more enemies, new signatures, a new chapter, and more content to be revealed.


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