Puyo Puyo Champions getting Lessons Mode and Challenge Mode tomorrow

New ways to learn and play

Puyo Puyo Champions is getting an update tomorrow that will include two new modes. SEGA has confirmed that the update will feature Lessons Mode and Challenge Mode, both of which will be free. No word on if the update will make any other tweaks to the game, but we'll keep an eye out for full patch notes.

SEGA reveals their lineup for Zentame Fest

A lineup of already-released titles

Earlier today we found out that Nintendo would be appearing at Zentame Fest, and now we know SEGA will be joining them. Here's what SEGA will be bringing to the show, which runs Aug. 3rd to 4th, 2019 in Gifu, Japan.

- Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game
- Puyo Puyo eSports
- Team Sonic Racing
- Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

SEGA will also have some special merchandise on-hand, including a SEGA Logo T-shirt (¥2,500), Puyo Puyo Die-cut Pass Case (¥700), and SEGA Game Gear Mug (¥1,000).

Puyo Puyo Champions' Producer discusses the importance of fan feedback

Without fans, there's nothing!

SEGA has put out another developer feature on Puyo Puyo Champions. This latest installment features Producer Mizuki Hosoyamada discussing why fan feedback is an absolutely crucial part of the development experience. Check out the video interview with Mr. Hosoyamada above.

Puyo Puyo Champions producer discusses the game as an eSport

A budding eSport

SEGA has put together another video feature on Puyo Puyo Champions featuring producer Mizuki Hosoyamada. In the latest installment, Mr. Hosoyamada talks about players embracing the eSport approach for the game, and how things have grown because of it.

Puyo Puyo Champions gets another Japanese promo video

Promoting the retail release

As we stated earlier, Puyo Puyo Champions is now available as a retail title in Japan. This retail version includes a new Lesson mode, which has also been added to the eShop version of Puyo Puyo Champions as a version update.

Puyo Puyo eSports' retail version released in Japan, digital version updated

Learning the ropes

Puyo Puyo eSports has released as a packaged game in Japan just today. This includes all the same content that was in the digital version, which released a number of months ago. The packaged version includes an extra Lesson Mode, which has also been added to the digital version via a new update available today.

SEGA shares a Puyo Puyo Champions video feature looking back on how the series has changed

Change is good, chains are better

SEGA has put out a ton of videos for Puyo Puyo Champions, ranging from tutorial vids to interviews and more. Today's feature sits down with producer Mizuki Hosoyamada to discuss how the series has changed over the years. Check out the video interview above!

Puyo Puyo series producer Mizuki Hosoyamada shares a special message for Puyo Puyo Champions players

Be the best Puyo Puyo player you can be!

Need a little bit of motivation to take your Puyo Puyo Champions efforts to the next level? Perhaps a special message from Puyo Puyo series producer Mizuki Hosoyamada will help you out! SEGA shared Mr. Hosoyamada's message via the tweet above.

Puyo Puyo Champions - Advanced Tutorials: Observation And Counter

Wait for the perfect moment

Watching your own screen in Puyo Puyo Champions is never enough! Keep an eye on what your opponent is doing so you can deliver game-ending counters.

Puyo Puyo Champions - Advanced Tutorials: Garbage Chaining

Garbage day!

Garbage doesn't always have to be bad! In Puyo Puyo Champions, garbage can actually be used to set up chains if used properly. Learn how with our latest tutorial.


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