Free content update for Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women

Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women has received a free update that adds two new puzzles + 1 secret puzzle!

After the update is installed, two new puzzles will appear on the puzzle select screen in the top right and bottom right corners.

In the top right corner is "Beautiful Eyes". Consisting of many similar coloured pieces this is one of the more difficult puzzles in the series.

In the bottom right corner is "Relaxing by the beach". This new puzzle is a little different from the more traditional videos and shows a lady enjoying the cool breeze by the sea.

Lastly, there is a hidden puzzle. Try pressing the A Button in various places around the puzzle select screen to see if you can find it!

Who says that only young people can beautiful?

* After the updated is installed "ver 1.1.0" will appear in the bottom left corner of the title screen.

Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women hitting Switch worldwide on Oct. 4th, 2018

Rainy Frog has announced that it will release the second game in the Animated Jigsaws series “Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women” for Nintendo Switch on 4th October.

Complete moving jigsaw puzzles alone or team up with friends and finish them together! Animated Jigsaws: Japanese Women contains short videos as jigsaw puzzles that are pieced together to reveal beautiful ladies.

The video puzzles capture 10 beautiful Japanese ladies wearing traditional kimono and yukata clothes in various locations such Kyoto City, by a lake, and relaxing in a hot spring bath.

An easy-to-use interface such as separating edge and inner pieces makes solving puzzles fun and relaxing. Tackle the puzzles by yourself, or team up with friends and solve them together.


- Solve puzzles with friends in multiplayer for up to 4 players
- Easy-to-play traditional jigsaw puzzle
- Selection of three background colors
- 3 sizes for each puzzle: 60, 120 and 240 pieces
- Saves time spent completing each puzzle and each size
- Separate edge and inner pieces
- Each piece snaps into place for stress-free experience
- Ability to snap individual pieces together
- Save a puzzle half way and continue later
- Selection of traditional Japanese music to choose from

The game will be released worldwide on 4th October for $9.99/9.99 Euros/8.99 Pounds and is available for pre-purchase from tomorrow. Owners of “Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery” receive a 15% discount.