GoNintendo Podcast Highlights (Ep. 805): Giving games a second chance

Two for the show

Sometimes we play games that don't click for us, and we end up shelving them. In today's GoNintendo Podcast highlight, one crew member talks about returning to a game they originally didn't like, only to find a whole new appreciation for it.

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Materia Collective pledges to correct payment issue for Celeste B-sides composers

Changing their tune

Lena Raine crafted an amazing soundtrack for Celeste, and her tunes got some incredible remixes by a number of different composers for the game's collection of B-side levels. Unfortunately, those composers have gone two years without getting payment for their work.

Materia Collective is the team behind the collection of composers, and somehow they neglected to share royalties with those composers for the better part of two years. All in all, four composers on the project claim they haven't received their payments, and Materia Collective is finally speaking up.

Materia Collective says that outdated in-house software caused the issue, and the company promises to be better going forward. Composers who haven't received royalties will supposedly get all back pay by sometime in mid-February.

Speedrunner completes Celeste using a dance pad

Step to it

I think most people would agree that Celeste is a challenging game. You can use Assist Mode to help you on your journey, but for those trying to play the game without those features, there can be some real tough platforming to tackle. Then there's people like PeekingBoo, who clearly doesn't find the game challenging enough.

During the most recent Awesome Games Done Quick, PeekingBoo showed off his insane talent by speedrunning Celeste using a dance pad as his controller. It's absolutely insane to see, and the ease of which he blows through the game is staggering. Watch the entire run above!

Celeste's creator says they've come to realize that the game's main character is trans

Maddy Thorson has put together a truly interesting blog post on the development of Celeste. Development was not only a journey for Thorson, but for Celeste's main character as well. Now with the game being complete, Thorson is sure that the protagonist Madeline is trans, and the same goes for Thorson.

Thorson reveals their own struggle with being a closeted trans person during the development of Celeste, and as work continued on the project, Thorson realized their own feelings. Through this long process, Thorson has come to understand a lot about who they are, and the same goes for Madeline's journey. You can read the full blog post here.

Thanks to Microtic for the heads up!

Celeste and TowerFall now available for $5 each

Two fantastic deals

Matt Makes Games Inc. is running a sale on two of their Switch eShop titles, and they're at the lowest prices they've ever been. You can now get both TowerFall and the multi-award winning Celeste for $5 a piece. You really can't go wrong with either game, but now with this special $5 pricing, these games are a no-brainer. This offer is available until Oct. 20th, 2020, so there's just a week left to get in on the savings.

Fangamer offering up a new round of Celeste merch

A mountain of new merch

Fangamer has just added in a new round of merch for Celeste. Fans can now snag a trucker cap, a "Beyond the Mountain" t-shirt, and Celestial Hotel keychain. The items range from $15 to $24, so nothing that's going to break the bank. Check out the lineup in more detail here.

Get another look at Japan's physical release for Celeste

So jealous of those extra goodies

We got the details on Celeste's physical release back in Dec. of 2019, and that included some pics of the goodies included in the package. Now we have another look at that pack, which includes the final box art as well.

For those who missed the news the first time around, Japan's Celeste package will include the game alongside a set of illustrated photos and post cards.

Fangamer adds new Celeste plush dolls and pins

A zest for Celeste

Are you a fan of Celeste that's looking for some official merch? Fangamer has some brand-new options for you to check out, including the Madeline and Badeline duo plush set above. You can grab these two dolls for $36.

If you're looking for a way to show your love of the series in your day-to-day life, maybe this Heartfelt Farewell pin set is the right choice. You can get both of these pins for $14.

Celeste currently on-sale for $5

Sure to climb the charts again

Celeste has won numerous awards, including Game of the Year. Everything from soundtrack to storyline is an absolute joy, and the game itself is ready to push your skills to their limits. If you've been waiting for the perfect moment to experience this top-notch game, now is the time.

Celeste is currently 75% off on the Switch eShop, which is the lowest price the game has seen yet. That makes it just $5, which is an absolutely steal. We aren't sure how long the deal is running, so you might want to snag your copy today!

Celeste dev shows the numerous ways the game tilts the balance in the player's favor

More helpful than you might think

Make no mistake, Celeste is a very tough game. The further into the experience you get, the more challenging the adventure is. For those who want to go the extra mile and grab all the collectibles/do the B/C sides, even more challenge awaits. That said, the game does a few neat things to try and give the player an edge.

Developer Maddy Thorson has taken to Twitter to showcase 10 different ways the game fudges things to help the player. Some of them are quite minor, while others are decisions that can really swing luck in the player's favor. Check out a few tidbits below, and then click over to see the full thread.

Check out the full thread of features here


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