Celeste Limited Edition Cassette Soundtrack now available to preorder

Cassette tape featuring the same track list as the vinyl edition. Shipping March 2019. Includes unlimited streaming of Celeste Original Soundtrack via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

If you want to grab the Celeste original soundtrack on cassette, you can plop down some cash for a preorder right here.

Celeste B-Sides album seeing vinyl release

Every aspect of Celeste is fantastic, including the soundtrack. We've already seen a vinyl release for the game's main soundtrack, but now we know that a B-Sides album is on the way. Ship to Shore PhonoCo. confirmed that they're putting the album out on a 12’’ record, but did not share a release date yet.

Thanks to Gybones for the heads up!

Celeste - Chapter 9 "Farewell" coming soon, new music sample shared

Oh man, I am so ready to jump back into Celeste. This free update can't come soon enough, and thankfully, it seems like it'll be releasing quite soon. As you can see in the teaser above, the release is coming soon! Until then, let's enjoy this sample of a new track for that chapter.

Official Celeste Piano Album and Sheet Music Now Available

SEATTLE - January 25, 2019 - Materia Collective is thrilled to announce the latest installment of their Piano Collections album and sheet music series with Celeste Piano Collections. Lena Raine's award-winning soundtrack is transformed into a classical masterpiece by arranger and performer Trevor Alan Gomes across 13 tracks and accompanying sheet music book engraved by David Peacock. Celeste Piano Collections is now available in digital format with limited edition purple marbled vinyl, CD, and physical sheet music books planned for release soon:

Celeste Piano Collections on Bandcamp
Celeste Piano Collections on iTunes
Celeste Piano Collections on Spotify

"Lena has a way of brilliantly hyper-saturating the music with rhythmic ideas, counterpoint and even multiple lead lines, so taking those full-to-the-brim tracks and transforming them into equally complete piano solos was my greatest challenge to date," notes arranger/performer Trevor Alan Gomes. "My favorite track on the album, 'Confronting Myself,' was a puzzle to arrange for solo piano. I wanted to somehow capture the 'glitched' sound, so I translated that sensation to time signature and harmonic changes. 'Exhale' was also a joy to arrange for the super talented violinist Michaela Nachtigall, aka 'Otama-Mama.' Having just one track with an additional instrument feels like the strawberry on top that completes the album and gives it a lovely roundness."

Limited Edition Vinyl on Bandcamp

The album features mastering by Jett Galindo (Sony/The Bakery), layout and design by Rozen, and illustrations and art by David René Christensen. The album features 13 key themes from the game and will include a digital booklet on iTunes and Bandcamp. The full track list is as follows:

01. Prologue
02. First Steps
03. Resurrections
04. Awake
05. Scattered and Last
06. Madeline and Theo
07. Quiet and Falling
08. In the Mirror
09. Little Goth
10. Confronting Myself
11. Reach for the Summit
12. My Dearest Friend
13. Exhale

Learn more about the Celeste Piano Collections:

Celeste Piano Collections album releases Jan. 25th, 2019

The Celeste Piano Collections album comes out Jan. 25th, 2019, and includes 13 different arranged tracks from the Celeste soundtrack. If you'd like to grab this in physical form, you can go with either vinyl or CD options.

Check out more details here

A closer look at Celeste's steelbook edition

Limited Run Games' steelbook edition of Celeste sold out almost instantly, so all copies are spoken for. If you managed to snag a preorder, you can sit back knowing the gorgeous steelbook seen above is making its way to you in the near future. This is one gorgeous package.

New details shared on Celeste's upcoming DLC

We recently learned that Celeste was going to be updated with 'Farewell' DLC, which would include new levels. Today we have some new information on that upcoming content.

- it will not be releasing on Celeste's anniversary, which is Jan. 25th, 2019
- it is one continuous chapter
- no B-Side
- it comes after the current hardest levels in difficulty
- no strawberries
- new items/mechanics
- content will be free

Limited Run Games hosting Blowout Sale and Celeste soundtrack listening party tomorrow

Limited Run Games is kicking off the new year in style! First off, they're going to be running a major sale come tomorrow at 10 AM EST. Along with that, Limited Run Games will host a Celeste soundtrack listening party on Twitch! If it's a soundtrack you haven't heard, you'll definitely want to check it out, and then snatch up a preorder!

Limited Run Games shares a look at the Collector's Edition of Celeste

Get ready to grab your preorder on Jan. 1st, because this is set to go fast. The Collector's Edition of Celeste looks absolutely fantastic, and includes some awesome extra goodies. I know I'll be grabbing one for myself!

Smash Bros. Ultimate - Jump Festa Tournament: Day 2 video

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