New Ninja Box info details gathering materials, building parts, and runaway ninjas

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Ninja Box hits Switch in Japan on Sept. 26th, and it's still a bit of a mystery. There's been plenty of gameplay footage, but not really a lot in the way of gameplay info. That changes today with a big website update, which you can find summarized below.

Gather Materials to Make Blocks

You are going to need a lot of blocks to build your secret base. Items like cardboard and plastic bottles, which can be used as materials for blocks, can be found all over town. You can also buy them at places like the Home Center. Once you gather a bunch of materials, give them to the Ninja Box to have it create your blocks.

—Items that can be used as materials for blocks will drop all over town. Explore places like your house, the garbage dump, and the park to collect items.

—Items such as soil and rocks often drop in naturally abundant places like the park. You can also use your hammer to break the soil and rocks where your secret base is located.

—Items that you have already picked up in town or at your house will refresh after a fixed period of time. Be sure to check back often as new items may have dropped in the same spots.

Collect Blueprints to Build Parts

Once you have your blocks, you can create the parts to be placed in your secret base. To create parts requires blueprints, which can be obtained by examining things in town and completing requests for the townspeople. When you place the items you create in your secret base, you can earn money based on the number of times people view your NinTube, so place all sorts of parts to develop your secret base.

—By examining by the blue exclamation marks around town and in buildings, you can obtain blueprints for parts. Runaway ninjas may also teach you a thing or two.

—By speaking to befriended runaway ninjas with a “!” over their head, they will share blueprints for new parts.

—Once you are ready to create a bunch of parts, specify the number of items you would like to create, or use the handy “Create All at Once” feature to create using only the blocks you have.

Seek Out the Runaway Ninjas in Hiding

Runaway ninjas are hiding in town, and you will be able to befriend them by meeting certain conditions as you progress through the story. Since they are useful in fighting other runaway ninjas and defending your secret base from the villainous Bukkowa Company, you should try to be friend as many runaway ninjas as possible.

—All sorts of runaway ninjas are hiding in town. In addition to runaway ninjas you will befriend as you progress through the story, there are also runaway ninjas in hiding that blend in with the environment.

—When you find a runaway ninja, a battle will commence, and you will befriend them after you defeat them. There are also cases where a runaway ninja may require certain conditions be met before befriending them, such as giving them a password.

—Depending on the runaway ninja, an event will occur by creating certain parts, and you can befriend that runaway ninja by proceeding with the event.

Form a Team of Runaway Ninjas

The runaway ninjas you befriend will be on standby at your secret base, and by forming a team, you can battle other runaway ninjas and defend your secret base. Depending on the type, each runaway ninja has its own attack specializations, so it is important to analyze their stats and choose the right runaway ninjas for the job.

Runaway ninjas will also gain experience points and level up as they win battles. By meeting certain requirements, they will be able to change classes and power-up.

—Form a team of the runaway ninjas you have befriended. It is good to add the runaway ninjas you want to level up to your team.

—A runaway ninja’s attack range depends on their type. Its range is indicated as a blue circle on the field. When an enemy enters that circle, the runaway ninja will attack.

—By meeting certain requirements, such as leveling up a runaway ninja to a specific level, you will be able to change your runaway ninja’s class and power them up. It is recommended you raise all sorts of different runaway ninjas.

CoroCoro magazine dishes out another code for a second Ninja Box demo

Sneak attack!

Bandai Namco is taking a very interesting approach with the advertising of Ninja Box in Japan. The company has released yet another demo for the game, and it once again comes via a code included in the newest issue of CoroCoro magazine. This demo includes new content as compared to the previous release.

With the full get set to launch on Sept. 26th, 2019, it's likely this will be the last demo made available.

Ninja Box - more gameplay

In town, the outrageous ninjas lurk and various materials for parts can be obtained. In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town.

Ninja Box - CoroCoro video feature #6

CoroCoro is back yet again with another round of gameplay for Ninja Box. The team has built a pretty sizable fort this time around, and they take viewers on a tour through their creation. Check out their work in the feature above.

Ninja Box gets Japanese YouTuber preorder bonus

All about that clout

Ninja Box has gotten a rather interesting preorder bonus for its upcoming Japanese release. Those who snag a secure a preorder for the title will get some content featuring Hajime Syacho, a popular Youtuber in Japan. You'll find Hajime's face on a number of in-game items, including “Hajime’s Hammer”, “Hajime’s Cannon”, and “Hajime’s Helpful Set.”

Ninja Box dated for release in Japan

Sneaking to Switch

Ninja Box was revealed for Switch quite some time ago, and while the game has been getting coverage ever since, the release date has been a mystery. Bandai Namco has finally changed that, as they've confirmed a Sept. 29th, 2019 release in Japan. The title is priced at ¥5,184.

Ninja Box - CoroCoro video feature #5

At least we now know why CoroCoro has been paying so much attention to Ninja Box. Last time we checked in, we got to see that CoroCoro is running a Ninja Box manga in their issues. They obviously want to get some eyes on that, which is why they keep sharing new looks at the game itself!

Take a look at CoroCoro's Ninja Box manga

Just don't expect it to make sense

CoroCoro has put up a free sample of their Ninja Box manga. While it's not available in English, you can still flip through the pages and check out what the comic is like. I'll have to warn you...I have no idea what is going on. All I know is that the main character was naked by the second page.

Check out the manga here

Ninja Box gets its second trailer

There are likely many who recall the child-like phrase that is “secret base.” Ninja Box, a brand new project from Bandai Namco Entertainment, is a game where you build your very own “secret base”—the only secret base of its kind—whether it is a “relaxing space” filled with only your favorite things, or a “giant fortress” big enough to get lost in.

Ninja Box - CoroCoro video feature #4

Assassin Carton

CoroCoro is pushing Ninja Box HARD! I'm still not even sure what you really do in this game, but I guess it would help to know Japanese. We're still waiting on any signs of this one getting localized. So far there hasn't been a single mention, which is never a good sign.


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