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In Ninja Box, the outrageous ninjas lurk in town, and various materials for parts can be obtained. In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town.

Ninja Box getting an online update this Fall, second season of the web anime announced

Ninja news!

Ninja Box, which finally launched in Japan today, is going to get a considerable online update sometime in Fall 2019. Bandai Namco has announced plans for an online "Invasion" mode, which will let you upload your base online, and attack the bases of other players.

Following that news, Bandai Namco also revealed that a second season of the Ninja Box web anime is on the way. Fans won't have to wait long, as the season kicks off in October 2019.

Another round of Ninja Box screens now available

Check out more screens here

In Ninja Box, the outrageous ninjas lurk in town, and various materials for parts can be obtained. In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town.

Ninja Box gets a commercial, collaboration with Nissin Soba Noodles U.F.O. revealed

Play the game, eat some noodles!

Ninja Box is launching in Japan on Sept. 26th, 2019, after months and months of coverage from various Japanese outlets. The final push for the game is coming in now, with TV commercials hitting. Check out a 15-second spot above, as well as a special collaboration between Ninja Box and Nissin Soba Noodles U.F.O. below.

6th episode of the Ninja Box Ninja web anime series released

Bandai Namco keeps pumping out new installments in the Ninja Box web anime series. You can watch the entire sixth episode above.

Details on building up your secret base defense in Ninja Box

Build up that base!

Yet another massive wave of Ninja Box details have come in. This time we get a complete rundown of info on how to build up your base's defenses. Check out the complete info round-up below.

Enemies Attack from “Warp Devices”

As you progress through the story, Bukkowa Company’s “Warp Devices” will start to appear in your secret base, from which their underlings will attack. The underlings will make their way towards the Ninja Box, and if a set number of enemies manage to reach the Ninja Box, you will be defeated, so defeat them all before they get there. You will have a few minutes to get ready between the appearance of the Warp Devices and the appearance of actual enemies, so prepare your counterattack in the meantime.

—The time until the enemy attacks is shown in the lower left corner of the screen. When there is less than a minute left, a warning will appear in the middle of the screen. Since several Warp Devices will appear, be sure to confirm their locations ahead of the battle. If you do not want to wait for the enemy to appear, lie down on a bed inside and time will move faster.

—When the time until the enemy attacks reaches zero, the battle will begin. The Warp Devices where the enemy appear will emit a light like a camera flash.

—Victory is attained by defeating all the enemies. Your NinTube views will increase if you defeat enemies with traps, and you can gain experience points for your runaway ninjas by utilizing them in battle.

Enemy Variety and Attack Methods

There are various enemy types, including enemies that attack at close-range, enemies that fire missiles at long-range, enemies that guard against attacks with shields, and more. Also, non-humanoid type enemies like tanks and drones will also appear, so make effective use of your runaway ninjas and traps to repel them.

—Bukkowa Company’s humanoid subordinates will attack at close range. There are even types with shields that will guard against direct attacks.

—Tank enemies have high stamina. If you do not use a high firepower trap such as the Cardboard Cannon, then defeating them is going to be tough.

—Drone enemies move quickly and through the sky, making them difficult to hit. Counter them from long range with projectile weapon attacks, or with a runaway ninja.

Determine the Enemy’s Invasion Route

The enemies that appear from the Warp Device will head towards the Ninja Box via the route indicated by the yellow and black line. This route changes depending on the location of the Ninja Box. Place traps and runaway ninjas within the attack range of the route. As you progress through the story, enemies will also target Generators and Vaults.

—During the time before the enemy attacks, you can check the enemy’s attack route and silhouettes of the underlings that will appear.

—If an enemy reaches one of your Generators or Vaults, they can steal stored electricity or money. Defeat them quickly.

—Enemies can also move through interiors on their route, and even destroy traps.

Place Materials to Change the Enemy’s Route

Enemies will make their way to the Ninja Box via the optimal route, but by placing things such as building materials over the route to create obstacles, their course will change. Use this to place materials over a route and lead an enemy into a trap.

—Placing building materials over a route to block the enemy’s path will cause them to change course. Place, remove, and adjust materials for the best possible result.

—Other than placing materials, the enemy’s route can also change by breaking the terrain with your hammer.

—If you have a wall with a door placed somewhere, enemies will use that door. Utilize this behavior to manipulate the enemy’s direction.

Repel the Enemy with Traps

Since traps cannot operate unless plugged into a power outlet, traps may not be able to attack if a power outlet is too far from the enemy’s route. When an enemy does not enter a trap’s attack range, make use of walls and such to guide the enemy towards an outlet.

—For situations where the enemy passes within range of a power outlet, it is good to install traps with narrow attack range, but rapid fire power.

—In situations where a power outlet is too far from a power outlet, the most effect traps are those with wide attack range and long distance attacking.

—Walls may get in the way of your counterattack. You should have good visibility around the area of a trap.

Counterattack with Runaway Ninjas

You can also counterattack enemies with the runaway ninjas stationed at your secret base. Unlike traps, runaway ninjas can be placed anywhere. Their HP can be recovered using items, so fight while recovering often to avoid being defeated.

—It is a good idea to place runaway ninjas in places where there are little traps to fortify your defenses.

—Runaway ninjas that can attack from long distances should be placed a little bit outside of the enemy’s attack route to avoid a counterattack.

—Runaway ninjas that can attack at close range are easily susceptible to the enemy’s counterattack. Dispatch them effectively as sets with traps.

Analyze and Counter the Boss’ Attack Patterns

When you defeat every enemy, a Bukkow Company boss may appear. Unlike underlings, bosses do not aim for the Ninja Box, but move around freely and attack the protagonist. While their attacks are powerful, they also leave themselves wide open, so avoid their attacks while accurately dealing damage.

—Boss attacks can destroy building materials. You should try to fight in places where there are as little structures as possible.

—After a boss attacks, they will leave a wide opening for you to attack. When you see the “Chance” notification appear above its head, damage it with runaway ninjas and traps.

—As you progress through the story, you will fight bosses in places other than your secret base. You will not be able to use traps during those battles, and must rely solely on runaway ninjas.

Ninja Box gets another batch of screens

Check out more screens here

In Ninja Box, the outrageous ninjas lurk in town, and various materials for parts can be obtained. In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town.

5th episode of the Ninja Box Ninja web anime series released

Time for another cartoon!

Bandai Namco keeps pumping out new installments in the Ninja Box web anime series. You can watch the entire fifth episode above.

Bandai Namco shares details on Ninja Box's base creation and traps

Fortify your base!

Ninja Box is coming to Switch in Japan on Sept. 26th, 2019. There's not much time left to detail features of the game, so Bandai Namco is pumping out some major info drops to spread the word. Check out the latest round of details below.

Craft the Hammer You Need to Collect Junk

In order to break soil, rocks, and placed materials, you will need to craft a hammer from blocks. The more materials in your possession, the stronger the hammer you can create. For example, you can create a “Wood Hammer” from wood blocks, or a “Plastic Hammer” from plastic blocks. You should make plenty of spare hammers since hammers will break as you continue to use them.

—Blocks are required to create a hammer. Since the soil hammer is the only one that can be created without blocks, it comes in handy when you do not have any blocks in your possession.

—The stronger your hammer, the higher its durability and the easier it is to break items. Powerful hammers can even break through hard rocks.

—The power outlets in your secret base are often blocked by rocks, and cannot be procured without a powerful hammer. Since power outlets are essential in creating your secret base, you should seek out as many as possible.

Create Blocks from the Junk You Collect

Junk such as “useless cardboard” cannot be used as is. But by giving such junk to the Ninja Box, you will receive blocks in return. If you have items in possession and use the Ninja Box, you can automatically process them into blocks. The more new blocks you create, the greater the variation of materials you can craft.

—By using the Ninja Box, you can process and receive blocks. You can also process all the junk in your possession into blocks together.

—In total, there are 12 types of blocks you can create, which are indicated in the upper-right of the screen. As you obtain new junk, you will be able to create different types of blocks.

—Just like junk, blocks cannot be used by simply having them in your possession. Save them up and bring them to the Ninja Box for processing.

Build Materials from Blocks

By handing your blocks over to the Ninja Box, you can create building materials such as a “wood wall.” The number of materials you can create increases as you acquire new blocks, but remember that some materials require electricity to create.

—There are various types of walls that require the same items to create, such as those with doors or windows attached. Start off by using these walls to build your secret base.

—At first, you can only craft materials from cardboard or wood, but as you progress you will be able to craft materials such as plastic and iron walls. If you have building materials made out of plastic or iron, simply placing them will increase your views on NinTube.

—When electricity is required to craft something, the power it consumes is displayed in the “Required Wattage” field of the screen. You can build up electricity by placing an “Generator.”

Creating Buildings with Materials

You can construct buildings by crafting materials such as walls. Start by making a room that closes up on all four sides, then decorate the interior. The more blocks in your possession, the bigger the room you can make. By using a staircase, you can even create a two-story building.

—Use several walls to create a room. But be careful as you may not be able to enter or exit if you do not have any walls with doors attached.

—When placing materials, use the L or R buttons to place them either above or below your character. You can also press the A button to rotate the material.

—You can build a room in a higher place by using a staircase. Once you set up the flooring and secure a foothold, you can place down walls to create a room.

Set Traps to Repel Enemies

Traps can be installed via power outlets, which activate when the enemy is in attack range. Since these are an important means of intercepting the enemy Bukkowa Company’s attacks, you should create various types of traps. Since Bukkowa Company’s goal is to capture the Ninja Box, installing traps to obstruct their attack route is one of the basics of defense.

—Each trap has set “rapid-fire,” “offensive power,” and “functionality” abilities. Each ability can be checked when crafting a trap.

—When placing power outlets, you can check the attack range of traps. You should place traps so that the attack range overlaps Bukkowa Company’s attack route.

—Most traps attack automatically, but some traps such as the Cardboard Cannon need to be operated yourself. Since you can determine the attack direction and timing yourself, these sorts of traps are extremely versatile.

Decorate Your Secret Base

From the “generators” to “warehouses” that come in handy when developing a secret base, furniture that you can decorate rooms with, and more, there are various types of interiors. Since there are also interiors that aid in the construction process, such as elevators and escalators, you should combine them in various ways to build a grand secret base.

—Installed interiors such as a chair for sitting or bed for laying can actually be used.

—Special interiors such as generators and vaults can be used by being placed in a power outlet. But be careful as they cannot be used once removed from the power outlet.

—The elevator can be entered and operated manually. It comes in handy when constructing tall buildings.

An Example of Building a Secret Base

Here is a look at two secret bases, one that uses escalators and one that uses elevators. There are various parts not featured here, so try to create an original secret base all your own.

—A type of secret base in which you can move between floors via escalator. You can place different interiors on each floor to make them unique, or decorate them the same to give off a sense of unity.

—By using an elevator, you can create rooms in fairly high places. After stacking walls and using the elevator to rise up to the top and place flooring, you can break the walls to create a room that floats in the sky.

Ninja Box gets another round of screens

Check out more screens here

In Ninja Box, the outrageous ninjas lurk in town, and various materials for parts can be obtained. In order to create your very own “secret base,” your adventure will leave the village and expand over the town.


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