Shovel Knight amiibo works in Just Shapes & Beats, Yacht Club teases support for more games (UPDATE)

But what does it do?!

Just the other day, Just Shapes and Beats updated with the 'Just Shovels and Knights Mixtape' DLC, which gives you some Shovel Knight tunes to play for free. Turns out there's more to the collaboration than that though, as Yacht Club has confirmed that the Shovel Knight amiibo now works with Just Shapes and Beats.

You can now use the Shovel Knight amiibo in Just Shapes & Beats! Give it a look if you haven’t yet. As for more games… please look forward to future announcements.

With one answer from Yacht Club, we now have two more questions. What does the Shovel Knight amiibo do in Just Shapes and Beats? The company didn't offer up any information. What other games will the Shovel Knight amiibo work with? That remains a secret for the time being as well.

UPDATE - We have info on what the amiibo do, thanks to Kolma.

There are 4 shovel knight songs now in Just Shapes and Beats, and each of the 4 characters can unlock a song. You can either unlock them normally or use the amiibo to unlock them instantly. You can also scan any amiibo to get a certain number of beats a day.

Just Shapes & Beats' "Just Shovels & Knights Mixtape" update now available

Shaping up nicely

The long-awaited "Just Shovels & Knights Mixtape" update is now available for Just Shapes & Beats, adding in a number of Shovel Knight remix tracks to tackle. This is a free update that celebrates the the upcoming Shovel Knight King of Cards and Showdown releases.

Just Shapes & Beats' "Just Shovesl and Knights" update coming Dec. 4th, 2019, new trailer and details shared

We can dig this

We've finally gotten a new look at the 'Just Shoves and Knights' update for Just Shapes & Beats, which is coming out on Dec. 4th, 2019. The update will include 4 new and exclusive remixes of Shovel Knight tunes, detailed below.

- “Strike the Earth! (Remix)” by Danimal Cannon
- “Flowers of Antimony (Remix)” by Rainbowdragoneyes
- “In the Halls of the Usurper (Remix)” by Kubbi
- “La Danse Macabre (Remix)” by Shirobon (Brand New Boss)

The tracks can be played randomly in Challenge Mode, unlocked in the Playlist with Beat Points, or in the Switch version unlocked by tapping each song’s representative Shovel Knight amiibo. Any other Amiibo can be used once a day to collect 100 Beat Points, up to five different Amiibo per day.

Just Shapes & Beats "Just Shovels and Knights" content coming when Shovel Knight's King of Cards update releases

Dig that beat!

The team behind Just Shapes & Beats announced their "Just Shovels and Knights" song content quite some time ago, and we haven't heard a peep in a number of months. Wondering when we'll get to go hands-on with this content? The dev team has confirmed that this DLC will see release when Shovel Knight gets its King of Cards update. So again, all we have to do is wait for Yacht Club to lock in an official date!

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

Just Shapes & Beats gets 'Hardcore Edition' content and Shovel Knight-themed stages on Switch today

Grab your headphones

First up, let's cover what we already knew was coming. As previously detailed, Just Shapes & Beats has gotten an update that adds in 'Hardcore Mode.' This mode redesigns every single stage to dial up the challenge to a completely new level. If you're looking for a true challenge, this mode is perfect for you. The update also includes supports for German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

On top of that, today's Indie World presentation also revealed that Just Shapes & Beats has gotten some Shovel Knight content. The new stages not only include remixes of Shovel Knight songs, but special themed stages as well. Both the Hardcore Mode and Shovel Knight content are available right now.

Just Shapes & Beats getting 'Hardcore Mode' update

Hard times

Just Shapes & Beats will be getting an update on Switch to add in a brand-new Hardcore Mode. According to the dev team, "Every stage has been redesigned in some form or another to give you a whole new experience that will make even seasoned Souls-like players weep, longing for their mother’s warm embrace." No word on when the update will go live just yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when that info comes in.

Just Shapes & Beats dev shares his inspiration for the game

Simon Lachance is the dev behind Just Shapes & Beats, one of the more unique rhythm games on Switch. Wondering what inspired Lachance to create the game? Check out a snippet of his most recent dev blog below.

Just Shapes & Beats was inspired by the music itself. Six years ago, I went to a concert at GDC, bought a CD from one of the artists playing (Parallel Processing by Danimal Cannon), and forgot about it. Months later I found it and put it in my car, then instantly started seeing gameplay. A few months later, I went to a local game jam in Quebec City and decided to do that music game I had a fever dream about in the car, but being a coder I couldn't draw for shit, so I made it about shapes.

Check out the full feature here

Just Shapes & Beats Update 1.1 Brings New Tracks and More

Quebec City, Quebec– Nov. 13, 2018 – Just Shapes & Beats, the frenzied couch co-op musical bullet hell from Quebec-based indie developers Berzerk Studio will receive 5 new tracks, new non-hodor language support, as well as bug-fixes and engine tweaks as part of a version 1.1 update. Hot off celebrating 10 years as a studio, Berzerk is ready to crank up the content and keep fans jamming out to show their appreciation for all the good vibes.

As part of the plan to offer ongoing free content updates to the game post-launch, Berzerk is excited to roll out the first Mixtape update, a collection of new tracks for players to enjoy. This update includes tracks from chiptune wizards Shirobon, Fantomenk, Zef and Meganeko.

In addition to adding additional tracks, this update contains native Korean language support, as well as addressing minor fixes to gameplay and the engine to keep the game running smoothly on all platforms, and eradicate all bugs. Update 1.1 is the first major content update since the game launch in May 2018, but is just the start of regular releases to keep Just Shapes & Beats fresh, just like its beats.


Mixtape Update: 5 new tracks for the players to jam to.
Added Korean Language Support
Various Quality of Life features added
Update 1.1 launches for both Steam and Nintendo Switch November 15.
Just Shapes & Beats is available now on the Nintendo eShop and Steam for PC.


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