SMITE Update Showcase - Neo Olympia

Nearly 2 hours of details on Neo Olympia

Join the devs from Titan Forge Games as they discuss the upcoming "Neo Olympia" update coming to SMITE!

SMITE Battle Pass - "Welcome to Neo Olympia" trailer

Check out the newest battle pass in SMITE

Welcome to Neo Olympia, the newest Battle Pass in SMITE. Featuring new skins for Awilix, Vulcan, Da Ji, and Cerberus - get ready for the future. Available in the Neo Olympia update in SMITE.

SMITE - Top 5 Plays #196

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SMITE dev team releases 'Gotta SMITE ‘Em All!' Poke Rap spoof

SMITE be okay

Everyone is trying to capitalize on the Detective Pikachu excitement. That goes for the SMITE dev team as well, who've cooked up a unique tribute to the Poke Rap.

Hi-Rez Studios shares Top 5 Plays videos for Paladins and SMITE

Best of the best

The competition in both SMITE and Paladins is hot-and-heavy. Think you have what it takes to make the top 5 plays for each game? Check out the videos above and see what you're up against!

SMITE "Sands and Skies" Dev Insight - live-stream recording

Sounds all SMITE

Join the Titan Forge developers as they talk about the "Sands and Skies" update in SMITE, available now on all platforms!

SMITE live-stream recording: Sands and Skies

Info on the latest update

Today's SMITE presentation was all about the Sands and Skies update, which just hit the game. If you're looking for a full rundown of what this new content provides, as well as all the changes it brings about, you can check out the patch notes here.

SMITE - "Two Gods Will Rise | Horus & Set" Teaser

Horus to the Set

For the first time ever, two gods rise: Horus and Set -- the legendary Egyptian rivals -- will join the battleground of the gods! Learn more on the "Sands and Skies" Update Show, April 17th at 3pm EST on http://mixer.com/smitegame

SMITE - New Skins in the "Cute But Deadly" Chest

Feeling cute, might delete later

Check out the newest skins in the Darkness Falls update - introducing Itsy Bitsy Chibi Arache and Blood Axe Chaac, available now in the Cute But Deadly chest in SMITE.

SMITE's Top 5 Plays - Ep. 194

Did you make the cut?

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