Famitsu print ad - Super Robot Wars T

Heavy metal

Super Robot Wars T saw a very solid debut in Japan for its first day on the market. It looks like all the marketing efforts have paid off, including print ads like these. I'm guessing the game did well in Southeast Asia as well, considering how many people were eager to import that version due to its English support!

Super Robot Wars T Perfect Bible guide book seeing release in Japan

The mech-user's manual

Famitsu has announced that they'll be publishing a guide book for Super Robot Wars T in Japan. The book is called Super Robot Wars T Perfect Bible, and includes the following.

- 512 pages

- details the game’s system, units, and strategies

- download code to redeem the following DLC in Super Robot Wars T:

Present Scenario “Dream Bonus T”

Strength Part “Bionic Armor” (HP+ 1500, Armor +300, Restore up to 10% of HP and EN during your team’s turn)

Capital 50,000


Skill Program “Kakutou Up”

Skill Program “Firing Up”

Super Robot Wars T Perfect Bible is scheduled to launch on April 20th, 2019 in Japan.

Super Robot Wars T Anime Sound Premium Edition download codes do not work with Southeast Asian copies

Ya heard?

This one isn't really a surprise, but it's worth pointing out. The Super Robot Wars T Anime Sound Premium Edition is only available in Japan, and it includes some download codes for music. Those codes will only work with the Japanese version of the game, meaning they do nothing in Super Robot Wars T copies sold in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. There's simply no way to access that Sound Premium Edition content in any other region at this time.

Japan - Day-1 sales data for Super Robot Wars T, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!, Atelier Lulua, and Dead or Alive Extreme 3: Scarlet

4 debuts, 4 solid starts

Super Robot Wars T

- 60%
- solid debut, but slightly behind the previous entry

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!

- 70%
- solid debut
- selling more than retailers expected

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland

- 60%
- solid debut
- selling better than the previous entry

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet

- 50%
- a bit on the low side, but nothing too worrying

Super Robot Wars T's English localization team revealed

A quality localization to be sure

Back in the day, a number of Super Robot Wars games were localized by Atlus USA. That's when Atlus felt like going through the insane hassle of getting approval for all the content included in those games. Nowadays we don't see Atlus involved with the franchise anymore, and there aren't any official stateside releases. That said, the games still get English translations. Super Robot Wars T's Asian release included an English localization, but who on earth tackled it?

Turns out some of the team from Super Robot Wars X's localization have returned to handle T. Christina Rose and Jason Moses returned to handle English work once again, and they were joined by newcomer @gtcaphi. Those who were worried the English localization might not be up to snuff can now rest easy knowing a pair of veterans and a new team member have done a bang-up job.

Bandai Namco to rectify Super Robot Wars T Day-1 DLC troubles for those who purchase the Southeast Asian copy

Mission success!

Things were touch-and-go with this discussion over the last few days, but we're very happy to give you a final update on the matter. While it looked like those who purchased the Southeast Asian version of Super Robot Wars T were going to miss out on the Day-1 content, Bandai Namco has confirmed that's not the case. They'll be providing a version update that'll include all the content found in the Day-1 update. Check out full details below.

For fans who purchase the English version of Super Robot Wars T for the Nintendo Switch in Southeast Asia, you will be able to receive the Day-1 digital bonus via a patch on launch day (Patch Version 1.0.2). The contents of the Day-1 Digital Bonus are as follows:

[Bonus 1] Special Scenario ‘Chapter 0: Proposal No. T1023’
[Bonus 2] Present Scenario ‘Special Starter Pack’
[Bonus 3] Special original mech Gespenst from early game
How to Redeem
From 20 March, 2019, connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet, and enable the software automatic update function to run. After installing Patch Version 1.0.2, you will be able to receive the Day-1 Digital Bonus in-game automatically.

For the PlayStation 4 users, Day-1 Digital Bonus is already included in the physical package version released on Day-1 and the digital version copy of the game. Please download the Digital Bonus using the redemption code provided inside the physical package. Access the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4 console to redeem it from 20 March, 2019 onwards.

Those living in Southeast Asia will not get the Day-1 download code for Super Robot Wars T

Super Disappointment

The news for Super Robot Wars T's Day-1 download code in Southeast Asia just keeps getting worse. Bandai Namco has officially confirmed that the code is not going to release in the region, meaning as of right now, there's no way to get that Day-1 content. Bandai Namco says that they are not distributing the code/content because there is “no official Nintendo eShop” in the region. This reason doesn't make much sense, as other companies have found/implemented workarounds for this situation.

Super Robot Wars T - details on pilots of the Cariacs, character designs, and more

Mecha Leka Hi Mecha Hiney Ho

Time for the monthly Super Robot Wars T stream! The dev team and other special guests gathered around to share insight into how things came together, new gameplay details, and more. Check out the wrap-up below.

- Hidetaka Tenjin designed Tyranado to look like a black, dark blue suit, with the part in the middle being a tie
- this reflects how the two SRW T Original protagonists, Saizo and Sagiri, are Japanese white-collar workers or “Salarymen”
- Producer Terada is the one who decided on Tyranado’s color
- when they decided on adding a black Gespenst in SRW T, he ended up regretting it
- this is because now the game has two OG mechas with the exact same color
- Tyranado’s face looks hidden behind a mask, but when it uses its strongest attacks the eyes light up
- the concept behind once again ties into a Salaryman, who usually hide emotions, except when they really mean business
- the Beam Bayonette on Tyranado’s hips is one of the few weapons it carries
- it was designed to look like an attache case
- Tyranado’s Magna Beam Launcher is stored in the “Cariacs”, the ship that accompanies Tyranado in battle
- the Cariacs was designed to look like a T from above
- Tyranado’s weapons are launched from the hatch at the bottom of the ship
- Tenjin wanted to make it feel like the wings support the ship
- he added the void area between the wings and the rest of the ship to give it a futuristic feel
- the void areas are used to accelerate certain particles, which are then used in the thrusters
- this is the system that lets the Cariacs fly
- Tyranado will use that system and/or those particles in its upgraded version
- the VTX Union is the company both protagonists Saizo and Sagiri are part of
- Hirosuke Amasaki is Saizo and Sagiri’s superior, and he's one of the three pilots for the Cariacs with Meryl
- Tenjin provides the voice of Amasaki, and it's the first time one of the dev team has done so
- Tenjin thought voicing Hirosuke was difficult at first because he couldn’t imagine being the boss of such a badass
- Meryl Spanna is voiced by Mai Aizawa, and Meryl is supposed to look and sound mature
- Meryl really loves Sagiri, the female protagonist, but not in a romantic way
- Eimis Arneston is voiced by Naomi Oozora
- all three Magic Knight Rayearth girls can use different types of magic
- Fuu can either restore 3000 HP to all ally units within 2 squares of her position (excluding herself), during one turn, increase by 200 the armor of all ally units within 2 squares of her position (excluding herself), or during one turn, decrease by 10 points all stats of an enemy unit within 5 squares of her position
- Tyranado’s strongest attack has the Cariacs attacking simultaneously
- the special scenario included in first print copies of the game is titled “Plan T1023”
- new voice clips were recorded for both Domon and Master Asia
- the animation team put a lot of effort into all of Shin Getter Dragon’s attack animations

Super Robot Wars T's day-1 bonus issue to be resolved in Taiwan


The other day, we made mention of an issue with Super Robot Wars T copies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Those who purchased the game were not getting the day-1 code, which gave access to three different bits of content. We now know that the situation will be rectified in Taiwan, as Bandai Namco will add a day-1 download code on their official website on March 20,th 2019. As for the situation in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, hopefully those regions will get the same treatment.

Super Robot Wars T - gameplay and menu footage (English)

Super Robot Wars is a simulation RPG with various robots crossing-over from different works to fight against common enemies. More than 90 titles have been released to date, and 2016 was the 25th anniversary. In the upcoming Super Robot Wars T, the game system and graphics have been improved. First-timers to the Super Robot Wars series will also enjoy the novel world view and standalone story.