Dauntless fans take issue with the developer's 'volunteer translators' request

A daunting task for zero pay

While we don't have hard numbers, I think it's safe to say that Dauntless has been a success for developer Phoenix Labs. Millions of players flocked to the game, and plenty are still enjoying it to this day. More are sure to come once the game finally becomes available on Switch.

Turns out there's a bit more to the expansion plans for Dauntless than just new hardware. Phoenix Labs has put out a request for 'volunteer translators' who'll be helping to translate Dauntless into other languages. This request has rubbed fans of the game the wrong way, as they feel Phoenix Labs should be coughing up some cash for this job, rather than getting people to work on it for free.

We're not quite sure why Phoenix Labs is looking to bring on volunteer staff to handle these translations, other than the obvious answer of not wanting to pay. If anymore light is shed on their reasoning, we'll make sure to bring those details to you.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Dauntless' upcoming "Aether Strikers" weapon detailed

A new way to deal serious damage

Dauntless might not be out on Switch yet, but it's definitely making its way over. When it does launch, Switch players will get to go hands-on with the Aether Strikers, which are launching for other versions of the game next week. Hit up the link below to get a full rundown of what this new weapon can do.

Instead of acting as an extension of self, the strikers function as a catalyst, transforming the very Slayer who wields them into a weapon of flesh and deadly focus. But the aether strikers can only enhance what is already there. If you truly want to master the Way of the Fist – and prove your worth to the Scarred Master – you’ll need to do more than throw a quick punch. Combos. Chains. Mantras. Techniques. Each aspect of the aether strikers must be understood, practiced, and honed to perfection.

Full details here

Dauntless' "Aether Unbound" season detailed

A look at what's to come

Phoenix Labs announced that Dauntless will be launching out of early access on September 26, ushering in a new era for the ever-evolving, Behemoth-slaying, co-op action RPG on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. September 26 will also mark the beginning of a new chapter in Dauntless with a major new seasonal expansion, “Aether Unbound.” The update will bring an all-new weapon, Behemoth, Hunt Pass, bounty system and more to the game.

Phoenix Labs prides itself on transparency and its attention to player feedback, the latter of which has informed many of the game's extensive iterations - from combat and progression to the experience, world, and story. With its most recent update (which introduced saved loadouts, a crafting UI overhaul, improvements to transmogs, a new exotic weapon, and more) it has prepared the ground for its official entry into 1.0 on September 26.

After Dauntless exits early access, the living game will continue to grow and expand with new content, seasonal updates, and Hunt Passes, which will provide players with a steady flow of new content to enjoy for years to come. The next season, Aether Unbound, will release alongside Dauntless’ 1.0 launch on September 26, bringing brand new content - including the new weapon, aether strikers - along with it. Slayers will also have the opportunity to unleash the aether strikers on a powerful new Dire Behemoth, Tempestborne Stormclaw, which makes its way to the Shattered Isles as part of the new season. Aether Unbound will also offer a different way to hunt and earn valuable experience with the new bounty system, in addition to offering Slayers a new Hunt Pass packed with in-game rewards. Aether Unbound is just the beginning of an exciting new phase in the Dauntless journey. The team is already hard at work on new features, the following season, and more - all coming later this year. For more information on the latest developments, please see the Dauntless roadmap.

GameSpot Gameplay Videos - Streets of Rage 4, Dauntless, N1RV Ann-A

GameSpot has put together some gameplay videos from their time at PAX West. Check out Streets of Rage 4 above, and then Dauntless and N1RV Ann-A below.

Dauntless 'Island of Trials' trailer released


Dangerous new threats await on the mysterious island of Trials, but the mysterious Lady Luck promises untold fortune to those brave enough to conquer its challenges.

Dauntless may not be available on the Switch just yet, but when it launches later this year, fans will be able to hop in on the Island of Trials content just like everyone else. Check out the trailer above and prepare yourself for what's ahead!

Dauntless getting 'Fortune and Glory' content update

Set sail!

Dauntless may not be on Switch yet, but it's coming later this year. When it does arrive, we can look forward to the 'Fortune & Glory' content update, which goes all-out on a nautical theme. Check out full details below.


If you’ve been looking for a way to prove your prowess, take it up with Lady Luck. She and her crew have towed an entire island to the edge of Ramsgate, eager to test the skills of the Shattered Isles’ most veteran Slayers. And you will be tested. These Behemoths are enhanced by dangerous modifiers, making them deadlier than anything you’ve seen in the wild so far. Think Nayzaga with Ragetail Gnasher’s shockwaves and Shrowd’s near-sight vision. Ouch.

Just in case the promise of a good fight isn’t enough to bait your hook, Lady Luck also offers exclusive Trials rewards. New weapon mods, special moves, and “Yes, I am that good” cosmetics can be purchased with Marks – a new currency earned through Trials successes. Spend Steel Marks on combat-enhancing items and Gilded Marks on looking good. Save up enough, and you can even fill in a brand-new cosmetic slot:

Head Accessory

Try on an accessory from Lady Luck's shop.
Just one more reason to put your skills to the test.

For Slayers who lean more toward “Glory” than “Fortune,” there’s another reason to take on Lady Luck’s Trials: the Wall of Champions.

The Wall of Champions

The Wall of Champions celebrates the fastest completion times for each week’s Trial. Work on your approach, master those combos, and calibrate your gear to claw your way to the top of the leaderboards. We’ve even divided the Wall into Solo and Group times, giving you two different ways to approach every challenge. Maybe you’ll even top both one day.


Like our current weekly challenges, Trials will change up once every seven days. That means you only have 168 hours to master a Trial and dominate the leaderboards. Once the Trial changes, the Wall of Champions is wiped clean.


There’s one more thing we should mention about Trials: smollusks.


These snail-like creatures are the first aggressive fauna you’ll encounter while fighting on the Island of Trials. And while they might not look like much, a few unchecked smollusks can quickly turn a good run into a disastrous dance across miles of ooze. Take them out if you see them. We’ll be cooking up some other critters in the meantime.


Assassins are out. Corsairs are in. With the end of Hidden Blades on July 16, 2019, the season of High Skies officially begins.

High Skies is our first-ever season to include not just one Hunt Pass, but two. Slayers will start with Fortune & Glory – a corsair-inspired Hunt Pass tied to Lady Luck’s arrival – and end (later on) with the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass. Each pass will feature a full fifty levels, two tracks (Basic and Elite), and a treasure trove of themed rewards. They will also be timed in the same way as previous passes – Fortune & Glory will run from July 16 to some time in August, and Zephyr Strike will begin immediately after.

Fortune & Glory Rewards

Eager to see more of what’s coming in High Skies? Keep a tab open to playdauntless.com/hunt-pass/. We’ll be updating soon.

Dauntless dev team discusses the game's design and development

It's not an easy job!

Watch GDC Plays Dauntless with Phoenix Labs from GDC on www.twitch.tv

Dauntless is making its way to the Switch later this year, and it had quite a showing during a Treehouse Live E3 2019 segment. Looking to learn more about the game itself, as well as the hard work the dev team has put in? The video above features Dauntless design director Hunter Howe and head of marketing Nick Clifford discussing the design approach to the game, and the work that continues today to keep the experience fresh.

Dauntless devs working with Iron Galaxy to bring the game to Switch

A daunting task

We've known Dauntless was coming to the Switch for awhile now, and we even got to see the port in action at E3 2019. In an interview with Twinfinite, Chris Fox of Phoenix Labs reveals that their team contracted Iron Galaxy to get the heavy lifting on Switch done.

Any time you’re bringing a game to a new piece of hardware I think there are challenges inherent to that process.

We’ve been really fortunate to be working with Iron Galaxy to bring it to the Switch and like, they really know what they’re doing when it comes to that hardware.

Honestly, we are not the biggest studio in the world. So, what we choose to work on means there’s something else that we can’t do or that you know, has to wait for a little bit later.

So it’s just it’s really about prioritization and making sure we’re making the right decisions. We’re super pleased with how this build has already shaped up and we’ve got a bunch of time before it releases in winter.

IGN Video: Dauntless - Winterhorn Skraev Switch Gameplay

We take on the re-worked, yet-to-be released Dire Behemoth Winterhorn Skraev in Dauntless on the Nintendo Switch at E3 2019, and take it down on our first try (with the help of the Dauntless team and their plentiful boops).


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