Membrane is available on Switch for just 9 cents


Dollar deals have been big on Switch lately. Developers drop their game to a ridiculously low price, watch people swarm in, and ride the wave to the top of the eShop charts. Lose some cash initially, gain some exposure, and hopefully make more money in the long-run than you would if you left the game at its original price. Definitely a strategy that works, and now there's another dev giving it a shot.

Membrane is the latest title to get an insanely low price drop, but this time around, even $1 for the game is too much. Believe it or not, you can buy the game for just 9 CENTS! How crazy is that?! Even if you buy and hate the game, how mad would you be over just 9 cents? Luckily for you, we've only heard absolutely wonderful things about the game.

Grab Membrane here!

Membrane currently on-sale for $1

Membrane is currently taking part of the Festive Offers sale put on by Nintendo! Its been an up and down year for us as such a small studio competing with all the awesome indie content that was released this year. We decided to put our game on such a SUPER SALE, not focusing on making a lot of money but instead trying to get our game in front of more eyes able to see and play the game we put so much time, love and effort into. Help us rock this holiday and get as many friends, family and foes playing!

You can currently grab Membrane for just $1! Hop in on the deal while you still can. If you want to know more about Membrane, check out the full details here!


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