To All Mankind - debut trailer

No Cactus Jacks or Dude Loves allowed

We've been talking about To All Mankind for weeks and weeks now. Can you believe this is the first trailer for the game? Still no word on this adventure/survival game releasing outside of Japan, but it does seem like a title that would be picked up for localization, even if just through the eShop. Keep your fingers crossed!

To All Mankind - info on gameplay mechanics and day-to-day life in the game

Hunting, fishing, and romantic misunderstandings

A new wave of details on the survival game To All Mankind have been released. Check out info on basic gameplay, as well as day-to-day life in the game below.

■ How to Play

Start off by investigating the streets of Akihabara. Confirm your target and familiarize yourself with every nook and cranny of this huge district.

—“I’m finally touring Akiba! I’m excited all of a sudden…!”
—“Next target! Let’s search for a tool to catch fish!”
—“It’s rare to see you so enthusiastic, Isana-chan.”
—“I’m so happy I got to see Isana all fired up!”

Tech shops, arcades, book shops, maid cafes… As expected, there are many shops spread throughout Akihabara. As you make progress exploring, you may find tools that will come in handy.

—“It’s a shovel! We can use this to plow fields and dig dirt!”
—“With that, Kazumi is even stronger!”
—“Kazumin would be well equipped with the shovel.”
—“Kazumi with a shovel! It sounds like the title of an anime!”
—“Doesn’t ‘Kazumi’s Shovel’ sound more like a title?”
—“…What the heck are you talking about?!”

You can combine things to use even when you are not sure what to do with them, as they might come in handy at another place or time. Looking at tools you have used one way from a different perspective, you may discover a new use for them.

—“That high spot out of reach… I’ll need a tool that can reach up high.”
—“Something like pruning shears…?”
—“But I haven’t seen anything like that.”
—“We have this though! Let’s try using it like this!”

You’ll have to stock up on ingredients in order to make delicious meals. There is seafood and vegetation, you may occasionally have to wonder if what you find is editable. Make sure to use caution when checking out the available ingredients.

—“I’ll just hold on to this until I have way to remove the poison from the shellfish.”
—“The thought of getting food poisoning in a place like this will keep me up at night.”
—“But if it’s a virus we can treat with heat.”
—“No way! We’ll try again when we find a way to deal with it.”

You can’t fight on an empty stomach! If you work hard at fishing, trapping, hunting, and snaring, you will be able to obtain meat and fish. Once you have your hands on some, could you make a genuine meal?

—“I wanted to tweak the flavor a bit more, but it’s been so long since I cooked meat…”
—“Aw man, meat really feels like a treat, huh?”
—“Yeah, I feel so energized!”

The girls have varied personalities, from having confidence in their physical strength to having confidence in their smarts, having a fear of insects, or liking sweets. Check their profiles on the status screen to ensure everyone cooperates and has fun living together.

—“I want to stay beautiful and healthy, and soak away my tiredness in the tub.”
—“Is that really how you feel, Erina? That’s a bit of a surprise.”
—“You’re saying I look like a wild child that doesn’t care about her appearance.”
—“That’s not what I meant!”

If you are hungry or let your fatigue carry over to the next day, it will lower the range and amount of time you can explore the city. Try to maintain a well-regulated survival life by eating well and resting up when you feel tired.

—“We went through the trouble of traveling together, yet… isn’t this lonely? I want us to sleep together!”
—“Yeah, I want to discuss all sorts of things before we go to sleep.”

■ Enjoy Life Together in Akihabara

—“You ready? I’m gonna start. One, two, and—.”
—“Three. It feels like we got something!”
—“We did! It’s only some small fish, but let’s pull them in!”
—“I wanna take a shower.”
—“Oh, shall we shower together then?”
—“…eh?! Wha-wha-whaaa?!”
—“Isana, you wanted to cheer me up, huh.”
—“Ah, Isana you really are kind!”
—“Eeek! Don’t hold me like that…!”

To All Mankind - more screens and art

Check out more here

By exploring the city and obtaining useful tools from the mountain of rubble, you will be able to do more and more. That includes starting fires, going fishing, catching wild animals, and more. While tools can be used standalone, they can also sometimes be combined. There may be hints closer than you think in your surroundings, and you may be able to do things you would not normally have imagined.

To All Mankind - details on story, character, and gameplay systems

We got a look at the debut trailer for To All Mankind just a few hours ago, along with some screens, art, and Japanese preorder bonuses. Now we have a full round of details on story, characters, and gameplay. Check out all that content below.

■ Story

When I woke up, I was in a hotel room in Akihabara.

“Oh right, we came to Akihabara together to go sightseeing.”

We slept in late, but now we’re gonna go explore the town and eat delicious food… that’s right! Just thinking about it is getting me excited…!

Everyone else is awake, too, so let’s get going to Akiba! To Akihabara!

—Huh…? Was Akihabara always like this…?

The “Akihbara” that spread out before us was a town somehow extremely ruined.

Vegetation has run wild, the town is desolate, and there are no signs of human life at all—.

Where did everyone go? Akihabara had “this sort of feeling”…?

I don’t know what happened, but I’ll enjoy my trip with everyone for the time being!

■ Characters

Kyouka Shintou (voiced by Mana Satou)

The always smiling and energetic mood maker, who is full of expressions and emotions. She can be somewhat clumsy at times, but that is part of her charm.

She loves her grandma and is a fan of anime. She prefers reading manga over difficult books. While living in Akihabara, she will occasionally show her otaku side, but also let loose some grandma-like wisdom from time to time.

She is the protagonist of this story.

Isana Shouni (voiced by Yukino Tsubaki)

She is like a mother to the group. She is serious and firm, but as a result of overt seriousness, her worries never end…

She even worries about her motherly position, and is trying her best to break free of that role.

An excellent cook, she indulges everyone who says, “Even while living in Akihabara, we want to eat tasty food!”

Erina Kashi (voiced by Nanahira)

At first glance she may seem lazy, but she is actually an all-rounder who can play both the funny man and the straight man. Since she only tends to say half-hearted things with a serious look on her face, those around her are often under her thumb. However, she is a no frills girl who acts the same around everyone, so things like that are forgiven.

She is a major gamer, and while living in an Akihabara where games are out of reach, her only concern is not getting her smartphone game login bonuses…

Kazumi Komatsu (voiced by Sana Hoshimori)

A girl is no less energetic and cheerful than Kyouka. She says what she thinks and lives a carefree life in which she relies on her instincts. She is a straightforward girl who always says things to encourage everyone.

An active girl, she is confident in her physical strength. If Isana is the mother to the group, then Kazumi is the older sister, as well as an indication of whether the group is doing alright or not.

Yuyuko Oura (voiced by Mina Nakazawa)

A quarter French girl distinguished by her soft hair. She has a big thirst for knowledge and loves reading books. As such, she has a good head on her shoulders and is like a walking dictionary, rescuing the group in tight situations with all sorts of knowledge.

She addresses everyone with “san” at the end of their names, and is for some reason very shy and distant, but on occasion will open her heart and blend in with the group. She behaves rationally, but genuinely expresses emotions such as happiness and enjoyment.

■ System

◆ Akihabara

First, check the everyday necessities!

A ruined Akihabara without any other humans in sight is laid out before you, where the girls are forced to live a life of survival. First, explore the hotel and town to see what is already there and what is needed.


The hotel that the girls are staying at. While there is no sign of other humans, the kitchen is equipped with cup ramen, an induction heater, and a full set of other cooking utensils. If you have the ingredients for it, you might be able to cook something.

The Streets of Akihabara

The streets of Akihabara are covered in greenery everywhere the eye can see. Even the scenery of Akihabara’s familiar main street, “Chuo-Dori,” has a different appearance about it. Was the atmosphere of the “Akihabara Station” entrance always like this…?

◆ Exploration Spots

Akihabara has many names—“sacred land of the otaku,” “Electric Town,” the list goes on. But even in its ruined state, there are remnants of the Akihabara that everyone remembers. Explore the town and make full use of its huge dungeons.

Even familiar buildings have become another thing entirely, covered in ivy and grass. And not just their exteriors, their interiors are also covered in grass, and in most shops it does not seem like you can go higher than the second floor.

Doujin Shop

“How do you start a fire?” “Is that edible?” In times of question, you can gather all sorts of information at the Doujin Shop.

◆ Survival Life

Field work in the middle of a city!?

While they are only five girls, in a town where the greenery has overgrown and buildings are covered in vines, physical labor is necessary. The meal after a day of building up sweat is sure to be twice as good as normal!


It seems that seeds will become vegetables if properly grown. But how will you plow the field in a ruined town…?


While the theme of “nature” is not strong in Akihabara, you can go fishing in Kanda River.

Hints in Your Surroundings?

By exploring the city and obtaining useful tools from the mountain of rubble, you will be able to do more and more. That includes starting fires, going fishing, catching wild animals, and more. While tools can be used standalone, they can also sometimes be combined. There may be hints closer than you think in your surroundings, and you may be able to do things you would not normally have imagined.

To All Mankind - debut trailer, preorder bonuses detailed

Just a couple weeks back, NIS And Acquire revealed their survival/adventure game To All Mankind for Switch. We've seen screens and art, but the first official trailer is now available above.

The official Japanese website for To All Mankind has also been updated with a look at some of the preorder bonuses various retailers are offering. It looks like special art cards will be given out depending on which retailer you choose. Check out the lineup here.

You can also check out more screens and art here

To All Mankind - official teaser site and Twitter account open, cover art revealed

An adventure game where a group of cheerful girls enjoy a laid-back, girls-only survival life in Tokyo’s Akihabara. Five girls in a long-abandoned Akihabara. With no one else around, the girls must befriend and help each other while living happy days. From the all-necessary tasty cooking to bathing and the occasional relaxation time, the girls are cheerful and honest in any situation, and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The official Japanese website and Twitter account for To All Mankind are now available There's really not too much to check out on either, but they're sure to add in content in the very near future. Hit up both links below to have a look.

Check out the teaser site here and Twitter account here

To All Mankind - New info on characters, gameplay, and more

To All of Mankind was announced for Switch yesterday, and now we have new details courtesy of the latest issue of Famitsu.
Check out all the new info below.

- due out in Japan on May 30th, 2019 for 6,980 yen
- producer is Nippon Ichi Software’s Gen Suganuma
- Kyouka Shintou (voiced by Mana Satou) – The always energetic mood maker. She likes manga and anime.
- Isana Shouni (voiced by Yukino Tsubaki) – She is like a mother to the group. She is good at cooking.
- Erina Kashi (voiced by Nanahira) – The pure gamer.
- Ami Komatsu (voiced by Sana Hoshimori) – The hyperactive one who acts upon her instincts. She is like an older sister.
- Yuyuko Oura (voiced by Mina Nakazawa) – She is a quarter French. She loves books and has a variety of knowledge.
- there will not be any male characters in the game
- the game will follow the lives of these five girls who come to Akihabara to see the sights
- the group of girls wake up in their hotel in a ruined town overgrown with vegetation and without a person to be found
- players will explore Akihabara, use tools, capture wild animals, farm, fish (in Kanda River) in order to survive

NIS And Acquire team up for To All Mankind, a Switch survival adventure game

Check out more screens and art here

Nippon Ichi Software has announced To All of Mankind, a new survival adventure game developed alongside Acquire. The title is set for release on Switch, and follows the story of “girls surviving in a somehow ruined Akihabara.” Character design for the game is being handled by Yuu Akinashi. We'll have more details on this title in just a couple days, as this week's Famitsu includes a feature.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!