To All Mankind merch announced for Japan

To All Mankind released awhile back in Japan, but for fans of the game, a new wave of merch is on the way. There are official To All Mankind mugs, can badges, and more to snatch up. Have a look at the merch lineup here.

To All Mankind gets an update

But what does it do?!

To All Mankind has gotten an update in Japan. Usually we have some kind of information on what the update is, or what kind of tweaks it makes, but that's not the case here. We literally have no information on what the update includes! If anything comes out about this update, we'll be sure to add those notes to this post.

Japanese day-one sales data for To All Mankind

A very decent debut

To All Mankind, which didn't score all that well in Famitsu, has just made its way to retail in Japan. The day-one sales data doesn't seem to reflect any reaction to the Famitsu score, as the title managed to move 40% of its stock on the first day. I'd say that's a pretty strong start, especially for a brand-new franchise.

Famitsu print ad - To All Mankind

To All Mankind is hitting the Switch in Japan on June 27th, 2019, so the final marketing push is going on right now. The above print ad is featured in the latest Famitsu. Unfortunately, the same issue provides a review for the game as well, and it seems the title wasn't well received.

To All Mankind - Sukhaya Shuka trailer

Meet Sukhaya!

Time to learn the backstory of another character in To All Mankind. In the latest video, we check out the details on Sukhaya Shuka.

A half-Japanese, half-Russian girl. A prodigy exchange student who made it to college by skipping grades, she is only 12 years-old. Majoring in aerospace engineering, when it comes to the sky, she is the one to go to. She enjoys rakugo, so she has a somewhat cultured side.

Indivisible - main theme sample

The soundtrack samples for Indivisible continue, and today we get to check out some of the Main Theme. After all the trailers and soundtrack samples, the wait for this game is getting really, really tough!

To All Mankind - live-stream recording

A special 2-hour live stream for To All Mankind has aired in Japan. If you're not already worn out with watching Nintendo's Treehouse Live, you can check out the feature above, which includes voice actors for the game, and plenty of gameplay footage.

To All Mankind - Kazumi Komatsu trailer

Meet Kazumi!

To All Mankind has been running through its cast of characters lately with character-specific trailers. Today we get yet another installment in that series, with this one giving us the rundown on Kazumi.

A girl is no less energetic and cheerful than Kyouka. She says what she thinks and lives a carefree life in which she relies on her instincts. She is a straightforward girl who always says things to encourage everyone. An active girl, she is confident in her physical strength. If Isana is the mother to the group, then Kazumi is the older sister, as well as an indication of whether the group is doing alright or not.

To All Mankind - Yuyuko Oura trailer

Meet Yuyuko

A quarter French girl distinguished by her soft hair. She has a big thirst for knowledge and loves reading books. As such, she has a good head on her shoulders and is like a walking dictionary, rescuing the group in tight situations with all sorts of knowledge.

She addresses everyone with “san” at the end of their names, and is for some reason very shy and distant, but on occasion will open her heart and blend in with the group. She behaves rationally, but genuinely expresses emotions such as happiness and enjoyment.

To All Manking - Isana Shouni trailer

Meet Isana!

She is like a mother to the group. She is serious and firm, but as a result of overt seriousness, her worries never end… She even worries about her motherly position, and is trying her best to break free of that role. An excellent cook, she indulges everyone who says, “Even while living in Akihabara, we want to eat tasty food!”


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