Super Mario Maker 2 'Switch My Way' commercial

Now we just wait for more DLC

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Nintendo planning more updates for Super Mario Maker 2

More to come!

Nintendo recently put out a feature on their Japanese website that goes over the most recent content update for Super Mario Maker 2. The bulk of the piece focuses on Legend of Zelda content, and the speedrun feature. Then, tucked away at the very bottom of the article is a mention of content to come.

While no specifics are given, Nintendo does specifically state that more updates will hit in the future. As to whether this means content updates or the usual tweaks and fixes, we'll just have to wait and see.

Super Mario Maker 2 '10-Coin of Deep Woods' Ninji Speedrun now available

Coin runner

A new challenge is available for Super Mario Maker 2. Speedrunning fans can jump in on the third Ninji Speedrun challenge right now, which is called the 10-Coin of Deep Woods. Hunt down the 10-Coin that is hiding somewhere deep in the woods, and do it as quickly as you can!

Super Mario Maker 2's third Ninji Speedrun available Jan. 8th, 2020

Ready to run

Super Mario Maker 2 is keeping the action rolling with the third Ninji Speedrun, which is set to open up on Jan. 8th, 2020. The theme of this speedrun revolves around 10 coins at the bottom of the forest. You can see a tease of the run in the image posted above.

10 million courses uploaded to Super Mario Maker 2, course creation limit raised to 100

The path to 20 million begins!

Super Mario Maker 2 has hit another milestone. Nintendo has confirmed that there are now over 10 million user-created courses available for players to check out. To celebrate this new achievement, Nintendo has upped the course creation limit. Super Mario Maker 2 fans can now upload 100 user-created courses!

Super Mario Maker 2 gets new 'The Speedventure of Link' Ninji Speedrun

Run, Link!

Nintendo has released a new Ninji Speedrun for Super Mario Maker 2. This challenge, titled "The Speedventure of Link," has you using your sword, shield, bow, and bombs in order to reach the goal. You have until Dec. 27th, 2019 to check this speedrun level out.

Super Mario Maker 2 - Version 2.0.0 trailer analysis

Super Zelda Bros.

Super Mario Maker 2 Version 2.0 is landing in just a couple days time but thanks to the Analysis Machine we don't have to wait to figure out how almost everything works! Join us as we take a deep dive into the brand new Master Sword Power-Up that turns Mario into Link, the new enemies such as Spike & Pokey, & new course elements, & more!

Super Discord World 2 project creates a full-length, collaborative Mario experience through Super Mario Maker 2

Enjoy a new platforming adventure

Looking for a new side-scrolling Mario experience to enjoy? While Nintendo hasn't released anything new, 50 different fans of the game have come together via Discord to create a full-length Mario game! Enjoy 56 brand-new stages of Mario action that are sure to challenge your platforming skills. You can hop in on the fun by checking out the official site here.

The Game Awards 2019 'Gaming Tweet of the Year' nominees revealed, voting open

Which meme was the spiciest?

Twitter is working with Geoff Keighley to put together a 'Gaming Tweet of the Year' category for The Game Awards 2019, and the nominees have been revealed. There's a couple Nintendo-related options in there, so make sure to give the video a watch. Pick your favorite, and cast your vote to see who wins at the big show!

Nintendo's Corey Olcsvary Plays Your Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

You guys make some great levels

Corey Olcsvary from Nintendo Treehouse joins us to play through a selection of user-generated Super Mario Maker 2 levels. Watch as he talks us through his strategies for clearing each stage and offers his impressions of what works and doesn’t with each level’s design. Corey then goes behind the scenes to explain the design ideas behind a custom course created by Nintendo Treehouse.


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