Super Mario Maker 2 'Version 3.0' footage round-up

A free update to Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch system adds a new World Maker mode, as well as a host of new content and features.

Super Mario Maker 2 Version 3.0.0 update now live

All-new content awaits!

Super Mario Maker 2 has been updated to Version 3.0.0. Check out the full patch notes below.

Mario Kart Tour's "Trick Tour" to feature Builder Mario and Builder Toad

Build me up!

In honor of the big Super Mario Maker 2 update coming, Nintendo is adding something a bit special to Mario Kart Tour. The previously-announced Trick Tour will now include Builder Mario and Builder Toad, who are certainly dressed to celebration Super Mario Maker 2! They'll be dropping by for some racing action on April 22nd, 2020. You can check out more screens and art for their arrival here.

12 Things You Probably Missed in Super Mario Maker 2's Update 3.0 Trailer

Did you catch all this?

The trailer for Super Mario Maker 2's 3.0 update reveals a lot of new features--and it's hiding a few secrets too! We take a look at all of the hidden details involving involving the World Map creator, the Super Mario Bros. 2 mushroom, hidden new mechanics, and course bot's girlfriend?! This and tons more in our latest analysis!

Free Final Update to Super Mario Maker 2 Adds World-Building Mode and New Course Parts

A whole new world!

The Super Mario Maker 2 game allows players to unleash their creativity with more new options and the ability to create their own world map. On April 22, the free final update to Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch system adds a new World Maker mode, as well as a host of new content and features.

In World Maker mode, multiple courses created by a user can be tied together on a path from the starting point on a world map to the end castle. The look of the world map can also be customized. Up to eight worlds containing a total of up to 40 courses can be combined, creating a mini Super Mario game that can be shared with others.*

In addition to World Maker, guess who else is making an appearance in Super Mario Maker 2? The Koopalings! All seven of these troublemakers, each with his or her own movement pattern, can be added to user-created courses. Other enemies added to the game include the key-chasing Phanto and the wind-up Mechakoopas.

Additional power-ups and course parts are also coming to Super Mario Maker 2 as part of the free update. This includes the SMB2 Mushroom, which transforms Mario and friends into their look from the Super Mario Bros. 2 game and allows them to pick up and throw items and enemies – just like in that classic game! With the Frog Suit from the Super Mario Bros. 3 game, Mario can swim through water with ease, and even run across its surface! Other power-ups added to the game are the Power Balloon first introduced in the Super Mario World game, the Super Acorn from the New Super Mario Bros. U game and the Boomerang Flower from Super Mario 3D World. There are also five variations for wearables like the Cannon Box and Propeller Box from the Super Mario 3D World game.

All of this and more can be experienced by downloading the free update on April 22. For more information about Super Mario Maker 2, visit https://supermariomaker.nintendo.com/.

Both Builder Mario and Builder Toad are also making an appearance on the racetrack in the Mario Kart Tour mobile game!** During the Trick Tour from 11 p.m. PT on April 21 to 10:59 p.m. PT on May 5, players can try to acquire these hardhat-wearing drivers and use them to earn in-game rewards or challenge friends in online multiplayer.

Super Mario Maker 2 "Swinging Claw Flyway" Ninji Speedrun now available

Catch and release

Looking for something to fill your time with while you practice social distancing? Why not hop into Super Mario Maker 2 and give the new Ninji Speedrun a shot?

The "Swinging Claw Flyway" speedrun is now available in Super Mario Maker 2, and it has you jumping from swinging claw to swinging claw in order to speed your way through the course. Perfect your catch and releasing timing to shave seconds off your time!

Ultra Dolphin Revolution celebrates Mar10 Day with Space Hunted X Super Mario Maker levels

A neat way to celebrate the special date

Ultra Dolphin Revolution shares Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 levels in celebration of Mar10 Day!

Happy MAR10 Day!

We here at Ultra Dolphin Revolution are huge fans of Super Mario (if it isn’t obvious enough.) So we’re celebrating Mar10 Day by sharing our Super Mario Maker levels that are inspired by our game, Space Hunted. Because we’re UDR, we’ll be releasing a level for both Super Mario Maker for Wii U and Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Maker 1: A5C8-0000-040C-0A35

Super Mario Maker 2: 2LD-YDS-76G

Please enjoy our levels in our unofficial Space Hunted x Super Mario Maker event! Wahoo!

Ultra Dolphin Revolution is an independent game developer primarily focused on Nintendo consoles. We have developed “Shadow Archer” for Wii U and are currently working on “Real Men Use Items!” We’re a proud, independent developer that engages with Nintendo fans and the retro gaming community. Visit us at ultradolphinrevolution.com and our social media pages fb.com/ultradolphinrevolution and twitter.com/UltDolRev

Bandai releases Super Mario Maker 2 gummy candy in Japan

Yummy gummies!

Bandai Candy has released Super Mario Maker 2 Gummy Candy in Japan, which is priced at just ¥275 per packet. Each packet will get you five bags of confectionery powder (one type), one tray (three types), and one stage sheet (six types), all of which you'll use to make your gummies.

Super Mario Maker 2 "Banzai Bill Cliff Climb" Ninji Speedrun now available

On your marks...

The next Ninji Speedrun is available for Super Mario Maker 2. The "Banzai Bill Cliff Climb" stage has you climbing as quickly as possible while an onslaught of Banzai Bills and cannonballs try to take you out. You could aim for the quick but super dangerous route, or the safer and slower path.

Super Mario Maker 2 "Cat Mario Dash" Ninji Speedrun now available

Who spooked the cat?!

Nintendo has added a new Ninji Speedrun to Super Mario Maker 2. This time around, players have to tackle "Cat Mario Dash," which has Mario running through Dash Blocs to get a burst of speed. You'll have until Feb. 12th, 2020 to give this one your best shot.


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