Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge now available on Switch

Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge is available in NTSC and PAL regions for Nintendo Switch and worldwide on Steam! The game is published by Black Sun Game Publishing and developed by Level Evil.


Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge is an old school pixel art platformer. The protagonist ends up in the world of 8-bit video games. Help him get through challenging levels, beat various bosses, learn new skills, and find the villain behind the abduction of young women. But more importantly, together you’ll have to find the answer to the big question: why have the characters of old school video games suddenly turned evil?


Awesome old school pixel graphics
Awesome levels
Awesome bosses
Awesome 8-bit music
The nineties called, they want their awesomeness back!

Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge heading to Switch on Feb. 27th, 2019

Classic platformer in the style of Pixel-art. The main character goes to the world of 8-bit games to save his girlfriend. Help him to find new abilities and find out who is behind the abduction of the girl.

Idea Of ​​the Game

The game is built on the principle of a series of games about Megaman. The main character will pass levels, defeat bosses and gain their abilities. All levels will be available immediately, but not all of them can be passed without gaining a certain ability. And who will be the bosses of the game? They will be the characters familiar to us from childhood.


Once KolyaPixel Devil and his wife Valya decided to move to a new apartment. Kolya discovers behind the cabinet a broken cartridge cartridge for the console, but without a name. Wanting to check what game is on it, Kolya inserts the cartridge into the game console. And then the portal opens into an 8-bit dimension and a huge mechanical hand suffices Valya. Kolya immediately jumps into the portal behind her. So it turns out to be in the 8-bit world, and faces a choice of where to go in search of Vali-city; dense forest; caves, and maybe on a spaceship ... Adventure begins!

Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge hits the Switch on Feb. 27th, 2019.