FINAL FANTASY VII Dance Album Hits Digital and CD


Materia Collective is pleased to present ONE BEAT ANGEL FFVII, a fist-pumping electronic dance album by RoboRob. Following up 2019's Billboard-charting album, KINGDOM HEARTBEATS, RoboRob tackles eleven fan-favorite themes from FINAL FANTASY VII ahead of the release of the highly-anticipated FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE due out next week. ONE BEAT ANGEL FFVII is licensed and available digitally and in limited edition CD formats:


The track list for ONE BEAT ANGEL FFVII is as follows:

01. Prelude
02. Fight On!
03. Victory Fanfare
04. Mako Reactor
05. Who Are You (VIP)
06. One-Winged Angel
07. Aerith's Theme
08. Chocobo Theme
09. On That Day 5 Years Ago
10. Cosmo Canyon

"Nobuo Uematsu's epic score from FINAL FANTASY VII has always been a constant source of inspiration in my life, as I'm sure it is with many others," notes arranger RoboRob. "Some of my biggest and more unique ideas came to life with this remix project. Dirty hard bass house, a more complex approach to sound design, and a re-imagining of moving accompaniments to compliment nostalgic melodies. I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with several accomplished and skilled producers for ONE BEAT ANGEL FFVII and the amount of variety and talent they brought to the table is second to none. I'm excited to share our renditions of this classic and inspiring video game music soundtrack."

Square-Enix releasing Final Fantasy VII poster collection

The art of a classic

SQUARE ENIX® announced two new books being published by the company’s Square Enix Manga & Books imprints, FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE: World Preview and FINAL FANTASY VII Poster Collection, which will celebrate the iconic characters, massive world and beautiful visuals of one of the most anticipated video games of the year, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. The titles will be releasing this Fall through all major book sales channels as well as from the SQUARE ENIX Store for $24.99 each.

FINAL FANTASY VII Poster Collection, shipping on November 17th, is a collection of 22 full-color, premium-quality removable posters celebrating the game’s rich legacy, with images depicted from the world of FINAL FANTASY VII, including FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN®, DIRGE OF CERBERUS®, CRISIS CORE®, FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Preorder yours here

Square-Enix selling Final Fantasy VII charms

How charming

The Square-Enix online store is now selling some new Final Fantasy VII jewelry. For $138 each, fans can by Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent charms. Each charm has a unique stone accent, and is made from SV925 silver. Unfortunately, these charms don't come with a necklace or bracelet to attach them to. Check out all three designs here.

AEW wrestler Kenny Omega interviews Final Fantasy VII's director about the original release and much more

Does he give Kitase a One-Winged Angel?

This is like a dream come true for me. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII, and an equally huge fan of professional wrestling! Seeing the two worlds collide for this video interview is just too good.

Square-Enix has brought in AEW pro wrestler Kenny Omega to chat with Final Fantasy VII director Yoshinori Kitase about all areas of the game. This interview has a ton to do with the original game's release, rather than the upcoming remake. There's also a lot of discussion about Final Fantasy in general. You can watch the interview above and see for yourself, or check out the rundown of questions below.

- Is Cloud your favorite character?
- Did the PlayStation hardware limit anything you wanted to do in the original Final Fantasy VII?
- How did it feel to become the director of Final Fantasy VII?
- What are your greatest memories in game development?
- What are your toughest memories in game development?
- Who do you think is the greatest Japanese RPG villain of all time?
- What are the origins of Shinra?
- What are the origins of Sephiroth?
- What is your favorite music from the Final Fantasy series?
- What is your favorite first-person shooter game?
- Would you like to see more of Parasite Eve in the future?

These Final Fantasy VII watches could be yours...for $2,500 a piece

That's a lot of Gil

Square Enix is very proud to present this incredible chronograph timepiece with an automatic movement manufactured by Seiko Instruments of Japan and a remarkable stainless steel case taken to a mirrored finish and a Materia inspired blue sapphire glass crown to achieve the truly heroic look of Cloud Strife.

In collaboration with K-uno’s artisans, amazing handcrafted detail was put into every piece that will make any FINAL FANTASY VII fan stunned!

From the exposed mechanics of the all-glass back panel to the FINAL FANTASY VII logo embossed rotor, with 3D Cloudy Wolf emblem or 3D One-Winged Angel emblem and finishing with a Mako inspired mother-of-pearl central disk.

This limited edition Chronograph will be made in Japan, to order with a unique North American serial number and up to 77 pieces made per region. This spectacular piece includes a special case and will be the centerpiece of anyone’s collection for years to come!

If you want to grab yourself one of these super-fancy watches, which are set to launch on March 31st, 2020, you can preorder one now for the price of $2,500. No, that is not a typo.

Square-Enix Jazz: Final Fantasy VII album preview and cover art shared

FFVII goes jazzy

Square-Enix has shared a new promo video for Square-Enix Jazz: Final Fantasy VII, which gives us an idea of what the album sounds like, and also shows off the album's cover art. The album launches in Japan on Jan. 22nd, 2020.

Unboxing the Final Fantasy VII/VIII double pack

Want a closer look at the Final Fantasy VII/VIII double pack that released exclusively in Asia? Check out the video above to see what the package has to offer.

Square-Enix releasing two Final Fantasy VII 'Aerith-inspired' necklaces

$150 a pop

Looking for a gift for that Final Fantasy VII fan in your life? Perhaps some official jewelry from Square-Enix will do the trick. The company is releasing a pair of necklaces that are inspired by Aerith, and each one is priced at $150. If you'd like to check out more details on each necklace, you can see the full listings here and here.

Final Fantasy VII & VIII Remastered Twin Pack unboxing

Both games on one card!

Let's take a closer look at the Final Fantasy VII & VIII Remastered Twin Pack, which released last week in Southeast Asia. This package includes both Final Fantasy VII & VIII Remastered on one game card. If you want to check out some pictures from this unboxing, have a look here.

Final Fantasy VII/VIII Remastered Twin Pack dated for Southeast Asia

A Southeast Asian exclusive

Square-Enix has announced a release date for the Final Fantasy VII/VIII Remastered Twin Pack, which is exclusive to Southeast Asia. The Twin Pack is set to launch on Nov. 29th, 2019, so hop in on your preorders now while there's still time!


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