Rain City - Japanese promo video #2

Rain City: a city where rain always pours. This puzzle game features warm, picture book-like graphics and a story with lifelike animals.

Rain City - more gameplay footage

The game begins with the main character, a cat, who embarks to Rain City to find his sister. The story is both bizarre and exciting making players get lost in a mushroom field, search for a secret passage, and run experiments in a laboratory. The reason rain continues in Rain City is uncovered when players find his missing sister...

Rain City demo now available

Give it a try!

Rain City doesn't come out until June 27th, 2019, but there's an opportunity to check out part of the game early. A demo has been added to the Switch eShop, so you can go grab it and give things a go right now! For those who don't know, Rain City is a point-and-click game using picture book-like graphics to tell an engaging story.

Rain City coming to Switch worldwide on July 27th, 2019

Rain City, Rain Rain City

The rain never stops in Rain City, where the animals live. You are a cat that has just arrived to the city in search of your missing sister. Venture yourself into this game filled with puzzles and adventures.

Rain City was announced for Switch release in Japan awhile back, but the original launch date came and went without the game showing up. Now the title has resurfaced with a brand-new release date, and worldwide plans. Rain City comes out July 27th, 2019.

Rain City - Japanese promo video

Rain City, Rain Rain City

A city where it constantly rains... Experience many different encounters, as well as people's feelings. Explore the mysterious town as a cat, and enjoy cute/unique graphics with a picture book atmosphere.

ORENDA releases Switch trailers for Isoland, Isoland 2: Ashes of Time, Rain City, and Alien Cruise

This week's Famitsu confirmed that ORENDA has five different titles lined up for Switch. Of those titles, the publisher has already released Switch trailers for Isoland, Isoland 2: Ashes of Time, Rain City, and Alien Cruise. As of right now, these games have only been announced for the Switch eShop in Japan.


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