Dead by Daylight K-Pop Killer "The Trickster" and Survivor "Yun-Jin Lee" revealed

Something a bit more modern

Behaviour Interactive has officially revealed the next Killer and Survivor for Dead by Daylight, and there's a K-Pop twist this time around. The Killer "The Trickster" and Survivor "Yun-Jin Lee" have been revealed, and you can read the full details below.

The Trickster

Start each trial with 60 Blades. Press and hold the Power button to wind up and enter the throw state. While in the throw state, tap the Attack Button to throw a single Blade, or hold down the Attack button to unleash a flurry of Blades. Throwing a flurry increases control and throw rate while decreasing movement and speed. Blades can be restocked at lockers.

Laceration Meter

A Survivor’s Laceration Meter increases each time they’re hit by a Blade. Once the meter is filled, they lose a health state, either becoming injured or downed. A Survivor’s Laceration Meter gradually decreases if they have not been hit by a Blade for a short time. Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack immediately decreases their Laceration Meter.


When carrying a Survivor, all other Survivors within your Terror Radius suffer from the Exposed status effect for a brief duration.

Hex: Crowd Control

After a Survivor performs a rushed vault through a window, the Entity blocks that window for a short period of time. The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

No Way Out

Whenever you hook a new Survivor, you gain a token. Once the final generator has been repaired, the Entity blocks both Exit Gate switches for a time based on the number of tokens in your possession.

The Trickster Lore

A vain and talented singer, Ji-Woon thrived under the attention of others. His talent caught the attention of Yun-Jin Lee, a producer with Mightee One Entertainment. She recruited him into the boy band, NO SPIN, kickstarting a lifestyle of fame and celebrity. Yet, over time, the thrill faded. He begrudged his bandmates for dividing the adoration deserved for himself. When a fire broke out in their studio, he left them to die, their pleas for salvation exciting him. Emerging from the inferno, he played the part of bereaved survivor, though he secretly harbored a newfound addiction in controlling the lives—and deaths—of others. He began abducting victims to torture and kill. Murder scenes became elaborate art pieces, and the screams of the dead were recorded and secretly woven into his tracks.

As murder became his artistic outlet, his music faltered. Mightee One’s executives reacted by restricting his creative control. He considered this a grave insult. His revenge came three months later at a private show planned for the executive board. Nitrous oxide seeped into the hall, incapacitating each member. Ji-Woon bound and tortured them on-stage in an elaborate performance. Only Yun-Jin was given a stay of execution—his favorite allowed to be the sole audience member, eyes pried open. As the show ended, he bowed, and made his way to Yun-Jin, intent on tying up loose ends. But before he could strike—The Fog. Billowing in, it revealed a realm adorned with rusted hooks, sustained by a million eyes that would watch him, run from him, experience him. All he had to do was accept, become an implement of The Fog and, most importantly, make them scream.

Yun-Jin Lee Perks

Fast Track

Each time another Survivor is hooked, you gain tokens that when consumed grant a progression bonus after successfully performing a great Skill Check on generators.

Smash Hit

After stunning the Killer with a pallet, break into a sprint to escape the area. Sprinting causes the Exhausted status effect, and the perk cannot be used again while Exhausted.


Whenever a nearby Survivor gets hit by a basic or special attack Self-Preservation activates, hiding the Scratch Marks you leave behind for a short time.

Yun-Jin Lee Lore

Resilient and ambitious, Yun-Jin Lee was born into a life of hardship finding success in the music industry after years of effort and self-sacrifice. At seventeen, she auditioned for renowned record label Mightee One Entertainment. While she was rejected as an idol trainee, she obtained an unpaid internship at the studio. For the following years, she created some of the studio’s biggest hits, without any credit or recognition. To get her dues, she emerged in the public eye wearing flamboyant fashion and put soundbites into her songs that looped her artist name, Magnum Opus. Fans began to recognize her songs and she became the producer of NO SPIN, a poorly performing boy band that needed her special touch.

To make NO SPIN stand out, she added a fresh recruit to their rank: Ji-Woon Hak. Within hours their first video was a viral sensation. But their success took a tragic turn when a fire engulfed the recording studio. All members of NO SPIN perished except one: Ji-Woon. To save both of their careers, Yun-Jin created a new single that re-launched Ji-Woon as the Trickster. The new single broke records internationally, launching Trickster’s global tour. While success greeted them on every shore, so did a series of disturbing murders. Then pressure came from Mightee One Entertainment who disapproved the violent themes in the Trickster’s music. Yun-Jin and Ji-Woon were given three months to create a commercial hit. When the time came, Yun-Jin took a seat next to the executives, confident that the Trickster’s performance would impress them. What followed was a terrifying nightmare coming to life.

Dead by Daylight's team is considering adding in more Memento Mori kills

Making a killing

The Killers in Dead by Daylight all have access to a special Memento Mori kill that requires an Offering to activate. These kills are much more cinematic than the standard fodder, and have become fan favorites. While each Killer only has one Memento Mori, Dead by Daylight Game Director Mathieu Côté has said that the team is considering adding in more. He shared his thoughts on the topic with Comicbook.com.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. Especially because it's such a very clear and finite piece of the gameplay. Literally, we can change the animation, we can change the camera, we can do crazy things during the Mori. It has very, very little impact on the rest of the game. Because if you can create a Mori, then you have the opportunity, you do it. Whatever it looks like, how long it takes, it doesn't really matter that much. So, it's somewhere where we could really play.”

New teaser for Dead by Daylight's 19th chapter shared

Don't touch that dial

Behaviour Interactive has started teasing the 19th chapter for Dead by Daylight, and it starts with the above Twitter clip. As usual, we're given just a tiny bit of info to work with, which will no doubt lead to a bunch of speculation.

The clip above showcases an audio clip that is played and then rewound to an earlier section. Fans are wondering if this shows that the game's next killer will have the ability to rewind aspects of the game world. We'll have to hang tight for now and wait for some more teasers before the picture becomes clearer.

Dead By Daylight updated to Version 4.5.2

Dead set on fixing things

Dead By Daylight has been updated to Version 4.5.2. Check out full details on this update below.


Raised camera to original position when crawling
Changed transition animations in Survivor Locomotion to make the controls feel more responsive.

HUD Layout Changes:

Moved the objectives from the top center of the screen to the bottom left corner and removed the additional text. Objectives are now icon based.
Increased the size of the objectives icons and added background shading to help improve their visibility when viewed on bright environments.
Increased the font size of the generator count number.
Reduced the size of the Killer's hook count widget to be more in line with the other objectives.
Lowered the stack of player status widgets from the top left corner to the lower left corner. They now sit just above the new objectives location and expand upwards.
Increased the width and height of the timer bar under the player names in the player status widget.
Added a new setting in the Settings menu to control the size of the Skill Check independently of the HUD scale setting.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that could cause Killers to appear further away than they actually were on Survivor screens (This was the primary cause of the hit registration (hitbox) issues seen since 4.5.0)
Fixed an issue that caused survivors to crawl faster than intended.
Fixed an issue that prevented event bloodpoints from being awarded from certain indoor generator types used on maps including Midwich Elementary and Lery's Memorial Hospital.
Fixed an issue with survivor camera-based interaction priority that could make it impossible to prioritize interactable objects on the ground (such as bear traps near pallets).
Fixed an issue that could cause survivors with the perk Calm Spirit to scream when caught in a bear trap.
Fixed an issue with Hex: The Third Seal and Hex: Undying that could cause the hexed players and hexed player count to be incorrectly reset when the Third Seal's totem is destroyed and Undying is still active.
Fixed an issue that could cause the haste status effect icon not to show when using Refined Serum.
Fixed an issue that could allow the nurse to attack during the first few frames of fatigue after a blink, and skip the fatigue.
Fixed an issue that prevented the add-ons Black Heart and Mew's Guts from increasing the Demogorgon's recovery speed.
Fixed an issue that caused the survivor's portrait become highlighted any time infection from the Plague was increasing. It should only highlight to indicate when a survivor has reached maximum sickness.
Fixed an issue that could cause the speed boost from uncloaking with the Wraith add-on The Serpent to trigger too early to be of use.
Fixed an in issue that could cause incorrect values for the Unbroken emblem.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to end up on the wrong side of pallets when stunning a killer.
Fixed an issue that could prevent the proper indicators from displaying for the Doctor when using Shock Therapy, Static Blast, or missed Snap Out Of It skill checks.
Fixed an issue that caused survivors to keep the default outfit between the lobby and the loading screen to the trial when playing a Custom Game.
Fixed an issue where old event items would sometimes appear in bloodwebs.
Fixed an issue where the UI can show a healthy survivor as injured when healed for two health states very quickly.
Fixed various collision-related issues Crotus Penn Asylum.
Fixed an issue that would cause charms on hooks to not be visible to Killers.
Fixed an issue that would cause the game to get stuck on the tally screen when entering spectator mode at the same time last Survivor reaches the tally screen.
Bug Fixes missing from 4.5.1 and 4.5.0 Patch notes

Following bugs were fixed, but not mentioned in previous Patch notes.

Fixed an issue that could cause injured survivor sounds be louder than intended after rush-entering a locker (they should be audible, but muffled) (missing note from patch 4.5.1)
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Plague from being able to infect window vaults with Vile Purge (missing note from patch 4.5.1)
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Shape from playing recoil animations or sound effects when hitting an obstruction in Evil Within III (missing note from patch 4.5.1)
Fixed an issue that could reduce the Legion's acceleration while attacking with Feral Frenzy (missing note from patch 4.5.1)
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Huntress from hearing audio feedback on a long-range hatchet hit (missing note from patch 4.5.0)
Fixed an issue with the perk Deception that could cause a "Hide" prompt to appear but not be usable (missing note from patch 4.5.0)

[Windows store only]

Fixed a crash that occurred when revoking the consent.

Known Issues

Skill Check UI Scaler option in the options menu appears in English for all non-English languages. This will be fixed with the next Chapter patch.

Dead by Daylight "The Realm Beyond | Dev Diary" released

Take another look at the upcoming changes

To mark the midway point of The Realm Beyond, learn more about the creative process behind the visual overhauls to our maps and character models. As we inch closer to Dead by Daylight’s 5th Anniversary this year, the game continues to look and feel better than ever with new content drops released with our regularly scheduled updates.

Dead by Daylight Launches newest Tome of The Archives, The Realm Beyond graphical update continues

Deadly new content awaits

As always, there's big things going on with Dead by Daylight. A few tidbits have been shared this week via videos showcasing content, but today Behaviour Interactive has given a full breakdown. Check out details on all the new tweaks and features below.

Behaviour™ Interactive is proud to announce today the launch of a new Tome for the Archives for its hit 1 v 4 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight™.


This Tome explores the paradox of life – the contradictions of our past, present and future selves. Players can unlock memories for Yui Kimura, The Nurse and the Observer.

In the latest Archives release, Yui has a recurring nightmare where she is confronted with all the versions of herself that might have been had she made different choices in her life. Versions where she never left Hida to pursue her dreams. Versions where she found a safe and secure job and slowly forgot her dreams. Versions—darker versions, killer versions—where she crossed the line and murdered the man who assaulted her instead of turning him over to the police.

This Tome ultimately explores The Butterfly Effect, or what The Observer calls the Avalanche Effect, when one seemingly insignificant choice triggers the debacle of everything we take for granted and hold to be true.

As always, players can get their hands on fabulous outfits available in the Free track as well as exclusive outfits for The Nurse, Yui, The Oni, Claudette and Felix, as part of the Premium Track.

New challenge: Glyph Challenges

Introduced as a new type of Challenge within this Tome, and available in the Observer’s Auris Web, Glyph Challenges enable players, whether they play as Killer or Survivor, to spawn new interactable items within their matches. More Glyph Challenges with new interactions can be expected in the future

New In-Store Collection as part of the Lunar New Year Celebration

To commemorate Dead by Daylight’s Gilded Stampede Celebration (from February 11th until February 25th), players will be able to get their hand on in-game gifts, such as The Lunar Ox Charm, The Shimmering Ox Jacket for Adam Francis, The Gilded Locks coif for Zarina and The Scarlet Edge Weapon for The Spirit.

Players will also be able to purchase two very rare outfits, as part of The Gilded Stampede Collection, out on February 11th: The Golden Ox for The Wraith and The Oxen Bounty for The Deathslinger.

The Realm Beyond: Fourth Graphical Update Content Drop 

The Realm Beyond update continues to deliver as the Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum realms have been overhauled. The Nurse and the Clown have been improved, as well as important animations. Finally, the heads-up display (HUD) has been entirely reviewed to increase readability, scalability, and generally, to facilitate quick decision-making during trials.

Dead by Daylight Version 4.5.0 patch notes shared

As we mentioned yesterday, Dead by Daylight has been updated to Version 4.5.0. The full patch notes for that update have been released, and you can read them below.

Tome VI & The Gilded Stampede Event

Tome VI for The Archives will start tomorrow on Feb. 10th at 11AM ET
The Gilded Stampede event will start the day after on Feb. 11th at 11AM ET

New HUD Layout - Several HUD elements have been moved or updated

The player status widget (player names, health states etc.) has been redesigned. Along with a number of graphical improvements to animations, the player status widget is now positioned on the left side of the screen. While this change was not made lightly, it was necessary in order to make the player names readable across all platforms and resolutions as well as make room for new HUD elements like the Hook Count.

The objectives have been moved to the top center of the screen to give us more room to display detailed instructions.
Score events and status effect alerts have been moved to the right side of the screen. This was primarily to bring the status effect alerts closer to the status effect indicators they reference.

The number of visible score events has been increased when multiple events are triggered at the same time.

New HUD Element - Hook Counts

Killers see a new widget which displays how many hooks they've earned during the match out of the possible total hooks. This is only visible to the Killer.

Survivors see a new set of markers above each of the Survivor player's names. This lets the Survivor players know how many times each Survivor has been hooked. This is only visible to the Survivors.

New HUD Element - Survivor Portraits

The healthy and injured health state icons have been replaced with each character's portrait.
The Injured state has been improved from the PTB to be more obvious, especially for colorblind players.

UI Scale Sliders

The Settings menu has been updated with two new slider settings that allow players to adjust the size of their UI. Players may adjust the size of the menus and HUD separately. This replaces the previous maximum scale value used in previous releases.

Full patch notes here

Dead by Daylight "Tome VI: DIVERGENCE" Rift Overview

In the DIVERGENCE Rift, earn over 60 cosmetic items worth 20,000 Auric Cells through the Free and Premium Tracks to be yours forever, even after the Rift closes. Unlock the Rift Pass in-game and get instant access to 3 exclusive items for 1,000 Auric Cells. Earn it all back by playing the game.

Dead by Daylight brings new outfits from Netflix’s Stranger Things

Time to travel back to Hawkins

Stranger Things content has been available in Dead by Daylight for quite some time now, but Behaviour Interactive has revealed some spruced up content for Nancy, Steve, and more. Read all about their wardrobe expansions below.

BehaviourTM Interactive, is proud to announce today the release of the Moments of Growth Collection featuring three new outfits for the stars of the Stranger Things Chapter, available via the in-game store.

Reminiscent of a quieter time in Hawkins, Indiana, the Days of Rose outfit for Nancy Wheeler includes the Elegant Simplicity head, a sweet pulled back hairstyle, the Rose Cardigan, and the Indiana Skirt – a demure look for a future journalist.

Steve Harrington’s High School Hunk outfit is fit for Prom King. It includes his signature hairstyle, The Harrington (the mane event!), Polo Strong, a tidy long-sleeve shirt and Autum Khakis.

Lastly, out-of-this-world killer Demogorgon’s outfit Geo Mutation, wherein stony outcrops grow from his monstrous body, includes Rock Jaw, Armored Plate and Crag Claw – scary!

Those who have yet to purchase the Stranger Things Chapter can look forward to exploring the Underground Complex map, located below The Hawkins National Laboratory and play as legendary Killer The Demogorgon as well as Survivors Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. Players can find out more about the Stranger Things Chapter by clicking the spotlight trailer here. The other Stranger Things outfits that have been released for these characters can be viewed in the in-game store.

Stranger Things is available for streaming only on Netflix.

Dead by Daylight "Tome VI: DIVERGENCE" reveal trailer and "The Realm Beyond Part 4"

Major content incoming

Two tidbits of info for Dead by Daylight fans today, with the first being a reveal trailer for Tome VI: DIVERGENCE. You can read the breakdown on that below.

Tome VI: DIVERGENCE is about to open within The Archives, bringing new stories to discover in the world of Dead by Daylight. Witness the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. Through it, the mysterious Observer grants players access to a new series of Challenges to help them piece together these memories and his role in The Entity’s Realm. The Observer’s Auris Web now features new Glyph Challenges, which enable both Survivors and Killers to spawn new interactable items within their matches. Keep an eye open for these to appear in your Trials, for those who are up to the task.

Tome VI: DIVERGENCE includes the memories of:

• Sally Smithson (The Nurse) - THE CLEANSING OF CROTUS PRENN
• Yui Kimura – CRASH AND BURN

Tome VI: DIVERGENCE is available on February 10th through The Archives.

Along with that, we also get a video for The Realm Beyond: Part 4, which reveals the reworked Crotus Prenn Asylum and Gideon Meat Plant Realms, as well as updated character models for The Nurse and The Clown. You can read a thorough breakdown of this update here.


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