Cuphead and Celeste see special sales in Japan

Two great offers

Two top-notch Switch eShop titles have seen some special price drops for a limited time. Cuphead has been dropped 25% to 1,485 yen, and will be available at that price until Dec. 5th, 2019. Celeste has also seen a price drop to 1,080 yen for a limited time, which is a 50% discount. This will be the price until Dec. 4th, 2019.

The Art of Cuphead Limited Edition now available to preorder

Just don't rest your coffee on it

Looking for another gorgeous book to take up some space on your coffee table? Perhaps The Art of Cuphead Limited Edition is the perfect solution! It comes out March 17th, 2020, and is priced at $70. Check out details on what the book includes below.

Come one, come all!! It's time for a special announcement of a thrilling compendium!!

Get transported back to the golden age of 1930s animation with an art book celebrating the acclaimed run & gun platformer, Cuphead! Each page of this curated collection of artwork is designed to capture the vintage look and feel of the Thirties. Take a gander at the game's traditional hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation. Peek at the early concepts, production work, and early ideas that went into the making of Cuphead's characters, bosses, stages and more, including never-before-seen content from the upcoming DLC! Relive the most cherished and challenging moments of Cuphead and Mugman's adventure to reclaim their souls from The Devil, all in a way you've never seen before! Guided by personal insights from game directors Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, take a one-of-a-kind trip through the Inkwell Isles and discover an all-new appreciation for Cuphead's animation style and challenging retro gameplay.

Dark Horse Books and Studio MDHR are thrilled to present this beautiful, limited edition package of The Art of Cuphead! Included in the limited edition is a cloth slipcase featuring exclusive art and a set of acetate sheets in a portfolio breaking down the game's classic start screen illustration, directly from the team that created it! This vintage-style art extravaganza is the perfect book for fans of Cuphead!

Grab yours here

Studio MDHR, King Features, and pop culture specialist Fanattik team up for Cuphead collectibles

A new wave of Cuphead merch incoming!

Fanattik, who specialises in creating limited edition collectibles for the European market, have partnered with Studio MDHR and King Features Syndicate to add the highly successful, award-winning, five-times platinum video game Cuphead to their portfolio. The deal was brokered by Allsorts Licensing, King Features’ UK agent.

In 2020, Fanattik will debut Cuphead-inspired collectible gifts including coins, coasters, pins, bottle openers, key rings, and money boxes, as well as exclusive products for a number of pop culture retailers. The items will range in price from £6 to £25.

“This highly imaginative game sold its first million copies in less than two weeks. With a Netflix animated series on the way, and new publishing and graphic novels in the pipeline, this is a brand both ourselves and our retail partners are really excited about,” said Anthony Marks, M.D Fanattik.

Featuring brothers and best pals Cuphead and Mugman, Cuphead, a classic run and gun action game heavily focuses on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, including traditional hand-drawn animation, watercolour backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

The BAFTA award-winning video game will be releasing new downloadable content in 2020 which includes a new playable character Ms. Chalice, and features more MDHR’s signature and celebrated hand drawn artwork.

Cuphead in Carnival Chaos: A Cuphead Novel launching March 3rd, 2020

What a novel idea

Fans of the award-winning and visually stunning video game can see Cuphead, Mugman, and friends like never before in this original, illustrated middle-grade novel. Join them on their adventure as they make merry mischief in the vibrant and topsy-turvy world of the Inkwell Isles!

It's a special day on the Inkwell Isles: Elder Kettle's birthday! Yes, sirree, it's a very special day. So Cuphead and Mugman need to find the perfect gift to honor their beloved mentor. But along the way, the brothers and their new friend Ms. Chalice are captivated by the sights and sounds of the carnival that just rolled into town. Despite Elder Kettle's warning that the attraction is filled with liars and thieves, the trio gets reeled in.

At the carnival, the friends are bamboozled and burgled by enemies, old and new. Will they escape the chaos and get their gift before it's too late?

Includes over 20 never-before-seen illustrations drawn by Studio MDHR's Lance Miller that feature hidden items for an interactive treasure hunt!

Cuphead in Carnival Chaos: A Cuphead Novel is set to launch on March 3rd, 2020, and is priced at $15. You can preorder your copy here.

IGN Video - T-Pain VS Xavier Woods in a Cuphead Boss Speedrun

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods and legendary rapper T-Pain squared off against each other and legions of TwitchCon fans at the Aliwenware Outpost, speedrunning Cuphead bosses for gamer glory. Besides bragging rights, one lucky winner walks away with a brand-new Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC set and a ton of IGNxAlienware swag.

Studio MDHR releases Cuphead wallpapers

Celebrate in style!

2 years on the market and 5 million sold. Studio MDHR has a lot to celebrate with Cuphead! They want to enjoy that celebration with fans as well, which is why they've put together some wallpapers for fans to grab. Click on the tweet above to download the full-size wallpapers for each image!

Cuphead on-sale for 20% off to celebrate 5 million copies sold, and its second anniversary


As of today, Cuphead is now 2 years old! Sure, it hasn't been on the Switch for two years, but Switch owners can definitely get in on the celebration! Studio MDHR has announced that they'll be celebrating the 2-year anniversary with a special 20% off sale for the game, which runs for 1 week. This special sale is also in honor of the game hitting 5 million units sold!

Cuphead soundtrack becomes the first ever game soundtrack to hit #1 on the Billboard Jazz charts


Now this is a very cool thing to see. The Billboard Jazz charts have come out, and believe it or not, the 'Selected Tunes from Cuphead' album has shot all the way up to #1! That's not #1 for gaming soundtrack charts, but #1 on the Jazz charts overall. This is the very first time a gaming soundtrack has taken #1 on the Jazz charts, and it's certainly well deserving of the honor.

Official Cuphead sheet music now available

Some real toe-tappin' tunes

Attention all marching bands and jazzy 1930s-era enthusiasts! Studio MDHR has released official Cuphead sheet music! The music isn't free, but if you're willing to cough up some cash, you can have a selection of tunes to play right now! Check out the options right here.

God of War's art director creates a Cuphead tribute

Some real high-class art

Raf Grassetti, art director on God of War, has taken some time away from all things Kratos to put together a tribute to Cuphead. The piece features Cuphead and Mugman in CG style, but still stays true to the original design of the characters. Looks good enough to be turned into a figurine to me!


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