Samurai Shodown's producer talks about the chance of a third season pass, and challenges on the Switch version

Switch took a lot of work

Samurai Shodown completed its first season pass, and now a second season pass is on the way. Could there be a third season pass as well? Twinfinite asked producer Yasuyuki Oda about the possibility, to which he said the following.

It’s a bit early to talk about season 3. We’re probably going to see how season 2 is received and go from there.

Oda also opened up about the challenges of bringing the game to Switch. In particular, hitting the 60fps mark was a real test of their skills.

It was definitely hard. It’s very different hardware from everything else. We were already kind of pushing the limits even with PS4 with the stages and everything.

A lot of work went into it but it was definitely a priority from the beginning because it’s a very competitive fighting game and frame rate is key.

We made sure to take care and that the art style stayed intact but keeping the priority as much as possible on performance. That was definitely the hardest part about the Switch version, making sure to optimize it from the beginning to the end. It was a real battle.

Samurai Shodown "Basara" gameplay feature to be shared on Oct. 11th, 2019

Get a good look at Basara

Samurai Shodown has its fair share of DLC characters, and we're going to get some footage of one in the near future. Dengeki Online is hosting a gameplay session for Basara, a character heading to Samurai Shodown soon. The video is set to premiere on Oct. 11th, 2019, and can be viewed here.

Samurai Shodown's Japanese preorder bonus revealed

Strap in

The Japanese preorder bonus for Samurai Shodown has been revealed. Depending on what retailer you choose, you'll get one of six different 'acrylic straps.' You can get a better look at each design on the official Japanese website.

Samurai Shodown "Shizumaru Hisame" gameplay video

Shizumaru is ready for a fight

Shizumaru Hisame was announced as a DLC character for Samurai Shodown, and she got her own trailer just days ago. Now a ton of gameplay footage for the character has come out, thanks to a live-stream event from TGS 2019. Check out all the gameplay action above.

New Samurai Shodown trailer features the free DLC character, Shizumaru Hisame

Free is good!

Samurai Shodown is coming to Switch later this year, and when it does arrive, players can expect to give Shizumaru Hisame a shot. Shizumaru is a free DLC character being added to the PS4/XB1 versions of the game next week.

Check out Famitsu's Samurai Shodown print ad

This past week, Famitsu confirmed that Samurai Shodown will be hitting the Switch in Japan on Dec. 12th, 2019. Time to start promoting the game's release! It'll be interesting to see if this version can drum up some solid sales, or if it'll be too far from the PS4/XB1 versions, while simultaneously being too soon.

Samurai Shodown screens, Japanese cover art, Switch-exclusive features, DLC, and multiple versions detailed

There are a ton of versions to pick from in Japan!

Check out more screens here

Along with the trailer for Samurai Shodown yesterday, a slew of new info has come in. Check out a rundown of this tidbits below, alongside the Japanese cover art for the game.

Switch-exclusive features

- playable in TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode
- in Tabletop and TV modes, two players can play together with a single Joy-Con per player.
- early purchases of Samurai Shodown include a Switch port of Samurai Shodown! 2

Switch versions and DLC

- Standard Edition (physical and digital) – 6,345 yen
- Deluxe Pack (digital, includes Season Pass) – 8,345 yen
- Season Pass 1 (includes four additional characters) – 2,000 yen
- Standalone Additional Characters (Rimururu, Basara, Kazuki Kazama, and Wan-Fu) – 600 yen each
- Shizumaru Hisame Additional Character – Free
- Limited Pack (includes Neo Geo rom-style casette case and Neo Geo Freak Vol. 2) – 7,933 yen
- Game Pouch Set (includes game pouch and Neo Geo Freak Vol. 2) – 7,933 yen
- Sound Track Set (includes Samurai Shodown original soundtrack and Neo Geo Freak Vol. 2) – 8,580 yen
- Limited Pack Game Pouch Set (includes Neo Geo rom-style cassette case, game pouch, Neo Geo Freak Vol. 2) – 9,512 yen
- Limited Pack Sound Track Set (includes Neo Geo rom-style cassette case, Samurai Shodown OST, and Neo Geo Freak Vol. 2) – 10,145 yen
- Sound Track & Game Pouch Set (includes game pouch, Samurai Shodown OST, and Neo Geo Freak Vol. 2) – 10,145 yen
- Limited Pack Sound Track & Game Pouch Set (includes Neo Geo rom-style cassette case, game pouch, Samurai Shodown original soundtrack, and Neo Geo Freak Vol. 2) – 11,261 yen

Samurai Shodown hits Switch in Japan on Dec. 12th, 2019, runs at 60fps

Silky smooth slicing

Samurai Shodown launches for Switch on December 12th, 2019 in Japan. This version will run at 60 frames per second, and supports single Joy-Con for multiplayer. Early purchases will include a Switch version of Samurai Shodown! 2. Check out a recap on the game below.

After more than a decade, Samurai Shodown is back! SNK is rebooting one of its most successful series, carrying on the legacy of past titles with a new game that retains the same thrilling battles of past titles in a graphically advanced package. Samurai Shodown’s gameplay is driven by the tense atmosphere of being one strike away from death, and the exhilaration of defeating an opponent with overwhelming power and attacks. Taking place between the events of the original game and Samurai Shodown V, the new game carries on the legacy of the one true weapon-based fighter.

Key Features

Exhilarating Weapons-Based Combat – Samurai Shodown carries on the legacy of the tense battles the series is known for, where players are always one strike away from death, and one powerful attack away from victory.

Evolving the Presentation – Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, SNK is able to modernize the unique atmosphere and setting of past titles in a gorgeously artistic package that achieves a detail and graphical quality like never before.

Unique Cast of Returning and New Warriors – Samurai Shodown welcomes back iconic characters from past iterations, including the swordsman Haohmaru, his rivals Ukyo and Genjuro, the shrine maiden Nakoruru, and fan-favorite Galford. The starting roster will include a total of 16 characters—13 veterans and three newcomers to the franchise.

All New Gameplay – Carrying on some of the key fighting mechanics that made the series popular, such as the Rage Gauge, Rage Explosion, Sword Clash and more, Samurai Shodown will also include several new techniques, including a powerful, one-time use attack from each character called the Super Special Move.

Revolutionary New AI System – Titled Dojo Mode, SNK has developed a proprietary AI system that learns from player patterns and creates a specific Ghost clone from that data. With this system, players can fight against their own Ghost or take on the Ghosts of top players in mock battles.

Samurai Showdown's director says making all fighters perfectly balanced is boring

Keeping things spicy

Balance is talked about a lot in the fighting game scene, and players are quick to point out any moves they feel are too overpowered and unfair. Most developers are quick to jump on balancing as soon as a game comes out to help fans feel like they're getting a fair fight, but Samurai Shodown director Nobuyuki Kuroki doesn't really think that way.

“I feel that if you make everything too flat in a game like Samurai Shodown, it’s going to be boring. There is a lot of character personality, even among how weak or strong they are. There’s going to be some balancing, but we’re never going to make it completely flat.”

For Kuroki, it's all about finding a different type of balance in the fighters' varied powers. There's something pretty interesting about that approach!

Samurai Shodown getting a new character every month in 2019, Season 2 DLC announced

Keeping things exciting

Samurai Shodown has a new wave of fighters coming to fill out the rest of the year, and the plan is to release a new character a month. Shizumaru Hisasme is coming in Sept. 2019, and then three more for the rest of the year. Following after that, 4 more characters will be coming to the game in Season 2 next year, including Mina Majikina.


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