Cyber Shadow creator details the classic anime and Western cartoons that inspired the creation of Exo

Quintessential animated features

Cyber Shadow is filled with all sorts of interesting characters, with Exo standing out as one of the most unique. While you don't spend a ton of time with Exo, this robot/bike hybrid definitely leaves a lasting impact. In an interview with Vice, developer Aarne Hunziker reveals what inspired the creation of Exo.

"Exo started as a bike. I was thinking of all the cool red bikes I know, like the Akira one, Vinnie’s bike from Biker Mice from Mars and the Motoslave from Bubblegum Crisis. The proportions of the bike, size and placement of the tires and seating position were all equally important. When transforming to robot suit mode, similar aspects are considered."

Cyber Shadow updated to Version 1.03

Cyber Shadow has been updated to Version 1.03. Check out the patch notes below.


Improvement: Apparitor now drops more Essence depending on your Essence level. This should help assist players needing to purchase items at nearby checkpoints to aid your adventure.
Improvement: Overall HP/SP rates have been improved.
Improvement: Bullets now get destroyed if they pass through Shadow while in i-frames
Improvement: Adjustments in difficulty for Rust Fly Elevator in Chapter 2 and Chapter 7 areas
Improvement: Added flickering effect for items that expire
Improvement: You can now Dash after Airstriking
Improvement: Allow parry when in i-frames


Fixed: Collecting a health item immediately before falling into a pit will keep you from dying
Fixed: Performing a Dash immediately after a no-SP Dash would result in a slow movement speed but a fast Dash animation
Fixed: Dying on the same frame as Laserbrain makes the tri-key upgrade unobtainable
Fixed: Incorrect syntax for “Press X to Start” in Spanish
Fixed: Swag Blade was causing lanterns to get destroyed in the monkey race challenge
Fixed: Special items could activate triggers in CyberDrive sequences
Fixed: A cosmetic effect where Airstrike would appear to penetrate through a door
Fixed: General level design improvements where you could sometimes move outside of the camera boundary
Fixed: Apparitor’s name not translated during EXO encounter
Fixed: Instances where the player could Dash-slash enemies that just transitioned into solids, allowing Shadow to pass through solids in some rare instances
Fixed: Shadow could move out of bounds during the boat sequence after having destroyed the corrupted core
Fixed: Orbiter fixes to prevent orbiting orbs from getting stuck at expanded sizes
Fixed: Issue with CRT filter where white values weren’t being clamped correctly

Yacht Club talks Cyber Shadows' Puns, Keeping the Creator's Vision, & More

In the shadow of NES greats

Celia and David of Yacht Club Games talk about publishing & marketing Cyber Shadow, helping Aarne "MekaSkull" Hunziker deliver his vision, Yacht Club's philosophies on game design, and more.

Electric Playground chats with Yacht Club Games about Shovel Knight and Cyber Shadow

A chat with the retro masters

Victor Lucas of Electric Playground welcomes Sean Velasco, Designer and Celia Schilling, Marketing Manager from Yacht Club Games to celebrate the launch of Cyber Shadow! The conversation will also dig into the company's history with development and the creation of Shovel Knight, now working as a partner and publisher for other devs and to get a peek into what's next!

How to find two of Cyber Shadow's hidden Easter Eggs


Cyber Shadow is filled with nods and Easter Eggs tied to various bits of pop culture. While most of the secrets are related to old-school NES games, there's some other sly references in there as well. Check out the video above to see two of them.

Cyber Shadow contains just 25% of the story and lore written for it

Ground to cover in a sequel?

Cyber Shadow has a very interesting, deep story for those who are willing to find it. What you get through cut-scenes and computer terminals is just the tip of the iceberg, as hidden rooms and character conversations really flesh things out. Surprisingly, everything tucked inside the game barely scratches the surface for Cyber Shadow.

In a Goombastomp interview with Yacht Club Games’ Celia Schilling, we learn that there's a lot more to Cyber Shadow's story that didn't make it into the game.

“What you guys get in Cyber Shadow currently is only 25% of the story that Aarne [Hunziker] had written for it. Aarne has so much backstory for Cyber Shadow. I remember we were working on the character profiles for it and I was like, ‘Okay Aarne, tell me more about [player character] Shadow, like what does he like to do for fun?’ And he was like, ‘Shadow, obviously, he has a sensitivity to essence. But before he went to the dojo where he met Master, he went on a journey of solitude to make sure he wasn’t being corrupted.’”

Guest appearances teased for Cyber Shadow

Who's lurking in the shadows?

Cyber Shadow has been out for a day now, and people have been diving in to enjoy the experience and see what secrets it hides. There's certainly a handful of secret rooms and setups to see, but can we expect something more down the road? Will there be cameos from Shovel Knight or other retro-styled games? SeafoamGaming talked to creator Aarne Hunziker to find out.

Would definitely be fun to have guest appearances. There’s some that have been in the works from early days of Cyber Shadow, but those are currently -SECRET-

Cyber Shadow gameplay round-up

Cyber Shadow is now available around the world. If you're looking for more footage before you dive in, we've got the perfect collection for you! Check out a ton of gameplay from the title below.

Inti Creates shares special launch artwork for Cyber Shadow

A worthy tribute

Over in Japan, Inti Creates is the publisher for Cyber Shadow, while Yacht Club Games is handling those duties here in the states and in Europe. To celebrate the game's launch in Japan, Inti Creates illustrator Yuji Natsume put together the special artwork above. Very much in the style of Inti Creates, and equally as gorgeous!

GoNintendo Video Review - Cyber Shadow

Your next retro obession

Cyber Shadow certainly looks like an NES game, but does it manage to be something more than a nostalgia-fueled experience? Watch our review to find out!

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