Pokemon Masters - content update for Oct. 17th, 2019

[Training] A new EX Challenge is now available: Pryce. (no end date)

[Scout] A new Spotlight Scout is now live. This one allows you to get 5 ★ Elesa & Zebstrika (available until October 30th)

[Event] A new event is now live: Electric-Type Training (Single Player and Co-Op). The co-op boss is Siebold (available until October 30th)

[Missions] A set of Event Missions related to the Electric-Type Training event is now live (available until October 30th)

[Log-in Bonus] As part of the Evolution Rally, you can get the following as Log-in Bonus: Gem x200, Buff Blend x20, Tech Tonic x20, Aid Ade x20, and much more (available until November 27th)

[Events] A Special Event is now live: Evolution Material Mining (available on November 27th)

[Missions] As part of the Evolution Rally, a special set of Missions is available (available until November 27th)

[Log-in Bonus] As compensation for the extended maintenance on October 16th, all players can claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Gem x3000 (available until November 16th)

[Issues] On October 17th, the game went through a rather lengthy emergency maintenance due to the Elesa & Zebstrika Sync Pair unintentionally becoming available via Sync Pair Scouts. Players who used Gems (paid and non-paid ones) on one of the impacted Sync Pair Scouts before maintenance started will get them all back.

New Sync Pair Comes to Pokémon Masters

It's Elesa and Zebstrika!

Starting tomorrow, Pokémon Masters will add a new sync pair to the game: Elesa & Zebstrika! More on this electric duo:

About Elesa: This Electric-type Gym Leader also works as a model. Watching her battle in the beautiful, bright lights of her Gym can be mesmerizing.

About Zebstrika: When this ill-tempered Pokémon runs wild, it shoots lightning from its mane in all directions.

Type: Electric

How to obtain: This sync pair will be available to add to your team via the Spotlight Scout.

Pokemon Masters - content update for Oct. 11th, 2019

[Other] The producers of the game have written a message to players about the current stage of the game (issues, lack of content, etc.).

[Events] A Special Daily Item Exchanges event is now live. The following can be exchange for 100 Coins:

October 11th: 3 ★ Level-Up Manual x10
October 12th: Buff Blend x50, Great Bluff Blend x30, Ultra Bluff Blend x15
October 13th: Tech Tonic x50, Great Tech Tonic x30, Ultra Tech Tonic x15
October 14th: Aid Ade x50, Great Aid Ade x30, Ultra Aid Ade x15
October 15th and 16th: Replay Ticket x1

Producers of Pokémon Masters release a letter acknowledging complaints, promises game changes in the future

The game's producers have a few words!

A letter has been released from the producers of Pokémon Masters at DeNA to apologize to fans and promise future changes! Check out a translated summary from serebii.net below, as well as a link to view the full Japanese letter.

DeNA have put out a letter from the producer Satoshi Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi addressing many complaints from fans. They have put forth an apology for the amount of problems the game has had, the small amount of content as they thought the current set-up and EX Challenge would be sufficient, but realise that EX Challenges are not for everyone and that they are sorry they brought the game to a point where there was little to do in it. They detail four different complaints that they commonly saw:
Lack of content
Rewards for stages not being enticing
Level design not being amazing
Game is difficult to understand
With this, they have promised that they are going to change direction with how the game will proceed in the future with more content, more attractive rewards for completing stages and aim to make it so that you can use your favourite Sync Pairs rather than necessarily the strongest for the situation. They will work on this but state it will take time. They'll provide periodic updates through letters, with the next one planned on October 17th. We'll provide more details as they come.

Full Japanese letter can be read here!

Hau’s Trainer Spotlight in Pokémon Masters, the Pokémon TCG, Manga, and More

Hau you doin?

Pokemon.com has shared another trainer spotlight today, this time featuring Hau. Learn all about Hau, and his appearance in Pokemon Masters below.

In a previous Trainer Spotlight, we discussed Blue, the first “rival” character in the world of Pokémon. Now, we're going to take a look at one of the more recent rivals, Hau, who made his debut in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Despite having similar roles, Hau and Blue couldn't be more different. Hau is more of a friendly rival, who is kind and encouraging despite also working toward the goal of becoming a Pokémon League Champion.

So, grab a malasada (Hau's favorite food) and dive into the history of this cheerful Alola region Pokémon Trainer.

Full feature here

Pokemon Masters - content update for Oct. 8th, 2019 (Ver. now available)

[Update] The latest Software update for the game is Ver., and it’s now available

- Bug fixes and improvements implemented.

[Scout] The Featured Type Scout featuring 5★ Flying and Fighting Sync Pairs is now available (available until October 24th)

[Log-in Bonus] As compensation for an issue that impacted the game, all players can now claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Gem x1000 (available until November 7th)

Pokemon Masters is suffering from a freaky faceless glitch

Face the facts

Pokemon Masters has been hit with some strange glitches so far. First we had the glitch that stretched character proportions, and now we have the above 'faceless avatar' glitch. As you can see, for whatever reason, something is causing the face of your avatar to disappear. It certainly makes for some scary imagery, so hopefully it gets fixed up soon!

Pokémon Masters Co-op and Single-Player Battle Advanced Tips—Unity Attacks, Sync Moves, and More

Tips and tricks from Pokemon Co.

Looking for some pointers on how to get the best experience out of Pokemon Masters? Pokemon.com has shared a special feature on the game that's filled with tips and tricks on multiple aspects of the game. Check out that feature below.

Pokémon Masters starts off with some easy battles, but you'll need some seriously clever strategies if you're looking to defeat the toughest foes. The battles on Pasio can also be pretty dynamic and have a lot of variety. You'll find the best strategies for single-player battles are a little different from those that work best in co-op battles. The key to victory is selecting the right sync moves and making the most of sync moves and unity attacks.

If you're looking to prove you're the best of the best, read on for some tips and strategies for both single-player and co-op battles. And if you're just getting started in Pokémon Masters, first make sure to check out our introductory tips and guide to training sync pairs.

Full feature here

Pokemon Masters sees second highest-grossing launch month for Pokemon games on mobile

Looks like we've got a hit

Pokemon GO may be the gold standard in mobile game revenue for the Pokemon Co., but that doesn't mean their other titles are languishing. Sensor Tower has scraped together some data on Pokemon Masters, and things seem to be going quite well. Check out the rundown on how the game's doing below.

- second highest grossing launch month for the franchise on mobile
- generated an estimated $33.3 million in player spending since its release on August 29th, 2019
- Japan has led spending in Masters, contributing close to 58 percent of the title’s $33.3 million first month sum
- players in the United States represented 19 percent of spending, or $6.3 million
- Hong Kong, Taiwan, and France comprised the remainder of the title’s top five markets during its launch month
- Hong Kong, Taiwan, and France account for $2 million, $1 million, and $920,000 spent by players there, respectively
- total spending during the game’s first week of availability averaged close to $3.5 million per day
- this has decreased over time, averaging $230,000 per day for the past week
- the game has been installed by close to 12 million players globally to date across the App Store and Google Play
- this places its average revenue per download at $2.80
- the Japanese player base for Masters has spent an average of $12.90 per download
- U.S. player spending per download has been below the worldwide average at $2.33

Scout Hilda and Tepig and Take on Korrina and Lucario in Pokémon Masters

New details on the latest Sync Pair

Get ready for new events coming to Pokémon Masters this month! Check out a host of great stuff, including a brand-new story event, an EX Challenge against Korrina and Lucario, and a pair of ongoing events involving Hilbert and Oshawott and the Water-Type Training Event.

The new story event is entitled The Girl in Black and White, and it stars the sync pair Hilda and Tepig. You may remember Hilda as one of the player characters from Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version. This sync pair is available to scout with increased offering rates through October 16, 2019. And stay tuned for even more exciting missions coming later this month!

Additionally, a new EX Challenge featuring Korrina has been added to the co-op training area. Take on Korrina and her sync pair partner, Lucario. If you defeat them, you can earn Fire-type gear. But Korrina and Lucario had better watch out—they're a Fighting-type sync pair that is weak against Fire-type sync pairs, so they're in trouble if they go up against Hilda and Tepig. Remember that you'll need to clear Chapter 18's co-op battles on Hard to unlock EX Challenges.

There are a couple of ongoing events that will continue until October 7, 2019, at 10:59 p.m. PDT. Hilbert and Oshawott are still available in their sync pair scout event, so you have an increased chance of teaming up with this sync pair for a limited time. Meanwhile, the Water-Type Training Event allows Water-type sync pairs to gain extra XP while completing special battles. You'll also collect vouchers in co-op play that can be exchanged for helpful items.

If you've previously purchased the discounted monthly gem set, you will be able to purchase it again starting October 1. Please note that the other limited-purchase sets will not be available if you've already purchased those.

Pokémon Masters is available to download now, so have fun, Trainers! For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters official site.


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